Best Friend Bedded

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Big Dicks

The three of us were out dancing at a south Mumbai nightclub, the booze going down real easy. My wife of ten years Priya and me were dancing with her best friend Sonali. Sonali lived in Bangalore and was visiting Mumbai for a few days.

I am 5’10” a very fit 40 years and my attractive wife is 33 years old, 5’4″ and a gym rat, very fit even after two children. We have an extremely active sex life and indulge in a lot of fantasy talk, use sex toys and watch porn regularly.

Sonali is also 33, dark complexioned, married, extremely buxom, pleasantly plump with a big shapely bottom.

We continued dancing till the nightclub shut down at 3 am. Getting the car from the valet we headed home. We got back in very high spirits, squatted in our bedroom and got comfortable. The alcohol had loosened the ladies and our conversation veered towards sex.

“You know Sonali,” Priya started, “Raj loves big tits, all the porn he enjoys watching is about big natural busty women. I’ll bet he’d love to suck and fuck your big tits and get into bed with you.”

Turning towards me she said, “I’m right aren’t I.”

Now my wife is not small by any standards but a regular and firm 34B, courtesy her gym routine. Her breasts still sit high on her chest with no hint of a sag giving making her mounds appear larger than they actually are.

“Ok assuming I would, she’s a married woman, besides being your best friend. There is no way she is going to undress in front of us, let alone sleep with me. Now let’s go to sleep its quite late,” I replied, not wanting to get into a complicated situation.

I got along well with her husband Siddarth and although I would have loved to get into bed with Sonali, I didn’t want to complicate our relationship with a moment of weakness considering the inebriated state of my wife and her friend.

“Oh I really don’t mind. Siddarth hardly bothers with me anymore, he loves me but he seems to have lost his passion for sex. I mean I barely remember the last time he slept with me,” said Sonali.

“You poor darling!” exclaimed Priya, “I’m very lucky in that respect Raj loves to fuck me regularly with his big thick cock, don’t you dear.”

“Yes dear, we all know that I fuck you regularly. And stop bragging about my dick, it’s not that big just slightly above average. Now let’s call it a night,” I replied.

“Oh but it’s so very thick isn’t it dear. Why don’t you strip and show Sonali your cock,” interrupted Priya.

“Discussing my dick and asking me to strip isn’t very appropriate in front of your friend Priya,” I replied blushing.

“Oh she’s a big girl in more ways than one, I’m sure she doesn’t mind,” grinned Priya.

“Don’t be so stuck up Raj, we are all adults here,” interjected Sonali. “I’ll show you my tits if you show me your dick.”

Against my better judgment, I had a raging hardon by now fuelled by the thought of Sonali’s awesome mounds. I stripped nude within a minute pulling off my jeans and shirt. I am quite proud of my physique hardly any fat although I don’t quite have my washboard abs anymore.

“Well Sonali what do you think of my husband’s cock?” inquired Priya.

“I love his big thick cock, it’s definitely bigger and thicker than Sid’s. I think I’m going to enjoy fucking your husband Priya,” grinned Sonali, taking my cock in her palm and drawing back the foreskin exposing ankarada yeni escortlar the thick purple head.

“Well I showed you my cock now lets see some tits,” I said, hungry to check out Sonali’s massive mammaries

Sonali got rid of her loose top, her bra looked huge (38D I checked her bra later). Reaching back Sonali unsnapped her bra bringing her two enormous globes into view. Her breasts were huge capped with large dark nipples, and hung over her well padded waistline.

“Wow, what a set of knockers,” was all I could say. My dick got even harder as I took in the view of Sonali’s massive mounds.

“Well don’t just stand around my friend needs attention, suck her tits. I know you’re dying to,” was Priya’s reaction to my gape.

Needing no further urging I buried myself in the mountains of titflesh, slobbering and squeezing Sonali’s massive breasts.

“Suck my nipple lover boy,” ordered Sonali, guiding a dark fat nipple towards my lips.

Taking a nipple in my mouth I sucked on it like a baby for what seemed like an eternity. Sonali kept squirming as I continued to lick and bite her ample melons. I came up for air after fifteen minutes of breast worship, during which I had kissed and licked every inch of available titflesh.

Priya had also undressed by now and helped me undress Sonali. We pulled off her jeans and her panties exposing her large well rounded buttocks and her fleshy hairy pussy. We were immediately a deep embrace caressing and French kissing each other. The contrast between my wife and her friend couldn’t have been starker. Her fair complexion contrasting with Sonali’s dark skin, Priya’s slim figure against Sonali’s rather well padded contours.

“Ooh…” moaned Sonali as I stuck a finger into her pussy and rubbed it against her pussy walls.

“Let’s wash up, I want to eat some pussy,” I said taking my finger out of her vagina. I licked it off tasting her musky juices.

We stepped into the shower to wash and clean each other’s genitals. We both enjoyed soaping and washing Sonali, and there was a lot of her to explore. I for one was quite surprised at Priya’s indulgence and lack of inhibition in touching her best friend. We both soaped Sonali’s breasts and pussy while they cleaned my foreskin and washed my dick and balls thoroughly. Sonali was particularly active in lending Priya a helping hand.

(I later learned that this was not their first time Sonali and Priya were having a sexual experience with each other. Having known each other since childhood they knew each other quite intimately in more ways than one).

Now thoroughly showered, I proceeded to feast on Sonali’s wet hairy pussy. It was a very different from eating Priya’s shaved muff. Sonali could be termed as a generously ample woman, plump, but not obese. Licking the insides of her thigh I ran my tongue over her clitoris, and using my fingers to feel and fuck the insides of her fleshy pussy.

“Aah…” moaned Sonali as my tongue found it’s way into the fleshy folds of her pussy.

I again tasted her musky pussy juice as her ample hips bucked against my chin. I kept up my assault on her vagina alternating between thrusting my tongue into her and licking her fleshy nub.

“Aaargh… I’m coming lick me baby,” groaned Sonali as she thrashed about in the throes of her orgasm.

“Thanks Raj, bayan escort ankara I needed that,” mumbled Sonali gratefully.

“I’m going to titfuck you now babe, your tits are the biggest and juiciest I have ever seen,” I said as placing my dick between her huge melons.

“Hand me some body lotion Priya my dick is dying to titfuck your friend.”

Priya handed me the tube of body lotion and also brought out her favourite dildo. A flesh coloured dong 9 inches long, and although longer than my cock it wasn’t as thick. I measure approximately 7.5 inches and Priya barely manages to close her fist around my erection.

Smearing the lotion generously in Sonali’s cleavage I then proceeded to enjoy a good titfuck in the valley between Sonali’s ample melons. My exposed cock head kept making contact with her fleshy chin as I held her tits together and thrust my cock between them.

“Fuck her tits baby, I know you are enjoying it,” said Priya, running her manicured nails over my back. “I’m going to fuck her cunt with the dildo.”

“Ouch Priya, you’re hurting me,” complained Sonali as Priya thrust the 9-inch dildo into her quivering pussy and proceeded to ram it hard up her fleshy love hole.

“Priya please let Raj please fuck me now, I’m not enjoying the dildo,” requested Sonali.

“I was going to fuck your pussy anyway baby,” I announced. My lust for her tits satiated for now. I knelt between her spread thighs and shoved my thick raging erection into her wet tunnel. I didn’t bother with a condom, as I do not need condoms anymore, courtesy a snip on my vas deferens.

Her pussy was thoroughly soaked with her juices and facilitated my entry. I placed the thick head against her pussy lips and pushed gently. Although she was bigger than Priya her pussy was slightly tighter. I could feel her pussy walls clamp around my thickness as I fed inch after inch of my cock into her.

“God you’re so much thicker and bigger than Sid, my pussy feels so full,” Sonali squealed as my hardness penetrated her completely.

“Fuck me baby it feels so good, I love your big thick cock,” she moaned as I proceeded to pound her with deep hard strokes.

“Massage my balls Priya,” I ordered as I lay down and shoved my tongue into Sonali’s warm mouth.

“Unghhh… I’m coming,” wailed Sonali struggling to free her tongue from the confines of my mouth. Her hips bucked wildly against me as her orgasming body thrashed about wildly under me.

“Well sweetheart did you enjoy your fuck?” I questioned her, my hard cock still in her satisfied pussy.

“Yes you were fantastic, one of the best fucks I’ve ever had. Your cock really filled my pussy to the brim. I haven’t come so hard in years, in fact I’ve barely had an orgasm in the last couple of years with Sid,” replied Sonali.

“My turn now,” Priya claimed her conjugal rights over my dick as she pulled my cock out of her friends vagina and proceeded to clean it with a wet washcloth.

“You ride me baby,” I said lying on my back while caressing Sonali’s bosom.

“I knew you were a tit man,” Priya said as she guided my hardon into her wet snatch. “You really can’t get over her breasts can you?”

“No,” I replied taking Sonali’s fat nipple into my mouth as Priya proceeded to ride me with absolute abandon.

Priya held onto Sonali as she continued her wild ride squeezing escort bayan ankara her free breast and pinching her nipple.

“Play with Priya’s clit Sonali,” I sat releasing a fat nipple for a moment.

Sonali obliged quickly inserting a finger between our conjoined bodies and rubbing Priya’s enflamed nub. She kept rubbing the little nub and slid a finger along with my shaft into Priya’s pussy hitting her G spot.

“Aaahhh… Fuck I’m going to come Aaaahh….” Priya moaned loudly, her pussy grinding into my groin. She rested her head on my chest recovering from her climax.

“Was one of my best comes,” she purred idly caressing Sonali’s breast.

“Turn over babe, I need to come. Give me your butt I want to fuck you doggy style,” I told Priya.

She got onto her knees and leaned forward her ass perched high up in the air. I pushed my pussy juice lubricated cock into her vagina. It slipped in quite easily and I began fucking my wife hard withdrawing my cock to the tip and then thrusting it all the way in.

“Sonali come here massage my balls,” I commanded. She knee walked over and cupped my balls from behind and shoved an exploratory finger up my ass.

I kept up my rhythm for a few minutes till I could handle the stimulation no longer. With a final thrust I emptied my sterile load into my wife’s vagina. I withdrew my still hard dripping cock from my wife’s pussy lips. Turning to Sonali I French kissed her while kneading her tits.

“Man I love these tits,” I said unable to take my hands off them.

“I know lover boy,” said Priya. “Now lets wash up first and then sit back and watch while I make love to my friend.”

“When did you become a lesbian,” I countered.

“Not a lesbian sweetheart, bi-sexual, and only with Sonali I trust only her to share my bed with you. Now lets wash up quick,” replied Priya.

We went into the bathroom once again to wash off our sexual secretions. Sonali cleaned my leaky dick and I washed off the cum from Priya’s overflowing pussy.

Still thinking I was in some exotic erotic dream I watched as my wife and her best friend caressed and kissed each other. Priya sucked on Sonali’s massive hooters and moved down to her hairy vagina. Sonali was not one to be left behind as she used her massive hooters to caress Priya’s gym toned body before moving on to feast on her shaved pussy. They lovingly inserted dildos into their pussies and gently brought each other to comforting orgasms.

I had a raging hardon by now, it had taken every bit of self control for me not to masturbate while they put on a show for me.

“Let us take care of that for you sweetheart,” said Priya as they wiggled towards my lap. “Sonali suck his cock, I’m playing with his balls,” said Priya pushing me down and holding my erect shaft for Sonali to suck.

Sonali licked and kissed the shaft as not too much of my thick cock would fit into her mouth, just the cock head and an inch more. Priya used her tongue to good effect and took my balls into her warm mouth.

“Take more Sonali please,” I begged, “Suck my dick.”

“I’ll try,” she replied sliding another couple of inches of cock meat into her mouth. She pumped my shaft in unison with her lips.

The feeling of two sets of lips on my dick and balls drove me to ecstasy.

“Aaahhhh….” I wailed as my cum spurted into Sonali’s lips and dribbled down my dick and thighs. Both Sonali and Priya used their tongues to greedily lick off my creamy discharge.

Exhausted, we now cuddled together in the nude and fell asleep, quite sure that the morrow would bring a lot more sexual fulfillment for all of us.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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