Ashley Meets Melissa

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A few days before Thanksgiving Day last year, I got another phone call from Ashley. She is one of the two sensuous young women whose pussies I eat occasionally, keeping them sexually satisfied so neither will be tempted to lose her virginity to somebody at the university they attend. We refer to these pussy-eating sessions as “treatments” or “booster shots” although all of us enjoy them immensely. So far, the treatments have been effective and both women still have their maidenheads.

“Hi, Ashley. Is Chantel there too? What can I do for you?” I was pretty sure I knew and hoped I was right because Ashley and Chantel have two of the nicest pussies I have ever eaten. If I had to choose between eating roast turkey and pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving dinner or eating the pussy of one of these beautiful young women, I would choose either pussy without hesitation.

“Chantel isn’t here right now. We have a four-day weekend over the Thanksgiving holiday and she’ll be going home to visit her family. I will be coming home too and while I’m there, I want to come over to your house and get another booster shot. The treatments you gave me are working fine so far and I hope you can give me another so they’ll keep working.”

“Of course. The treatments work best if you get an occasional booster shot. What day do you want to come here?”

“Either Friday or Saturday is good for me but I want to find out something. Chantel does too. Some of us were talking last weekend and one of the seniors said that a lesbian had eaten her pussy and told her that no man could do it as well. Do you think that’s true? Could a lesbian eat my pussy even better than you?”

“Yes and no. If a man doesn’t really like eating pussies, he won’t be very good at it. Most lesbians really like doing it and would be a lot better than the reluctant man. At the same time, a lesbian can be inexperienced and inept also and not eat your pussy as well as I do, or some other man who really likes eating you. It’s strictly an individual thing, with some men being better than some women and vice-versa. Would you be interested in finding out for yourself how well another woman can eat your pussy? Do you think Chantel would?”

“Oooo, yeah, that sounds like fun. For me, anyhow, and I’m sure Chantel would like it too. Do you have somebody in mind?”

“Yes. Actually, she is bi-sexual, really beautiful, just a few years older than you and Chantel. I know she would love to eat either of your pussies, or both of them. Suppose she and I take turns eating you out and then you can decide for yourself?” I was thinking of Melissa. I knew she would really love to eat Ashley’s pussy but I wasn’t really sure if she would be able to come over on the weekend. .

“That sounds really great. What day and what time? I can make it any time on Friday or Saturday. Chantel would probably like to come by and find out some weekend next month.”

“I will have to talk to her and then call you back. Her name is Melissa and she can probably give you almost as much fun as I can. Maybe more, but you would have to judge that for yourself.”

Fortunately, Melissa was home, and really liked the idea, especially after I told her how sexy and beautiful Ashley is. “George, you have eaten my pussy many times and I always love it, and I cum bigtime, bigger than I do with anybody else, including a full-blown lesbian. Whether I win or lose, I like the idea of the competition, especially if it involves eating this sweet, young pussy you’re telling me about. I have nothing going on Friday afternoon so what about one o’clock? I’m also open on Saturday, if that’s better.”

“I’ve seen you bring women to ecstasy with your mouth and your nipples. You eat pussy as well as anybody I know of, and what you do with your boobies gives you an edge, but I like the idea anyhow. However the competition comes out, we’ll all have a great time, including Ashley. After she leaves, maybe we can get it on together, because I know I will be horny and I’m sure you will be too. One o’clock Friday is good for me and I know it’s good for her.”

“I expect that getting it on with you will be the best part of a really fun day. Ashley can stay and watch if she wants to. Okay, see you at one o’clock on Friday.”

Melissa arrived slightly before one o’clock and, as always, we were glad to see each other. We have had some bahis firmaları great times together, sometimes just the two of us and sometimes us and some of our mutual friends. Melissa is really beautiful, short, with a sexy, all-natural figure, long red hair, which is also all natural, blue eyes and a creamy complexion. When Ashley arrived, Melissa looked eagerly at the lovely 18 year old, a natural blonde, with a plumply sexy figure and I knew she was eager to get started.

I had eaten Ashley’s pussy on two occasions during the previous months so we decided that Melissa would have the first turn at eating her out on Friday. The next day I would eat her pussy and Ashley would decide then, using whatever criteria she wanted, but the winner would obviously be whichever of us gave Ashley the most fun. The only rules were that nothing was to be inserted into Ashley’s pussy because we wanted to preserve her maidenhead and that the person not eating her pussy could watch but do nothing to interrupt. When I told Ashley that Melissa and I would be making love after she had climaxed, she wanted to watch.

“You remember the first treatment I got from you? You and Mom had sex next to me right afterward and I got so turned on you had to eat my pussy again. Maybe the same thing will happen when I watch you and Melissa. If I get turned on like that today, would Melissa eat my pussy again?” We hadn’t thought about that but we all agreed, Melissa very eagerly, that would be what would happen. Friday was to be her day, and if she brought Ashley to two climaxes, certainly nobody would object. Having established the rules, all three of us headed for the queen-sized bed in my bedroom to begin the contest, knowing that, whatever the result, there would be no losers.

Following Melissa’s directions, Ashley removed all her clothing except her sheer panties, and lay down on her back. She had a pillow under her head and another under her ass. Melissa, also wearing only panties, lay beside her and gently held one lovely breast in either hand and kissed them both. When she started licking Ashley’s first nipple, Melissa supported the breast with the back of one hand while her other hand gently caressed inside the younger woman’s panties, just above her clit. As she licked Ashley’s small nipple with broad strokes of her tongue, the young virgin smiled and started softly murmuring in pleasure, very much enjoying what Melissa’s tongue was doing for her nipple and what Melissa’s fingers were doing for her clit.

She smiled even more when Melissa switched over and started licking her other nipple, using the same broad strokes. When I looked closely, I could see that Melissa’s ministrations had caused Ashley’s small, pink nipples to become erect and I could hear Ashley cooing louder, her eyes closed, from the pleasure she was getting from Melissa’s mouth and caressing fingers. As I had told Melissa, Ashley is a very sensuous young woman and this is another reason why it is such a delight to eat her pussy.

Although the competition was friendly, we both wanted to win so Melissa spent a lot of time on Ashley’s breasts, first switching back and forth between her nipples while the younger woman squirmed on the bed and then drawing one of the luscious globes into her mouth. While she sucked gently, Melissa caressed the nipple and areola with her tongue. “Ooo, Melissa, that feels really good. George, that feels like what you do,” Ashley added, smiling at me. I didn’t say anything, but Melissa has learned some things from me and I have learned from her and everybody benefits, especially including Ashley and other lady friends.

When Melissa started sucking and licking Ashley’s other lovely mound, the young woman’s upper body writhed on the bed and she tried to thrust her breasts even deeper into Melissa’s mouth. Her pussy was fucking up against Melissa’s fingers and I could smell the delightful juices being produced. Knowing how delicious those juices are, I had to resist the urge to lick them from their source. Melissa was really taking her time, trying to maximize the pleasure for both herself and Ashley. I certainly couldn’t blame her because I intended to do the same thing when it was my turn to eat Ashley’s pussy.

Finally, after a long and mutually pleasurable time, Melissa left the delightful breasts and started licking and kissing her way down kaçak iddaa Ashley’s soft, fair belly. Once she had reached the younger woman’s panties, she licked all along the waistband and then got off the bed and got back on between her legs. The panties were soaked with Ashley’s fragrant pussy juices and when Melissa put her face close, she smiled, anticipating how delicious the pussy would be that she was about to eat.

First, she had to remove the soaked panties so Melissa hooked her fingers under the waistband and started to peel them off. Ashley lifted first her ass and then her feet off the bed and the panties were handed to me so I could enjoy them. I don’t have a panty fetish but I really relish the aroma of pussy juices, whether they are dripping fresh from the woman or soaked into her panties, and young Ashley has one of the most delightfully fragrant pussies I know of. I even sucked some of the delicious juices from the crotch.

Melissa next slipped a pillow under the sexy woman who was lying in front of her. Ashley turned to me and said, “So far, Melissa’s doing everything you do. I think she might be as good as you too but it’s hard to tell.” I was aware of that and I was also aware that Melissa has a nice trick of rubbing her nipples against the other woman’s clit. Obviously, I can’t duplicate that. If she did win the contest, it would be because of her nipples but before putting them to work, Melissa licked all the fresh juices from Ashley’s pussy. I know she really relished them because Melissa likes fresh juices as much as I do and those from Ashley’s pussy taste even better than they smell.

Rather than use her nipples, Melissa started licking one of Ashley’s outer pussy lips. She may have wanted to wait until Ashley’s clit was more swollen and if so, she was doing the right thing to cause it to swell. Because Ashley’s pussy hair is so soft and fine, Melissa would lick both sides of the outer lips. Although I couldn’t actually see what she was doing, I know she eats a pussy very much like I do so I knew pretty much what Melissa was doing from the way her head was positioned.

I knew when she finished licking the first outer lip to the end and brought her mouth back down to lick the second one. The feel of Ashley’s pubic hair against my tongue is one of the fondest memories I have and that memory, combined with the pervasive aroma of her juices and the way she was squirming on the bed and cooing and fucking her pussy into Melissa’s face were getting me extremely turned on. The sight of Melissa’s ass held high in the air as she leaned forward to eat Ashley’s delectable pussy was making my cock even harder. I really hoped that, after Ashley had enjoyed the tremendous climax that I knew she would have, Melissa would be willing to fuck without having her pussy eaten first. I would love to eat her pussy afterward but I was so turned on by what I was seeing and hearing and smelling that I didn’t want to wait any longer than I had to.

Melissa rose up partially from the pussy she was eating and, apparently, decided it was time to put her nipples to work. “George, will you pull my panties off, please,” she requested. The sight of her wearing translucent panties had been extremely erotic but the sight of Melissa’s naked ass and pussy would be even hotter. Although it was slightly contrary to the contest rules, I had no trouble complying with her request. Her panties were as wet as Ashley’s had been and smelled and tasted even better, difficult as that would be to believe. The delightful aroma and flavor, combined with everything else that I had seen, heard and smelled, made my cock so hard that I had to remove my pants and underwear, and decided to remove the rest of my clothes also. Even though I was not sexually active just then, I was as bare as the two women who were.

The completely naked Melissa moved upward on Ashley’s plump, sexy body and I went around and got on the side of the bed because I wanted to watch. I have been in threesomes where I was lying on my back eating Melissa’s pussy while she was doing the same for another woman. When she has moved up on the other woman’s body to use her nipples, I have followed her, continuing to pleasure both her pussy and my mouth. This has given me a close, worm’s eye view of her rubbing her erect nipples against the other woman’s swollen clit, which is highly arousing kaçak bahis to both women and to me as I watched from inches away. My view that day wasn’t as good but it was still extremely arousing.

Ashley was moaning from the pleasure she was receiving and when she saw Melissa moving upward toward her face, she didn’t know what to expect. Holding one of her large, lovely breasts in one hand, Melissa leaned forward and, with the other hand, peeled the hood back from Ashley’s clit. The adorable love toy was so swollen it was almost protruding anyhow. Leaning farther, she rubbed her nipple against the waiting clit, making Ashley fuck her pussy even harder into the beautiful globe that was caressing her. Both Ashley and Melissa were moaning by then from the pleasure they were getting from each other and I could see the juices running from Melissa’s pussy down both of her thighs. It was difficult, knowing how delicious they are, but I resisted the urge to lick them from her.

After several minutes of caressing Ashley’s clit with one nipple, Melissa did the same with the other. After another few minutes with the second nipple, she moved back down and feasted on the ocean of delicious juices that Ashley’s pussy had produced. “That is amazing, Melissa,” Ashley sighed. “I’ve never felt anything like it. Please, lick my clit now; I’m ready to cum.”

Melissa wasn’t quite ready for that, though. Like me, she tries to prolong the pleasure as much as she can before bringing the woman to a climax and that means not sucking on her clit until she is as highly aroused as can get. Although her whole body was thrashing around on the bed and her head was tossing back and forth on her pillow, Ashley hadn’t quite reached that point yet. Different women show different signs of being completely aroused and ready to cum, and I had told Melissa what signs Ashley would exhibit. It might help her win the contest but, in this case, winning was not as important as everybody having the most fun they could. Melissa started licking Ashley’s swollen inner pussy lips, enjoying her moans of pleasure, and everything else that was happening, especially the taste of the fresh juices.

Ashley finally reached the point where Melissa knew she was ready to cum. Besides her entire body churning up the sheets and her moans becoming sobs and whimpers, her hips were swiveling under Melissa’s mouth, causing her legs to thrust out and back like pistons. I saw Melissa move her head up and in tightly and I knew she had taken Ashley’s engorged clit into her mouth and started sucking on it. “Yes! Yes! Like that,” Ashley cried out.

“Oh! Oh! Oh!” she cried out minutes later and I knew she had started cumming. Ashley squeezed Melissa’s head with her legs and her hands pressed Melissa’s face even more tightly into her pussy. Her legs swung back and forth as her ass bounced up and down on the bed. Melissa clung to Ashley’s thighs and kept sucking the clit that was almost filling her mouth, while being tossed around by Ashley’s wild movements. For over a minute, Ashley continued cumming and Melissa continued sucking and licking the wonderful love button that was so pleasurably crowded into her mouth. When Ashley climaxed, her whole body spasmed and she arched her back. After her orgasm, she relaxed her muscles, releasing Melissa’s head and letting her arms sprawl at her sides.

After devouring the fresh juices, Melissa crawled out from under the legs draped over her back and lay down beside Ashley. “Fuck me really good, George. I really need it,” she said. I had been awaiting this opportunity and had put on my condom a few minutes earlier. Eagerly, I climbed on top of her and thrust my stiff cock into her extremely wet pussy.

As Melissa and I fucked, slowly but with both of us building quickly to a climax, I thought about how the contest was going and it would go. The two of us would cum and I would eat Melissa’s lovely pussy until she enjoyed her second orgasm. Ashley would watch us and would certainly need her pussy eaten by Melissa again. However the contest turned out, all three of us were already winners from the immense pleasure we had shared so far, and we would all be getting a lot more. Whether Ashley eventually picked me or Melissa as the nominal winner, nobody would be a loser.

Thank you for choosing this story to read. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed writing it. I appreciate knowing what people think so please vote and send your comments, either by PC or email to me. I always answer either one and feedback from readers helps me to write more and better.

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