Anita Ch. 02

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An Anita Story: TWO WELL KEPT SECRETS July, 2008

Anita and Ron had enjoyed each other’s company for over a year. Their relationship grew intellectually, spiritually and romantically and in the romantic department, the openness the two shared regarding needs, wants and fantasy’s kept the couple forever smiling, when other couples around them seemed to go in and out of depression and elation.

Both had understood each other’s need to stay relatively independent in life. That was at the same time as the development of a growing relationship and dependence on the other person. Their wonderful physical relationship was ended when Ron was appointed as a Guest Lecturer at a European Business School. The two had talked a lot about going as a couple but there were several reasons, Anita’s business among them, that made that idea impossible. So, Ron left at the start of the academic year and the couple resolved to maintain their interests from a distance.

Although the two were separated physically, they were in regular, often twice a day, contact through any and all of the wonderful communication devices mankind has invented.

But today it was a reunion. The two had spent so much time talking and sharing ideas and growing together over the past 8 months. They had also spent a lot of time word-smithing about pleasuring each other were missing so much. Ron had arrived back in town late last night and the two had agreed to meet for brunch at her place the next day. Ron was walking up the driveway with flowers, fresh baked muffins and hot coffees. He looked at the new house she had bought about 3 months after he went to Europe and thought how the last year must have been good to Anita.

On the door was a note, “Heh Ron, come on in. I’m in the Studio, down the hall and to the right. ?”

Ron opened the door on to a spacious hall that ran full length through to a view of the lake. Shutting the heavy oak door, he walked down the hall. On his right, canlı bahis sure enough, was a studio that looked west out over the lake. There, seated at a huge table with her sewing machine was Anita, busy creating another one of the fabric art pieces that had been making her more successful in the art world. Anita looked as delicious as the day Ron had last seen her. He walked over to her to drag her in to his arms.

Anita swiveled around in her chair and reached up for Ron’s open arms. Ron was suddenly smacked by a vision of Anita sitting in her chair with no legs! In fact, instead of legs, all she had were two stumps of legs, each wrapped tightly in denim jeans. Her left stump ended at about a mid-thigh spot while her right stump was below knee and draped over the chair edge and ended a couple of inches below the seat. She was an AK and a BK amputee!

Ron threw his parcels to the couch and in one movement wrapped his arms around Anita and unconsciously straightened up, lifting Anita up and out of her chair. Her jeans had been folded under her stumps so they now tumbled loosely to the floor.

“Oh my gawd, what haven’t you been telling me? Are you OK? What happened?” He filled her ear with questions. He twisted and collapsed into a chair as he clasped his half woman tightly to his chest. In the chair, he maneuvered her torso into a position where she was literally seated in his lap. Her two stumps were spread eagled over his upper thighs and her womanhood was open and available.

Anita stared deep into Ron’s eyes with a look that said much. “Look what’s happened to me? Remember how we used to arouse each other’s senses with our pretending amputee nights? Well my dear sweetness, it is no longer pretending. This may be more than we ever played around with but now I’m a no legger let alone a one-legger!”

“I know this is a huge shock to you Baby but I couldn’t tell you while you were away. I didn’t want you cutting your year short and hurrying home to bahis siteleri this. What for? Getting better was, and is, MY job and there’s little that you could have done to make things go faster or better.

It happened just a couple of weeks after you left and I went on a road trip on my bike. To make a long story short Honey, I was in town, not wearing my leathers and I was driven off my bike. After the grinding and rasping as I skidded along the road, my legs and I were thrown onto a highway retaining wall that actually severed both my legs about at the knees. The Surgeons were able to do a neat job of tidying up what remained of my legs but that was just about where the middle of my thighs used to be. I can wear a fake leg on my right stump real easy for easier getting around but usually I use my chair over there. Will you grab it for me please?

I know you and I spent so much time talking about safety on my bike and Honey, it wasn’t my fault. Hell, the insurance company has already settled and believe me, I won’t even have to sell another art piece in my life, let alone keep the business running to be financially secure. In fact, the business sold just last month and that also fetched me a fine pile of pennies.

It’s so weird my dear, I am literally half the woman that I was a year ago (thank heavens the best parts came through untouched though) and I am now rich beyond my wildest dreams. The cost of this wealth was my legs I’m afraid. It’s been almost 6 months now and my concern is how you will be able to adjust to the reality of a woman and lover who has no legs, can’t dance, takes twice as long as anyone else to do anything, and will now forever be the shortest person in the room. I still love you so much Ron.”

“Oh gawd Nita, what can I say. This is terrible for you. I am so sorry that this has happened. I can’t believe that in the face of all this you were thinking of me and my feelings and whatever. I am stunned by all this but my first reaction bahis şirketleri to it all is that your lighter weight and your shorter stature hasn’t taken anything away from the beautiful personality, and wisdom and smile and charm and sense of humour that was all part of the lady I last touched and held and kissed and loved.

As I sit here, I swear that in all of the fantasy playing we enjoyed so much in the past, I NEVER hoped for a minute that you would actually become an amputee. And you’re right, we surely never though about a double dose of stumps in our playing around. But look at you Honey; you’re as beautiful as ever and I love you and I feel good about getting on with our lives together.

“I love you Nita and this is a huge problem no doubt. You are still the wonderful woman that I loved then and love today and I am so happy to have you sitting here beside me, touching me and talking to me after all this time. Now that you are different physically, I can’t see that being an issue.

I came here tonight with something on my mind and what I have seen since getting here certainly hasn’t changed that thought. I’m more convinced than ever that I want to be with you forever Anita. Will you marry me Anita? I love you so much.”

“Oh man, I’m going to cry. Ron, Ron, I love you, I love you, I love you and yes, I will marry you. But are YOU sure that YOU want to be with a crippled wife, a wife with half a body and who will always have problems dealing with day to day life?”

Ron hugged her tightly and gave her a deep, passionate and long kiss of love. Anita rose from the kiss and struggled to a standing position on her stumps. In this position she was marginally taller than Ron and she could look down into his smiling eyes and smile back. “I’ve cooked our favorite dinner tonight my sweets and I am sooo looking forward to having my way with you in bed tonight. I need to show you how well my most exciting parts were spared in the accident Honey. I’m feeling my pussy getting wet already and it’s been so long and it’s been such a worry that you would still want to love my wet pussy the way you always did. Oh Baby, let’s save dinner for later and go to the bedroom now!”

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