BKP: Sales Demonstration

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A few disclaimers:

– My stories tend to have buildup and character development to them, at least I like to think so. Either way, you have to read a bit before the “action” starts.

– The BKP stories were written in an order but they don’t directly tie into one another; some characters repeat but rarely main characters. You don’t have to read them in a particular order, in other words.

Comments and ratings are appreciated.


Yolanda Smith stopped her rented car in front of the ludicrously large house in California. The drive up to it had literally been up. Yolanda, a Michigan native, had wondered in horror what the drive would be like in the winter before remembering California didn’t have such problems. She flipped the visor mirror down and a few of her stray hairs back, though most of her huge mane of black hair was captured in the braid that stopped down around the middle of her back. Her oval face was blemishless thanks to some quick work with concealer earlier when she’d noticed a telltale red spot, and her blue eyeshadow and upswept liner were still in place, enhancing her brown eyes. She supposed the makeup was attractive enough.

Of course, her sorority roommate had joked that Yolanda could wear a loose pajama onesie and still turn heads. Yolanda’s mother’s family was full of curvy black women going back generations, and her father was a wiry Latino man. Now 25, Yolanda was saddled with the fruits of their union; she was 5’5″ with caramel skin, wavy rather than curly hair, and curves that warranted road signs. She’d been teased or worshipped for her round ass and hips ever since puberty, and when her chest finally stopped growing the letter on her bras was a G. They were still perky enough that they stayed on her chest without a bra, and her attention to her meals and gym schedule meant she still had a waist that pulled in enough to make a damn fine hourglass, as her mother put it, but she always wondered how long she had before her stomach caught up to her hips and her boobs made a run for her knees. Right now everything was nicely buttoned up in her tan business skirt suit. She debated undoing a few buttons on her blouse, but she knew Crystal didn’t approve of that kind of attitude.

“Ninety five percent of our clients are medical professionals or those suffering from ailments, some of them permanent. The other five percent of the clients both don’t want and won’t appreciate our company’s image being anything other than that of a fully above-board physical therapy device manufacturer. Make sure you keep it that way.”

Remembering the training from years ago reminded Yolanda that Crystal wanted a phone call when Yolanda arrived. She pulled out her phone and contacted the imposing head of BKP Devices’ marketing department. When answered, the camera seemed to be sitting on Crystal Zapata’s desk. It showed the woman in profile. She had a wraparound top on, or perhaps a full dress, that bulged elegantly at the chest as the strips of fabric wrapped around the woman’s breasts. Her neck looked oddly long, an effect perhaps enhanced by the silver choker she wore. Her tan skin contrasted with her black hair, gathered at her neck with a wide silver clasp that complemented it and the fuchsia streaks quite well. After a moment, Crystal turned and her deep red lips and piercing hazel eyes focused on the camera, sending a bit of a shiver up Yolanda’s spine. Despite working with her for years, Crystal was still able to overwhelm Yolanda with her personality, even over video, and Yolanda knew she wasn’t alone.

“Did you find the Omerta’s home all right Miss Smith?” Crystal asked.

“Yeah, it’s…well it’s in a really nice neighborhood,” Yolanda said, looking out her driver’s side window at the sloping stretch of land and the expanse of the Pacific ocean she was sure could be seen from most of the house’s windows.

“I should think so,” Crystal replied with a chuckle, “You’re giving them assistance with possibly our most expensive product. Usually the Cloudrester models are only bought with a lot of insurance subsidies but the Omertas paid out of pocket for it and the personal demo, which is where you come in.”

“Right, um…Miss Zapata?” she asked hesitantly, drawing a raised eyebrow from her manager, “What…model number is on it?”

Yolanda winced even before finishing the question. She thought she saw Crystal’s eyes narrow a bit but with the lighting and the small screen it was hard to tell.

“It’s a Cloudrester 100, Miss Smith. Fully rated and approved for medical support and therapy, and not part of our exclusive specialty line. Of course, the premise of that line is that most of our machines have multiple potential applications for creative users. However, let me reiterate that you are not expected or encouraged to draw attention to those. If the clients bring it up then you can answer truthfully, but you should not be encouraging or suggesting thinking along those erotik film izle lines on your own initiative. I believe we’ve had this conversation before, have we not?”

“Yes, Miss Zapata. Sorry. I’ll get to the demonstration,” Yolanda said. She desperately wanted to disconnect but she waited for her manager’s nod before actually ending the call.

She walked up the wide stone walkway to the multi-tiered white stone house and rang the bell. She expected some kind of servant to answer the door, but based on the picture she’d been given with the client profile paperwork, Mrs. Omerta herself answered.

She was a mature woman but good living and maybe cosmetics made it hard to pinpoint her age beyond “around 40.” She was very slim and taller than Yolanda, wearing a simple black dress that stopped at mid-thigh. The pale legs and arms on display were muscular but not built; the woman just had so little body fat her natural musculature showed through. Her face didn’t have the skeletal appearance of someone nearly starving, though it was narrow with a pointed chin. Her blue eyes seemed bright and excited when her curly dirty blonde hair wasn’t falling forward around them.

“Come in! Come in! You’re the girl from BKP, right?” she asked.

“Yes Ma’am,” Yolanda said, stepping in, her low pumps echoing on the floor of the foyer, which at least looked like marble.

“Oh call me Shirley, please. Jim! The girl from the bed people is here, and she’s really nice.”

Yolanda thought the woman was overselling her charms a bit since they’d talked for all of four seconds. The foyer room was small as mansions went; only the size of a regular room, but Shirley dragged her through into the house. The room they were in now seemed modeled on a modern style, with nearly the whole floor visible. Different areas of the large room had clearly been made up as a living room, dining room, and of course the kitchen but there were no walls separating any of them. The furniture was all ultramodern as well, with white and blonde wood everywhere mixed with some red accents here and there.

Jim Omerta (short for Jaime, Yolanda knew from the paperwork) came down a wide spiral staircase in the center of the room. He wore a black turtleneck and grey slacks that were tight enough to show he had a build similar to his wife; trim and thin, though he had a little more muscle build than she did, at least visibly. His face was round but had smile lines around the eyes and mouth, only partially hidden by the short stubble he sported. His black hair was cut short and spiked on the top, and he had the tan skin of deep Hispanic roots she recognized from her paternal grandparents.

“Excellent! Come to show us how our new toy works?” he asked.

“Well…we don’t like to suggest any of BKP’s products are toys, Mister Omerta…” Yolanda said.

“Oh of course, obviously,” he said. His English was impeccable but he had a very slight hint of a Spanish accent to his voice that gave him a fully exotic flair. She guessed Mrs. Omerta was either very tolerant or didn’t have a jealous bone in her because Yolanda guessed Jim probably grabbed the attention of a good portion of the females wherever he went.

“Come on up,” Shirley said, leading her toward the staircase as Jim ascended ahead of them, “How long have you been with BKP?”

“Oh, three years. I got recruited right out of college; my sorority does a lot of internships with them.”

“Oh which one was that?” Jim asked ahead of her.

“Beta Kappa Pi?” Yolanda said.

“Ah yes,” Jim said, “I was with Lambda Sigma Upsilon myself. We didn’t do any partner events with your group but I know they were on my campus. I think one of the brothers was with a Beta Kappa girl for a bit. Nobody had to ask why, that was for sure.”

“Jim, stop, you’re embarrassing the poor girl,” Shirley said, caressing Yolanda’s forearm, which only made her blush more. There were times when she wished more of her mother’s side had come through in her genetics; her skin was light enough that it still sometimes showed when she blushed.

They reached what was clearly the master bedroom, and Yolanda had to stop herself from commenting that it looked as large as her own apartment. A master bath with lots of white, gold metal, and mirrors was partially visible through a doorway off to their left, and the wall opposite the door was actually just windows looking out at the view Yolanda admired from the car. The middle of the room held the purpose of the visit.

Yolanda looked at the Omertas, who’d moved over to a corner of the bed and looked at her expectantly, so she started in on her spiel.

“So as you might remember, the Cloudrester 100 is the pinnacle of smart resting technology. It’s slightly larger than a California king size bed to help in assuring each partner has the full experience of individual support and comfort. Behind the shell, over a thousand mechanical pistons connect to separate proprietary film izle comfort foam columns that fit together almost seamlessly, allowing each inch of the bed to be contoured independently.”

Yolanda used the app on the tablet she held to set the bed in a demo mode, which started by turning the top of it into a field of hills like moguls on a ski slope.

“The top of the bed has an integrated membrane made of our BKP branded Cradle Gel. It will expand to match any configuration the top of the bed is put into, and has thermal regulatory properties to ensure you stay as warm or as cool as you need to while using the Cloudrester. It’s water resistant and can accommodate anything from basic cloth to imported silk bedding. BKP also sells some branded bedding with elastic properties to more accurately conform to the bed’s configurations.”

“Yes, we’ve got those sheets on the bed now,” Shirley said. At this point the bed’s demonstration mode had waves moving down from the head to the foot of the bed slowly.

“Excellent, we appreciate that,” Yolanda said, “Because of the bed’s structure, it’s capable of creating surface height differences of up to three feet.”

As she said that, she worked the controls and rearranged the bed so the head of it started a slope down to the foot, which actually dipped below the bed frame. Yolanda let them see that, then walked over to them with the tablet held out.

“The Cloutresting App can be downloaded from our site and you just input your device code. It has a few preset configurations that are popular, like lounge chair or raised back, but you can also use this topographic interface to raise or lower parts of the bed with your fingertip.”

Yolanda turned that on and “drew” a heart on the bed on the app. As she did, the mattress raised portions of the surface in the same shape.

Yolanda was distracted from her “presentation mindset” when she noticed the Omertas were nearly cuddling her; Shirley was pressed up against her shoulder and held her arm. She didn’t have prominent breasts but Yolanda still felt extra softness pressing into her arm where the woman was against her. Jim had almost half a foot on her in height and looked over her shoulder from behind, putting his hip and muscled torso very close to her back. If she bent forward even a little she imagined her ample butt would press up against him.

“Ohh, what’s this ‘cuddle sensor’ mode?” Shirley asked.

Yolanda smiled. “That’s a prime example of what the cloudrester can do. Would you two indulge me?” she asked. They nodded and she said, “Go lie on the bed, spooning. It doesn’t matter who’s where.”

Shirley practically leaped onto the bed, her shoes dropping to the ground as she did so. Jim crawled on himself and Yolanda couldn’t help but think of a tiger prowling for its prey. They settled in with Shirley as the “little spoon.” Yolanda tried to ignore the fact that Shirley’s dress had ridden up and nearly her whole legs were on display with the hem stopping just below the point where something would be showing.

“Okay Mister Omerta-“

“Jim,” he said, smiling at her over his wife’s head.

“Jim, put your arms around her.”

He wrapped one arm over her and Yolanda blushed again as she saw him blatantly grope his wife’s chest as his hand settled. It took a few more seconds but he worked his other arm under her and brought it up around. She let them stay that way for a bit, then turned on the “cuddle sensor.”

“Oh wow,” Jim said.

“What is it?” Shirley asked, “I felt the bed get a bit softer, I think?”

“It’s like it made a space for my arm under you and…yeah it moves as my arm does. That’s so cool!”

“The sensors detect if there are areas of pinpoint pressure that exceeds the average and adjusts the area down until the pressure evens out. It can sometimes help with situations where you fall asleep on your arm or on your partner’s arm as well, though it depends on what position you’re in, exactly,” Yolanda explained.

Then she got a bit nervous as she saw Mrs. Omerta blatantly checking her out. Before she could figure out or ask what she was up to, she rolled herself to the side and sat up, then came over to her.

“Can I impose on you for something?” she asked in an excited sotto voice.

“Um…what?” Yolanda asked.

“If I asked you to lie facedown on the bed, would you? I know it’s silly, I just want to know,” Shirley said, her voice almost sounding like a schoolgirl trying not to giggle.

Yolanda was confused for a moment, then realization dawned and she blushed. She didn’t see any reason to deny them so she handed the tablet to Shirley and moved over to the bed. Her skirt was knee-length but tight so she had to keep her legs together to stay decent, so she essentially just pitched forward onto the bed, doing a weak pushup to avoid just flopping on it. Sure enough, a few seconds after her body settled, the mattress started dropping and her breasts seks filmi izle were allowed to expand and hang down more rather that being crushed and trying to sneak up through her armpits. Shirley had come up next to the bed and pulled on Yolanda’s shoulder. She got up quickly and they both saw the deep valley the bed had made to accommodate her chest. They looked at each other and Yolanda couldn’t help joining in the giggle Shirley started as the bed “filled in” the spot and flattened the mattress out again.

But then she fell sideways; the bed was still in the “Cuddle mode” and when she got up on her knees to stand the bed softened, pitching her sideways. She instinctively spread her legs to get balance. She felt her skirt ride up much higher than before. She quickly rolled to the edge of the bed and straightened her skirt, but if they’d been looking it was very likely the Omertas now knew a bright red thong was the only thing she wore under the skirt. They were both looking at the tablet when she stood but she thought she saw a smirk on Shirley’s face.

“Is there anything else I can help you with?” Yolanda asked to distract from her tumble.

The Omertas looked at each other and then at her with smiles that were hard to read.

“Would you mind if we used you as a prop for a little bit longer?” Shirley asked.

“Um, I guess not,” Yolanda said, “What do you mean?”

“Well Jim wants to try out the custom drawing thing but he doesn’t want to jostle the tablet in the bed. So how about you and I lay down together and he can play with the settings?” Shirley said.

Yolanda tried to suppress both her excitement and suspicion of the request. Shirley was still acting bubbly and cheerful, like she was suggesting a girl’s sleepover. Her husband seemed amused, possibly at her attitude, but he was hard for Yolanda to read.

“Sure, why not?” Yolanda said.

Shirley practically squeed in response and tugged on Yolanda’s hand. She slipped out of her shoes and got onto the bed while Shirley basically bounced around to the other side, not that her thin frame had much that actually bounced as she moved. They lay down on their backs, each on their own side of the bed. Given its size, it meant they still had almost three feet of space between them.

Jim started fiddling without warning, though the first experiment was benign; the back of the bed rose up and the foot elevated a bit. Yolanda recognized the default “lounge chair” setting that left them sitting up with their legs raised a bit. She looked over at Shirley, who giggled again and pulled her hair back out of her face. Yolanda couldn’t help but smile as the bed straightened back out.

Then Jim got creative. The sides of the bed rose up, tilting Shirley and Yolanda toward each other. Shirley smiled at her again, this time with a slightly warmer expression. Yolanda put a hand out as she felt herself sliding a bit on the smooth sheets. Then the middle of the bed dropped, creating a real valley. It happened rather suddenly and Yolanda rolled, landing on her stomach in the middle of the bed. A second later Mrs. Omerta landed mostly on top of her, her thin body settling just to Yolanda’s right. She felt the woman’s thigh resting on her backside, the rest of the leg on the crease of her legs.

“Sorry,” Shirley said. Yolanda had expected another giggle, but this was a softer whisper, like one would use in bed with a lover if you’d accidentally poked them. Yolanda was surprised by the flush she felt through her body.

The bed flattened out again but Shirley seemed slow to move off of Yolanda. When she finally did, her arm and leg maintained contact as long as they could, and she didn’t move very far away.

“Oh wait, stay like that,” Jim suggested as Yolanda started to turn over, “Honey, you flip over too; I want to try something.”

Nervous and curious, Yolanda stayed put. The mattress then started to rise around her face, lifting her head off the bed but leaving her room to breathe, much like the head on a massage table. Yolanda didn’t actually know if this was a standard feature or if Jim was really good with his finger. Then she blushed at the wording she’d chosen.

She felt the bed around her drop away, or maybe she was lifted, but either way her arms started to droop around the raised mattress supporting her body. Her legs were also balanced on a rounded segment of the mattress. Yolanda found it hard to balance; if she let her legs relax, they would fall open on either side of the mattress, again exposing her thong.

The bed moved again. Now she felt her chest and hips moving to different levels. She started to get up; she needed to stop for a variety of reasons, but then she felt a soft hand caressing her hair.

“Please stay,” Shirley whispered into her ear, punctuating the plea with kisses on her ear and neck, “You have such an amazing body.”

She felt a hand, small and light, trailing up her thigh. The bed had put her in a “downward dog” position by now. If her whole ass wasn’t exposed to the room there was at least a lot more of her upper thigh on display, and the hand trailed up. Yolanda felt her skirt pushing up around her ample backside.

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