Blue Light Special

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I knew I should have stopped at the third drink. I had not eaten anything since breakfast and the rum went straight to my head, eliminating any common sense. And there I found myself, standing on top of the table at the Alibi Lounge Bar and Grill, announcing a “Blue Light Special” on blowjobs.

I love giving head, and the rum just prompted me to share my love of it. I announced to those in earshot, “a quarter a suck, a dollar a blow.” Suddenly, there was a line of men, all ages, at my booth, quarters and dollars in hand. I giggled with delight and told them I’d take them in order of inches, the longer the dick bursa escort the shorter the wait. With that, zippers came down and dicks came out. Most of the parading peters were erect already, which made them easier to size up.

I told the eager guys that I would measure them with my tongue. I had them line up and I licked each dick, timing in my head just how long each lick took. It didn’t take me long to put them in order. I was thrilled at the number of long-dicked men that wanted my mouth.

I counted twenty guys. Two had dicks about nine and a-half inches long. Eight had nine-inch cocks, Five had eight and a-half bursa escort bayan inch peters, three had eight inchers, 2 were proud owners of seven and a quarter-inch dicks, and one had a perfect seven inch staff.

I told them that we would have to go back into the private party room, but that they could all watch each other if they wanted. I invited any of them to touch me anywhere they liked while they waited. They got in a circle and I sucked each of them dry. I was not in a hurry, allowing each a perfect suck. Occasionally, while I was giving head I could feel hands on my breasts and fingers being slipped escort bursa into my pussy and into my rectum. During the course of sucking dick, I reached out and grabbed a dick in each hand and stroked to the rhythm of my suck.

I was in heaven and didn’t think anything could feel better, and then I heard one of them say to the other, “She’s got an ass that needs fucking.” I heard a number of guys agreeing and then one of them pulled me off the dick I was sucking and told me to get on all fours. I was obedient and did so. Each of the guys then slapped my ass while walking in a circle, they kept slapping me harder and harder until one of them said, “Now!” and jumped down behind me, slipping his cock in to my ass and pumping away. “Yeehaw,” I heard the crowd of men hollar.

My ass was rode like it’s never been rode before that night.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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