Bad Girl in the City Pt. 03

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My dear readers,

This is part three. If you haven’t read parts one and two, I’d love it if you’d do so! They are rather short. Also, I have recently read a lovely letter from a cherished reader that made me realize I should reiterate what I actually “am” in my fantasy.

Contrary to what it may seem, in my fantasy I’m not a cyborg. I look completely human, and started in a petri dish, having been genetically infused with the attributes Blue ordered from the lab. I grew to full human adult size in about a month.

A question from another wonderful reader inquired if we used a double-dildo. We took one on our trip, and that’s in the next part, part four!


Our luggage had arrived a few hours ahead of us, having been taken there by Blue’s assistant who had also checked us in. The hotel wanted to personally give us our key cards, though, so they could welcome us.

Meeting us just inside the door and representing the hotel, was a young lady whom I’m sure could not ALWAYS be as shy and nervous as she was in front of us. No way. I could tell she thought Blue was drop-dead gorgeous…as she certainly was, dressed only somewhat more conservatively with her black hair, fabulous breasts and incredible eyes.

Every time she looked right at Blue, she seemed to melt a little. Who wouldn’t? I sure do! But, Blue is good at making others feel comfortable and at ease around her. I love her for that!

Remember, Blue didn’t have me created with any social propriety or public modesty, but I also lack the ability to hurt anyone.

The girl said to Blue, “If you need anything…anything at all, call me personally.”

Blue smiled and thanked her. I assured the girl, “It’ll be fine…I’m going to keep Miss Blue too busy to want anything but ME…but, thank-you anyway.”

The girl took a good look at all of me…

“Oh, I have no doubt you can…and will.”

We all smiled again and Blue and I headed to the elevator, my little bahis firmaları dress flouncing around my ass and my high heels. I put some wiggle in my ass to make Blue proud to be with me. When the elevator door closed, she tried to use that time for a lesson…

“The comment you made? That would be the kind of thing you shouldn’t say, Sunny, okay?”

I backed against the wall, held her hips and pulled her against me, then held her ass and spoke with my lips close to hers…

“Well? It’s true, right? I’m all you need!”

“Well, yes, but we just don’t have to say it, okay?”

“Oh, I had to say it. I saw right through her act of cute shyness…such a fucking act!”

“How do you know about such things, Sunny?”

“Some things I can’t see. Some things I can, and can process them VERY well…and her gimmick was NO problem!”

The elevator arrived at the top. We stepped into our room and she shoved me back against the wall in our room. She kissed me roughly, then kept her lips against mine…

“Okay…what am I thinking now, baby?”

I smiled and removed my skirt and unbuttoned my top…I spread my legs and pulled her silky-smooth thigh to my pussy…right away, my pussy started soaking her leg, my juices flowing all over it…

“Hmmmmm…I think my baby wants to fuck me real hard with a double-toy!”

“Yes! You’re right! I do!”

“I think my baby wants to fuck me so hard with that, our wet asses slap together, make a lot of sexy noise and splatter our juices all over us!”


I picked Blue up and held her ass with her legs wrapped around my waist. I walked to the bed and fell forward with her on her back, breaking my fall with my hands so I wouldn’t hurt her.

I straddled her on my hands and knees, my pussy dripping on her tummy…I lowered my mouth to hers, lapped at her lips with my tongue, then spoke hotly against her mouth…

“I want you to fuck the HELL out of me, okay? I want the big end of that toy kaçak iddaa ramming against the back of my pussy and filling me completely…you won’t hurt me, baby…I want it hard…got it?”

Blue grabbed my lips with hers, gripped handfuls of my hair and kissed me, devouring my lips and fucking my mouth with her tongue. I screamed into her mouth while kissing her, my body shaking uncontrollably…I opened my mouth wider to invite more of her tongue…I sucked it and screamed even louder as I came all over her!

Blue bit my shoulder and my cum flowed and flowed from my pussy! (no squirting) My body was in hard spasm…I LOVE when she bites me…she knows exactly where and how hard! Without even touching my pussy, I came all over her tummy, her breasts and her pussy!

“Oooooohhhhhh, Blue……I love that you had me created to cum a lot!”

“Well? I want to be covered in Sunnycum!”

I smiled at her, slid my tongue on her cum-covered tummy, then used my tongue to spread my cum all over her lips…she purred and whimpered for me…

“Aaawwwww…my Blue wants me to suck her pussy, don’t you baby…”

Blue was breathless, looking at me with those eyes…

“Sunny….fuck me……do me or I’ll die, baby…”

I slid my thigh against her wet, slippery pussy…her back arched and she screamed. I kept my thigh there and gave her mouth one teasing, hot little kiss after another…she grabbed my lower lip with hers, bit it with her lips, then whispered hotly…

“Fuck me Sunny….make me cum, baby…”

Hmmmmm…I decided, why not do this…

I held her body…she screamed out loud…I rolled over with her on top of me…I lifted her onto her hands and knees and held onto her hips real tight, not even touching her pussy…

She never saw it coming…

I used my mental ability to send a FUCKING HARD, PULSE-POUNDING ORGASM through her entire body and straight to her trembling pussy…

Oh wow…even I was amazed at what it did to her…

Blue’s kaçak bahis hot body was a mass of hard spasms…her cum didn’t squirt, it fucking POURED from her pussy in a heavy flow, flooding my body…she was screaming at the top of her lungs and I had to hold on to her hips very tightly to keep her in place!

I kept sending the signals through her body and she got up on her knees and screamed harder, then fell back down on her hands, then collapsed her body flat onto my tummy, splattering her cum all over!

Blue lied on my tummy, whimpering with every breath. I could feel her ass and thigh muscles in little involuntary spasms…the last of her cum ooooooooozed from her quivering pussy onto mine…

Oh fuck! That was all it took for me! I rolled us back over with her back on top of me…I got on my hands and knees, threw all my hair back and rubbed the hell out of my big, swollen clit, COVERING her with Sunnycum!

“Oh yeah, Sunny! All over me, baby!”

Every time we have sex, I’m so happy Blue had me created to cum by the bucketfull! Even she can’t believe, sometimes, how much I can cum! I slid down and rubbed my cum all over her feet, smiling at her. She was rubbing her body, spreading my cum all over her…her pussy, her tummy and her fucking amazing breasts.

I leaned down and kissed her pussy…her body jumped a little and she pulled me up on top of her. She kissed me deeply while holding my ass, then rolled us onto our sides…

“Okay, my Sunny, here’s the plan. We will go swimming, then I get to have my way with you with the double-dildo!”

“I love it! But, the pool here on the roof is too small for me to swim underwater as long I’d like. Can we go downstairs to the big pool?”

“Well…I don’t know…can you be a good girl?”

I twirled my hair and spoke against her lips…

“Aren’t I always your good girl, baby?”

“Oooooohhhhh…I might regret this….”

She rolled over, got off the bed and dug around in the luggage for her bathing suit. She didn’t see me grab my robe and wrap it around my naked body, all ready for the pool…


Please watch for part four!

My love to all,


© 2017 Sunny Johansen

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