Becoming Bi

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About two years ago, whilst in my second year at university, I had a good strong core of friends and I had been seeing Dave for about a year. In my circle of friends Sabrina is my closest, then Louise, Sarah and Emelia. The one thing you can guarantee about being in a group of friends such as this, it’s that we talk. We talk about everything, and yes, even sex.

In fact, I did (despite my lack of confidence) brag about my sex life and Dave to the girls regularly. As often as was prudent, considering that Sabrina always knew when I’d had a sexy weekend and of course always wanted details.

Dave drives a very big car for his work, it comes in very handy when you and your student friends want to go shopping before a summer holiday. One Saturday in June, Dave had agreed to take us all shopping. So the five of us set off to the big shopping center out of town in search of lots of holiday goodies for me and the ladies.

We were shopping all day, hour after hour passed and he soldiered on taking us from place to place, carrying our bags. In the early evening we headed back to his car, loaded up and excitedly made our way back to our flat. Once we arrived Dave carried our bags in and we all collapsed in a heap on the sofa, after making a drink and relaxing for an hour, Sabrina decided that we should give Dave a fashion show.

“I think we should show Dave some of the things that we’ve bought today Amy, don’t you?” Sabrina whispered gently to Amy.

Sarah giggled in agreement adding “Oh yes, we should. Amy where’s your bedroom?”

I agreed with a cheeky smirk and took the bags and the other girls into my bedroom, leaving Dave sat on the sofa drinking tea. We each took our bags and opened them out, Sarah pulled off her shirt and undid her jeans, then put on her new jeans and shirt and wandered out, giving him a catwalk as she did. Louise did likewise with her new jeans and shirt, I followed closely behind with Sabrina and Emelia in tow closely behind. All in our blue jeans and white shirts that matched.

We all walked in and twisted and twirled for him, giggling, enjoying our little escapade. by the time we’d got level to him, Sabrina was already making her way back to the bedroom, smiling and winking at us as she passed us. We repeated this with our normal clothes for half an hour, jeans, shirts, skirts, we showed him everything we had.

Once we were all back in the bedroom, Sabrina and Sarah both pulled out their bikini’s and swimsuits.

“So, I think it’s time to see if these will have the desired effect, don’t you Sarah?” Sabrina whispered.

Sarah just nodded and proceeded to strip, putting it on, Emelia and Louise Both followed and quickly stripped, getting into their swimsuits too. I joined them, and we all made our way into the living room where Dave started to smile, easing into his job as critic.

“So Dave, do these look practical but sexy for our holidays?” Sabrina said, smiling at him as she gyrated a little for him.

I looked on in a little jealousy, but knowing that a girl in a swimsuit wasn’t anything knew to him, so I joined in and paraded with them.

“you all look super sexy.” Dave replied.

“thank you baby.” Sarah replied, giggling as Emelia and Louise Both danced together in front of him.

For some reason, I was at ease with this playful teasing, after all, we’d been swimming before and this was only the same thing. The girls then pulled themselves away from him and made their way to the bedroom. Me and Sarah continued to tastefully tease him.

Everything was about to change, as we turned around to go back to the bedroom, Sabrina emerged in her new lace Victoria’s Secret thong and bra set. I stood looking in shock, for some reason the bikini was ok, but this lace was for one reason, to seduce, Dave, then Emelia and Louise emerged wearing the sexy lingerie they’d bought earlier and giggled at the sight of me and Sarah frozen.

“W-What the hell?” I exclaimed.

“It’s only fair we show him everything?” Sabrina retorted.

I gasped as Emelia and Louise Both giggled and barged past, eager to tease Dave and at the same time trying to annoy me. Sarah grabbed my arm and tried to leuwer me to the bedroom, I resisted and tried to protest against Sabrina, Louise and Emelia. who were very much enjoying the sexy feel of their underwear and was desperately trying to engage with Dave as he watched them with a smile.

Eventually I got to the bedroom, and Sarah was already stripping and putting her red lace bodysuit on. I stood and looked at her as she did, I blushed and hesitated before reaching into my bag and pulling out a white lace thong and bra with lace teddy out and began to put it on.

I was getting self conscious and was getting aware that wearing this was revealing a part of myself that was private to my friends and would soon be taking things to a new level in our group friendship.

“come on sexy, you need to show Dave that hot body of yours.” Sarah moaned at me as she pulled me towards the door.

“hehehe ok ok.” I giggled in reply.

As we emerged canlı bahis into the room, Sabrina was in the middle twerking for Dave, again I was shocked, jealous almost but still I found myself moving into the room to be apart of it. Emelia and Louise were giggling and shaking their asses with Sabrina at him. Dave sat there, silent and watchful.

“step aside girls, let him see Amy, he needs to see this!” Sabrina said, moving aside, making way for me to step forward.

After a moment, Sabrina stepped towards me and whispered in a husky, sexy voice “you know hun, you should ease him.”

I looked at her confused “ease him?” I said.

“yeah, you know, he’s trapped in his trousers hun.” Sabrina replied in a giggle.

for some reason, I just smiled, bit my lip as if I was actually contemplating doing something about it. wearing this teddy lingerie had put me in a sexy mood. whenever I wore things like this for him, I was always in for a long weekend of hot sex, I knew that he loved it and part of me knew that seeing all of us in such sexiness would indeed have him straining in his pants.

silently I then moved forwards, gave Dave a good look at my new lace and knelt between his legs. Louise, Emelia, Sarah and Sabrina all fell silent as I did. Dave just smiled as I reached for his zip, I hungrily clawed it open and he sprang out of his trousers. The girls let out a gasp at the sight of his length emerging. I don’t know what had gotten into me.

They all stood there watching, as I stroked him harder in my small hands. his precum oozing out with every pump and my breathing heavy as I tried to perform for my first crowd.

“holy shit, she wasn’t kidding was she?” breathed Louise quietly,

“it’s magnificent!” Amelia concurred.

I was becoming to engrossed in his cock, it was always a risk that I would get carried away and I did. I placed his head onto my lips and kissed it, then slid it into my mouth slowly like he loves, sucking gently as I did. releasing it’s girth from my fingers and pulling his trousers down. In the silence of the room, I had blanked out everything else and concentrated just on pleasing him.

His length slid in and out of my mouth, I loved to have him in this way, I was enjoying it so much that I hadn’t noticed Sabrina kneel beside me as I continued my assault on his cock. I had no plan, just to please him and make him cum.

He knew I wouldn’t stop until he came, but remained silent throughout, letting me take control of the situation. He throbbed and heated up in my mouth, I knew he was close and I opened my eyes to see Sarah and Amelia watching, eager to see if I would finish him off. they didn’t need to wait long.

With a grin, I opened my mouth and he began spurting a large load of cum which splashed onto my tongue, then chin and cheek. His large load had splashed onto my face messily which made the girls all gasp. I giggled at the attention and pulled away from his stiff cock, no sooner as I did, Sabrina shocked me.

I turned and she greeted me with a kiss, her tongue hungrily lapped at his cum from my mouth. My first lesbian kiss was kneeling in front of my boyfriend after a blowjob in front of all my friends and was my best friend kissing his cum from me.

I froze as she did, not knowing what to do in kind. The girls all gasped at the sight and watched as I eased into her, letting her kiss me and lick his seed from my chin and cheeks.

“oh my god he’s delicious!” Sabrina exclaimed to Sarah and Louise.

Sabrina then kissed me again, passionately and this time it was through desire and want to kiss me and not just his cum. I was still taken back but oddly, very aroused. I kissed her back in a way I would normally kiss Dave, she responded again, this time her hands caressed my body as we knelt there kissing.

I have no Idea how long we were kissing, we were caught up in the moment. I had really enjoyed giving them a show – largely because I wanted to show off a little bit that my older man was better than any guy our own age.

“He’s still hard.” Louise whispered.

“Touch it.” Amelia replied.

“I need to feel it against me.” Louise teased.

“what do you mean?” Amelia quietly hissed back.

Louise stood and lowered her thong, kicking it off and moved onto Dave’s lap, looking at Sabrina and I as we kissed, in case I caught her.

“just a quick touch, I need to know what a bare cock feels like on my lips.” Louise panted excitedly as she sneakily moved herself into position.

“oh my god, no…” Sarah half heartedly protested.

Louise sat on his length, letting her lips run either side of it, her juices slick on his meat as she gently moved, letting him slide under her.

“it’s ok, It’s just a tease!” she whispered, holding her finger to her lips in silence.

Our kisses grew more passionate, out tongues danced, it felt amazing to be kissing another girl, so different, so enthralling. things blackened into the background again. the only thing to break up our passion fuelled kiss was something that would change me forever.

With bahis siteleri my eyes closed and lips pressed firmly against Sabrina’s as we kissed, I heard a noise, then a moan.

“No, what are you doing?” Sarah hissed at Louise.

“Oh S-shit…” Louise moaned louder than she had ever planned too at his intrusion.

I opened my eyes and turned. breaking away from Sabrina briefly to see Louise, facing us, straddled over him as she was guiding his still hard cock into the entrance of her pussy. His size parting her lips making her moan and gasp as she slid down him, her eyes were closed in ecstasy as she fucked him. Our view was unbroken and we watched her sink all the way down onto him. She moaned again as we watched.

“God he’s so big!” Louise hissed at Amelia.

I was mentally blocked, fuzzy from the intense passionate kissing I’d done with Sabrina. As my eyes focused on the scene before me I eventually realised what was happening and protested.

“Louise? w-wha.” I cried.

But as I did, Sabrina threw yet another curve ball by thrusting her hand down into my thong, landing straight onto my clit and rubbed it gently. Turning into me and nuzzling at my neck, kissing it gently as she rubbed me. My thoughts had no time to gather, I squirmed into her fingers and moaned as I felt her exploring my folds. I needed to decide how I felt, was I jealous of Louise? I wanted to be, but Sabrina was fingering me.

My first lesbian sexual experience was with my best friend and was in full view of my boyfriend, who was being fucked by another of my friends. I was in complete turmoil, my mind told me to stop everything in protection of what I had, but my heart, it beat lustfully and desired nothing more than for it to never stop.

The sight of his gorgeous cock sliding into another girls pussy was strangely alluring, I couldn’t prize my eyes away from it. hearing her appreciate him as I had done so filled me with a strange sense of pride. My emotions were all over the place.

I suddenly felt Sabrina slide her finger into my pussy, I adjusted to allow her and realised what I’d done. I gasped and let her finger me as I relaxed into watching Louise.

“That’s it hunny, look how she loves his bare cock.” Sabrina whispered to me as she kissed my neck.

“you know, that’s the first bare cock she’s ever experienced?” Sabrina added.

I gasped at her words, my own pussy leaked at her words. She felt my juices seep and giggled into me as she continued her embrace and kisses. My body accepted her and my mind was finding the sight of his cock sliding in and out of Louise the most erotic thing I’d ever seen. All jealousy had vanished and all I wanted now was to orgasm.

I moaned and kissed Sabrina back, touching her breasts as I did. encouraging her to continue, I turned and looked at Sarah and Amelia and smiled. They giggled at me as they caressed one another in a loving embrace.

“Fuck him good Louise.” I commanded.

Louise opened her eyes and looked deeply into my eyes with lust and almost came as she heard the words. Her moans grew louder as she felt him pulse inside her, the slow gyrations of her hips and body made the most of what he had to offer and she knew she was close. Amelia and Sarah both reached and removed her bra and began caressing her breasts as she fucked him. Louise moaned even louder now, their touches like lightning on her body.

I still don’t know what came over me, but I just had to try it. I broke away from Sabrina, lent forwards and licked Dave’s juice covered cock and balls as Louise slid up it. She slid down it and her clit and stretched lips collided with my tongue. My heart pounded as I tasted her and my tongue felt it’s first clitoris. I giggled loudly and lapped almost instinctively.

Louise could hold back no longer, as soon as I began lapping, she screamed and began trembling on his cock. her stomach muscles twitched, her juices ran over his balls and I caught them as they did. I had allowed my bedroom alter-ego take over and I was loving it.

“My turn?” Amelia declared, pulling at Louise to get her off him.

Louise groaned and bounced on him, her orgasm milking him as much as she could.

“Oh no, not yet.” I told her, then smiled at Dave as I continued “He’s got to fill her first.”

Louise’s eye bulged and her orgasm peaked again. “Oh god, Yes.” Sabrina giggled.

I looked over at Dave and winked, then kissed Sabrina as Dave picked up his pace slamming into her this time.

“Really?” asked Sarah.

“But? he just…” Amelia tried to add but was cut off by Louise cumming on him again.

I then giggled and shifted so Sabrina could remove my thong, she then took off my bra as I replied to no one particular “I wasn’t exaggerating you know, but you should all know something, when he fills Louise, He’ll have to fill all of you.”

Dave then gave a grunt and Louise screamed in orgasm again as he began pumping his seed deep into her.

“Ohh fuck, yes.” Louise hissed as she trembled on him.

Sarah’s eyes lit up and as the bahis şirketleri pair calmed, kissed Louise whispering into her ear “what’s it like?”

Louise could only manage and a giggle and pant. Sarah kissed her and embraced her as she slowly rode his cock. At this point, Sabrina and I were now stripped naked and were kissing and caressing each other as we stood in front of them.

Louise slid off his softening cock onto the sofa beside him where Amelia moved between her legs and instantly began licking the cum from her pussy. Louise began writhing in the seat as she did, moaning again as her seemingly constant flow of orgasm continued. Sarah took this opportunity to move and took his length into her mouth as began sucking and licking at it hungrily. As suspected, it didn’t take long for him to harden in her mouth, much to her surprise and absolute delight.

Sabrina and I had decided to lay on the rug and was kissing each other when Louise started to cum again as Amelia sucked the cum from her. The combined sounds of sucking and slurping filled the air, Sarah worked on his cock, Amelia worked on Louise and Sabrina had parted my legs and had began licking tenderly at my labia and clit. I gasped and panted myself, adding to the chorus of moans in the room. My lust had took over and Sabrina had gotten her way and was now expertly working on me.

“Oh shit that’s good.” Sarah moaned loudly as she straddled Dave and began riding him.

Everyone laughed at her noise as she began fucking him. Louise moaned in agreement as her orgasm subsided. I was on the edge and enjoying everything that was happening, my lust had taken over and had consumed me. Amelia and Louise moved to the floor and began caressing my breasts as Sabrina licked my pussy faster. Their wandering hands coupled with Sabrina’s tongue and the noise of Sarah enjoying my mans cock was the most erotic experience I’d ever had.

The sudden sensation of Amelia and Louise sucking on my nipples sent me into over drive, a huge wave of heat started engulfing me. My orgasm took hold and I began moaning deeply, feeling my three friends working on my sexual needs made me buck and twitch with pleasure.

“I’m cumming, oh yes I’m cumming.” I hissed.

Sarah moaned in reply “Oh yes baby, I’m close, oh yes, fuck me Dave, fuck me.”

Dave then moved, lifting Sarah off his hard cock and bent her over onto the floor over my body so her nipples rubbed against mine as he began slamming into her from behind. Amelia and Louise moved a little to allow him access and both contributed a hand to Sarah’s breasts as well as mine. Sarah soon moaned as she felt his hard thrusts slapping against her ass.

“Oh… oh…oh.. yes,” Sarah began to build her orgasm with every movement of her slammed body.

By now, all of us were moaning. My orgasm was in tick-over and Sarah’s was beginning as Amelia, Louise and Sabrina moaned in unison at her coo’s. Sarah began her orgasm again, we could tell she was desperate for him to cum too as her body moved and gyrated against him.

“Oh yes, fuck her Dave.” Sabrina hissed,

“mmmhmmm, fill that pussy.” added Amelia.

“It’s so hot, it feels amazing.” Louise breathed as Sarah responded in moaning orgasm.

The room fell silent for all but a brief second, then we heard Sarah scream as it became clear Dave had just cum inside her.

“Oohh God!” Sarah moaned loudly at length as she clenched tightly around his cock and her body milked him as he came inside her.

A quiet giggle consumed the rest of us as we heard Sarah have her most intense orgasm, amongst the giggles and panting, Sabrina and Amelia were embracing me. Kissing each of my nipples as Louise watched Sarah. I was completely taken in by what was happening, never before had I ever considered that my friends would be like this.

I loved it, as I laid there experiencing their love, I grinned and looked at Dave. He looked back with a smile and pulled out of Sarah, who sat back against the sofa and writhed. I could tell he was now in one of his ‘consumed’ moods – where he was overcome by lust that the only thing that would stop him would be to finish what was started. He moved between my legs and leant down on top of me, Sabrina and Amelia moving to make room, all three of them were kissing my neck and lips as I laid there helpless.

Sabrina and Amelia had both reached down and were stroking his soaked hard cock vigorously, noticing it was as hard now as it had ever been. They were both pining now to have their relief and I loved it, they wanted him, they lust after his cock, they had to have it and were competing over who would get it first.

Before long, Sabrina and Amelia were moaning and begging him.

“Please fuck me?” Sabrina begged breathing into his ear on one side.

“Me first.” Amelia retorted.

Before long, the pair were stroking him harder over me as they competed for him. Each moaning in turn as they did, the wetness left on his cock dripped onto my pussy and stomach with every stroke. I loved the fact that they were playing with him over me, hungry and desperate for him. He knelt and let them fight over him as the pair got onto all fours either side of me and wiggled their asses at him as they reached behind them and continued working on his still-hard length.

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