Big Haitian Women are Beautiful

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Steeves Volmar Cherenfant here. A big and tall, openly bisexual Haitian-American writer, college student and activist living in the city of Brockton, Massachusetts. Also known as the City of Champions. The heat is blazing and like every other Brockton resident out there this summer, I’m just trying to have some fun. The Brockton Fair Grounds, located not far from my house, seemingly beckon me. I don’t like that sort of activity. On the surface, it certainly looks promising. Lots of hot-looking Black, Asian, Hispanic and Cape Verdean women wearing low-cut dresses and booty shorts. Lots of hunky sweaty guys of all races. Yeah, it does look like fun. Until you get there and get a taste of urban cacophony and drama. I went there once in the summer of 2003. I haven’t been there since.

I need to find something to do otherwise I’m going to lose my mind, folks. I think the summer heat can make men and women do crazy things. Including me. I’ve got a crush on an old friend, folks. And I never saw it coming. Not at all. Kristin Pierre is this chubby, plain-faced and big-bottomed, dark-skinned Haitian-American gal I’ve known since my days at Brockton Community High School. We used to ride the Bat Bus together. She would take it to go to University of Massachusetts-Boston and I’d ride it on my way to Bay State College in downtown Boston. We were good friends. Just a couple of Haitian-American college students doing the higher education thing. I never really fancied her. I’ve had adventures of the sexual kind with guys and gals of various races and backgrounds. Kristin wasn’t on my radar. She was this quiet, mousy church gal with a big booty. There were lots of femmes like her at Holy Heart Church.

We kind of lost touch after Holy Heart Church closed, and the Haitian-American Catholic community of Brockton was forced to move to Saint Christopher Church. The other day, I ran into her. She was standing in front of this public school in Brockton, checking it out. Kristin never lit my fire until I saw her in those brown pants in that red-hot summer day in Belmont Street. Her big ass looked fantastic in them! Of course, I stopped bursa escort to say hello. I didn’t plan on what happened next. I was well on my way to the public library when I spotted her. Actually, I think I spotted her ass first, to be perfectly honest. I love a big ass. I don’t care if it belongs to a male or a female. Kristin’s booty had gotten bigger and better. I definitely wanted a piece of that.

I asked Kristin to have a cup of coffee with me, just so we could catch up. She hesitated, but went along with it. The two of us got in her car and went to the Dunkin Donuts located near the Bat Center in downtown Brockton. There, I found out a lot more about my old church friend. There was a lot more to Kristin Pierre than met the eye. For starters, she had a thing for me. She boldly told me this. The fact that I was bisexual didn’t seem to phase her one bit. Well, what could I say to that? Folks, Kristin and I went back to her house for some wild and kinky midday sex. Sometimes, you don’t have to look for some new pussy. Sometimes, the new pussy simply finds you.

Someone should write a book about how freaky those quiet Haitian-American female churchgoers really are. Seriously. The freaks in the clubs got nothing on them. I was surprised at how horny and sexually aggressive Kristin was. This big-busted, wide-hipped and big-bottomed Haitian-American mama absolutely rocked my world, folks. First, she spread her thick thighs and told me to lick her pussy. I like going down on some guys but I rarely go down on the women I sleep with. Still, Kristin turned me on so I went along with it. I brought my face between her thighs and breathed in the smell of the big Black woman’s hot and hairy pussy. Nice. A lot of females use vaginal deodorant down there but Kristin Pierre flaunted her very own feminine musk. I began to lather her pussy with my wicked tongue. I used it like a spear and thrust into Kristin’s snatch. The big Black woman squealed in delight and urged me to continue.

I fingered Kristin’s snatch while licking her pussy. Hot damn. Her pussy was wet as a puddle. And she seemed to be loving what I was doing. bursa escort bayan That’s mad cool because my oral skills are among the best. Male or female, my lovers rarely have any reason to complain about my talents in the bedroom. In no time I made Kristin cum. She screamed as her pussy squirted hot loads of hot girly cum. I smiled in satisfaction. See? I told you my oral skills are among the best. Kristin took a moment to recover, then returned the favor. The big Black woman got on her hands and knees and took my long and thick, uncircumcised Black dick into her mouth. Man, I’ve gotten my dick sucked by women and men of all races but Kristin was definitely one of the best cock suckers out there. A lot of women and a few men act like cock sucking is a chore rather than something they enjoy doing for their partner. Kristin didn’t fall into that category. The big Black woman obviously liked sucking dick. I could tell by the way she handled my Johnson. Yeah, I was definitely in good hands, folks.

Yeah, so I simply leaned back on the bed and enjoyed myself as Kristin Pierre gave my dick the mother of all blowjobs. She was wickedly fun. The big beautiful Black woman sucked my balls, licked my dick and even fingered my asshole. Man, this was absolutely fantastic. She sucked me until I came, then drank my manly cum. Man, I couldn’t believe it. Most chicks won’t suck a guy’s dick. And those who do suck your dick don’t like to drink your cum. I was two for two with Kristin. Did I luck out or what?

Kristin and I got our freak on, folks. She told me that she liked the doggy style position, and I was down with that. Kristin got on all fours and demanded some ass worship from me. I got down and began kissing and licking her ass. I lathered her big Black ass with my tongue. Kristin cooed in pleasure as I worked my tongue into her asshole. Yes, I do like to lick ass. Usually male ass but I do make occasional exceptions for women I happen to like. Kristin’s ass tasted sweet and hot. I began fingering it and she urged me to continue. Apparently, this big beautiful Black woman liked having her asshole played with. I wish escort bursa more Black women were like that!

After a few minutes of having her asshole licked, Kristin Pierre was ready to get butt fucked. I made sure we were both ready. I applied lube on my dick and her asshole, then slowly inserted my member into her anus. Kristin’s asshole felt warm and tight around my dick, though I could tell she was no stranger to butt fucking. I placed my hands upon those wide hips of hers and began thrusting my dick deep into her asshole. Kristin moaned softly and urged me to fuck her harder. I didn’t need to be told twice. Hard and fast, I plunged my dick into the big Black woman’s tight asshole. Yeah! Now that’s what I’m talking about. This is the sort of sexing I can get into. I’ve got a chubby, gorgeously dark-skinned and big-bottomed Black woman on her hands and knees and I’m fucking her in the ass. This is the sort of thing guys dream of doing in my neck of the woods.

Folks, Kristin gave as good as she got. The big Black woman backed up her big ass, grinding it against my groin. This had the effect of shoving my dick deeper into her ass. And we both loved that. Kristin told me that she loved the feel of my dick up her ass and that she wanted me to cum in there. Thrilled by her statement, I started fucking her harder and faster than ever before. Like I wanted to break her ass. It hurt. I could tell. Kristin didn’t care. She got off on it. I slammed my cock up her ass like anal sex was about to be outlawed. And you know what? It rocked. I came inside Kristin Pierre’s asshole, filling her asshole with load upon load of my manly seed. We both screamed like a pair of howlers in the night. It was tons of fun. Not bad for a midday tryst, hey?

Afterwards, Kristin and I lay side by side on the bed. She ran her hands through my chest hair and asked me if her ass was as tight as that of the guys I regularly fucked. I stared at her, stunned. Kristin laughed and told me she wanted me to answer a certain question for her. Who had the tightest and most fuck-worthy ass? Gay men or straight women? I guess that’s a question only a bisexual man like myself can answer. I laughed and told Kristin that I pleaded the fifth. She playfully hit my shoulder, then she kissed me. I kissed her back passionately. And that’s how my most memorable summer romance began, folks.

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