Dark Corners Ch. 2

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Double Penetration

The moment Sarah started nodding, her dance partner started dragging her out of the bar. She found herself outside at one of the back alleys.

“Sorry, babe. I can’t wait. I’ll make it up to you later tonight,” he said while he pushed her to one of the graffiti-spotted wall. His voice huskier than earlier that night.

He started kissing and licking her neck and raising her shirt, exposing her breast to the cool night air, her puckered nipples. She hazily realized that she was baring her breasts to a man whose name she didn’t even know.

He started kissing up her neck and reached her mouth. Pushing his tongue inside hers. Swirling it. Nibbling at her lips. Sucking her tongue inside his. His mouth was so wet and hot.

“What’s…, “ Sarah tried to say between the wet kisses he was giving her, “your… mmm… name?”

He didn’t answer her mumbled question. Instead, he started kissing down her neck again. Licking along the way. When his hot mouth reached her nipple and surrounded it with inside the warm depths, she didn’t care anymore.

She felt halkalı bdsm escort him sucking and biting her nipple hard. It was as if he were sucking the very essence of her body. She wanted to give it to him. She would give him milk from her body if she can. Thinking of white liquid spilling from her nipple to his mouth made her feel even more heated. She pushed his head against hers.

She lost sense of time and place. She just felt. His mouth on her breast. One hand gripping her bottom and another her waist, searing her flesh through the cloth. He felt so hot.

She worked one hand under his shirt. It was so very different from hers. Hard where she was soft. His abs rippling where her hand passed. He was furred with a light pelt of springy hair. Her hand found one fat nipple and she flicked it, feeling it pucker and harden. She felt his gasp against her nipple and then he bit even harder.

It was too much. She tried pushing him away but he just sucked her nipple harder. His leg pushing against her soaked crotch. She halkalı elit escort started riding him like before. The hand gripping her waist came up and massaged the other breast. His finger pinched the nipple. Hard.

A climax charged through her body. Lasting longer than before.

While she was cumming. His fingers worked on her zipper and his. He was fast. It seemed that he wasn’t wearing any underwear either.

Just as she was coming down, he plunged into her. She wasn’t any expert but he felt big. Her only experience coming from the fumblings of her onetime boyfriend at the backseat of his father’s car when she finally agreed on his popping her cherry. This cock felt even thicker and longer in comparison. Much too big for her tight little cunt. He started pounding into her but it wouldn’t all go in.

When he realized that she was tighter than expected, he slowed his strokes but pushed even more force into it. At first, it doesn’t seem to be making any headway but he kept right on pushing in and out. He didn’t halkalı escort seem to tire. Just keeping on his relentless plunging in and out.

Even though he still wasn’t inside her fully as of yet, she already felt stuffed. The strokes shooting little orgasms inside her body. She gave off little squeaks and screams that she muffled by biting the skin on his shoulder. The salty taste of his skin only added to her pleasure.

He started to pound even harder and inch by inch, his cock started to slide farther inside. He finally reached the hilt and his pelvic bone met with hers. The added stimulation of his crotch rubbing against her clit made Sarah lose all control and she started bucking and pushing and pulling him. She started to cum hard.

The feel of her pussy muscles clamping even tighter around him made the man she was with start to cum with her. The feel of his jism shooting inside her increased Sarah’s pleasure and made her stay longer in her orgasmic high making the seconds seem like an eternity.

After some time, she slumped against him.

“It’s John,” he panted against her shoulder.

She was dumbfounded. Bewildered for a minute, still feeling their combined juices going down between her legs. Then she realized that he finally answered her question.

He lifted his head and grinned at her wickedly, “And I’m not finished with you, kitten.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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