Ashley’s Misadventures Ch. 03

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Ashley, Still South America

What a great movie, Ashley thought as the final scenes unfold on screen. John’s vacation home in South America has an AV room the size of a small theatre. They had just watched the latest movie from a satellite broadcast in there. Ashley asks what’s next and John mentions that it would be a surprise. In a while, the movie “Titanic” begins playing. This is the version produced by James Cameron. Almost halfway through the movie, there is a scene where the leading actress goes nude and the hero sketches her portrait while she lays on the couch. It is a touching yet erotic scene indeed. Ashley squirms on her plush, comfortable seat and John senses her excitement. He reaches over to touch her bare shoulders. Ashley is wearing spaghetti straps, very thin cotton material. No bra. Short tight pants, just covering her sexy ass. John could almost smell the musky scent of her sex as she takes in the scene on screen. What she doesn’t know is, her own wild experience is just about to begin.

This little AV room has many interesting gadgets installed. John activates the artificial smoke machine and a thick mist envelopes the entire room up to their chests. This gives the feeling as if you’re in the clouds. Movement seems to slow down somehow. Ashley lays back further on the plush seat, almost stretching out as she continues to watch the movie. The couple on screen is now in the back of a car. Making out. Making love. The scene is acted out dramatically. Ashley moves her hand to her clit. She looks down and notices that her entire lower body is not visible due to the thick mist. Her fingers move urgently to push aside the thin cloth covering her pussy and then begins rubbing her bare, sensitive clit. Her pussy throbs, hungry for more stimulation. She feels the wetness on her fingers as she continues working on her little sex bud, pinching and rubbing it at the same time. She looks at John and notices that he is totally engrossed in the movie now. The iceberg has just hit.

Ashley inserts one and then two fingers into her wet pussy, spreading them apart, letting the mist touch her insides. There is a tingling warm feeling inside when the mist touches her there. It is the same feeling she experienced when some oils were used to lubricate her before. Must be a native South American solution or mixture which heightens senses and increases sensitivity at her erogenous zones because now she is sweating a little while her cunts oozes even more love juices. The act of masturbating right in front of John while he is completely unaware is turning her on so much. Ashley inserts another finger into her welcoming pussy. Her ass gyrates on the seat in slow circular motions, trying to get the best angle for penetration. She closes her eyes, enjoying the exciting sensations centered on her loins. Her pussy aches for release. Her other hand reaches down to rub her clit urgently. She wants to cum. She needs to cum soon. Her breath is ragged. Her breasts heaving, swaying slightly from her furious manipulations of her sex. Her pussy hot to touch, finger fucked furiously by her own hand. She groans inwardly, not daring to utter a sound as a slow, satisfying orgasm washes over her. She takes a deep breath, readjusts herself on her seat and opens her eyes to continue the movie.

There was a look of astonishment and surprise when she saw that the mist has cleared away and the scene on the large screen was of herself, masturbating shamelessly. The scene kept repeating at the point when she experienced climax. The grimace on her sweet face, the shuddering of her pelvis are all unmistakable signs as she experiences orgasmic pleasure. There is a camera right in front of her, capturing her wet, open pussy in vivid detail as three of her fingers pummel into her tight slit. She instantly blushes and turns to grab hold of John’s arm. He smiles confidently at her and said that she would make a great porn star but he would be too jealous to have her shared with the entire adult movie industry. He would only allow it if he had full control of a situation. Like right now. He turns to her and pushes her gently back onto the seat, allowing her to completely lean back, almost lying down. With the flick of this and a push and pull of that, Ashley is now bound to the seat. John kisses her deeply on her lips, his tongue exploring her tight sexy mouth, lapping up her hopelessness and subjugation. Ashley relaxes further as John straps her in securely to the seat. She is quivering with anticipation of what would happen next. She had never been bound by him before. She had never felt trapped like this, hopeless and unable to defend herself from anything he has planned.

She looked at the large screen and noticed that she was in the centre of attention. There were at least four cameras to capture her from every angle. John had said something about not letting this experience escape from memory. Only now does she fully understand his meaning. She wondered how many more scenes has been captured and preserved in digital splendour. bahis firmaları Then, just then, all thoughts completely escape her as she felt a tongue-like vibrator go directly to her cotton covered clit, sending delicious sparks of pleasure coursing through her already excited young body. She moans and squirms about, trying to push her clit harder up against the vibrator. Her short cotton pants are completely drenched, exposing the lewd lines of her outer labia to be captured and stored on file. Her ankles are strapped to the chair at an angle where her legs are in a “V”, allowing easy access to anyone or anything. As she continues to enjoy the tongue-like vibrator stimulation on her clit, the movie screen is being pulled upwards into its storage compartment in the ceiling. Behind the screen, lay a large round bed with white sheets. On the bed is the sexy blonde woman surrounded by a group of well-hung brothas. Ashley’s eyes are wide open as she witnesses the scene. Her mouth agape as she watches. The men are taking turns fucking the beautiful blonde, one after another, depositing their semen deep into her pussy and ass each time they finish.

Each man takes her in a different position. Now, she is being taken doggy style. The large black cock plunges effortlessly in and out of her wet pussy. She is sucking hungrily on another fat shaft while being invaded from behind. Soon, her tight pussy causes the stud behind her to cum, squirting his man-juice deep into her, splashing around hotly inside, hitting her cervix. He withdraws and another man takes his place. She feels another large cock enter her pussy. Grinding its way through to bury itself deep within her quivering vagina. Her cunt is wet from the mixture of semen and her own sex juices. The man then grabs hold of her elbows, forcing her body almost completely upright. By holding on to her elbows, he is able to pull her closer to him whenever he pushes his cock into her hungry vagina. He buries his long, fat cock all the way in her pussy with every in-stroke. On the out-stroke, he pulls his cock almost all the way out. This action gives maximum stimulation for his long shaft while the long strokes are driving the girl out of her mind with lust and desire to be fucked. Ashley watches in awe as the blonde easily takes the long, hard fuck tool into her pussy and gasps silently when the shaft withdraws and is then shoved mercilessly up the blonde’s cunt again. To and fro, relentlessly and mercilessly fucked. Ashley’s own stimulating vibrating tongue continues to elicit soft mewls of pleasure from her but is greatly insufficient to bring her to climax.

The large invading prick fucking the blonde suddenly begins to squirt hot sperm. This woman is an expert at milking cocks, making them cum whenever she wishes. Most of the semen ends up in her pussy while a few spurts ends up on the small of her back as he withdraws completely out of her cum filled orifice. Quickly then, another stud takes his place, ramming his thick hard cock up her asshole. She grimaces, expecting some pain but the oil they have earlier used to lubricate her is still holding up bringing her only pleasure. Pure unadulterated pleasure courses through her entire body. The privilege of being fucked by good looking studs, so completely and satisfyingly turns her on so much. She closes her eyes and envisions the invading rod in her anal passage going deeper and deeper into her. As with the man before him, this magnificent black stud fucks her with such ferocity and depth, delivery long hard strokes up her welcoming anal passage. Her insides stretches to accommodate his entire fat prick. He grabs on to her elbows while fucking her, giving him the same leverage, angle and power as the guy before. The difference only being the orifice into which he is invading. Her anal passage is even tighter than her vagina and pleasuring them both in sublime ways. Another stud reaches down to touch her clit and she almost explodes with pleasure. Her body suddenly convulses as she is hit by her climax. It almost sends her reeling forward but the strong hands on her elbows do not allow for her escape. With her climax, her ass tightens even more around the fat shaft. The man grunts his satisfaction and releases his hot semen deep into her bowels in great spurts. She could feel his sperm splash around her insides and this drives her to another satisfying climax. Two in a row, while being fucked in the ass. What else would they have in store for her.

Ashley, in her bewilderment, wishes that she would cum like that. The little tongue vibrator is no longer stimulating her at all. The sight before her is all she needs to get her juices flowing. Fucking blonde bitch, enjoying all those large black cocks. She wants some too. Her body twists involuntarily, as if trying to reach out to those guys, beckoning them to come to her. Her breath ragged and shallow and she wishes that they would look her way. Instead, they continue to ravish the sexy blonde. This time, she is on her back with a pillow up under her ass. She takes kaçak iddaa one cock between her boobs and another goes deep into her pussy, missionary style. She fucks upwards at every downward lunge made by the man between her legs, thoroughly and completely submitting herself to his hard fucking. They have timed themselves perfectly, so that each thrust buries his cock all the way into her wet, welcoming cunt. Nothing else matters now. Nothing but pure unbridled lust spreading from her loins, burning their way through every nerve in her body. Ashley stares enviously as the blonde continues to get all the attention. Her own juices flowing non-stop even without any physical stimulation now. Her mind and body completely caught up in the act before her. She thought she could feel every deep lunge from that large cock as it continuously burrows and buries itself deep into the young blonde’s open pussy. Intensity of the scene before her is causing her to leak love juice continuously.

After most of the men is done fucking the blonde, she is placed on a large metal apparatus and strapped in a seated position. The entire structure is molded to fit her comfortably but it keeps her legs obscenely spread apart, much like Ashley’s is. Her knees are up almost to her heavy breasts but not quite touching. It leaves her cunt and ass open to any sort of assault which would come at any moment now. The blonde braces herself as she feels cold metal cuffs click and lock her wrists and ankles in place. Another cuff goes around her neck. She is comfortable but she cannot move. Her breathing becomes heavy as she feels the entire apparatus begin to vibrate gently. It is the motors, moving several rather large appendages into place, ready for a brutal assault on her open sexual orifices. Two large suction cups are attached to her heaving breasts and she gasps as they begin to apply a low sucking pressure on her ample boobs. Small vibrating tendrils sends thrills and delights directly to her sensitive nipples. A small suction cup is introduced to her clit, complete with little vibrating tendrils. As it attaches itself securely to her sensitive bud, the blonde moans out loudly.

The sensations emanating from between her legs flares up, burning through her entire being. She tries to squirm but she is unable to move. Her hips gyrate a little, trying to get into a better position for stronger stimulation. Just then, the suction on her clit is increased and the vibrating spot comes in direct contact with her very sensitive bud. Her body tenses up, trying to release the overwhelming pleasure in some way. She could not move much causing those sensations to again travel back to center on her quivering clit. The pleasure of it all is too much to bear and the sweet girl suddenly climaxes without warning. Her arms and legs straining against the bonds, as her hips buck uncontrollably. It is exactly then when a thickly veined cyberskin dildo is slowly inserted into her wet pussy. At that very moment, hard metal beads are being pushed into her sexy ass.

All she could do was cum and cum again. Her body now a quivering mass of lust subjugated flesh. The large dildo is being pumped slowly in and out of her moist pussy. She tries to get more of the dildo into her but her movement is limited. She wants to feel it completely filling her up, right in till it hits her cervix. She feels the dildo expand a little and its strokes become longer and the thrusts begins to go deeper into her. The machine which is fucking her adjusted itself for maximum penetration and stretching of her lewdly, wide open cunt. All the stops are pulled now. The vibrators on her clit and nipples are operating at their maximum. The long hard, thickly veined dildo pumps furiously in and out of her pussy, filling her very soul with desire and lust. She moans long and loudly as she is being fucked into yet another satisfying orgasm. Her body could only quiver. She relaxes and lets the tools continue doing what they do best. To fuck and satisfy her again and again and again.

Ashley watches silently. Her own juices dripping down onto the carpet below. John comes to sit next to her and takes a hard nipple into his mouth. Ashley is also bound and thus could not move. She begins to understand the pleasure of being bound. The helplessness is overwhelming. She realized that John could do anything to her and she would be powerless to resist. Her juices flow ever more at this single thought alone.

John quickly undresses her, cutting away what he cannot pull off. John reaches down to rub her sensitive clit as he moves to the next nipple. Licking fast and suckling on the little bud like a baby feeding on breast milk. She wonders whether she will be treated the same way as the blonde. She would certainly welcome it with open legs. Wide open legs. John produces a long white vibrator from underneath the seat and dips it into her mouth, wetting it thoroughly before placing the tip at the entrance of her warm, inviting pussy. Her cunt wants to devour something. Anything long and hard will kaçak bahis do. John inserts the vibrator into her causing her to yelp and groan out loud lustily. Every desire in her being is slowly being fed. John pumps the vibe in and out of her pussy, rhythmically, going in faster and pulling out slowly. Fast push in, slow pull out, fast push in, slow pull out. His mouth still alternating from one nipple to another, driving her into a frenzied state. Her hips thrusts back onto the vibe as John inserts it, attempting to take the rod even deeper inside.

Ashley, reveling in the sensations from her loins and nipples, turns to look at the blonde. Ashley could not help but cum as she saw the girl being filled by two large cyberskin dildoes going alternately in and out of her cunt. Two large rods, fucking a tight small hole. Juices keep squirting out from the sides as each rod rubs and stimulates the insides, showing no mercy and with no signs of giving up or slowing down. The blonde must have came several times already from this vile ministration of her most private sexual orifice. Her cunt is well stretched to accommodate the two pumping dildoes. Ashley shudders uncontrollably as she witnesses the blonde being so completely fucked by artificial cocks and cumming again and again. She shudders in delight as her own orgasm hits her, stemming from the now furiously fast vibrator fucking John was rendering on her wide open pussy. Ashley turns to look at John again when he removes the dildo from her cunt. She wanted to it back inside but stopped short of asking him for it when he positioned himself between her wide spread legs, adjusting himself so that his thick cock is right at the entrance of her quivering wet cunt.

She closes her eyes, trying to anticipate the moment of entry. Her body struggles against the bonds a little, trying to move in and swallow the cock up whole. John grinds slowly but surely into her, filling her up so completely. As the final inch of his cock enters her, he thrusts hard, jerking his hips so that he is buried up to the hilt inside her tight, welcoming vaginal passage. Both Ashley and John grunts out in carnal delight as he sinks his cock fully into her. His balls smacking against her upturned ass cheeks and anus. He pulls out fast and slams his cock back into her furiously. Ashley has never felt John like this. Not tied up, helpless and John feels like a different person bent only on one thing: to fuck her senseless. She squirms, not really sure whether she likes this new John. She turns to look at the blonde now being fucked by two large dildoes, both penetrating her well lubricated pussy, fucking faster and faster with each passing moment. It is at that moment, she surrenders completely to the pleasures of the flesh being so thoroughly administered.

John begins to grind hard into Ashley. Fucking her hard. His every thrust hits her G-spot, causing her to wirth involuntarily in her bondage. She could feel his cock growing bigger and harder with every forceful stroke into her open, throbbing cunt hole. She groans out loud, urging John to fuck her harder. He reaches down to maul her tits roughly, causing her to whimper and yelp. The seat had risen a little, allowing John easier access and deeper upwards penetration going straight to her G-spot. The height also allows him greater freedom of movement, allowing him to fuck her really hard and fast. Slamming, hammering, pummelling. Ashley can only envision his thick hard prick going deeper into her well-oiled opening. She fucks him back as much as she can, straining a little against the bonds holding her down. Her hips are shaking involuntarily with every deep stroke of his cock. Her body quivers with anticipation each time he withdraws, waiting for the next deep thrust. Her mind is lost in the sea of lust and carnal pleasures, her body being the vessel taking her to her one inevitable destination.

Soon, Ashley begins to feel the familiar rumbling starting deep in her belly. She looks down between her legs at the lewd sight of John’s hard cock moving slickly, smoothly in and out of her well-lubricated cunt. Her pussy yearns to be fucked harder, to be completely and thoroughly filled. John doesn’t disappoint. He never does. With a slight adjustment, a flick of a switch, Ashley finds herself turned around. Her ass high up in the air, with John’s cock still buried and thrusting into her welcoming depths. Her pussy and ass presented to his lewd stare. He grabs her ass and thrusts into her even harder now, grinding downwards onto her G-spot so hard that she gasps and screams out at the intense pleasure. Her head is positioned so that she continues to bear witness to the obscenities performed by the luscious blonde girl. The blonde is now in the same position as Ashley. Ass and cunt inviting the long rods to penetrate them. The machine adjusts those rods appropriately and thrusts both of them into her open cuntal and anal opening all in one smooth stroke. With that, both Ashley and the blonde convulses simultaneously into a frenzied orgasm, as if feeding off each others’ sexual energy. Waves of pleasure begins to smash into them, getting stronger with each passing moment. Both cunts are squirting juice, drenching everything around them.

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