Date Night

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The evening started simple enough. We meet for dinner at a quiet restaurant. You look stunning in a skirt; silk blouse unbuttoned just enough to hint at your cleavage, dark hose and heels. The waiter sits us down and I watch him give you the once over. I just smile to myself. You look at me quizzically and I just say “Nothing”.

After the waiter takes our drink orders we sit back and discuss what is going on with our lives. The hectic days had made us feel connected. After many tries and schedule changes we had finally arranged to get a night out with no responsibilities.

I look over at you and realize how much I had missed being with you. I reach out with my hand and take yours in my hand. Your soft skin resting gently against my calloused hands. All during dinner as the wine flows and we unwind, my mind begins to wander. I begin to wonder what you are wearing under your skirt and blouse. My eyes keep dropping from your bright eyes to your breasts. My mind undressing you as I go.

I imagine you lying on the bed hair spread out underneath you as I lie beside you slowly unbuttoning your blouse.

“Whack” You hit me upside the head with your napkin. I snap out of my reverie and see you looking across the candle lit table at me. “What are you thinking about now?” You ask. I look at you, smile and say “You, in our bed, as I explore every inch of your body while I undress you so I can see what you have on underneath!”

You blush at my comments and I just let out a laugh.

A nice slow song comes on so I take your hand and lead you to the dance floor. I pull you close to me and you drop your head into my chest. We slowly move around the dance floor. As we move I slowly rock my crotch against you. You look up at me and smile. I lean down and kiss your lips, letting our tongues do a gentle dance. Enjoying the scent of your perfume as you push your body into mine. My body just soaks up the sensation of the way your body folds and molds into mine. Your arms wrapped around me as I hold you tight. I feel you work your leg so one of my legs is now between yours, every so often you step tight forcing your crotch onto my thigh. My hand works hand begins to run up and down your thigh and across your ass. I can now tell that you have garters and stocking on under your skirt. As we dance, I look into your dancing eyes, watching you breath, hoping to catch a quick glance down the front of your blouse.

After the dance as we head back to our table you slow down and I walk up right behind you. I feel your hand behind you as it grabs at my hardening cock. Then your hand leaves me! As we get back to the table you grab your purse and tell me that you need to head to the ladies room. I sit down, order us some more wine and just relax, enjoying the sights and smells of seeing you looking so good! After a few minutes you return with a little grin on your face. I ask you what is up and you say “Nothing” and smile back at me.

We share a dessert and after paying the bill we head out to the car. As I put away my wallet you take my hand in yours. I feel something in it. I look down and as I begin to open my hand I realize what it is. You have taken off your panties!

As I open your door you push me against the car and you raise your lips to mine. As my tongue invades your mouth, your hand wanders down to my crotch. As I kiss you deeper, your hand massages my cock more and more! You push your crotch against my hard cock for a minute and then you break the kiss. As you slide into your seat I watch your skirt slide up across your stockings showing off more of your legs. By the time I have walked around to my side of the car and slide in I see that your skirt is hiked up so that I can see your smooth thighs and the garters holding up your stockings! As I climb into my seat you lean over and give me another kiss and let your hand wander back into my lap. My free hand runs up your thigh across your belly to your breast. I let my hand rest gently on it as our tongues intertwine. I feel you pushing your breast against my hand as we continue to kiss. Finally I break the kiss and start the car.

After leaving the lot, I look over and notice that I can see more of the smooth flesh of your cleavage. As I drive down the road I keep glancing over and I see one of your hands resting on your thigh. The farther I drive the higher up your thigh it seems to move. At a stoplight I look over at you and bend over and give me another kiss. Your hand wanders into my lap and rests on my cock. It starts to harden again as you lightly squeeze it. As the light turns green you break the kiss and I look down. I can see all the way down your blouse, your breasts being held by a satin bra with the tops just begging to be kissed and nibbled on.

As you lean back in your seat I glance over again and I see you sliding your hand farther up between your legs. I return back to concentrating on the traffic. The next thing I feel is your finger sliding across my lips. Your finger is wet and I can smell your excitement on it. I let my mouth open up and you innovia escort slide your finger between my lips. My tongue runs all across your finger trying to get all the juices from it as you slide it in and out of my mouth.

Finally, we arrive home.

You head for the kitchen to get us a bottle of wine, while I get the fireplace going. Once you return, we sit down and just watch the fire burn. You curl up next to me so my arm is across your shoulder and your head is resting against my shoulder. I can feel your lips as you begin to nibble lightly at my neck. Just quick fleeting pecks. Your lips leaving little hot spots on my neck. As you get closer to my face, I turn and pull you to me, pushing my tongue between your lips. Pulling your body tight to mine. My hands run through your soft hair. Pulling it away from your neck. My lips begin to work their way down across your cheek, back to your ear, leaving a hot trail as they go.

I roll onto my back on the couch and you roll with me so you are now lying across my chest. My mouth continues to explore the nape of your neck as my hands run up and down along your stockings, your thighs, your skirt and across the back of your silk blouse. You push yourself into me. I can feel the heat rising between us. Your hot breath is running across my neck as my tongue continues to taste all the skin on the nape of your neck. My hands begin to work their way down your back to your skirt again. I let them rest on your cheeks holding you tight against me. You can feel my hardness pressing against you. My hands begin to caress and squeeze your cheeks. You let out a low moan. I inhale deeply all the intoxicating aromas emanating from your body. My tongue works its way back to your lips. You let out another groan as you put your hands at my sides. Running them up and down my sides. Feeling me jump and squirm as you hit my ticklish spots.

I grab your hands and look at you as your eyes sparkle in the light of the fire! You have a mischievous grin on your face as I hold your hands tight and continue to kiss you. I then push you off me as I head off to grab a comforter for the floor.

When I return, you have re-filled one of the glasses. You take the glass and let your mouth fill with the wine. I bring your lips to mine and you begin to share your wine with me. Our tongues do a little dance enveloped by the cold wine. I take you and lead you down to the floor and lie down next to you. The music is playing softly in the background as I slowly kiss my way down from your lips to the nape of your neck to the neckline of your blouse. My fingers slowly unbutton your blouse. As I spread the blouse open my tongue and lips kiss all the newly exposed flesh. Your hands run though my hair trying to force me to speed up. I grab your hands and hold them still as I let my lips continue to explore your soft skin. My hot breath hitting you in strong contrast to the relative coolness of my lips.

I release your hands so I can unbutton your blouse some more. As I pull it open wider exposing your bra, my lips explore the swell of your breasts. You let out little moans as my tongue and lips get closer and closer to the edges of your bra. Your hands move back to my head again. Trying to get me to speed up. I take your hands again and hold them over your head as I explore your breast some more. Finally I move down and finish unbuttoning your blouse. My tongue kissing and licking and sliding all over you belly. You jump when I let my tongue slide into your belly button. As I kiss my way back up your belly I begin to remove your blouse. You raise your back and arms as we pull it off together. My face nestled in the valley between your breasts. You can feel my hot breath on your skin.

I unsnap your bra and let it fall away, freeing your breasts and exposing your hard nipples, which are just begging to be touched. I gently lower my lips to your breasts and let them rest next your nipples. I begin to trace circles around your nipples with my tongue. My breath hits your nipples but nothing else. You feel me switch from nipple to nipple. They get harder and harder. One time as I begin to blow across your nipples you grab my head and attempt to force my lips and mouth onto it. I fight back, grab your hands and tell you “NO!, Not until I am good and ready!” You look at me and Sit up holding your hands with one hand as I begin to remove my tie with the other.

You look at me like, what are you doing. I straddle your hips as I pull my tie loose. I then take your hands and begin to loop the tie around them. A look of shock/excitement crosses your face as you feel my tie wrap around your wrists. Not to tight but enough to hold them out of the way. Removing some of your mobility. As I push your hands back over your head, I remind you not to move your hands as I kiss your lips and your face. Working my way down your neck, between the valley of your breasts and across your belly button. You arch your back hoping to feel my lips on you nipples. I just slide right on by.

You feel istanbul escort my hands running up and down your thighs and under your skirt, across your stockings and onto your bare thighs. You spread your legs wider and wider as my hands go higher and higher. As I kiss my way down your belly, I unzip your skirt and begin to pull it down over your legs. You raise your ass to let me get the skirt pulled down. As my hands pass along your cheeks I give them a hard playful squeeze. You let out a groan as my tongue works across your belly again and the skirt slides down across your nylons. As the skirt gets down to your ankles my tongue runs across the top of your pubic hair and along one leg. I can feel the heat and smell the excitement coming from between your legs. I kiss the bare flesh above your stocking and continue to kiss my way down to your toes.

You keep your tied hands above your head. I can hear you moaning and begging me to kiss your wet pussy. I just smile and continue my exploration of your body. Once I get to the bottom of one foot, I switch legs and begin to work my way back up. Your legs are thrashing, your breathing is slightly ragged and you are cursing me lightly under your breath as I slowwwly work my way back up your leg with my lips and tongue. My hands rubbing across your nylons and the bare skin of your thighs and playing with your pubic hair as my lips begin the slow trek back up your body. As my lips near the top of your nylons I pause. I then reach down with my hands, slowly unsnap each garter and begin to gently roll the nylon down your leg. I let my tongue trace a trail right behind the stocking as it exposed more and more flesh. As my tongue gets to your toes and the stocking is pulled off I move to the top of your other stocking and repeat the process.

After both stockings are removed I sit back between your legs and admire your body. Your garter straps framing your wet pussy, your hard nipples sitting on top of your breasts that are rising and falling with each breath. As I look at your body an idea crosses my mind. I take your blouse and cover your face with it and tell you to not move. I just put my finger to your lips as you try and start to ask a question. I roll the cover on you to make sure you don’t get cold.

You hear me walk away, you are to excited so you bring your hands down between your legs. Your body quivers as you try and work a finger up and down your wet lips and across your hard clit. You use the tie around your wrists to help put pressure on your clit as your finger strain to slide into you. You soon just start to hump your wrist and the tie around them. Your breath becoming more ragged. Your nipples getting hard as you arms rub across your breasts.

Then as you begin to get close to your orgasm you are shaken from your reverie by my touch as I grab your wrists and put them back above your head. I straddle your chest and push your arms over your head again as I pull your blouse up just enough to expose your mouth. You can feel my silk boxers rubbing against the underside of your breasts. I lower my lips to your and it feels like you are trying to inhale my tongue. I break the kiss and tell you to keep your hands still. I take the blouse from your face and I kiss the small beads of sweat from your forehead. I then take scarf and cover your eyes. After the scarf is in place you feel me climb off of you and I tie your hands to the legs of the couch. Now you tug and realize that you can’t move your hands even if you wanted.

You then feel me move down between your legs and slide a pillow under your butt. Pushing your hot wet pussy up into the air. Next you feel something cool and metallic against your skin. You hear a swish and realize that I have the scissors and that I am cutting your pubic hair. You begin to complain but I run a finger through your wet lower lips and place it on your upper lips to hush you again. You run your tongue all over my finger tasting yourself off of my finger.

I then move back between your legs and take a wet washcloth and wipe down your pubic area and your lips. I let my finger run up and down between them teasing your clit a little bit as I go. You let out another moan. You hear the hiss of the shaving cream and you jump a bit as I work the cool gel all around your pussy and your pubic bone. I let my other finger play between your lips, as the shaving cream covered fingers make sure I have gotten all the hair.

After I am happy with the results I remove my finger from between your lips, wash my hands and move up to give you another kiss. You can feel my hot and hard but soft cock resting on your thigh. You raise your thigh putting pressure on my cock and I let out a moan into your mouth. Your tongue invades my mouth trying desperately to keep me busy and horny enough to stop with the shaving and just start fucking you. I finally break the kiss, and begin to kiss my way back into position.

Finally I pick up the new razor, remind you not to move and I begin to gently remove your hair. Slowly, gently, kadıköy escort swipe-by-swipe, I expose your soft smooth skin. As I get closer to your lips I remind you to stay still. I then began the process of clearing the areas around your wet lips. I can see, smell and feel your excitement. I can hear you moaning quietly begging me to hurry. I just smile and continue to work diligently and carefully to make sure I don’t hurt you.

Finally I sit back and admire my work. I take a warm washcloth and wipe down all the stray cream and rinse you off. After you are rinsed clean, you feel my tongue start at the bottom of your pussy lips and begin to lick up. Slow languid movements, as I check to make sure I did a thorough job. I can hear you pulling on your bonds. Your voice is begging me to fuck you. Your breathing is coming in shallow breaths. Your hips are gyrating, trying to get my tongue onto your hard clit. I just continue to take my time. Finally when I have decided that you are indeed very smooth and my face is covered in your juices I slide back up your body. My cock resting against your now barren pussy as I lower my wet lips to your tongue. You run your tongue across my lips and into my mouth tasting your excitement again.

My hips begun to slide my cock up and down your lips as your tongue and mine are intertwined. You are pushing your hips hard against mine. Forcing your clit to press against the shaft of my dripping cock. You begin to beg me to fuck you. I reach out and pull away your blindfold. There is pure unadulterated lust in your eyes. You look at me and say “FUCK ME HARD NOW!” I continue to let my shaft run up and down your lips as I reach out to grab a bottle.

You look up and see me pick up a bottle of massage oil. You just groan at me and tell me to stop teasing you. I take some of the oil my hands, warm it and begin to work it into your skin. I start at your feet, Slowly working my way up your body. You struggle against your bonds, begging me, promising me anything if I would just stop and stuff my hard cock in your hot wet pussy. I just smile at you, give you a kiss and continue with my massage. I watch you close your eyes as I get closer and closer to your pussy. Your eyes open wide when I skip over the apex of your legs and I begin to pour some oil on your stomach. I work that in, letting some of it run down across your pussy. My hands move up to your breasts, working all around the curves, but avoiding your nipples. Causing you to curse me again! You can feel my hard cock resting against your thigh again. My thighs holding your thighs wide open as I work the oil up into your shoulders and across your arms.

Finally I work my way back down to your nipples. I grab some more oil and dribble some on your hot pussy. I let one hand begin to run across both of your nipples while the other works down across your slick belly to your now smooth pussy. You let out a groan as my finger begins to trace up and down your lips. Slowly separating them. Your wetness just sitting there begging to be licked up. You feel your nipples getting pinched, and stroked and caressed. This just causes your pussy to get wetter and wetter. I slide a finger in and you let out another groan. As I pinch your nipple again I let a finger slide down to your ass. You raise your hips slightly and my finger quickly disappears into your ass. You can feel the fingers bumping into each other. As I move that hand back and forth, I lower my mouth to your nipples, sucking and biting one as my hand caresses the other. I keep on switching back and forth as I work to keep them both nice and hard!

Finally I pull my mouth away from your nipples and slowly pull my fingers from you. You let out a moan and look at me like you are ready to explode. I straddle your hips, lay my chest across yours and begin to kiss you as I use my hands to untie you. Our chests rubbing together. First one hand is free then the second.

Once your hands are untied, you immediately grab my face and kiss me hard. You break that kiss and roll me onto my back. As I look up at you, you reach back and grab a hold of my cock. You hold it poised at the entrance as my hands work up your body to your breasts. I take them between my hands and begin to gently squeeze them. My fingers getting closer and closer to your nipples as I watch you slowly lower yourself onto my hard cock. I can hear your groans as I feel your tightness envelope me. My own breath begins to go ragged. After you are seated on my groin again you begin to rock your hips back and forth. Forcing my cock to slide in and out of you slowly and deeply. As we work into a rhythm you feel your orgasm building again. You look down at me and bring your nipples to my lips. I suck one into my mouth, my tongue runs all around it and then you feel my teeth begin to nibble on it.

As I pull your body tight to mine, our heat so intertwined we are both sweating, not even noticing that the fire has died down. I roll you on your back again and kneel between your legs. I begin to work my cock deeper and harder into you. You beg me to fuck you harder. I brace my arms next to you and you reach out to grab my ass. Pulling me into you harder and harder. Forcing me deeper. My cock throbbing with each thrust. My teeth now nibbling on the nape of your neck. Your clit being brushed by my body every time I thrust into you.

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