Dreams Cum True

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“Quick, QUICK!” thought Feriah, “so close!”

It was 11:30 and Feriah’s boyfriend was in the shower. She heard the water turn off, she heard him grab the towel. Unfortunately she knew that he was a really quick man when it came to showers. She knew that he would be in the bedroom in less than two minutes. She knew that she was going to get caught.

She was trying to rub one out before he came to bed. It wasn’t that he disapproved of her masturbating. On the contrary he thought it was hot and was always trying to get her to touch herself. And likewise, she had no compunctions against spreading her thighs in front of him and massaging her clit, fucking herself, rotating her hips so close to his face but never, never close enough for him to touch. He could look at her beautiful pussy, he could smell the sweet aroma but could never taste or touch her.

No, Feriah knew that her boyfriend would more than approve if he found her in this position. But the thrill of being caught was way too much fun than the teasing that would proceed if he saw her like this. Besides, she didn’t really want to have sex tonight. She just wanted a quick thrill and then some rest.

Besides, so was SO CLOSE! Just a few more seconds and she would be there. She could feel a throbbing, a burning between her legs. Under her finder tips her clit felt like it was about to explode. One more second and she would be there…

Right then Feriah heard the door open. Her boyfriend was coming in the bedroom. She quickly wrenched her hand away from her pussy, even though she wanted so badly to keep going. She had been a nanosecond from orgasm! Everything in her being said to keep going, but the shock of hearing her boyfriend coming had just made her hand jump away, and there was no going back to it now.

He settled beside her in bed, spooning her with his arm around her waist. He quieted quickly into sleep, but Feriah could swear he could hear the wild beating of her heart, or at the very least her panicked breathing. She strained to calm her deep breaths, but it was very difficult. Even more difficult however was trying to fall asleep while her pussy throbbed away to the tune of her heart beats. That seemed like it would be impossible, yet she resisted the urge to finish what she had started. At this point she felt a little embarrased about what she had been doing, and finishing herself off seemed even worse. She knew how much her boyfriend would tease her if she woke him up by masturbating. Feriah resolved to leave her tingling clit alone and eventually she fell asleep.

Now şirinevler escort it was the middle of the night, and Feriah’s dreams were taking a decidedly sexual turn. Strange things were happening, and there was this undertone of sex charged energy behind everything.


Feriah was walking down the street. There were people everywhere, she was on a crowded city street. The light was faint and blue, everything was monotone. The light blended with the suits of the men and women surrounding the woman that Feriah was in the dream. All the clothing was dark and drab. She looked down at her own body and saw that it was not her own. In real life Feriah was tall and thin. She had long red hair that curled up when dry. She was lithe and light, for all her 6 feet.

But the dream-Feriah was a different woman. This woman was busty and curvy in all the ways Feriah wished she really was. She wore a beautiful dress that seemed to change every time Feriah looked down at it. Her clothing was bright in contrast to the people that surrounded her. For all her stunning looks and flashy clothing, no one on the street took notice of what she looked like, or even bothered to look at her at all.

This began to piss Feriah off after a while. She liked for people to pay attention to her, and decided to do something about the situation. She grabbed the nearest person to her and threw him against the wall. Realizing that he was a gorgeous tall, strong, Tarzan of a man she threw herself on him.

Their lips mashed together and her mouth opened to prod his with her tounge. There was nothing sensual or sexy about the act. Feriah wanted to prove to these people that she was someone to notice, her actions were purely dominating.

To her surprise everyone on the street turned to look at her. She began to feel sex flowing off of every person on the street. Their energy poured into her and she felt a rush of heat flood into her pussy.

Suddenly she was lying on a gigantic bed in the middle of the street. Though she was in the same location the bed stretched in every direction as far as she could see. (You think it’s a paradox the bed stetched to the edge of her vision, but she could still see the street clearly? Well, this is a dream, so get over it.)

Accompanying Feriah on the bed were many men and women, all wearing the same suits. They blended together into one person, into many people. They all began to touch her, carressing every part of her body. She felt hands all over her. They rubbed şirinevler elit escort her back, stroked her hair, carressed her legs, but no one yet had ventured near her aching pussy.

In order to encourage the mass of people to her inviting pussy she grabbed the nearest cock to her face. She realized with surprise that everyone was now unclothed. The mass of naked bodies writhed around her, but still no one would touch her pussy. She was almost crazy with desire to have a hand, a mouth, or a cock ANYWHERE near her pussy!

She looked down at the cock in her hand and started stroking it. She was so frustrated that she jerked roughly on the cock. She was taking out her anger on it, still no one touched her where she WANTED them too. She tried to tell them what she needed, but she couldn’t speak. She squeezed the cock in her hand savagely.


Feriah’s boyfriend woke with a jerk. He felt a hand on his cock with surprise and yelled out when he felt the pressure on it. His cock was as hard as a rock, but Feriah’s hand ground on his shaft causing him considerable pain. There was no lube at all, and Feriah was jerking him off savagely and painfully. He looked down at her to ask her what the hell she was doing and saw that she was still asleep!

She had a grimace on her face as she stroked him, and he pried her hand off of his prick. She threw her hand down and groaned. He could see that she was grinding her hips and breathing with quick, shallow gasps. He reached down to feel her slit and his hand came away dripping.

Feriah had squealed with pleasure as he breifly fingered her slit and then the frown came on her face again. In the dream all the hands of all the infinite people had dived into her pussy at once, only to pull them away again. This time no one touched her at all anymore and she was sorely disappointed. They stood and knelt in a circle around her, looking down blankly. She screamed in the dream for them all to fuck her, but in reality all she had done was sighed deeply.

This was all the encouragement her boyfriend needed. After feeling her pussy his erection had sprung back full force from the beating Feriah had given it. He gently rolled her over to see what would happen. Feriah rolled easily onto her back and spread her thighs invitingly.

He hesitated for a moment. He wondered if this was right. After all Feriah, the woman he loved, was asleep. They didn’t have any protection. This could be rape for god sakes! But her pussy was so pink, so inviting. şirinevler escort He knew he had to rail on her. After all, there was no romance here. There was no foreplay. This was straight up dirty sex, and he knew it. He wouldn’t even be able to last long. Not with the raging hard on he had.

As he was poised above Feriah she began to wake up to her surroundings. Without opening her eyes she half realized what the situation was. In the back of her mind was screaming the fact that she was not on the pill any more, and they had not a shred of protection. She knew that she did NOT want to get pregnant. But the ache in her pussy was more than she could bear. In her half dream-half conscious state the desire to get off overcame any thoughts she had.

She reached up to her boyfriend and pulled him closer. Instantly he plunged his fat prick into her wet pussy. He groaned as he felt the slippery walls enclose his cock. He had been with Feriah for 3 years, and he had never felt her this wet before.

He slammed into her for a few minutes, that being nearly all he could take. Meanwhile Feriah’s hand had wormed down to her clit and she was furiously rubbing away. They pounded like this for a few more minutes until he told her that he was going to cum. She knew he shouldn’t cum inside her, but she hadn’t gotten off yet, and she didn’t care about anything except orgasm. Feriah hadn’t reached that point yet, as wet as she was, so she continued to thrust up to him.

Finally she felt herself cumming. This was the release she was been waiting for all night, both in real life and in her dreams. She spasmed around her boyfriends dick and it was all he could do not to blow his load in her. Finally she stopped orgasming and dropped, laying completely still.

Her boyfriend pulled his cock out of her and shot a load all over her belly. She rubbed it into her skin, over her breasts and up to her neck. her boyfriend lay there panting, but Feriah was instantly in a dead sleep. This time her sleep was deep and refreshing. Her body had finally given her what her mind would not let her have.

Meanwhile her boyfriend lay there perplexed, wondering what the hell had happened. He slowly drifted off to sleep worrying what would happen when morning came. Feriah slept next to him like a little girl.

In the morning she woke immediately, which was not the case usually. She didn’t remember what had happened the night before until she felt the cum crusted on her small breasts. She looked at it for a moment and in a rush everything came back. Next to her, her boyfriend was stirring. He looked at her warily, wondering what she would say.

“That was amazing last night! It was like my dreams came into my real life! You are one sexy bastard” she chirped, sprang out of bed and into the shower.

He just looked after her with a perplexed look on his face and shook his head.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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