Amazing First Sex with Future Wife

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This is what I can recall of the first time I had sex with, my now wife of 10 years.

We had been on two dates so far, and had actually met online through an old dating app (this was 2011). I wasn’t even looking or expecting anything. I went online to try and find more girls that wanted to just hang out (as my friends were terrible at talking to women; one had just been divorced and my other buddy’s brother had just died). So with my dudes in turmoil, and me in one of the more energetic states of my life, I took to the profiles and started chatting.

One such female stood out to me, as her favorite band happened to be mine, so I decided to start with the question of “what’s your favorite Sublime song?” She would later tell me that this was the only message she had received that didn’t start with “hey sexy”, “you make me hard”, “sup cutie” or any pickup lines.

So after a few weeks chatting on the phone, we were off to meet each other and smoke a little cannabis. We got along amazing, instant connection and attraction. I was so surprised when I saw her that she was actually better looking than her profile pics could justify. She was a gorgeous brunette, beautiful big eyes, with a perfect hourglass shape, muscular thighs, and hips that begged me to grasp them. On our second date we locked lips for what seemed like an eternity, with such subtle love and romance, I knew I had found her.

On our 3rd date we went to my house. I think we both sensed “it was on”, as we could not stop touching each other and shooting glances across the room.

So we went upstairs to my bedroom, and I began showing her some music I produced.

I began to caress her hair as we connected our mouths with such vigorousity we nearly broke the chair I was sitting on (her on the end of my bed, and me in my computer chair). As we tongue kissed, I let my fingers glide up her inner thigh, underneath her skirt (it may have been a dress), I could feel her juices already mersin escort wet upon her leg. This turned me on incredibly and I began my fingers around the outer lips of her vagina, not entering, but caressing her clit ever-so-gently as I could feel her pussy start to soak.

The anticipation had me shaking as I could feel the sensitivity build beneath my jeans. She was leaning her head back into it, then she suddenly grabbed my hand, looked into my eyes with a bit of excitement and said “I just want to let you know, I get really wet.”

Which I responded with an instantly rock hard member and a, “let’s hope so, I’d love that”. Grabbing her neck and swaying her back into my kisses.

She began to lift her shirt, I grasped her bra to unclasp it, and as she pulled my jeans down, I could feel her wet pussy caress my leg. I don’t know how I didn’t start to cum from all the anticipation, but I was deeply into her, and I wanted to give this woman the best pleasure of her life. My biggest turn on is knowing that a woman is turned on, knowing and feeling her pleasure is what gets me off.

As I straddled my body overtop of her still making out and tasting each other, I could feel her grab my throbbing part and direct it towards her soaking gates to physical heaven.

She said “go slow… I want to feel every inch of you”, so I went as slow as possible while I could feel myself filling her vagina, taking my time to feel every slight movement inside her body. Her wet pussy walls clenching against my pulsing head as I directed deeper within her. She pulled me towards her as I buried myself in her, our hips ground together with nothing but wet desire in between. We were caught in a moment.

As I felt my heart race, I lifted her right leg up against my shoulder and began deep, longing thrusts inside her. Her face was such a turn on, seeing it scrunch up with pleasure as her hips would lift towards me the deeper I pressed. Her sweet lips were so anamur escort wet at this point, I could feel as her juices began to trickle over my shaft as I pushed everything I had within her.

Then she began quivering, breathing harder, and shaking as her pussy tightened up, clenching my cock like she wanted to drain me. Suddenly, with the utmost delight, I felt her cum start to build up and gush out as I thrusted into her, with every stream of her cum I kept myself inside her and gazed into her face with deep amazement. Seeing the most exhilarating expressions my eyes had ever captured. A look on her face like, “oh my god! my body is doing this!”.

I had a few squirting experiences, and I had seen women squirt in porn and spray down the set, but this was different. It was graceful, erotic and so intense. She would pull my body in as close to her as I could as she squirted years of sexual frustration upon my stiff cock, pouring down my shaft, over my balls and down our legs.

This was the best feeling I had physically felt in my life. That is, until she got on top of me, her hands on my chest. I reached up to suck on her supple tits, caressing each nipple with my tongue, grabbing her hips and thrusting any remaining cum from her.

I grasped the sides of her perfect hips and began a pushing and pulling motion, causing my dick to move as much as it could inside her tight pussy. She was so wet, yet her Kegel muscles would grasp my cock inside her, as if her pussy itself was jerking me off. So then, again, she began to shake, “fuck, I’m going to cum again, CUM WITH ME!” she let the words escape her vocals as she let out an amazing gasp.

I reached down with one hand and began rubbing my middle finger against her clit as she grasped her fingers down to her lips, and felt my hardness sliding within her clenching pussy. With another gasp I knew my cum was on its way out, and she began squirting again, as I was all the way erdemli escort inside her, as deep as I could be. It was so hot and sensual at the same time. Her cum started to pour out up my stomach and over my sides, as her face clenched in disbelief. I was so fucking turned on by this point, I could feel my penis shaking as my cum began to build out the tip of me, into its final home.

She began grinding me harder screaming “Fuck ME!, Fucking cum!” as I pulsed all of my contents within her clenching pussy. I could feel all of my cum fill up to my head, and then fully release all at once with a warm explosion inside her. At the very same moment, her cum was running down my sides.

I lifted myself up to grab the back of her neck, and stuck my tongue back in her gaping mouth. We trembled with pleasure. I could feel my load fill up every inch of her as she moaned with satisfaction, holding my face and looking into my eyes smiling as my body twitched with it’s final release. Her face was so beautiful, I was in disbelief that this amazing woman gave herself to me with such openness.

No matter how wet she got, it made me harder, and as freaky as it sounds, (and feels) it was actually very romantic the way we came together, simultaneously. We held each other shaking for a moment after that, catching our breath and gently placing kisses upon one another. We embraced for what seemed forever. Then we rolled off each other, noticing busted up weed on the table, we decided to puff some delicious chronic and continue our sexcapades.

These events only became hotter with every encounter. Her utter sexiness and appeal just blew me away. Coupled with the fact that she was an amazing person. This was my dream girl, and she showed it in every way.

Ten years later and we are still together, very much in love and married. We have had nothing, but incredible sex since this first time, and believe it or not, it only improved with time as we became more comfortable. We are best friends and lover’s who support each others every move. Neither of us had such amazing connection, passion, or experiences with any other partners before we met. It was like our bodies were made for each other.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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