Be My Arm Candy?

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I got home from work around five thirty and there were a couple new messages on the machine. Mum wanted to do lunch the next week, little sister needed a ride to the mall, blah blah blah. But then a familiar voice struck a chord in my brain: “Hello? Oh, shit, this is your machine. Damn. Hi, Lucy. It’s Blake.” She sounded a little unsure of herself. “Uhm, I was wondering if you wanted to come to this party at Sam’s house tonight. There’ll be some drinks and some bud—you know, like any party at Sam’s place. But I thought it’d be really cool if you’d come with me—” she paused and cleared her throat. “Err—come along with me?” Then she groaned and tried not using the word “come” by asking, “Be my arm candy?”

I laughed.

“Anyway,” she sighed. “Gimme a call back whenever, hopefully before tonight.” Click.

I dialed her number without even thinking and it rang forever.

“Hey there, sugar!” she giggled into the phone. “I’m glad you called.”

“Yeah, I got your message just now.”

“How was work?”

“Alright. Could use a good opportunity to blow off some steam, though. Any suggestions?”

She giggled again. “Uh, we started a little early over here, but I think I could rustle up someone to come getcha. Sound good?”

“Yeah, totally. Just gimme a few minutes to make myself gorgeous.”

“Not a chance!” she yelled, laughing some more. “You’re never not gorgeous! Ten minutes!” And then she hung up on me.

I barely changed my shirt and shoes, re-applied my eye makeup and put on some strawberry lip balm before there was a car outside my building, honking impatiently. I grabbed my bag and ran out the door. Blake had sent Skinny Sam herself to pick me up. “What’re you doing here, man?” I laughed in disbelief, flopping down in the passenger seat of her little crappy car. “This is your party we’re going to!”

“Yeah, well…” Sam groaned. “Blake said I couldn’t start drinking until she heard back from you and found out of you needed a ride or not.” She hooked her boney wrist on the inside of her steering wheel and put her arm on the back of my seat, turning her head and the wheel as she backed up.

“But I didn’t need a ride,” I laughed. “I coulda driven myself.”

“Ahh, no worries,” she shrugged, rubbing her nose and looking over at me as she shifted the car into gear. “Don’t think she wanted you to have a ride home tonight, anyway.”

The last time I’d seen Sam was graduation. She was one of the most laid back girls I’d ever met, so I didn’t think it was possible for her to look even more comfortable now that she did then. All she had on was gray yoga pants and a green tank top; not even a bra. Her hair was all piled up on top of her head in a sloppy bun, but she looked so good that I didn’t even care she was probably wearing what she’d slept in the night before. “I have hot friends,” I thought to myself. “Anyways, thanks for coming to get me, doll.”

Sam’s huge house was throbbing with music. The whole structure seemed to shake and rattle to the beat, but somehow managed to remain standing. When we walked in, Led Zeppelin’s “Black Dog” was blaring so loud I could barely hear Sam telling me to follow her into the basement. I was surprised by how many people were there, though. Sam actually had to push through the throng to get to the back stairs. The air was laced with pot smoke, some kind of vanilla perfume and a mixture of dark spices, all very sweet and thick, hanging around us. But the bodies made the smell move; it was like a living thing, dancing with my senses and following me down the stairs.

The basement was darker and cooler, lit with reds and yellows for warmth, but still strangely chilly. It woke me up from the sleepy world upstairs.

Long arms wrapped around me from behind and somebody’s teeth sank lightly into my neck while the person laughed in my ear. “Hey, babe!” her voice scratched. “I’m glad you came to party with us…”

I spun around and met Blake’s bloodshot eyes.

“I’m afraid I’ve smoked myself stupid, dear Lucy,” she grinned. “And I hope you forgive my biting you on the neck, there. Don’t think I took anything with me.”

I laughed at her. “You’re fine. What is there to drink around here?”

She linked arms with me and lead me over to the table on the other side of the room. We walked on our toes, avoiding all the pillows and blankets strewn about the floor. “We built a fort earlier,” she explained. “Then it just kind of collapsed, and we all kind of disbursed into its remains.” Her voice went up and down in ways I’d never heard before. “And people like Mike, over there,” she pointed at another guy I graduated with, sitting in the corner with his hand down the back of a blonde girl’s pants and his mouth all over her neck and chest. “Mike seized the opportunity to snag little Chelsea before anybody else did. I’m sure all the ecstasy she’s taken is only adding to whatever fun they’re having.”

“Looks like this is shaping up to be an alright party, then,” I shrugged.

She opened a cooler and pulled a Coke out for me. “I made sure we had some just for you, because I don’t know if you bahis firmaları feel like drinking tonight.”

I smiled. She had been thinking about me. “Pour me a drink anyway, would you?”

We stood around and chatted with some other people at the party. Sam kept popping in between us and babbling about how mad she was at her latest squeeze. “Remind me to never fall for another bisexual, okay?” she yelled at Blake over the music. I could only raise my eyebrows and pick up on the little pieces of the conversation that I did, but it got to a point where I had no idea what they were talking about. Something that happened two or three years ago with this girl I couldn’t remember ever meeting.

I stared off, listening to a low, cool version of “The Sky is Crying” with the volume cranked all the way up. I was used to hearing this song played by a big band; two or three guitarists feeding off of each other, an organ screaming in the background… This version was simpler. One quiet voice crooning, one guitar with some slide, a little piano and some light drums in the middle. It had an intoxicating rhythm, almost lazy but not sloppy. I found myself swaying back and forth, trying not to slosh my drink out of the big red cup. There wasn’t much to slosh by the time Blake took the cup from my hands and set it on a nearby table. “You drifted away a bit, there, Luce. I didn’t mean to bore you.”

I opened my mouth to tell her I was sorry and she wagged a finger at me.

She shook her head and took my hand, leading me into the middle of the room. “Can I have this dance, since you seem to like this song anyway?”

I only nodded. I didn’t know what to do from there.

She stepped in to me and put a hand on my right hip, grabbing my left wrist and leading my hand to hers. “You don’t have to be so rigid, Lucy. I’m not gonna try anything right here in front of everybody.”

She was having a nod at the frantic voicemail I’d left her after she’d left my place the other morning. She was at work already, so I had no choice but to spill in the few short minutes you have to leave a voicemail: “Blake? It’s Lucy. I feel like such an ass for doing this, but I’m kind of freaking out right now. Maybe it wouldn’t have been so bad if you didn’t have to work today, but I keep thinking, ‘What does this mean? What did I do?’ And I know I could just call and ask, ‘Okay, does this mean you’re my girlfriend?'” I laughed at myself. “Well, I guess I just did. But that’s not what I wanna know. I don’t even know if I really wanna know anything. I just wanna get something off my chest. And all that is that I can’t have a girlfriend right now. I can’t have anything. Because I still find myself getting home at the end of the day and thinking, ‘Yes, a little time to myself.’ And I don’t wanna share that with anybody.”

She laughed while I blushed. “I thought it was sweet, but I didn’t mean to bring it up, you know?” I spun around so I didn’t have to face her and she pulled me right up against her body and held me there, rocking her hips to the slow beat of the song. I could only sigh. “Don’t be embarrassed,” she continued to giggle, snaking those arms further around me. “I’m just glad that you’re here, whether you wanna get involved or not.”

Despite the cool air in the room, I felt my temperature rising and my skin got stickier the longer I was near her. I reached back and grabbed onto her hips again, pushing back against her and wanting to feel her push against me. Dancing with Blake was no different from dancing with anyone else, but she made me feel like I had to feel as much of her on me as possible or I was doing something wrong. My hips went where her hips went, and hers did the same with mine. Song after song and we were moving to the same rhythm each time. Then her hands began to wander around my torso. One arm crooked up and I felt her hand flatten below my breastbone, running slowly up and scratching my chest lightly. I heaved a breath and gripped her jeans in both hands, pulling her to me even more.

“Take it easy, Blake,” I said quietly, chewing on my lip while the heat between us continued to grow. “Everybody’s watching.”

“They don’t see a thing,” she whispered, grabbing my hand and pulling me away from the floor. We ran up the stairs to the first level, then up another flight of stairs to the bedrooms.

“I know we don’t want to get involved,” she said quietly, running her finger so lightly across my bottom lip that I gasped at how much it tingled and tickled. She smiled, “But I really like being with you; being near you… And I really just wanna hear you come again.”

I grinned, my semi-drunken state making my brain swirl with memories of the other morning. “I couldn’t have said it better, myself.”

She dragged me into, what I assumed was, the guest bedroom by my head, backing her way in and kissing me while she pulled me toward her. I ripped off my shirt and tossed it away, immediately going for hers. The stereo was on in the room: metallic, thumping music throbbed inside us like a pulse. She shoved me onto the bed and undid my jeans, pulling them off and throwing them on the floor, kaçak iddaa then quickly tying her hair back and jumping on top of me.

She was very animal; ravenous and hot, clawing me up to her and sinking her teeth into my neck and shoulders, then pushing me back down into the mattress and closing her mouth on mine. I whimpered beneath her, pleading without words for her to leave my neck alone and seek something lower. “Scoot down off those pillows,” she growled, her voice as rough as her hands while she pulled me toward her by my hips. She slid off the bed and knelt between my legs, breathing against the fabric of my white boy shorts.

I shivered. She may as well have opened the flood gates.

She hooked her fingers in the fabric over my crotch and pulled it out away from me, barely brushing her fingers over my labia. I gasped and jerked my hips away from her. She was working magic with light touches that night. “Oh good,” she rasped, removing her hand from between my legs and finally sliding my panties off.

“What’s good?” I smiled, watching her take off her jeans and toss them on the end of the bed, then oh, so slowly sliding her panties over her hips and down her legs, kicking them off her left foot. She grinned at me and licked her lips, holding up six fingers. “Six?” I giggled, a little confused. Then she held up nine fingers, tilting her head at me. “Nine,” I said, staring at her.

She nodded.

“Six and nine?” I repeated, still not catching on.

“Six and nine,” she said, nodding again and stepping toward the bed, running her fingers up and down my legs.

“Okay?” I sighed.

Then she spun around and sat on the edge of the bed, scooting back a little more and a little more until she was up, sitting even with my shoulders. I finally registered what she had meant when she motioned that she was going to put her legs over my shoulders, face away from me and present herself to me.

“Ohhh,” I laughed. “That’s hot.”

“We’ll see how hot it is,” she sighed, leaning forward on all fours and slinging one of her long legs over me, following it with the corresponding hand and breathing a little harder. I breathed into her and she shivered a little, giggling, “You know me too well.”

I reached up and grabbed onto her hips, pulling them down to meet my mouth. She moaned a little, arching her back so I had better access to her. Drunk and giddy, I was ready to please her.

“Oooh,” she purred, lifting her hips quickly. “You seem a little eager.”

I ran my nails down her sides and she drew a sharp breath. “Like you don’t want it with my mouth this close to you? I can see you quivering.”

And she was. Those smooth, tan thighs were twitching with every little brush of my fingers and her lips were beginning to glisten right in front of me. Meanwhile, I could feel her tracing little circles on my hips and the insides of my thighs, purposely avoiding what I wanted her to touch the most.

I ran my index finger around her labia lightly and she took a shallow breath, lowering her hips again, but I kept teasing her with my finger, pushing it between her lips and wiggling it inside her. My hand was coated with her juices quickly and she started rotating the base of her palm against my clit, sending hot shocks up into my chest and making me buck my hips. A yelp escaped me and I heard her laugh, “You like it a little rough, don’t you?”

“Not rough,” I panted, thumbing her clit while I spoke. “Just hard.”

Concentrating on her was easy at first. I flicked her with the tip of my tongue and sucked her into my mouth, tasting her for my own sake again. It was just fortune that she responded so well to my simply getting reacquainted with her vulva. Her hips rocked back against my face and she groaned, “Just right, Luce. Just right.” I hooked my arms around the front of her hips and dug my fingers into her ass, keeping her where she was, my mouth buried in her snatch as I furiously worked my tongue inside her. The sounds she made almost harmonized with the music.

I knew she was close when she stopped touching me all together, which seemed a little unfair, but I didn’t mind too much. These little cooing sounds came out of her and she sat up, arching her back again and covering her face with her hands, her thighs twitching next to my face. Her body lifted a little each time she took a breath of air, then dropped back down when she exhaled, and each breath was getting shorter and shorter. “Oh my god, Lucy,” she half-laughed in disbelief. “I can’t believe you’re making me come so fast. This is fucking ridiculous!” She took another deep breath and I could heart her teeth chatter. “Holy hell…” she mumbled, doubling over and bracing herself on the edge of the bed while her body shook and shook again. She chirped and moaned into the blankets, stifling herself for godknowswhat reason. The sound of her pleasure in that sweet voice made me wish I had been coming too.

My lips were hot and numb from the friction. It felt like someone had just punched me, but there was no pain. I chewed on them absentmindedly while she stroked herself in my face, panting as kaçak bahis she came down. “Oh, wow,” she sighed, laughing a little. “That was so good.”

“Glad you liked it,” I chuckled, kissing her vulva once more.

She twitched at that, too. “It’s so sensitive!” she laughed, surprised.

I chuckled again.

I felt her breath between my legs and it made me ache with want. She picked up on it immediately, breathing against me this time and making me shiver. “I think it’s your turn,” she whispered against my lips, barely touching me but making me want to cry out for her to stop. Then her blessed tongue came out of her mouth and flicked against my clit a few times before retreating.

I shuddered and whined, “Don’t stop!”

She laughed again, sucking my labia into her mouth and sliding her tongue between them, just long enough to let me get used to the feeling then pulling away again.

“Stop it!” I begged, trying to sit up. All of her weight was still resting on my chest. “You’re gonna make me crazy!”

She didn’t listen at all, just kept going with this pattern of flicking my clit and tonguing inside me for seconds at a time, then stopping. My whole crotch throbbed and ached. I could feel my own juices leaking out onto the blankets, but she wouldn’t let me come. I would have been furious if those few seconds of stimulation at a time hadn’t felt so divine, but I was getting so frustrated that I started digging my nails into her back when she didn’t touch me. This only seemed to turn her on, as I could see from the looks of her pussy still in my face, but that didn’t do me any good either. Just made me hornier.

“Will you fuck me, already?” I groaned in desperation.

“Are begging, Lucy?” she asked coyly.

“If that’s what it’ll take for you to let me come, then yes, Blake. I’m begging you to fuck me until I scream, alright? Just stop teasing me like this! Please!”

She reached into the pocket of her jeans laying on the bed, but I couldn’t see what she pulled out. I didn’t care because her mouth was busy between my legs again, licking me fast and making me moan. “Like this, Lucy?” she said quickly, trying not to pause too long between strokes.

“Mmm, yeah,” I moaned, digging my nails into her back again. “Just like that.” Then an entirely different sensation was introduced: a delicious tingling right on my clit that made me squeal and buck my hips again. I wasn’t sure if I was enjoying it because it was so intense and new. “What the hell is that?”

“It’s a bullet, Lucy,” she said calmly, circling the thing around my clit quickly. I panted under her, blood rushing to all sorts of points on my body. “And I’m guessing it’s probably the best friend you’ve got in the world right about now.”

“You guess?” I breathed, my thighs twitching in rhythm to her strokes of the bullet across my swollen clit. I tried to control myself just a little bit, but she wasn’t letting it happen. She was switching off between using the little vibrator and her own tongue, bringing me up to a peak and then bringing me down again until I ached inside. All the muscles in my abdomen and my thighs were on fire, tired from contracting and releasing over and over. I begged her again, “Make me come. Please, please make me come…” Dizzy and breathless with pleasure, trying to speak was a task all its own. I would start with “over the top” and it would slur into “ahhh—oh god, yes, right there!”

She just laughed at me, tormenting me.

It was agony. I panted and whimpered, tears welling in my eyes, slamming my head down into the pillow and chewing on my lips to stifle myself. Everything hurt but everything tingled with pleasure. My body didn’t know how to react. Then, finally, in that quick rush of white heat, I got release. I breathed deep that perfume of hers and it sent me over the edge, sending me flying into orgasmic oblivion, moaning and bucking my hips at her. I couldn’t see or hear anything, but I felt my moans in my throat and the jolts of electricity running up my spine, making my legs shake and my chest heave.

I remembered what she had told me to do the first time: ride it out. And I did, but the ride wasn’t coming to an end! “Wh—what are you doing?” I shrieked while she continued to bombard my clitoris with her vibrations.

“I gotta make you scream,” she said coyly.

“St—st—stop!” I stammered, teeth chattering as I fought to get my words out. “It’s too sensitive!”

She pressed the bullet harder against me and I could feel the little vibrations in my pubic bone. Then she pulled it away and ran it in tiny strokes quickly over my engorged nub. Each one filled my head with flashes of colored light, like I was going to faint. And they came so fast. I was sure I as going to die. My thighs shook again, harder than before, and my stomach hardened beneath her weight as I felt pressure building in my chest as well as between my legs. I couldn’t keep the sounds inside me—they escaped every time I struggled to take a breath and every time I struggled to release it. Humming and moaning and humming again, grabbing big fistfuls of the blankets on the bed as another orgasm prepared to tear its way through me, I was lost in oblivion again. There was only her soft voice getting through, calmly cooing, “Lucy, I think I’m gonna make you come again.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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