Dirty Little Elf

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“Oh man I bet this one will be a crier…” I walked up to grab the small toddler off her mother, bouncing her a bit on my hip before I put her down on Santa’s lap for her photo. The bells on the tip of my pointy elf shows jingled as I danced on the spot trying to entertain the little girl.

So that’s what my life has come down to, enduring a lifetime of public embarrassment all to get a kid to smile for all of 5 seconds in time to the flash of a camera. My life was all sorts of mundane. I needed some excitement. That was when, in the middle of my jiggle, I caught a figure staring at me from the corner of my eye.

As I glanced to get a better look at my apparent audience, to my complete an utter horror, I find out it happens to be a talk, dark and handsome audience. A man, dressed in a professional looking suit, light eyes, dark hair and muscly arms, rowers arms.

My jaw drops but my body is frozen, he notices my clear embarrassment at being seen in this position but he does something then, that blows my mind. His eyes cloud over and he gives me a very slow and very obvious once over. His eyes trail from my face to my long neck, covered in tinsel, down my red and white-stripped breasts and torso, pausing at my somewhat inappropriately short elf skit and down my candy cane stockings, right down to my bell tipped shoes and back up again. All with a very hungry look in his eyes.

The second his eyes came back and met mine, I bit my lip, feeling the soft pink beylikdüzü escort flesh get pulled by my rough teeth. Instantly images of other parts of my soft pink flesh meeting a rough end popped into my mind and at that I could feel my red panties get damp. He was making me wet just by looking at me. What could that body, those arms and hands do?

The cry of a small child broke me from my daydreaming and I turned back to an annoyed looking Santa and a restless child. Luckily her photo had been taken and she was the last of the night. Immediately after I handed her back to her mother I quickly turned hoping to get back to my little stranger stare fest but when I looked to where I last saw him, the space was empty. He was gone. My stomach sank. The butterflies in my stomach disappeared. The hot wetness deep in my core ceased. I had had my fun. Back to the mundane.

I sighed and closed down the ‘south pole’ before making my way to the staff only entrance to the change rooms and to get my things before leaving. It had taken me a while to shut down and so the shopping centre was near close and only a handful of people could be seen leaving to go home to their families. Santa had left in his outfit, hadn’t even bothered to get changed heard something about borrowing the outfit for his wife. I shuddered at the thought… too much information.

I moved slowly still daydreaming about my earlier encounter, I looked around quickly before beyoğlu escort swiping my card to enter the staff stairwell entrance and with no one around that I could see I gave my clit a little rub through my skirt right before entering, I was feeling really horny and was deciding whether or not to have a quickie rub in the change room before I left.

I never had to make that decision.

Right after entering I felt something hard push me from behind and pin me up against the wall of the stairwell. I could feel a strong hand hold my wrists together behind me and I could feel a hard cock through pants pushed against my lower back. Rough stubble against my neck, a pair of lips whispered in my ear in a deep English accent “My naughty little elf. Were you bad this year? I need to punish you. I’m going to fuck you so hard. My naughty little elf needs to learn her lesson…”

His cock still hard against my back I shivered at his whisper, closed my eyes and bit my lip. He wants a naughty elf? He’s going to get one. I pushed my ass back and slowly rubbed it against his throbbing cock. He groaned deep in surprise and roughly turned me, placing my hands above my head and pushing himself against me hard and taking my lips with his. The things he was doing with his tongue, I could only imagine what it could do to my pussy. I pulled back breathless and looked deep into his green eyes, “I want you to lick me. Suck me. Now”.

He growled and bomonti escort without a second thought ripped off my teeny little skirt, grasped my hips lightly and sat me on a nearby chair. Sliding his hands to my knees he spread them and knelt between my thighs looking hungrily as my pussy lips spread. He leaned in and gave my pussy a lick right up the middle of my opening. I flinched at the initial contact but settled as he continued.

I could feel him licking the alphabet slowly varying the pressure and he smiled between my thighs as I moaned “oh yes” when he hit that spot that made me shudder with pleasure. Licking my clit, he surprised me by slipping two fingers easily in my wet opening. I groaned again so loud I swear people outside could’ve heard me.

As his tongue continued to lick me to near ecstasy I grabbed his head and began pushing him harder against my clit ordering him to go faster and to suck and lick me harder. I whimpered loudly as he obeyed my orders. My hips began thrusting in opposition to his tongue involuntarily, my breathing getting more erratic.

Just as he pushed his fingers in deep and sucked my clit hard, I gasped and cried out loud in mind blowing pleasure clinching every muscle, legs shaking as I collapse in the chair.

As I lay there in the after glow, a light sheen of sweat on my body, I heard a low chuckle as my body shivered when he removed his fingers. I looked down still breathing heavy, his chin dripping with my cum. I lean down and kissed him on the lips softly, in thanks, smiling devilishly as he watched me grab the hand he used to make me feel so good and take those two fingers in my mouth. Sucking all my cum off slowly, staring at him the whole time.

This day turned out a lot different then I expected.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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