Crystal and Nicole Ch. 02

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Crystal, Nicole, and Joey were motionless as they heard the shrill feminine voice calling for permission to come on to their yacht. Joey had just fucked his sisters senseless, and evidence of that was all over. Joey was propped up on his elbows, completely naked; his 8 inch member sticking obscenely straight up, glistening with the combined juices of his twin sisters. Nicole was sprawled on her back, also completely naked. Her flimsy white bikini had long ago been tossed aside. Her breasts were rosy pink from the attention they had received and her bald pussy was swollen with Joey’s cum still slipping down the soft skin onto the padded bench below. Crystal looked down to take stock of her own situation, which didn’t seem as bad. Her light blue bikini top had been folded down at some point to expose most of her breasts. Her bottoms were quite askew, but nothing that couldn’t be fixed quickly. She wiped the back of her hand across her mouth, removing the semen that Nicole hadn’t gotten to, and set her bikini to rights before getting up.

“Oh fuck, who could that be?” Crystal’s voice quavered with concern. They were anchored off a relatively remote island. Not that anyone else never went there, but who would be approaching their boat, asking to come aboard so late? “Come on, get up and get dressed! We need to clean up before we get caught!”

“Get caught doing what?” Nicole slurred a little. Crystal realized that her sister was much more intoxicated than she was. “We aren’t doing anything wrong, we’re all adults.”

“This is incest you idiot! Come on, get up!”

The voice below called up again as Crystal quickly organized her thoughts.

“Ok, I’ll go see what they want. Obviously, they can’t know that you are our brother. Joey, we met you at a college recruiting event that you are in town for. You go to University of Florida. You are not our brother!”

As her siblings started to stir, Crystal rushed down the stairs to the main deck. Her mind was spinning as she lept down the spiral staircase. She had just gone down on her twin sister, gotten fucked by her older brother, and then sucked him to completion right out of Nicole’s pussy. She was going to need some serious thinking time if she was going to stay out of therapy. But then on top of all that, someone was tying up alongside their boat, asking to come aboard? It was just too much for her to take in!

She shot out the sliding glass doors to the deck that adjoined the living/dining room on the main deck. Hands planted firmly on the wooden rail, she leaned out, peering into the dusk. A few yards away a small wakeboarding boat was bobbing on the small swell, waves that barely affected the Maretto Yacht.

“Yoo-hoooooo!” A shrill voice called, that Crystal suddenly recognized. “Can we come aboard, Captain?”

Oh my god, thought Crystal. That can only be Ashley! Ashley Christianson was a former cheerleader from Crystal and Nicole’s high school squad. She had graduated with them, though just barely, and was now headed to, well…Crystal didn’t really know where. She couldn’t imagine she got into any college; she had graduated with a C average. The girls had never been very good friends with Ashley, more like acquaintances. She was part of the “in crowd” that the girls rarely spent time with; though they knew that she was basically just tolerated in that crowd. Her shrill voice and constant talking didn’t help, but it was really her sluttiness that alienated her from the rest of the girls. Word was that her bedpost notches were over 100, though that was hard for Crystal to believe. She did know that Ashley had slept through about half the baseball team, 3 of them in one sitting.

“Ashley? Is that you?”

“Ha! I knew this was your boat! Sounds like some good times are happening aboard. Hahaha. Can we board?”

Crystal knew that she couldn’t turn her away, that would seem suspicious, and probably have Ashley talking more anyway. Her alcohol clouded mind couldn’t come to any other conclusion than to let her aboard.

“Um, uhh, ya I guess. Pull up alongside. Wait, let me get the bumpers.”

Crystal’s boat training managed to push past the drunk shroud and she rushed to find the side bumpers. After hanging three over the side, she watched as the smaller boat slowly moved into position. With a gentle sigh, it squeezed up next to the yacht. A stern and bow line were tossed aboard and before Crystal could even grab one, a tall blond man jumped on deck and grabbed one.

“Pull that one tight,” he said, somewhat urgently.

They both pulled the lines tight and secured them, leaving the two boats gently rocking alongside each other. Crystal skimmed through her memory of the boating regulations she had to learn for the license to try to remember if it was ok to leave boats tied up like this. Before she could come to a conclusion, Ashley climbed aboard, not without some commotion.

A small hand grasped the rail tightly as Ashley heaved herself up with one hand.

“Damnit, Roger, help me!” She yelled. “Pull me up, I can’t…make casino şirketleri it…help me…to deck.”

She huffed that fragmented sentence as Roger, who was apparently the blond guy, reached over and pulled her up. Crystal took in her acquaintance as she stood on the deck. Ashley was a petite girl; 5’3″, 107lbs. Crystal was very familiar with her measurements since she had been the flyer on the squad; the girl that gets thrown in the air. Her normally perfect bleached hair was pulled into a messy pony tail and she seemed to be missing her usual layers of makeup, leading Crystal to assume she had been swimming at some point that day. The bikini was something to behold. Crystal knew that she and her sister wore skimpy bikinis, but liked to think it was done in a classy manner. Ashley had a cheap looking, triangle top bikini on. The top was the adjustable type, and she had it cinched in until it was basically two strips, just barely covering her nipple. Plenty of her small boobs were visible on either side. The bottom was clearly designed to just barely cover her cooch, and was covered in a see through sarong. She clutched a Mike’s Hard Lemonade in her left hand, which had made it so difficult to climb aboard.

“Nicole!!” She screeched as she launched into a hug. “It’s so great to see you! It’s been, like, a month!”

“Hey Ash. I’m actually Crystal. It has been a while.” Crystal tried to disengage without getting the lemonade spilled on her. It was clear that Ashley was at least as drunk as she was.

“Well, who can ever tell you apart?” Crystal ignored that. “So this is the famous yacht, eh? It’s gorgeous! I can’t wait to see it! But first, sounded like you and your guests were already having quite a party. I could hear that orgy across the lake!”

“What? No! It wasn’t, I mean. Well, we hadn’t…”

“Haha, its fine. You know I’m not judging.” Ashley winked. “Well, are you going to stand here all night?”

So Crystal, not sure what else to do, let Ashley and Roger (whom still hadn’t been formally introduced) through the main deck and up the stairs. To her great relief, things looked somewhat normal up there. Nicole and Joey had put their suits back on and were settled into the tub. Nicole was low enough that you couldn’t tell her top was transparent.

“Nicole, look who I found. It’s Ashley!” Crystal announced, almost as a warning.

“Holy shit, this is awesome!” Ashley’s eyes roamed across the oversized hot tub, the built-in bar, the flying cockpit, and then back to the two occupants of the hot tub. “Oh, and this is Roger. He works for my dad.” Roger gave a little nod and mumbled something. He clearly wasn’t the brightest.

“And this is Joey,” Nicole introduced their brother. “We know him through college recruiting. He goes to Florida State.”

“University of Florida,” Joey corrected.

“Well, looks like you are quite the recruiter,” Ashley winked at him. Eyeing the bottle of Scotch sitting out, “Do you have anything else to drink?”

Since her two siblings were in the hot tub, and Crystal realized that for Nicole to get out, she would reveal her transparent bikini, she volunteered to grab some other refreshments. To make things simple, she just grabbed a case of beer and brought it up to the fly deck. When she got back, she found the two guests had made themselves at home in the hot tub. As she passed around beers, Joey was finishing up the story of how they had all “met”.

“…ya, so we talked a while at the booth. And since I don’t know the area, they offered to show me where I could get some good grub. Then they invited me out here, and we’ve been hanging out since then.”

Crystal slipped into the tub next to her sister. She sipped the cold beer and could feel herself getting a little light headed as the alcohol she had already consumed was accelerated by the heat of the water. The twins were sharing one side, while Joey was on an adjacent side. Ashley was perched on Roger’s lap opposite the girls.

“Ok, but someone was definitely doin the nasty,” Ashley said with a grin. “We could hear that quite a ways off.”

No one said anything for a second, but Ashley saw both girls glance very quickly at each other, and detected a hint of nervousness. The wheels started turning and a big grin spread across her face.

“Oh. My. God.” Paris Hilton seemed to be a prime influence in Ashley’s life. “He did both of you, didn’t he! Joey, did you fuck both these hot little bitches?”

Joey’s face went even redder than the drink and heat could make it. “What, no! It wasn’t…of course not!” He glanced at his sisters with panic in his eyes, clearly unsure of how to handle this. Nicole was less inhibited than Crystal under normal circumstances, but particularly when she had been drinking more. And Crystal herself was feeling the effects much more than she had even a few minutes ago.

“Guess we’re busted,” Nicole said. “We both liked him; I mean he’s a hot guy. So we didn’t want to choose who got him. I mean, we’re twins, we know how to share!” She casino firmaları put her arm around Crystal, who pitched in.

“Ya, we share everything anyway. It’s not like we haven’t seen each other naked enough times.”

“Wow, that is so hot!” Ashley was practically squealing. She was constantly walking around the locker room in her birthday suit, so the girls knew that her smaller breasts sported relatively large nipples. They could now see those, prominently pressing at the small triangles covering them. “But isn’t that, like, incest? I mean, you guys are sister!”

“No! Not at all!” Crystal protested, thinking if only you knew. “It’s not like we did anything to each other!”

She jumped as she felt Nicole’s hand, hidden by the bubbles, grasp her thigh tightly. She tried to cover it by taking a long drink from the beer in her hand, finishing it off. Her twins hand worked its way up her thigh and just reached her pussy, brushing against it lightly, when Crystal lunged to the side to grab another beer. She looked at Ashley, who was still digesting everything and didn’t seem to notice.

“Man, so, Joey, lucky you! That’s, like, every guys dream! I bet Roger here would welcome a chance with two hot twins, wouldn’t you, baby?” Roger nodded vigorously with a “Hell ya”, earning himself a playful punch. Crystal doubted they were an exclusive couple. “So what was it like? I mean, I know they look the same, but do they feel the same?”

“Well, no, I don’t know. Of course they were different,” Joey stammered, the red flush fading as the color drained from his face. Crystal realized how uncomfortable this must be for him, having a discussion about sleeping with his sisters with two perfect strangers.

“Do you think you could tell them apart?” Ashley asked coyly. “You know, by just being inside them? If you were, like, blindfolded or something.” After letting Joey emit a few nonsensical stammers, she issued the challenge that Crystal somehow knew was coming. “I bet you couldn’t. I bet, if you were blindfolded and fucked them both right now, you couldn’t tell the difference.”

Crystal had always enjoyed showing off the fact that she had a great body. But she never considered herself much of an exhibitionist. Aside from what had happened with her sister present, that day and in the past, she had never done anything sexual in front of a third party. Yet the thought of getting pounded once again by Joey in front of Ashley and some guy she had just met was a huge turn on. She felt her pussy tingle as she worked through her next beer, slowly catching up with her sister.

Thought apparently she had a little more drinking to do before catching all the way up.

“I’m down!” Nicole stated, slurring her words a bit. She stood up, her well saturated white bikini clearly showing her magnificent tits. “Sounds like some fun.”

“Nicole!” Crystal said sternly, shocked at her acceptance of this crazy situation and even crazier plan. Joey just sat, somewhat flabbergasted. “You can’t be serious!”

“Sure, why not! Joey, I’m sure you are ready for another round. You can’t say you didn’t like it before.” She leaned over to him and reached her hand under the bubbles, clearly finding his hard on. “Crystal, what do you say? You want to have some fun?”

Crystal wasn’t sure what to say to that. She was increasingly light headed, and now she suspected it was more than just the alcohol that was causing it. “I don’t know, this is all a bit much.”

“Comeon, sis!” Nicole leaned in close, resting her beer and one hand on the side of the tub, with her other on the submerged bench Crystal was sitting on to steady herself.

“I really want this, I’m so horny!” She whispered in her sister’s ear. “And I have a feeling that you are too.” Nicole’s hand moved to between Crystal’s legs and she gently cupped her pussy before moving the fabric to the side and sliding a finger inside her twin.

“Oh my god, what the fuck. Let’s do it!”



Girlish squeals of delight seemed to be all around as Joey sat silently. He couldn’t deny that he wanted to do this, his cock was painfully hard. But was he really going to fuck his twin sisters again, in front of two strangers?

“Ok, I guess. It will be a little weird with two people watching though,” Joey stammered, half-heartedly looking for a way out.

“Well, what if only one person watched?” Ashley asked innocently. “Roger, do you want to accept the challenge too? Think about it! If both guys do it, you can see who can guess correctly. Besides, than no one is left out.”

“That sounds pretty hot,” Nicole said. “But you will still be left out.”

“I’ll be fine watching, trust me.”

“Man, didn’t know you were such a perv,” Nicole teased the smaller girl.

“Oh, you don’t know the half of it,” Ashley said with an almost evil grin.

Crystal wasn’t sure about letting this guy fuck her. But she was horny, especially given everything that had already happened. She was also quite drunk by now. This is already güvenilir casino beyond insane, and I’ll probably regret it tomorrow. But what the hell, might as well do it up right.

“Ok, as long as he is up to the challenge,” Crystal tried to sound confident.

“Oh, I think I’ll do just fine.”

“Ohmygod, this is going to be so sexy!” Ashley sprang into action. “We’re going to need some blind folds for the guys. Let’s see, I think your tops will work just fine. Comeon, hand them over! Ok, here are the rules.” Ashley made the rules up as she blindfolded the two guys with the minimal material afforded her by the skimpy bikini tops. “You’ll get 6 minutes with each girl, I’ll give the word for when to switch. No peeking, of course, and no touching. Other than your dicks, obviously. Girls, you will have to stay bend over the side there, I’ll arrange you once these blindfolds are complete so they don’t know where you are. No touching for you guys either, and no making any sounds. Nothing that could identify you. Got it?”

Ashley ended up having to use her sarong in addition to Nicole’s top to adequately blindfold Joey. She did manage to effectively shutter Roger’s eyes using Crystal’s top.

“Ok, de-robe everyone!” Ashley announced. The girls were suddenly naked, standing in the hot tub of their father’s yacht. They watched the boys pull their shorts down. Both were already extremely hard, though it was clear that Joey had at least two inches on Roger. Ashley whistled before turning back to the girls. She repositioned them, causing lots of commotion presumably to try to confuse the guys. Nicole bent over the side quickly, clearly excited. Crystal was a little more apprehensive and was about to voice her concerns when Ashley reminded her that she had to stay silent lest she give herself away. A hand on her back encouraged her to bend over, and Crystal found herself sticking her naked ass out to her brother and a guy she had just met. Her elbows rested on the vinyl cover of the padded platform and she let her head droop down. She felt a hand on hers and looked up to see her sister smiling at her, squeezing her hand. Although no words were allowed, Crystal knew that Nicole was saying loosen up, this is gonna be fun! She returned her forehead to the pad and decided to not look at who was going to take her first.

Crystal found her hands had balled up into tight fists. It felt like she had been waiting for hours, bent over naked, but it had really been just a few seconds while Ashley had arranged the guys. Eyes squeezed shut tight, Crystal let out a silent gasp when she felt the hand on her wet pussy. The fingers were so slim and delicate she knew it had to be Ashley. The inquisitive fingers gently brushed over her bald lips before pulling one aside. That alone was nearly enough to set Crystal off, but the cock that thrust in next took her the rest of the way. She came almost right away. The teasing, the anticipation, Nicole’s fingers, and the exhibitionist excitement that was coursing through her body needed just the pressure of a cock to set her off. She struggled to keep it silent. Only when she came down for the orgasm did she realize that it must be Roger inside her. Although he was thrusting hard, he was no were near as big as Joey.

Crystal expected to be a little disappointed with the lack of size. She had just recently been filled to the brim by her brother’s massive dong. Although Roger was average, not small or anything, it paled in comparison. That is, until he started really working it. He clearly had more experience than Joey, and the effects on Crystal were incredible. She stifled a groan as her pussy, which was always much more sensitive after an orgasm, absorbed the amazing sensations. His dick was touching every part of her insides, and more. It felt as if he were somehow moving it in a figure eight. Unbelievably, she felt another orgasm approaching when suddenly Ashley yelled “Time!” and Roger pulled out of her.

She looked over her shoulder to see a somewhat comical scene. Roger and Joey, both blindfolded and fully erect, were frozen, clearly terrified of bumping into each other. Ashley came to the rescue and got them into place. A sharp gasp told Crystal that Roger had just entered her sister. She wondered how he felt, replacing Joey’s larger member. She didn’t have wonder long. Looking over her shoulder, Ashley’s small hand made his dick look even bigger as she guided him forward. Dripping wet and needing no help from Ashley this time, Crystal pushed her face into the cushion and steeled herself for the invasion.

Her mind exploded as her brother’s massive cock pulled her apart, threatening to rip her at the seams, as he pushed all the way into her in one thrust. He stayed there, bottomed out, for a moment before pulling back out and starting his slow, powerful thrusts. True, he didn’t maneuver quite as expertly as Roger, but there was no replacement for sheer mass. She bit her lip in ecstasy as he slid in and out of her. Turning her head, she saw Nicole, propped up on her elbows with her back arched and her bit tits swinging below her, as Roger worked his magic on her. Behind her, Crystal could make out Ashley through the steam of the tub, sitting on the edge, furiously rubbing her own pussy as she watched the twins get pounded.

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