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Big Tits

I was out of a job, out of three grand, and out of my head over Darlene. The money and the job, well those things come and go, but Darlene, well that was something different. Darlene was the kind of woman that made life either worth living or death worth dying. It was hard to tell sometimes. She was a big pretty girl with hair like a starless night and eyes to match. Her lips were full and the color of plums. Everything good in the world seemed to ooze from her movements. Her hips, her ass, her legs, her wrists and hands, all seemed like a magical plot from the other side. Darlene was black magic in the factory town.

I was sleeping on the river bank. Drunk each night on Trolley Square and making the money back washing dishes and sweeping the floors. I hopped the rail to Chauncey Town and sold the college kids fake lsd and oregano for cash. It was a good life for awhile. Darlene found me one morning on the river. She took me home, cleaned me up and gave me the best long slow fuck of my life.

She’d ride me for hours like a crazed milk-white cowgirl, her pussy clenched around me for dear life, her lips pursed, sucking in the air. My head caught in the swell of those heavenly tits. She reached around me, made a fist around my balls and pumped the juice out of me. Bam bam bam. Over and out and I was spent, my cock still halkalı ucuz escort jerking and leaking cum five minutes later as she fixed up at the sink across the room.

Darlene could do something no other girl I had ever known could do. Her pussy would squirt when she came. She would cum great blasts of fiery juice all running down my cock shaft, my thighs, my sack. It was amazing. I had never seen anything like it. When I would cum, she would cum, and as I felt that hot explosion inside her, her cunt clenching and releasing furiously, a great flood would be unleashed and in that hotness, my prick would suddenly expand, filling her, a few more strokes and a second atom bomb cum from me.

She could save or destroy the world with that feat.

I’d sing songs for Darlene. Play the blues on an old box guitar she had in a closet upstairs. I’d play and she’d sing along and listen. When I sang ‘Howlin’ Wolf’ I’d make the wolf noises and she’d get hot. She’d swing a leg up beside me, pull up her dress and I’d sing right into her snatch. The smell of her kitty got me going and I could see how soaked her panties were. That would be it, the guitar hit the floor and we went at it some more. In the mornings she would make breakfast. Toast and eggs. We’d drink coffee, eat the breakfast, halkalı üniversiteli escort I’d look for a job in the papers, then we’d fuck some more.

Darlene would really get into my ballsack. She’d get her tongue working on my sack, pushing the nuts around, pressing that wet tongue against my asshole, teasing me like crazy. She’d dribble her saliva over my cockhead that throbbed like mad. I could just feel it over my choad and running down the underside of the shaft. Darlene knew that made me crazy. She’d keep me in that limbo, on that edge, until just when I thought I would explode, she’d take me deep into her mouth and suck the walkin’ talkin’ life out of me. She’d get the cum too. Deep deep deep in her throat. I’d jerk, spastic shake, explode inside. She’d lay me between her huge tits and rub me hard and raw again. She’d work her pussy in my face until she gave me a shower of pussy juice and then we’d fuck.

She had a sister named Marlene. Marlene was from Denver. The rumor around town was that the two of them couldn’t stop getting it on with EACHOTHER. So their mom and dad split up, each one taking a horny assed daughter. But now they would reunite sometimes. Marlene was beautiful, but times had been rougher on her. Still, the two of them got it on. They would haramidere escort sit laughing and talking and drinking whiskey. I’d come by and they’d put on a show for me. I thought I would suffocate between that enormous tit sandwich and drown in those hot steaming snatches. But what Marlene really liked was anal. Darlene would work my cock into a frenzy and I would stick it in Marlene’s backdoor at the last second. She loved the feel of my cum exploding inside that tight firebox of an ass. Darlene would jam her fingers up there too and pry my aching prick loose. Marlene was in town a couple more weeks, a bunch of bikers fucked her at Snooky’s and she rode off with them to Montana. The whole state was without hope. Darlene and I got cozy again and went at it non stop.

You know how it gets though. Well, sooner or later, one of us gets restless. Some of the factory girls at the ale house took me out to the lake one night and we had a threesome out on the rocks. They were hot, but no Marlene and Darlene.

Well, that was then, this is now. I got straight, got my job as a grave-digger in the Pines, came home late one night and found Andy Salford with my Darlene. He was taking her from behind at the kitchen sink. Darlene gasping and moaning and shouting out sweet obscenities into the night. I felt around my pockets for my knife and thought about cutting Andy Salford up right there, but what was the use. For awhile anyway, I was on top of the world and I had the best piece of ass in town if not the fucking world.

I sit and drink in my dark little room. I look out into the factory town night, looking for someone like her, but knowing god damn well I never will…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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