After the After-School Party Ch. 02

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The sun coming in from through the blinds the next morning woke me. I had a momentary panic as I thought ‘where the hell am I’, before remembering I was in John’s bed. Then, as the fog cleared from my brain, I realised he had his arm around me. I moved myself a little closer in to his grip, memories coming back of the night before.

After the pure urgent lust for each other downstairs, John had invited me to his bed. I had gathered my clothes from the sitting room floor and followed John still naked, Jason was well out of it, and even if he did wake up and see he would still be so drunk he would not realise what was happening.

When I entered the bedroom John took me in his arms, holding me gently, and kissed me. Not the raw hard kiss he had given me before, this time caressing my mouth with his. He lowered me on to the bed and continued kissing me. I responded, letting my hands wander across his firm 42-year-old body. He pulled he closer, our naked flesh touching, there is nothing on this planet like being against somebody flesh to flesh, probably the biggest turn-on I know.

It didn’t take long for my cock to get hard again.

John must have felt it pushing in to him, he let his hand wander down to softly stroke it. I reached down to his huge manhood, semi-hard, I copied John bahis firmaları and started working it gently. As his cock grew so did his passion, John pulled me closer, his hand grabbing the cheek of my arse tightly forcing my groin in to his, at the same time his tongue drove harder in my mouth.

As I opened my mouth to let his tongue in, I could feel his hand move between the cheeks of my arse and his finger beginning to probe my ring. At first he just let his finger run around my hole, but soon he was testing it, seeing if it would accept his touch. I pushed my hips backward, trying to encourage him and I gasped as the tip of his finger entered me. He kept a tight hold on me with one arm, finger-fucking me with the other.

Suddenly the finger disappeared, I wanted to cry out ‘NO’ but his other hand had forced my face in to his chest. Just as suddenly his hand was back between the cheeks, and I realised what he had done. He had reached over somewhere and put some lubricant on the finger, this time it went in smoother and deeper, he repeated the process again, but this time he slipped two fingers up there. It felt so good.

He pulled back a little, looked at me and raised his eyebrow, no words were necessary I knew what he wanted and I nodded ferociously. Our bodies parted and kaçak iddaa he reached in to a bedside drawer and took out a condom. John went to open it but I took it off of him. I ripped the packaging open and moved toward his huge member, kissing it before sliding the rubber over it.

Then I lay back and pulled my legs wide and back so that John could fuck me. I let out a gasp as his cock penetrated me, he looked at me worried but I smiled at him.

“Fuck me John. Fuck me now” I whispered.

He pushed his manhood inside me, slowly, tentatively at first but lust soon took over and he rogered me, getting faster and faster, fucking me deeper and deeper. Suddenly I saw his body tense up as he shot his load into the condom. He slumped of me, looking totally exhausted. I had a raging hard on.

I pushed him on to his back and kissed him gently before straddling his chest, he wanted to reach up and suck me but I pushed his head back and began to stroke my cock over his face. I kept jerking until I felt my body spasm and my cum shot all over his face. He wiped his hand over it and took some of it into his mouth but I moved his hand away and lent down toward him and used my tongue to clean him off. When I finished he kissed me, his tongue searching my mouth for the taste of my cum.

The kaçak bahis memory of the night made me hard again, but I knew John’s wife, Barbara, would be home in an hour and besides it was always possible Jason would wake up. I gave John a kiss to wake him, I could see first the confusion in his eyes, then the remembrance and finally a warm smile, just before he returned the kiss.

We got up and dressed quickly and were both sitting at the table in the kitchen when Barbara got home. John got up and gave his wife a kiss on the cheek, cool as anything, not a hint of the fact he’d spent the night having a gay extra-marital affair!

“I’d best warn you Barb,” he began, “Jason got himself in a bit of a state last night.” I saw her roll her eyes heavenward. “It was lucky he had Danny with him” John continued, “Danny practically carried him home on his own.”

“Thanks Danny” said Barb, coming over and giving me a kiss on the cheek, “I’ll give him a piece of my mind when he gets up.” She gave a short laugh and winked at me. “

John said, “I need to get off to work. Danny can I give you a lift?” I agreed readily.

John drove me to my house, during the journey he’d told me about the hotel we’d be staying at, how things worked etc. When we reached my house his left hand stroked my leg, teasingly sliding it up and down my inner thigh.

“I’ve got a little something in mind, I’ve got to run it past Barb first but I’ll call you soon.” I put my hand on his and squeezed it in acknowledgement. I couldn’t wait.

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