Cherie’s Massage

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Big Dick

I’m 24. Not uneducated but not college schooled. I left high school and went straight into a line of clerical jobs. I kept my nose clean. I saved money and I spent money, mostly on practical things: a solid reliable jap car. And classic clothes that wouldn’t go out of fashion: suits, good shoes and sports equipment. I love my tennis and I used to keep in shape by playing three times a week. I was well liked at the club and, yes, I had girlfriends too. Mostly they were younger than me, mostly they were rakishly thin, mostly they girls from the office. They were sexy but I always wanted something more, a bond more than physical. I couldn’t really put my finger on it back then.

And the girls thought I was cute. They loved my tennis player’s tan. The loved my short sandy hair and the little smile that I reserved for the cutest of them – my come hither smile. They loved it that I was tall, a little over 6ft and lean, 160lbs. And they loved what was between my legs, all seven and half inches of it. I guess I used it well too.

When I transferred from the downtown branch of the company to one out in the suburbs the commute from my central city flat got too much. I rented a town house in the suburbs. It was five minutes drive for me. I joined a new tennis club thinking that all that commuting time could be replaced with court time.

A beautiful fall day. My townhouse had a small garden and a large oak hung over the lawn. I had been here for two weeks and it had rained solidly. All my stuff was out of boxes and I was keen to get the garden looking nice, get those leaves raked up. I had a knee support around my leg, The week prior I had twisted it a little but the bandage was precautionary more than anything.

I heard a cherry voice float over the back fence. A gate opened and a woman about 40 flashed a smile at me.
I waved back.
“Just cleaning up a little. With all this rain…”
She stepped through the gate and I got a better look. Wow! She must be at least forty but her body was squeezed into tiny satin shorts and a halter. A black bra strap had slipped down over one shoulder. I could sense she knew I was looking her up and down and she didn’t mind. She stood there proudly, her sexy bod popping out of her clothes, smiling at me with a clear inviting look.
“I’m Cherie” she said.
“Pleased to meet you. I’m Phillip, well, call me Phil.”

I must have stumbled over greetings and bumbled words and sentences when I talked to her because she had me totally transfixed. We made small talk about the weather and she noticed my knee support.
“Oh, what happened to you?”
I shrugged it off.
“It’s just a little tender. A sports thing…”
“Oh poor baby!”
The way she said “baby” just made me melt.
“It’’s nothing really.”
“I do Shiatsu massage you know. I bet if you give me 20 minutes with that knee it’ll be as good as new.”

I looked around at the garden. I still had a lot to do. I think she could tell I wanted to shout out a loud ‘yes please” and she came closer. I smelt her perfume. Mmmmm. She touched my elbow softly.
“You finish up here and have a shower. Wear some loose clothes and just come through the back gate when you’re all ready.”
I nodded dreamily. I couldn’t really say “no” to an invitation like that could I?
She touched my elbow again and sauntered back across the fence to her place.

In about 20 minutes I had the small lawn done and the leaves raked up. I had clipped the edges and weeded and pruned the roses. I also had the boner to beat all boners as I stood in the shower and soaped and scrubbed myself. What was it about this woman that excited me more than all the other girls. bursa escort I was really tempted to just jerk off right there but I stopped myself, turned the faucet to cold and finished up.

“Loose Clothes” She’d said. I looked through my things and picked out a tracksuit and yep, why not, some silk boxers. I combed down my hair and threw the smoothest shave I could on my face. Some aftershave too. Why not, eh?

It must have been forty minutes tops by the time I got to her back door. It was open and the smell of incense drifted out the door. There was a deeper smell too – the perfume that I had smelled on her before. I knocked nervously and she greeted me with a wine bottle in her hand.
“Oh honey, you’re just in time. Be a doll and open this for me?”
“Honey”? I thought. “Be a doll”? My heart was skipping beats. I was sure that I’d be fucking this woman as soon as the cork popped from the bottle.

She sat me down in her living room and I fumbled with the cork screw. I finally got it off. It was old and crumbly. I looked at the label. 82. Practically as old as me. I looked around and saw a massage table set up in one corner of the room. Soft new agey music played. I normally hate that stuff but this time I just sunk down into the sofa beside her and let it flow over me. She was talking wine.
“The tannins have softened. It’s just coming into it’s own. There’s that pluminess that I love in the Cabarnet.”

I tried to listen to her. I wasn’t just trying to be polite I really loved the way she talked about the wine. Taking little sniffs and sips. Her pink tongue flushed with ruby red. When she uncrossed her legs to accept a top up I almost blew a load in my pants. Her shorts rode up in such a way that bulging pussy lip peered out from the thin strand of denim covering the crotch. It was hairless and red.

My prick just popped up from my lap and stood like as straight as a soldier, popping up from my boxer waist band and stretching the silky nylon track pants to breaking point.

“My my” she said. “I DID just say a knee massage didn’t I?” She laughed.
“You did yes…this thing just comes up involuntarily” I tried to make a joke of it but it came out sounding halting, uncertain.
“Come on, doll. Let’s get you up on the massage table.”
Doll. God I loved it when she called me that.

It felt like I was in slo-mo when she led me across to the table. My boner was still poking out but she was ignoring it.
As I lay down on the table she let me sniff from a brown bottle she said contained her massage oil.
“I make it up myself.”
I sniffed it in. It was a heavy, musky intoxicating odour. My head spun. It may have been the bottle, or maybe her, but the stuff seemed to have a narcotic effect.

Lying on my stomach she rubbed the oil into my legs and dragged her knuckles over the soles of my feet, pausing to massage each toe. She went around my knee and then gently fingered it, pushing and plying the cartilege with her fingers. She was a real pro at this.

I felt her full, wonderful breast brush my shoulders and her breath at my ear.
“Is that big cock of yours still bursting out of your pants,” she whispered.
“Ummmm…yes…” I tried to think of something witty to say – a line that would get me from the massage table to the bedroom. But I was stumped.
“Can Cherie take those sexy boxers off for you, huney?”
I nodded as she turned me over and slipped them off.

My cock sprung free and she giggled.
“Oh my goodness!” She laughed.
Her hands were on my thighs now, rubbing oil into them. My body was burning up in desire. I reached out to touch her but she pushed my hands down to my side.

“You think bursa escort bayan I’m gunna climb on top and fuck you, don’t you?”
I nodded hopefully.
“You think I’m gunna push that big think into my wet pussy and milk that cock?”
“Yesyes” I whispered.
“Naughty boy!” She slapped my nipples and then twisted them playfully.

What the hell was going on here? I thought to myself.
“I said MASSAGE didn’t I?”
“Yes Cherie.”
“And I mean massage. I couldn’t possibly fuck you. No. I hardly know you huney.”
My mind was reeling. I was confused but my cock was still hard.
She pinched and twisted my nipples again. What the hell did this woman want to do?
“Now are you going to lie back and let Cherie give you a massage?”
“Yes,” I nodded helplessly
“Inside and Out?”

And then she started rubbing her hands all over my chest.
“When Cherie massages she does all the nooks and crannies. But don’t ask me to touch that cock of yours, okay?”
I nodded.
“Now turn onto your stomach.”

I was on my stomach and she started tapping my ass with her hands. The little taps went right up my back and then down onto my ass again. They stung, and I could feel my skin redden and tingle.
“Good baby boy” she said and my cock sprung forth even harder. There was something about this woman that I loved.

I felt a dribble of oil on my ass crack. I shivered in anticipation.
“I’m going deeper,” she whispered.
“Yes!” I sighed.
“And how deep do you want me to go?” she giggled.
“As deep as I can?”
“Oh yes.”

And then I felt her slip a finger between my crack and run it down, almost letting it brush my balls. I was wriggling, trying to rub my cock on the towel laying on the table. Her hands on my ass made my cock almost explode.

Then she slapped my cheeks. A full blooded slap.
“Stop rubbing yourself on my towel, you dirty boy.”
I was suddenly embarrassed.
“Yes ma’am.”
“Are you clean?” She raised her voice now, impatient with me.
“I showered before I came over.”
“Do you wash your bottom?”
“Up inside?”
“You are dirty!!!” She said it almost in triumph.

The next thing I smelt was latex. In the corner of my eye I saw her putting latex gloves on and then dribbling oil over them.
I felt a sharp stab in my ass.
A latex finger had been pushed right up my bumhole.
“Stop complaining!!” She snarled.
But that poking finger began to feel very very good.

“What are you doing?” I asked. My cock twitching as her finger snaked around back there.
“Shussshh” she said, her lips brushing my ear as she whispered to me.
Another finger was pushed in and I felt more oil dribbled onto my asshole.
The pain from the first finger had disappeared and her penetration was doing weird things to me.

She’d found a spot inside my ass and concentrated her movements there. I felt spasm in my ass and cock.
“Ahhhh,” she said. “That’s your prostate. That’s what I’m looking for.”
“Ohhhhhhhh that’s good,” I grunted.
And she slipped another finger in, rubbing the walls of my rectum, spreading the sphinchter wider and wider.

“That’s starting to hurt,” I breathlessly said.
“Relax honey,” she said. “Just relax. You’re so stressed. I’m gunna open you right up.”
I gulped.
“Here,” she said. And she snapped something open under my nose.
“Sniff this. Sniff it right up.”
I sniffed and a chemical smell burned my nostrils and it felt like an electric shock buzzed up into my brain. I felt my muscles relax.
“Whew. That was good.”
“Again,” she said.
And I sniffed again.

The second hit was stronger than the first. escort bursa And I felt two more fingers invade my ass. This time it didn’t hurt. This time I felt a burning in my ass that swelled into waves of pleasure that radiated out into my balls and cock.
“What are you doing to me?” I asked breathlessly.
The four fingers were massaging, rubbing and slipping into my ass. I’d never felt anything like it. My cock was twitching away, harder than I ever remembered it being.

“Good boy,” she cooed. “Good little boy. You want more. I can tell you want more.”
I nodded my head.
“Your little ass is wide open. So pink and cute.”
“Y-y-y-yes, I want more.”
I felt her thumb snake in there as well.
“I’m opening you right up.”
And then it happened. I felt the top her fingers slide in deeper. Her hand went deeper and she began slapping my ass cheeks. I felt burning pain but I didn’t know how to react to it. Deeper still, there was a pleasure that I had never experienced.

“My whole hand is up your ass,” she laughed. “MY WHOLE HAND!”
“Your hand?”
“I’m making a fist now.”
I was going to tell her to stop but I felt an orgasm building up deep within. I couldn’t stop it and I couldn’t tell her to stop.

“I’m fisting your ass,” she yelled.
And she began to pump her hand back and forth as I cried out.
“No. No Cherie. Ohhhhhhhh yes.” I didn’t know what I was saying.
“I’m doing this dirty little bum.”
“Yes! Fuck it!” I yelled back.
“You better not come!” she snarled. “This is a massage not a fuck!”
“Ohh!” I yelled. The sperm was bubbling up from my balls. Waves of pleasure were radiating from my prostate through to my balls and cock.
“I can’t help it.”

She pushed harder up into me. I couldn’t believe she was so deep inside me. I was like a puppet moving under her ministrations. Her fist whacked into me and then I felt the orgasm.

It started deep inside as her fist made contact on every thrust. And then the sperm began surge and in three huge contractions I felt it shoot forward, squishing into my belly and onto the massage table. Three more fist thrust brought three more contcations and the rest of my cum was completely drained. My bumhole pulsated and twitched around Cherie’s wrist.

“Good boy,” she whispered and began to slowly pull her hand from my ass.
It slipped out and I felt my ass gaping wide, felt the air flow up inside me chilling my insides.

She walked over to the bin and took off her latex gloves. She was colder now, all business. She came back and turned me over. A pool of cum lay on the sheets on the massage table.
“That’s disgusting!” she said. “Lick it up.”
And I did. I licked all of it up while she watched critically.

“Now get dressed and go,” she said.
“You’ve had your massage haven’t you? Can you walk on your knee?”
I got down. My cock was still hard and my ass was open and on fire. I tried to walk on my knee. I walked to the bathroom and back. I bent over and then I stretched. It was fine. It was fixed.
“It’s perfect,” I told her. “I can’t believe it.”
“You better go,” she said. “I have friends coming over soon.”
“Cherie?” I said, trying to postpone the moment of departure.
“Can I come over again?”
“We’ll see. Maybe if I can see you are being a good boy.”

The next day I stayed home from work. I’d had a hard on since I’d come back from Cherie’s place and no amount of jerking off could get rid of it. My ass was tender but the tingle in it wouldn’t go away. Very late that night the phone rang.
“Hello Phil”
“Some of my friends would like to meet you. Are you busy?”

I’m thinking about continuing this saga. Any ideas or comments for a sequel are appreciated (negative or positive). And vote if you wish. The competition between stories and authors is irrelevant for me but I like to know how the Literotica public rate the story,

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