Always Naked

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Sean had been driving for the past four hours. He was visiting his parents at his hometown, a small place not so far away from the big city. He moved out from home when he was twenty four, feeling suffocated by the smallness of the town, and with a boiling fever to experiment his new found sexuality, at that time, he recently found out he was gay, and wanted to eat, breathe, and fuck the entire world.

Four years had passed. He was now a twenty eight year old handsome man. Although he was always skinny, he had work hard at a gymnastics complex to get a pretty nice slim figure, full of lean muscles. Sean had always been body-conscious, not because of any insecurity, he just liked to feel sexy. At the gymnastics complex where he trained, in an amateur adult gymnastics group, it was no surprise than men would be shirtless. He loved this opportunity to show off his body and whenever he could, he would take his shirt off while training in the parallel bars or on the rings. Funny thing… the first time that he managed to get up on the rings and complete the “cross” move, he got hard. He didn’t know if it was because all his muscles were so tense, or if it was because some hot guys that also used to take gymnastics class were staring and he was such a show off. Well, he didn’t think it was important. After all, he was horny eighty per cent of the time.

He was now in the car, driving to his parent’s town because he haven’t seen them in two months, and he is the kind of guy who sees his parents often. Not very, but often. He was nice like that. It was raining outside, really hard, and it was very difficult to see what was ahead. Suddenly, he heard a huge bang and almost lost control of the wheel: it was a flat tire. Perfect. He managed to regain control of the car and pulled over on the side of the road. He reached for his cell phone, to call road assistance. Of course, no signal. Shit. What to do now? Well, the only bahis firmaları choice was to try and change the tire himself, something that he wasn’t very good at. He couldn’t even remember if he had the necessary tools. He stepped down of the car and got soaking wet after five seconds, but he didn’t have a big problem with that, he had always loved the rain, it usually smells good especially when you are in the middle of the country, like he was now, in a warm summer day. He walked to the back of the car to open the trunk. He discovered that, to his surprised, not only he didn’t have the tools to chance the flat tire, he did not have a spare. It must have been stolen or something, he thought. Great. Just great. He looked at both sides of the road, hoping to find someone to help him, but he was alone, as far as he could see. It was a very secluded road. Then he realized that, just a couple of miles from the road, in the middle of the field, was a house. Strange, he thought, that someone would have a house here, in the middle of nowhere. Why?

He decided to walk there and ask for help. While he was walking, smelling the awesome aroma of rain in wet grass, he felt that his t-shirt was getting very heavy and sticky because of the rain, so he decided to take it off. Oh yes, he liked the feeling of water in his skin. The drops would run from his big chest all the way down to his navel. I wish I could get naked right now, he thought. He was always having these crazy random thoughts, always about sex, feeling sexy, or doing crazy sexy thing. The hormones of a teenager in an almost thirty year old. He thought about having a hot guy fucking him in the grass, butt naked, pulling his hair in doggy style position, under the rain. Wouldn’t that be amazing? But no, despite being a nice, cute and intelligent guy, he was alone. Something that is very common these days.

Sean reached the house door and pressed the doorbell a few times. He was about to kaçak iddaa give up when the door got open. And there he was. Mark. Although Sean, after just one millisecond of seeing Mark felt a big spark being lighted up in both his heart and his cock, he didn’t know that Mark would be the most important person in his life. That Mark would get him naked tonight. That Mark would sleep with him tonight and many nights ahead. That Mark would get into his heart and into his brain. That Mark was going to dominate him for the rest of his life. That he was going to beg Mark, repeatedly, in the years to come, to strip him down and punish him. That Mark was going to make a sex slave and a lover out of Sean. That Mark would collar him. That Mark would own him, body, mind and soul. And that Sean would be as happy as a human being can be.

– Hi, sorry to disturb you, I was wondering… – Sean said.

– What are you doing out there in the rain? Come in! – Mark ordered, with a big smile in his face, the kind of smile that someone has when they find out unexpected good news.

That was the first order of many that Sean took from that tall, muscly, handsome guy of black hair and blue eyes.

– My name is Mark, and you are?

– Sean. Listen, my car is out there, got a flat tire, I was wondering if I could use your phone?

– Sure, when the line comes back, this damn rain!

Mark saw Sean standing there, shirtless and wet, and he knew. That was it. Thank god, he was getting very tired of looking out for the perfect guy. At his 35 years old, Mark was getting tired of the game of chasing guys or getting chase. Finding a right partner can be difficult to anyone, but is especially difficult to someone into the gay BDSM scene.

– Hey Sean, while we wait for the phone line to come back, why don’t you get a shower and I can give you a coffee, so you can dry up.

– Wow man, that’s very nice of you.

Mark showed Sean into the kaçak bahis bathroom.

– Ok, give me your clothes so I can get them into the dryer. – Mark said.

– Oh thanx man…

Sean was waiting for Mark to leave the bathroom, but he understood soon enough that Mark wasn’t going anywhere.

– What? Do you want me to leave? What are you? Twelve?

Sean laughed nervously and just now became conscious of his semi hard cock. His heart started pounding. Mark was so fucking hot! Did he want to see him naked? What was going on? Why was he getting naked in a stranger’s bathroom? Oh my god – Sean thought to himself – I do crazy shit when I’m horny.

A blushing Sean striped down, and when he did and handed his clothes to Mark, he tried to control his hard on, but Mark shamelessly stared at his cock.

– There’s nothing to be ashamed of Sean, I know I’m attractive. You are too, your body is great and you have the face of an angel, if you don’t mind me saying so. If you feel sexy, it’s because you are. And if you get a hard on, it’s because you are a healthy young man.

Sean’s cock grew immediately to a full mast. He was shocked by Mark’s words.

– Now, here’s a towel – Mark said – sorry, it’s a really small one because I wasn’t expecting any visitors, so you won’t be able to tie it up to your waist, but it will help you get dry. Get a nice hot shower and I will see you in the living room. Naked. Ok?

Sean couldn’t believe what he was hearing.

– Yes.

– Good boy.

Sean’s cock grew even more at the sound of those words and Mark could tell.

– Yeah, I knew it. – Mark said.

– What? – Sean replied.

– Just hurry up.

– Yes.

– Say… yes Mark.

– Yes Mark.

– You have a really nice body Sean, you should be like this all the time, always naked.

Mark closed the door behind him. Sean stood there in the middle of the bathroom, naked, horny, with a full hard on, wondering what the hell was going on. His heart was beating fast, his mind was racing and he couldn’t forget Mark’s words and his beautiful smile. He was under. What was going to happen now? – He thought.

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