Creampied and All Holes Fucked in Dance Club

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All characters in this story are over 18. Please vote positive if you like the story. If you suggest improvements, please put in the comments. Thanks! – Emma

Creampied and All Holes Fucked in Dance Club

Hi! My name is Emma, I live in Boston, going to college and staying at my sister and her husband’s house. (Please check my other stories about how my sister’s husband creampied me and my other sensual adventures!).

I am a typical all American girl who turns heads when walking down the street, with my blue eyes, blonde hair and cheerleader type mini skirts I always wear.

When I turned 21, I wanted to celebrate my birth day with my best friend forever Emily and get drunk at a local dance club. I didn’t want to have a big birthday party because I wanted to get drunk until I black out.

Before 21, I was able to drink at the school parties illegally, but I wasn’t able to go to a public place that serves alcohol because of the state laws.

My friend Emily told me that there is a nice club called Silk close to our school, with a DJ and nice big dance floor, and lots of hot guys our age hang in there.

Emily was already over 21, and she was telling me all about her one night stand pick ups from the bar. She was keeping score that she slept with 38 guys so far since the semester started, which made me jealous.

Emily and I prepared in the afternoon and headed to a spa. We had a full body wax, massage, facial treatment, manicure, pedicure, had our hairs done.

I wore a black mini skirt with a long slit on each side, covering only half my ass. I didn’t wear any panties. On top, I wore a very tight white tank top, exposing by waist and navel, and no bra.

I put on an eye liner to accentuate my big blue eyes, and curled my flat blonde hair so I have some waves and more full hair look.

We were ready!

We arrived at the club at 10PM. Emily said she knew the bouncer, and we skipped the line. The tall bouncer scanned our driver licenses to their system and let us in. Apparentlyclubthey got into trouble admitting underage people so they were taking pictures of everyone’s driver’s license.

Inside the club was huge, with multiple dance floors, and loud music. Most people were in their 20s.

We headed to the bar in the EDM area, and I had a long island ice tea, then one more, then one more. I started to get dizzy, so I stopped, and headed to the dance floor.

As I danced, I noticed a tall handsome guy with a mustache was looking at me while he was talking to his friends. I kept dancing with Emily, as we occasionally hugged and kissed each other, laughing for no reason.

We got thirsty, headed back to bar, and I sat next to the mustache guy. He looked at me and said “Hi, my name is Trevor, you are Emma, right?” . I was surprised he knew my name. “How do you know my name?” I asked.

“I do construction work at your school, and saw you there last week, and asked people what your name is” Trevor replied.

“Hmm, I wonder why you asked me around?” I giggled?

“I was mesmerized by your charm and youth”, Trevor answered. I liked the answer.

“How old are you?” I asked. “28”, Trevor replied. “How old are you?”

“Just esat escort turned 21 today, and I am celebrating my legal drinking age!”.

Trevor laughed, “I was living in San Diego when I was 18 and we were going to Mexico to get drunk, because drinking age there is 18, it is ridiculous we have 21 in our country” Trevor said.

“I know, right!” I agreed.

We turned towards each other. He talked about how he much money he has, how many people he employ, how many properties he has, trying to impress me.

As we talked I wasn’t paying attention to what he was saying, instead, I was looking at his strong hands, mustache, lips, eyes, and I was putting my hand on his beefy construction worker arm when I laugh.

As I touched him, I noticed his cock was getting bigger in his pants, and he started to lean towards me, holding my hands, arms, shoulder as he talked.

As was getting aroused with all the touching and feeling, and I felt that I got wet, and since I had no panties, I smelled the sweet aroma of my pussy juice oozing out of my pussy.

Trevor probably smelled that too, as his hands started traveling up in my skirt and rubbing my exposed clit, and I was resting my hand on top of his crotch, squeezing his manhood through the fabric of his pants.

Trevor then kissed me, and I kissed back, and we started exploring each other’s tongue, as he rubbed my bare clit, and I repeatedly squeezed and released his cock through his pants.

“There is a unisex single person bathroom back there” Trevor whispered in my ear, “would you like to check it out?” I nodded and we headed back, holding hands. I waved at Emily and made a thumbs up, and she made an OK sign with her hands.

Bathroom was free. Trevor opened the wooden bathroom door, it was large, with 10 feet wall length bench and a sink, toilet, and a dim red light.

“I want to eat you out”, Trevor said, lifted me with his strong arms and had me sit on the bench. He started kissing me as he rubbed my clit, then kissed my shoulder, navel button.

He locked his green eyes into my big blue eyes, slowly lifted my skirt, smiled, and buried his head between my legs, licking my ass hole, circling around my clit, and poking his tongue and his fingers in my vagina.

I started to build up pleasure, feeling the warmth from my pussy expanding towards my belly, legs, boobs, arms, face. After a couple minutes, my whole body started shaking with orgasmic contractions.

Trevor was continuing non stop, as if he was on a mission to kill me by orgasm. I had orgasm over orgasm over orgasm for over 15 minutes, which felt like time stopped and I was in a bliss, and I said “stop, I can’t take it any more”.

“I want you to feel me deep inside of you now” said Trevor, as he started kissing his way up from my pussy to my lips, I nodded OK.

Trevor unzipped and pulled down his pants, and a large big cock sprung out, it was thick, cut, with a conical head, and lots of veins.

He pulled a condom from his pocket and expertly put it on with one hand, as he was grabbing my waist with the other, and shoved his cock deep inside my already soaking wet and burning hot pussy in one etimesgut escort big push, pressing his balls to my thigh when he was completely in me.

He stopped with his cock buried in me, and started kissing my face, neck, shoulders, as he caressed my arms, boobs, butt, legs, taking his time.

While continuing to kiss and caress, he started to push his cock in and out of me slowly, as if I am a delicate object he is afraid to break. This took another 5 minutes, I was getting bored.

“I like it rough” I whispered to his ear, and bit his shoulder.

“Is that so?” Trevor looked at me, with one eyebrow up. “Bend over!”

I bent over the bench, my feet on the ground, legs spread two feet, ass pointing up, waist down, my chest, face, arms resting on the bench.

“I want you to fuck me as hard as you can, make me scream” I demanded.

Trevor grabbed my soft narrow waist with his strong calloused contractor hands, he had a strong grip.

I wouldn’t be able to escape that grip even if I wanted to, which made me feel dominated by a strong man, to serve his needs, making me feel like a slave woman serving his master, and I liked it.

Trevor pushed his cock deep inside of me and started pounding my ass forcefully, this time as if he was a jack hammer trying to break concrete.

“You motherfucker, fuck me harder!” I sweared. Trevor got excited with my cursing and started fucking harder and slapping my ass as he did,

“I am going to fuck you so hard you will not be able to walk a week” Trevor exclaimed.

Trevors cock slipped out of my pussy, and instead of putting back into my pussy, he forcefully tear through my closed asshole, ripping me in half, all the way in. “Ouch, awww, awww, awww, fuck, motherfucker, get your cock out of my asshole, awww, awww,awww, mother fucker!” I shouted.

“I am sorry, it was an accident” Trevor said. My asshole was burning and throbbing with pain.

“You lost your chance, I am leaving! You jack yourself off!” I shouted angrily. His cock was still buried deep inside my ass.

Trevor increased his grip on my waist, “I eat you out and you came, bitch! if you don’t want to fuck, I understand, but you have to give me a blow job and release me, so we are even! Otherwise I will fuck your asshole until I cum deep inside you” he demanded.

His grip was strong, and I was afraid he might tear my ass further with his big cock, and even if I escape, he might get angry and stalk me, so I agreed, and kneeled down in front of his rigid cock.

I took the condom on his cock off with both my hands, and shoved his cock directly in my throat without any tongue play or stroking, because I wanted him to cum quickly.

Trevor grabbed my head and started face fucking me shoving his cock in deep thrusts into my throat wedging his conical cock head in my neck, creating a vacuum pop as he pulls out, while my luscious lips and tongue glides through the shaft and head of his long beautiful cock.

I liked being face fucked, and enjoyed it for a minute, but then I thought if Trevor comes on my face, or his cum leaks from my mouth, all my make up and clothes would be totally messed up, and it ankara escort would be better if he comes in my pussy, with a condom.

I tapped out on his leg repeatedly, he stopped and pulled his cock out of my mouth. “What, bitch!” he exclaimed.

“I want you to come in my pussy, with a condom” I said. “I don’t want to ruin my make up and dress with your cum”. “OK” he said and hand me the condom, “you put it on!”

I put the condom at the tip of his cock, and unrolled the condom on his shaft with my lips and hands as I push his cock head in my mouth, “good job” Trevor smiled, as his cock was buried in my mouth. I took his cock out of my mouth slowly as I tickled his balls with my nails.

I stood up, and said “Sit on that toilet, I will mount you and control the fuck so you cannot fuck my ass hole again”.

Trevor sat on the toilet, cover closed, I sat on his cock slowly, until I take his cock all the way in, and started bouncing on his lap, first slowly, then going faster and faster, as he was grabbing and caressing my ass and boobs.

“You have the most perfect body and the prettiest face I have ever seen, Emma” Trevor complimented. “Please forgive me for pushing my cock in your ass accidentally, I don’t want to lose you”, I liked the compliment, but I didn’t want to be an easy girl, so I answered “I don’t know, I will think!”, as I continued bouncing on his cock.

A couple minutes later, Trevor’s cock started to swell, “are you coming?” I asked, “yesss, I am coming, ahhhh” grunted Trevor and started to shoot strings over strings of fertile cum deep inside me, over and over and over again, rubbing his cock head to my cervix, which caused my vagina squeeze his cock in orgasmic pulses, like a warm wet textured pulsating massager sheathing made just for his cock.

“What! Where is your condom!” I shouted, Trevor showed me his empty condom proudly, “I took it off while you were bouncing” he grinned. I was upset because it was going to leak, but I was on birth control, so it was OK.

I was spent, so I couldn’t argue about him cumming in me. I stayed on him like that for a minute.

We heard a knock on the door, “hurry up!” .

We dressed up and opened the door, Emily and a guy she picked up was waiting to get into the bathroom, Emily looked at me and Trevor head to toe, smiled and said “wanna have a foursome?”.

“Nah” I said “I will have some more drinks!”. We went to bar, “she is on me, give her what she wants on my tab” chimed Trevor. I tried all hard liquors they had, I was getting dizzier and dizzier, then I blacked out.

I opened my eyes and I heard birds singing, leaves rustling, sun warming my body. I looked around, I was in a big living room, with open windows, and there was no one other than me.

I stood up, and stepped on something squishy, it was a used condom.

I felt something weird in my pussy, I put my hand there, found a condom hanging from my cunt. I pulled it out, it was filled with cum.

The whole floor was covered with used condoms, I walked to the mirror by the entrance, my make up was messed up, and someone wrote “free cum dump” with arrows pointing to my pussy and mouth, using my lipstick. “fuck my ass hard” said another message on my back, with an arrow pointing to my ass hole.

I was trying to figure out where I am, until I paid attention to the pictures hanging on the wall, I was in …

—to be continued

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