Donna’s Metamorphosis Pt. 04

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This is the final part.

I hope you have enjoyed the first three parts.


It took Richard a week to move in but he finally settled in. Besides being Donna’s sex toy, he helped me get things done around the house. He even helped me getting the landscaping done.

For all the time he was helping, he was nude. Even I admired his big cock and balls.

In the evening the three of us hung out around the pool and on more that one occasion, Richard fucked Donna as I watched. God, that guy shot huge loads of cum in and on Donna.

Saturday was here and Richard helped me get everything ready for the party. I had the evening catered so nobody had to do anything but enjoy themselves.

The caterer said he would send over servers who were also nudists. I thanked him for doing that.

His staff had set up the bar near the pool and the buffet table besides it.

Donna made sure the house was in order and had everything ready.

By 9:00 p.m. the guests arrived.

Vanessa and Lisa brought two stunning young women, Cindy, a luscious blond and Diane, a tanned vixen, with them.

Soon, the two couples from last week arrived.

Donna gave them a grand tour of the house and then ended up around the ataşehir escort pool.

Once all the guests were there, Donna told everyone to get comfortable.

Needing no further encouragement, clothes were shed and the catering staff gathered them and brought them inside.

Vanessa told me that Cindy and Diane were both 18. I told her they both looked like they were about 15. However, she assured me they were legal and we laughed.

The evening was going along nicely. Food and wine were enjoyed by all the guests.

By midnight, some people paired off and were getting intimate in various spots around the pool.

Vanessa was in the arms of Cindy and Lisa was devouring Diane.

Donna and I watched and enjoyed the shows.

Richard joined one of the the couples and soon he was enjoying a threesome.

I sat in my lounge chair as my cock was nice and hard. Just as I was going to start stroking my cock, Donna came over and slipped her mouth over it and started sucking me with her firm ass facing the guests.

As Donna sucked my cock, I saw Richard walk over. His huge cock was swaying a bit as he approached.

Without saying a word, he got behind Donna and spread her cheeks.

I thought he was going to fuck avcılar escort my wife doggie style but he managed to lube his cock up reallyeal good and started sliding his cock in Donna’s ass.

Donna’s body flinched but I she kept sucking my cock.

Most of the guests stopped what they were doing and watched Richard slide his cock in Donna’s ass.

It took awhile but Richard’s cock was fully in my wife’s ass. They rested a bit then he started fucking her ass.

His big balls slapped against her as he picked up the pace.

Donna started yelling out for him to fuck her harder. His pace quickened and Donna was pushing her ass bsck to meet his thrusts.

Soon, Donna was screaming that she was going to cum…and that she did. Her whole body convulsed and shook as Richard just kept pounding her ass.

We watched as he said he was going to cum. He shot a load of cum deep into her ass. We could see his balls tightening with every load he shot out.

It seemed like it took him five minutes to finish cumming.

When he pulled his cock out, cum flowed out Donna’s ass as she fell flat on her stomach.

Some of the women rushed to Donna’s ass and sucked up the flowing cum.

As the women enjoyed Richard’s cum, I avrupa yakası escort shot my load into Donna’s mouth and she quickly moved her mouth up to mine, kissing me and sharing my cum.

During the night, each person had sex with each other person. The two men even sampled Richard’s cock.

The women passed the night away doing 69 with the other women as well.

Donna was the focus of everyone’s attention and I watched my new lesbian wife enjoy each woman, as they enjoyed her.

As the night progressed, I made sure my cock slipped into every cunt at the party, including Vanessa’s and Lisa’s.

Just before sunrise all the guests left except for Vanessa and Lisa.

The five of us sat around the pool, naked and talked about the night and where we go from there.

It was pretty clear now that Donna was swinging both ways, which was ok with me.

I told everyone that as far as I was concerned, Donna can play with anyone she wanted as long as it was kept among the five of us.

Everyone agreed.

I told them that I expect to service the women and Richard said the same thing and that was mandatory.

Donna said that she loved all of us and thanked me for allowing her to find herself, sexually.

She continued by saying that Vanessa and Lisa are welcomed anytime and thanked them for everything.

After Vanessa and Lisa left and Richard went to bed, Donna and I had the best sex ever and my wife pledged her love to me.

We cuddled, kissed and fell asleep in each other’s arms, with my hard cock deep in my wife’s cunt.

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