Bhabhi Ji Pt. 03

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Bhabhi-ji was managing a business enterprise of some consequence. Therefore, she was smarter than Sunita thought.

It took her just a short while after looking at Shyam’s resume to know that Sunita and Shyam had worked for some time in the same organization. And Bhabhi-ji correctly came to the conclusion that this was possibly Sunita’s wonder-man with the thick, lust-worthy cock.

Bhabhi-ji had her own lothario to satiate her lust for wild sex in Pehelwan, the body builder who came to maalish (a traditional massage) her husband. He was, however, just physique with almost no intelligence worth speaking of.

“Not that raw sex does not have its charms,” thought Bhabhi-ji, twirling her Misayaki pearl necklace, idly. She pressed her legs together as she felt her pussy warm up at the thought of Pehelwan. “Time for a relief-fuck,” she murmured.

Pehelwan left her sated and worn out with orgasms and she always slept wonderfully after he had fucked her; and she woke up ready to slay dragons. When she had been ravaged by that monster sex-machine she charged into office with an extra leap in her step and accomplished much more at work than on any other day.

The grapevine attributed it correctly to wild sex, but no one knew who; and most thought of it as possibly her husband. They might have been correct except that her husband, ‘bhayya’ (brother) to most people, had turned overly spiritual, leaving Bhabhi-ji panting for release and relief.

But now, looking at the resume of Shyam and recalling Sunita’s wild time with him, her mind played tango with her pussy – she thought an opportunity might emerge. Sunita’s description of him was still fresh in her mind; as was the mad lovemaking she and Sunita engaged in, both aroused, panting and desperate for release with no man in sight.

The interview was set up by Bhabhi-ji’s administrative assistant. The assistant knew Bhabhi-ji was free and very keen to close the General Manager’s position. So, she was surprised when Bhabhi-ji gave an appointment later in the week, rather than on the same day.

But then it made sense to the assistant when Bhabhi-ji cleared all other appointments on that day; clearly Bhabhi-ji wanted to devote more time to the selection process. It made sense.

She had no way of knowing that her boss wanted to devote more time to a possible seduction game. And if she could swing then Bhabhi-ji wanted all the time to fuck her quarry to her satisfaction.

She was not just going to hire a GM. She was looking for something more enduring. And what better way to retain key talent than to make him want her; lust her. “This might go better than I could have hoped for,” she said to herself as she looked at herself in the mirror right after her shower that morning.

Sumptuous breasts, a well-maintained body and hot as hell from within. She was on the boil at just the thought. She had also put Pehelwan on standby just in case Shyam turned out to be a different person than she thought or a damp squib.

It was now down to some sensuous dressing rather than the power dressing she usually used. Her saree was a chiffon. Its blouse diaphanous. It was a daring cut leaving nothing to imagination. She deliberately wore a soft bra with lace so that her grape-like nipples could be spotted – if one looked. And it had practically no back.

It was made for a cocktail evening and she was wearing it to work.

This was a play for seduction. She leaned forward into the mirror and let her breasts hang. Yes, there was enough cleavage and it was deep. Her mounds were inviting, even to her own eyes. She adjusted the flimsy wisp of a bra a little and there! The nipples were ready to pop out if provoked. She could clearly see the contours of her breasts.

She was ready. Trembling in excitement she headed out for her office. From the doorman to the driver to the security at her office, everyone was stunned to see Bhabhi-ji oozing this much sexuality.

She was always stunning to look at and always attractively dressed. There were tantalizing glimpses of what was on offer to any lucky man, particularly bhayya-ji. A well wrapped but heaving bosom here. A good bit of her legs there, if she crossed them and swung her chair around in a meeting. And for the really lucky guy, she presses against him with her breasts, leaning over to read someone’s notes and make a point.

But never this. Today, she was out to seduce someone and make him her slave – that much was apparent to most.

On days when she displayed a temper most people kept a low profile to avoid being called in. Today, everyone put in requests for meetings with the assistant and all were put on hold.

She was a tigress on a hunt, and she was waiting for her quarry to show up. Her pussy was throbbing in anticipation and she found herself rubbing her crotch more than once while she killed time.

More than once she checked on Pehelwan to make sure he would be available as scheduled. She already felt the need to be fucked and toyed with the idea of getting him in anadolu yakası escort before; rather than after.

But then she knew that both she and Pehelwan were fully capable of going wild like animals. If that happened, she could not exude sexuality the way she was right now. Not because she was incapable of lusting one man after another. It was because her make-up, her carefully adjusted clothes and undergarments, her fragrance was all ‘just so’.

After a wild round of fucking she had looked at herself in the mirror and seen that she could be slutty, whorish and attractive with wide lips, cleared off of lipstick. Her eyes would blaze, her smile would be devilish, and she would flirt outrageously.

She was that sort of woman. Satiation brought out a wild side to her, instead of taming her. As she tasted more, she wanted more. It only whetted her appetite.

That was not the kind of raunchy, commanding seduction she wanted to engage in. She wanted him to give himself away with his erection on the very sight of her. she wanted him to practically stain his trousers. She wanted him to explode with desire without even having been touched.

And then she would take him.

All that came to naught when the smart and well turned out Shyam was ushered in by her assistant.

Shyam turned out to be suave, articulate and reasonably fit for a guy with a desk job. Bhabhi-ji was able to quickly ascertain that he was fit for the job. Now she turned her attention to that for which she had set aside more time.

“So, what else are your interests?” she asked, leaning back in her chair, swiveling it slightly as she did when she wanted to display her body to people on the other side of her desk. She crossed her legs and the chiffon slid back against her smooth skin to show a good bit of her ankle and calf. But little else as everything disappeared into shadows.

That was not by chance. She had this fine line at work and while she loved teasing others, she avoided being coarse or crass. And she definitely did not go beyond letting them ogle and imagine. If they saw and imagined more than she showed that was their mind. And she left it at that. So, with her usual posture that was all it would show.

She wanted to see him, too. So, she got up and strolled over to the large glass window which overlooked the manufacturing plant. Taking the cue as a gentleman would Shyam stood up.

“I play games,” he replied. Bhabhi-ji turned around with an amused smile on her face. Letting her saree pallo slip ever so slightly she changed from CEO to seductress in one moment.

“Games?” she laughed, make sure her breasts jiggled as she pretended to shake with laughter. “What sort of games, sir?” she asked with a lilt in her voice.

“Tennis,” replied Shyam, instantly aware of her beauty and her body that she was flaunting.

“Oh, that kind of game!” she exclaimed.

“What other kinds are there?” countered Shyam. She walked over to a sofa next to the window and said, “With a man like you there is no saying,” she said dropping her voice to a sexy hushed tone.

He came over to where was sitting and stood opposite her, looking down. Yes, she was fabulous. From his vantage point and helped by how Bhabhi-ji had let her saree fall as she sank into sofa; he could see her breasts clearly. This time when she crossed her legs her saree rode up more than before and her shapely leg was visible to him up to her knee; but her knee remained covered.

She leaned forward and brought her shoulders together so that her breasts came together accentuating the valley between them. Shyam felt his throat dry. She was sumptuous and she looked so inviting. Those breasts, the slopes, the cleavage deep with heavy breasts on either side. He could visualize breast-fucking her and how that would feel, given these contours.

Man as he was, Shyam was now erect as ever and he could feel the wetness on the tip dampening his undergarment.

“I have my moments,” he replied slowly to his potential employer. She leaned back and spread her hair out. He lost sight of that slot where he wanted to place his cock and gently ride her. but as she sat back Bhabhi-ji spread her legs wide, like no lady ever should in front of a potential employee. She moved her legs very, very slowly, opening them wide and closing them tight, as she was having a relaxed, thoughtful moment.

She was in fact pressing her legs together for relief and to squeeze out her juices. And as she spread them the saree slowly fell in, between her legs. In a few moments the saree had taken on the shape of her thighs and the valley in between. Nothing was left to imagination. She was now sure he had the hard-on she wanted to gauge.

Her eyes drifted downward as she spoke. “This position involves working closely with me and I would be very disappointed if I had to make do with a uni-dimensional person,” she said. His well-tailored suit gave away nothing she noted, as she started hard at his crotch.

He had his ataşehir escort hands in his pockets and his fingertip searched out the head to gently stroke it for relief. She thought she saw some movement, but she could not be sure. It could be his erection; it could be his hands.

Bhabhi-ji was quite decisive when she wanted to be – that is what made her great leadership material. She decided that she would have to do more to get this sorted out. She stood up and moving behind him started to help him take off his jacket. “Be relaxed,” she said, “We have to get to know each other if we are going to work together.”

He let her slide it off and she placed it on the neat office-jacket stand. He had wondered what it was for considering that it was a lady’s office. But then the large space had an amazing collection of artifacts, all sorts of seating and working spaces, some doors which were clearly not accessible from outside. And this stunning view.

And this stunning woman. He watched her walk up, her ass rolling, round and inviting. He wanted to walk up behind her and press his erection into her and stroke her ass and sides of her body with his hands.

He did nothing of the sort. She turned around after placing his jacket and looked at his crotch now. She could see his fists clenched inside the pockets. And between, in what clearly neither pocket a clear bulge. It had promise. Shyam could see her eyes probing him and sat down back in the chair in front of her desk.

Bhabhi-ji came over and placing her hands on the desk, leaned over, looming over him. He could smell her womanly aroma. She did not seem to have used any fragrance; it might have been, but it could also be her natural fragrance. It was tantalizing.

No man can resist looking closely down the blouse of a woman leaning over. There was not much contained within the spare blouse to start with; with her leaning and hunching her shoulders, her nipples seemed to be visible. Her breasts were hanging, and he could see most of the mounds. But his attention was on the nipples.

He was fixated, peering without moving his head, trying to glimpse as much of her as he could. Those were largish and standing; were they really her nipples? That large? Erect? What else could they be?

“Mister,” she whispered hoarsely. “What do you think you are doing?” she asked.

“Looking,” he replied, spontaneously.

“You are shameless,” she said. Her eyes were glistening, her pussy was wet. She was hot from wanting. And she was trying to make up her mind between Shyam and Pehelwan. The adventure of uncharted territory versus the safe and proven fuck.

“I know it when I see it,” he replied.

‘What?” she asked as she sat on the edge of the table near him. The breasts fell back in place as she straightened and the amazing sight of her mounds and teats disappeared. His eyes remained where they were and he saw a heaving bosom, the rhythm giving away her aroused state.

“The role,” he replied, snapping out of it. That was Shyam, never one step out of turn.

“Yes, it requires being close together,” she said. She lifted her leg, and dropping her heels, placed the bare foot on the chair between his legs. “Can you?” she asked.

He had been with women and he knew his stuff. But this was something else.

He nodded to indicate ‘yes’.

“But we are a family run company,” she said. “You know how that can be. My husband and I own it. Everyone has to call him Bhayya. They call me Bhabhi-ji. There is an element of servility in all our interactions. We are masters. I do not know if an educated man like you can deal with all that. In fact, in Bhagya’s office people have to leave their footwear outside. Bare foot, you know?” she explained, nodding down at her own bare foot and where it was.

Shyam looked down and saw a beautifully manicured foot with toe-rings on. Bhabhi-ji wiggled her toes and closed the gap between her foot and his crotch. She could feel the heat on her toes now.

“Yes, Bhabhi-ji” replied Shyam, now hoarse.

She lifted her foot and placed it between his legs, feeling the base of his scrotum. With her toes she searched out the contours of his cock. Gently she ran the length between her big toe and the next toe. There was no way it could be grasped by her toes. Bhabhi-ji felt a tightening in her throat and a widening in her pussy at that thought. She was now flowing.

She ran her foot further up and discovered the head. And did her best to squeeze the bulge of the head. Shyam gripped the arms of the chair tight and held his breath. “Bhabhi-ji,” he muttered, his throat drier than ever.

From there having established length, she investigated his girth by rolling her big toe from one side to another. She shivered involuntarily as Sunita’s general description checked out as far as she could make out. More than this needed – well, more!

Shyam sat their frozen. His head turned to look one side at the door to the office and on the other side to the large open window.

Bhabhi-ji ümraniye escort leaned across to reach the iPad on her desktop. She could have taken the iPad in hand; but she preferred to operate it where it lay. Her foot remained between his legs, toying. Her body leaned across the table in front of him. Her pallo fell where she let it. Her breasts hung, contained by that blouse and one of her nipples was clearly visible from where he sat and there was no doubt about what it was.

His fingers dug into the arm rests of his chair as the thought of rolling them in his fingers. As Bhabhi-ji tapped on the iPad blinds descended on the windows, door locks whirred, and a subtle ambient lighting took over the room.

There were still brighter focus lights over her desk and some of the art objects around her room.

“Meeting mode,” she announced. No disturbance.

“I take it that everything suits you?” she asked facing him again. She got up and slid on her heels and moved to the middle area where the figure of an elephant carved in rosewood, inlaid with ivory stood.

In that moment Bhabhi-ji had decided that she would want to be fucked mindless by Pehelwan. ‘Why not Shyam, why not now?’ her body asked. Without realizing it, as she tucked her saree in and her hand snaked further down and with a slight wiggle of her hips, she stroked herself. She needed control to last till Pehelwan and let Shyam go now. Her body was aching to be fucked.

Shyam was behind her and saw her hips widen, her knees bend slightly, her shoulder drop as her hand went low between her crotch and the unmistakable sign of a small shudder.

“I will ask HR to get in touch with you to discuss details,” said Bhabhi-ji.

“What a woman!” marveled Shyam to himself. “What control but also – what a tease!”

“That elephant,” he said aloud. “It is almost the size of small pony that a kid could ride.”

“Yes,” replied Bhabhi-ji. “I designed it and had it made and placed it here in front of the door as people enter.”

“Its tusks are grand, too,” said Shyam. Bhabhi-ji moved to touch the tusk, now fully composed. Pehelwan was it. Shyam had checked but she would wait to see when what and how.

“Hold them both,” said Shyam. She turned and looked at him with a hint of surprise. “Do it,” said Shyam persuasively, nodding.

Bhabhi-ji leaned forward and over the elephant, reaching to the other side to get the other tusk in her hand. She was looking over her shoulder to see if Shyam was planning to come to the front so he could see her breasts again.

Shyam threw a floor rug on to the back of the elephant. Coming up behind the bending woman Shyam let the full body of his erection inside his trousers press against her round bottom and found the parting and nudged her around where he thought her anus should be with his cockhead.

She gasped, “What do you think you are doing?”

In one swoop, Shyam lifted her left leg over the elephant so that her right leg was on the floor supporting her. Her left thigh was on the back of the elephant and she was still holding the two tusks, this time for balance with a tight grip.

Shyam slid up her saree and bunched it up above her waist. “Does meeting mode also mean security cams are off, Bhabhi-ji?” asked Shyam. He knew the answer and was reassured when he saw her nodding. “But Shyam,” she started to say and stopped in shock when his fingers found her panty’s band. It rolled as he pulled it down and it would not come down further with some help from her.

“Listen,” she said, trying to get up but she was leaning forward too much and letting go of any one of the tusks would cause her to fall over.

“Don’t fall,” he said gently in a strong voice. Just the kind of man she wanted as an alternate to Pehelwan. Strong, yes. Animal, yes. But something more, too!

Reaching under her he slapped at her crotch which made her raise her hips. She shivered with each slap in frissons of pleasure and her head fell forward, coming to rest on the head of the elephant. She was glad for the softness of the rug. Considerate for her, yes. Aggressive, yes; but considerate.

The raising of her hips in response to the slaps was enough to let him peel down her panty. She bent her left knee and widened her leg which was on the back of the elephant. He slid the pant off that leg and let it fall to the floor around the other leg which supported her.

She sighed. When he let go, her pussy, now bare, came to rest against the hump of the back of the elephant. Without the rug the ornate braid carved on the back of the elephant rubbed hard against her pussy. It might have hurt her but with the rug in place she had a cushioning effect. Yet, the hard ridge along the back wiggled into her gaping pussy.

What came next was even more shocking. The way he handled her had distracted her his aggression. Now suddenly he lifted her right leg off the floor and holding her left leg centered her along the back of the elephant.

He let her down. One leg slung to the left of the elephant and the other leg slung to the right. Her head was turned trying to look back at him. She was spread upon the elephant. She remembered telling the artisan, an elephant has to be broad. Now, spread like this, her thighs stretched, face down, she thought once again about what it meant to be broad.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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