Daughter of the Revolution Ch. 02

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Double Penetration

That evening after dinner, Rose pulled Abby aside. “Would you like some training in the subject we talked of earlier?” she asked with a wicked smile.

Abby was instantly on board. “Yes I would! What did you have in mind?”

“Let’s go visit June. I believe she can get you started out right.” Puzzled, Abby followed Rose as she led them to her room where June was adding scented oil to two big tubs filled with hot water. At her urging both women disrobed and she bathed them both clean, including washing their long tresses. Rose was a thin brunette and stood a touch taller than Abby at 5 foot six, weighing in at about the same weight of 105 pounds. Her breasts were a bit smaller than Abby’s but were strikingly firm and her pink nipples seemed to be perpetually hard. Abby gasped when she saw the lack of pubic hair on Rose’s smooth pussy. Rose noticed and giggled.

“That’s why June is here, to shave you like I am. It feels wonderful!” Abby’s eyes widened in amazement. She could see every nook and cranny between Rose’s thighs as she bent over to towel herself dry.

“Come, Missy. Sit on the stool here and I’ll show you how it’s done,” June said softly. She lathered Abby up and with several practiced strokes shaved her smooth as a peach. Abby stroked her newly shorn pussy and giggled.

“It feels so slick and smooth, I like it!”

The girls laughed along with her.

“Just wait til a man gets in there and diddles you, Missy. It feels wonderful,”June said with a faraway look in her brown eyes.

“Are we still on for tonight, June?” Rose asked with a mischievous smile.

“I sure hope so,” she answered and returned the smile. “Give me an hour or so, please.”

“We’ll be there, thanks so much!” a still naked Rose answered, and gave June a big hug and a kiss. The quadroon girl blushed fiercely at the contact and dipped her eyes submissively. “Yes, Ma’am. I’d do anything for you.”

“I know that, you’re so sweet, June.” Rose said gently.

“Where’re we going?” Abby wanted to know.

“It’s a surprise,” Rose answered. “Now put your dress on, no undergarments and wear your softest shoes. We’ll sneak outside soon. I’ll go talk to our men and get them settled in the parlor.”

Rose’s arrival in the sitting room caused a bit of a stir. The men were just heading for the parlor when she approached them, flushed from her hot bath and her breasts swinging loosely under her bodice. George couldn’t help but notice how sexy she looked while William looked like the cat that got the canary. He knew he was getting some action tonight for sure. She herded them into their seats and fetched them stiff drinks along with their pipes. She loved flirting with the men, but never did it with George when his daughter was around. Abby had no idea of her father’s proclivities and Rose hoped to keep it that way. He had a rampant sex drive that only a select few people knew about.

She sat on her husband’s lap and slyly tugged her neckline down until a pink nipple was just peeping out. She heard George suck in his breath when it emerged to meet his gaze. She kissed William deeply and squirmed in his lap until his hips began grinding up to meet hers.

She gently disengaged and tucked her nipple away with a sly wink at George who was busy trying to hide the thick bulge at his crotch.

“I’ll leave you two alone now. Please enjoy your drinks. I’ll see you later, husband,” she said throatily. As she walked away she heard George speak in a rough voice. “My word, man. How do you keep up with that filly. She’s exquisite!” She felt her loins flood with heat and her face flushed at the compliment. She was immensely attracted to George and wouldn’t mind letting him know. William had hinted in the past that he’d love to watch her fuck another man, maybe she could work something out she thought to herself somewhat wickedly.

She gathered Abby from her room and the couple slid quietly down the hall and out into the darkness of the plantation. Rose took her to June’s cabin where she was waiting for them on the porch. Without a word she took the girl’s hands and led them down the footpath to the overseer’s house. They sneaked around back and June pointed at a ground floor window.

“In there,” she whispered. “Isaac has a new girl tonight.” The three slid in close and peeped over the window sill into the room lit by two oil lamps. Abby had known Isaac her whole life and he’d always intimidated her with his size and rough voice but was ever gentle and soft spoken when he addressed her. She knew him to be a big teddy bear that could awaken to a full blown grizzly if one of his workers back talked him or slacked off in his labors. Tonight when she saw him, it changed her opinion of him forever.

Big and black as coal, he towered over the little lady at his feet. She was a half breed, a sweet mocha color that seemed at odds with his anthracite skin. Abby caught her breath when she saw the thick black snake the slave girl held in her hands. Isaac was pulling her close and feeding the bulbous head into her small mouth. ankara evi olan escortlar All three voyeurs held their breath in sympathy for her as he eased himself deep in her throat. They heard his groan through the open window and more than one pussy trickled juice down a damp thigh.

For several minutes she serviced him until he was rampant and hard as a steel rod. He growled down to her in his own language and the girls heard her diminutive voice answer.

“What did they say, June?” Abby asked in the faintest whispers.

“He asked her if she is a virgin, and she replied that she is and she’d would be honored to have him take it from her. He was a great warrior back in Africa and very famous,” June replied.

The girl took a blanket from the bed and flipped it to the floor, then got to her hands and knees, spreading wide for him. He put a huge hand between her shoulder blades and pushed her down until her firm tits were on the blanket while her little ass was high in the air. Abby was aghast as she watched him work his cock head between her dripping lips and rub it up and down until he was coated in her juice. The girl cried out in pain as he slowly lowered himself, his mighty shaft splitting her wide open. The three women outside were beside themselves with lust, agog at the sight before them.

“June,” Rose commanded softy while silently hiking up her the hem of her dress. Abby nearly fainted when June knelt and pushed her head up under Rose’s dress. Abby clamped a hand over her mouth and watched Rose catch her breath when a soft tongue caressed her smooth shaven pussy. Rose’s eyes never left the couple inside the house as they continued on, oblivious to the activity outside the window.

A sharp cry from Isaac’s woman drew Abby’s attention. She witnessed his thick cock bend slightly as he pushed against the girls maidenhead. He murmured something and she nodded her head in assent. His heavy glutes tensed up, then with a grunt of effort he powered down and his cock broke through her barrier to bury half it’s length inside her. He ripped a high scream from her slender throat, concealing the surprised yelp that Abby voiced in the night. Rose quickly silenced her, all the while struggling to keep herself quiet despite June’s roving tongue.

Isaac gave the woman a minute to accommodate him before starting a slow fuck that incrementally increased in depth every few strokes. His mate was now crying out in more pleasure than pain as he broke her open for the first time.

Rose whispered in Abby’s ear, “Touch yourself. Feel how wet you are.”

Abby obeyed and was shocked at how soaking wet her pussy was. Her quick fingers found her clit and she slowly rubbed it, enjoying the new sensations coursing over her. She was loving how it felt shorn of hair, so slick and smooth!

As Isaac’s figure rose and fell over his lover, Abby noticed that Rose was breathing hard and letting tiny grunts fall from her lips. For another minute Isaac drilled deep while Abby and Rose watched his wet cock reappear time and again from the tight pussy he was hammering into. Finally, with a bull roar he unloaded his big balls, unleashing hot spurts of cum deep inside his mate.

Thick streams of it ran down his shaft to drip on the blanket beneath the rutting pair. When he quivered his last and slowly stood up exposing his dripping cock, blood tinted cum ran down his long shaft to gather on his still swollen head. Rose clapped a hand over her mouth and came hard on June’s face tucked between her thighs. She was shaking and moaning quietly while Isaac stood tall and pulled his woman’s face to his groin where she licked and suckled him clean. The pair were both moaning in satisfaction and looking into each other’s eyes while the women outside recovered themselves. June suddenly reappeared and wiping her mouth, grabbed the two girls hands and they quietly ran off into the night.

Minutes later, Abby lay in her bed and listened as William, whom by now was in his cups, pound her Aunt Rose through their mattress, urged on by her loud cries of passion. Abby returned her hand to her still soaked pussy and while she listened to the rutting couple, brought herself to her first orgasm. She shuddered and shook as she awkwardly pleasured herself, bravely shoving a finger inside to touch her virgin barrier. It hurt a little when she pushed, so she returned to her swollen clit and discovered the joy of back to back orgasms.

It was a bit awkward when she bumped into Rose in the morning, but in no time they were sniggering with their beautiful heads close together as they relived last night’s adventure.

Just after lunch all hell broke loose on the plantation. William had ridden to town to take one of the workers to see a physician for a smashed finger. They were accosted by two redcoats and William had shot one and the worker had killed the other. One had managed to put a musket ball through Williams shoulder leaving a grievous wound that rendered his arm useless. He was bleeding heavily as the slave helped him through elvankent olgun escortlar the front door of the plantation house.

George was there to witness his arrival and quickly interrogated the slave on what had happened.

“Abby! Rose!” he bellowed. His voice reverberated through the walls and the girls came running. “Help William with his wound. I must prepare our defenses. The redcoats may be here soon!”

The girls frantically cleaned up William and staunched his bleeding but he was in poor shape and deep in shock. Rose stayed with him while Abby did what she thought needed to be done. She ran to her room and dressed in her leather trousers. As she did when she practiced her swordsmanship, she bound her breasts tightly to her chest with strips of linen then put on her white button up shirt made of the same material, then tied her long blonde hair into a loose bun at the nape of her neck. She gathered up the two squirrel rifles along with powder and shot, then sprinted upstairs to her post at the window overlooking the main road that led to the house. She saw her father out in the yard directing his slaves who had volunteered to fight into their defensive positions.

“I’m here, Father!” she shouted from her perch. He turned to look up at her and she waved bravely at him. He blew her a kiss and returned to his duties. She watched as he shouted for Isaac and when he arrived began giving him direction. Isaac nodded and couldn’t help but look up at Abby. She then knew that they were speaking about her and she wondered what they were planning.

Suddenly, Rose flew into the room.

“I’m here to help, Abby! June is with William, I think he’ll make it but I’m not sure. He’s unconscious for now!” Rose was almost hyperventilating in near panic.

“You go back to William and send June to me. I’ll have her come get you if the redcoats show up,” Abby ordered in a calm voice. Rose seemed to relax a bit at her confidence.

“Ok, please send for me though when you need me.” With that she disappeared back downstairs and June showed up in minutes. She was trembling badly and shaking like a leaf.

“Come here,” Abby ordered. She took the girl under her arm and squeezed her tightly. “We’ll be ok, June. Just wait and see. My Papa will make sure of it.”

For long hours the plantation waited for the enemy to show themselves but they never did. George assigned guard duty among the slaves, leaving everyone in the house to get some rest through the long night. He alone stayed up and walked the property with his sentries, giving them support and confidence in the darkness. Come dawn he was exhausted and finally laid down in his room for a nap.

After a few hours Abby went to check on him and slowly cracked open his bedroom door. She started when she saw him sleeping deeply with his arm around June, his big hand covering her bare breast with familiarity. Her gasp of surprise awakened June who got a horrified look on her face when she saw Abby looking at her. Abby quickly shushed her with a finger over her lips and slid quietly inside.

She went to the couple and gazed down at her slumbering father. He looked more peaceful than he had in weeks. June looked at her with frightened eyes until Abby leaned down and tenderly kissed her cheek.

“Thank you, June,” she whispered, and silently stole away to leave the couple alone to rest. In the hallway she cried hot tears for her father, happy that he’d finally found some solace from his grief for her dead mother.

She found Rose in her bedroom cradling Williams’s head in her lap while he lay unconscious on the bed. Abby raised her eyebrows in question and Rose gave her a faint shake of her head. William hadn’t awoken yet, apparently. She went upstairs to her post and looked out over the grounds. She trained her rifle sights on the flower pots and was startled to realize that they tended to blend into the color of the pots. A white background would show much better for her, especially at night, she reckoned.

Needing something to do, she went out to whitewash the pots. Isaac noticed and happily went to help her. She smiled at him and chattered lightly to break the tension that she felt. Despite the situation they were now in, she couldn’t help but remember the way he’d split the tiny woman open and wrecked her pussy with his mighty shaft. While he was concentrating on his work she snuck a glance at his trousers. They were quite baggy and gave little hint of the thick cock they concealed. Disappointed, she resumed her work. She wasn’t in the least bit attracted to him but he certainly had a new fascination about him, she giggled to herself. Together, they painted all six pots and rearranged them to her satisfaction.

Her father showed up and she hugged him with more than her usual emotion.

“I love you, Papa,” she said tenderly.

“And I you, Sweetheart. How’re you doing today?”

“I’m fine, just scared of course. Not knowing what’s going to happen terrifies me,” she admitted.

“If you carry through etimesgut sarışın escortlar with our long term plans and leave when I tell you, all will be fine. I promise,” he said gently as he held her close. He felt a hot tear splash on his neck and he kissed her cheek. “Come now, Honey. Let’s check on the family.”

“One more thing, Papa. When Rose and I leave, I’ll take June as well and keep her safe for you until we return.”

He gasped in surprise as she smiled tenderly at him and kissed his cheek.

“I know about her Papa, and I approve.” She felt him sigh in relief and she smiled happily to herself. She took his big hand in hers and together they walked to the house.

That evening Rose asked Abby for assistance in washing William. He was still in the filthy clothes he was wearing when he’d gotten shot. He wavered in and out of consciousness while they undressed him. Abby blushed hotly when the two stripped him of his trousers and undergarments. Rose handed her a second washcloth and together they cleaned him thoroughly. Rose insisted that Abby wash his cock and balls, claiming that she needed the experience of learning a man’s anatomy. She explained how a male got and maintained an erection, how his scrotum would tighten up close to his body the closer he got to orgasm, and that he manufactured thick cum in his heavy balls. Abby was highly embarrassed yet full of questions at the same time.

Subconsciously, his body knew they were fondling him and he grew partially erect. Abby was wide eyed in wonder when she felt him grow in her tiny hand. He wasn’t nearly the size of Isaac, yet seemed formidable just the same. A drop of pre-cum pearled on his cock head and Rose leaned down and licked it off, much to Abby’s surprise. Rose sighed and tenderly laid his cock on his thigh.

“It’s really not fair to use him this way, I just thought it would help you out a bit with your education,” she said with some regret.

“I agree, but thank you just the same. It was kind of fun,” Abby answered, then kissed Rose’s cheek. “When he wakes up I’ll probably not be able to look him in the eye!” she exclaimed with a naughty smile. Rose laughed softly and kissed her back. The girls covered him in warm blankets and quietly left the room.

Trouble came in spades the following day. Just after lunch, shouts rang out from the sentries and everyone ran to their posts. A company of redcoats were marching down the road to the plantation. Two columns of a dozen men led by a mounted officer were approaching at a brisk pace. Bayonets sparkled in the bright sun while the drummer rapped out a solid cadence. George ran up the stairs with June in tow to meet with the girls.

“June, you stay with Abby and Rose no matter what,” he ordered sternly.

She nodded in agreement and bravely smiled up at him. He gathered her in his arms and kissed her deeply. The girls were startled at his show of affection but they hid it masterfully. He then hugged Rose and Abby tightly and kissed their cheeks hard.

“You two do exactly as we’ve planned and you’ll be fine. Listen for my voice and obey immediately.”

“Yes, Papa,” Abby said obediently.

“Of course, George. We’ll miss you terribly!” Rose exclaimed and pulled him in for a quick kiss on his lips. She gave him a flirty wink and squeezed his thick bicep. He colored quickly and flicked a sideways glance at June, who was looking at him lovingly. She winked at him as well, giving his muddled mind plenty to think about. He shook his head as if clearing it of a fog and a happy smile cracked his face.

“Just know that I love you ladies, all three of you are dear to my heart.” The girls all felt their eyes tear up as he turned and walked downstairs to bravely face the enemy.

Abby lined her sights up on the furthest flower pot and when the last soldier was just past it she squeezed the trigger. Her little rifle spat a lead bullet downrange that struck dead center of her target and it detonated with a mighty flash and a roar of exploding black powder. The horseshoe nails flew out like tiny scythes and mowed down the closest redcoats. The remaining troops immediately panicked and ran in a rabble towards the house. Just before they reached the 100 yard flowerpot Abby’s second shot blew it sky high, sleeting death once again through their ranks. Screams rang over the fields and the wounded flailed on the ground in agony. Abby hardened her heart to the din and took a reloaded rifle from Rose’s trembling hand. She watched a few soldiers try to take shelter behind a bench, one that unfortunately for them had a mine sitting on it.

With deadly precision she fired again, instantly killing four cowering troops with the resulting blast. As soon as Rose could reload and hand her a rifle, Abby would determine which mine had the most troops around it and blow it up with a well placed shot. After the last flowerpot had done it wicked job, the smoke slowly disappeared to reveal Abby’s sinister work. Not a redcoat was on his feet or trying to return fire. George and Isaac carefully approached the fallen men and ran their swords through their chests to ensure they were dead. A few cried out in agony as the sharp steel drank their blood. The redcoat officer was trapped under his dying horse and he was moaning in pain. George stood over him and watched as the light faded from his eyes.

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