After Dinner Drinks Ch. 02

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With our fingers intertwined, we began braiding the strands of brown waste, trying to make a rope. The shit broke in two. Diana licked the point where it tore and smoothed our rope together. I licked her tongue to get the taste back to myself. Our braid was complete and she placed it between her tits, nipples pink and erect. I grabbed her head and savagely drank her mouth in, our tongues racing for each other. The shit braid smashed into my tits as our torsos became one. Our caresses became tender and we rubbed the smear all over our fronts while massaging each other deeply. Our kisses were less fierce and more gently. I pinched some shit around her nipples gently and she sighed in a heavy, sexy voice. As the turd-braid was smashed, it released the most fervent and rich odor, one that was enriching, not of putrid digestive gasses, but of inside flesh-infused passion. We then slithered and smeared the coating on our fronts, our skins attaching ourselves to each other fiercely; this was our glue!

A slow mutual tongue bath followed, taking in the extraordinary mix of shit, saliva, and sweat. When I reached her puss, a thick gelatinous rope of salty goo folded into our sauce. We drank.

Her fingers entered my asshole, two at once. They moved like an eggbeater, searching for more mud, searching to please me.

“Carla, I want to feel your insides,” she said.

“Go on, love, more, I can take it.”

In my own self-satisfaction, I had finally gotten my fist inside myself. It wasn’t too comfortable, not because of the size, but the angle. I never had anyone do that to me. Red had tried months ago, when we had our wild night in Germany, but he couldn’t enter me, I was too tight, it was too painful. Diana however, had delicate wrists and hands. I might be able to experience my dream.

A third finger went in, I hardly felt it. She knew it didn’t hurt me at all. I bucked my bottom toward her violating hand. She put in a forth.

“Oh, jeez, Di, that’s full, more, twist around,” I cried, and started tonguing her ear, near my mouth.

Her fingers began shifting and pumping my ass, which was opening to meet them. It felt so full, so complete. My rectum felt like it did when I jammed a huge squash in there and pumped myself, but more. She wrapped her thumb behind the fingers and pushed harder, seemingly not caring about my taking it. It pushed hard against my tight sphincter, almost splitting with her fingers inside.

“Carla, relax, I’m going all the way, love, all the way. Breathe in deeply. I won’t stop, love.”

I did as she instructed and my dilated anus slowly absorbed her hand.

“Ughhhhh,” I cried, “ooooooohhhh, Diiii, no. Go, go, more, nooooo, goooo…..ayaaa…

And in it went past my rubbery ring, opening up to meet her petite fist. I couldn’t believe it, I was getting hotter as the pain came and went. I relaxed as her entire fist went in, I gasped. The feeling was one of total fullness, I didn’t sense any pain any more.

“Stop,” I whispered, and she did.

I rested a moment to take in what was already inside me, to mentally prepare the assault I knew was forthcoming. I slowly inhaled and pushed out gently, wrapping the insides of my rectum around her tightly balled fist.

“Oh Jesus, Carla, I can feel your heartbeat inside you, through my hands, I can feel your body’s pulse. You are so hot in there, your heat, I have your core.”

I pushed out with my ass harder now, as if shitting, forcing her fist deeper.

“I’ve got you now, you lucky anal slut,” she whispered, and moved to lick my cunt deep in the gash.

Then the pumping began. Diana started in slow piston-like actions, in and out, never letting her hand leave me. My nerves were on fire, my ass was alive and I met her strokes. My nipples suddenly became rock hard, sticking out to the moon. Her mouth found one and began biting it. Her lips alternated between my tits and my cunt, always teasing the clit as she found a rapid pace to fist fuck me. I was on my back, one of her hands was pressing my legs back, keeping my ass open and clear, her forearm buried in my hiney. Her head motion constantly twisted her arm’s position inside me which at first was distracting and uncomfortable. As her pace quickened and the sliding grew smoother, she focused on my engorged breasts.

Then, as I heated up and embraced her violation, as she thrust her hand into me, my nipples swelled up and my tits popped out; with her withdrawal, the nipples sank. They matched her strokes in and out. She was pumping my ass hard with her fist deep inside, the entire thing was in my rectum. And it didn’t hurt at all. Her speed quickened, thrusting away. Now her mouth found mine and we slashed tongues, all shit-coated. My tits continued to mimic the fist fucking downstairs. bahis firmaları There was no longer any friction, my ass was slippery with whatever and her whole hand, fist, and forearm went freely in and out. I was overjoyed at this accomplishment since I had been waiting for someone to do that to me. The wholeness of it all washed over me for the second time in my life.

With a slight change of position, my nasty lover grabbed me closer with her free left arm, holding my legs wide open. I needed something in my cunt and reached around to finger fuck myself. I brushed against the discarded zuchini and without hesitation grabbed it and jammed the bulbous head up my pussy. I felt the tip slam into my womb, and pushed it harder. Di rolled to the side and the sharp end of the green food scratched her tits. She yanked it out with anger, not losing a beat in my ass and just slid her other hand, fist and all, up my cunt, which was wide and breathing on its own. Now the two balls of her fingers hit each other across my inner membrane; I felt the insides of my rectum and cunt kiss each other. Two fists hammering in rhythm inside my swollen holes.

It was too much…. I was roiling toward the most monstrous cumming a girl could ever dream of. I really believe I was achieving an anal orgasm with the entire hand of my lover capturing my inner ass and pulling me over the top. I was falling freely, my holes juicy and blinking in the space only I knew as heaven. As I neared my ecstacy, my ass on fire, she managed to kiss me again, this time passionately and she wouldn’t stop. Her cunt hand pulled out of me as her mouth sought mine in position to maintain her anal fisting. I was being mulched, she was trying to punch out my insides.

With each ass thrust, her fingers tried to grip my insides, then then hand withdrew a little, and the cycle repeated itself, accelerating each time. My pulse was meeting her fever. Her tongue was wildly trying to grab mine, the position awkward with her keeping up the arm-fucking. In the half-light of my daze I saw her quickly close her eyes, remove her mouth from mine and say, “I gotta.. sorry.. I’ve got to…

And without more warning, she sneezed wildly, throwing a glistening long gooey snot slug from her nose onto my lips. I was breathing heavily, not aware of much and I slurped the salty oyster in. Ohhhh, I remember the taste. I wanted all of her insides, any hole, anything. I was going there, going stronger, and I went to kiss her mouth again, to drink her sweetness. I sucked her nose in, sweeping the nostrils for more slime.

Diana quickly rotated around at the last minute to 69 me, keeping her arm moving in my asshole, the fist twisting around deep within my lubricated bottom. Now I was screaming for her to release me. I felt as if I really needed to shit, my tubes trying to contract whatever shit was in me, but there was no way out, her hand was packing it deeper and the tension was giving way to my full, deep rising anal orgasm, I moaned and cried out again. She tried to tongue my cunt, but that almost displace her fist. She plopped her wet sloppy ass over my mouth and it opened, releasing a dark firm log.

I took it in as I shook. My whole body quavered and rocked uncontrollably and violently. I shot her fist out of my back end as I came. I grabbed her waist and pulled her brownie into my own mouth and swallowed her biology, so completely. It must have been seven inches that I ate, mostly without even tasting. My ass was heaving smoke, my cunt was getting in on the action simply through excitement. The shockwaves rolled and rolled as my orgasm clamped my legs tightly around her head, bringing her tongue into my extruded anus. It wouldn’t quit. She smelled of lust, of filth, of love. I tried to yell through my full throat, but she pushed out another shorter turd and clamped it off. This one I tasted before squishing in my mouth and drooling it out on my face. She punched her fist into me deeply again, not content I was through, and I wasn’t. My thunderous rising came from the gut. I felt the ecstatic weightlessness that arrives with coming, I fell, fell, fell and was spinning. It started with my stomach, through my intestines to my asshole.

My pussy met the groaning of my ass and all climaxed tremendously. I gasped. I cried out. I begged her not to stop, and I wet her hands more. My poor cunt was shivering with glee and as it rolled over the top. My anal canal sucked her arm in deeper, then clenched hard around it. I coughed and choked a primal grunt and whimpered as the coming washed over my existence. I gagged some more as the waves took over me. They continued for what seems to be hours.

I had a moment of memory taking another person, a lover, a man inside me for the first time, opening my body for another. This was kaçak iddaa a similar first, only this time a woman was in me, her body in mine, a connector of hers, in fact a large one begging my opening and welcoming of her flesh. I cradled her within my own skin, inside me, warm and loving, more than any man, more than anyone…

When my heaving subsided, Diana pulled her arm out of my ass slowly, covered with my grime, all packed on her fingers. I was out of breath. Without knowing, because I had lost any control of my body, my own packed shit began to flow out. My thighs were straining with unregulated contractions, almost burning. I slowly squeezed an enormous hard log on the sheets, right through Diana’s gorgeous hair.

“No, you don’t, cunt,” she laughed, and ignoring my blissful state, flipped me over her mouth, securing my tortured anus to her lips. The sloppy brown pucker was probably as wide as a baseball and it felt as if she couldn’t even get her mouth around my hole. The fist had pumped me full of air and I had to fart. I just let out an enormous pressure burst into her lungs. It was long and fluttery. She didn’t miss a beat, but gulped my gas into her breath. Another large shit contracted out of me into her and she ate it whole, her body writhing in the grinding ecstacy.

“Carla, jeez, Carla this is powerful… more, more.”

I heard her lips smack and she moaned. I dove for her cunt, tonguing her slit. She just carried me through the most intense climax of my life, she deserved at least that. My face rocked into the big snake I just laid on the bed, under her now bucking buttocks.

“Your ass is, ughhhnnn, swollen, love, it’s so pink, it’s loveleeeee,” and her fingers and lips massaged the distended rubbery rings, still bubbling with pulse. My ass and cunt couldn’t feel much at that point beyond the dizzy sensation of unending bliss and I concentrated my senses on the wonderful chewy flavors she was pouring into my mouth.

My head found her cunt and dove in for the kill. My face was lathered with her ass frosting as I nibbled her pink tacos. I packed them full of the meat I scooped off the sheets, filling the lips to overflowing. Her clit stood tall and wiggled around my nose as I probed her woman hole. She tasted like nectar, the stench of her gut around the absolute scent of her womb. Her hips grabbed my head and rocked back and forth as she met my pulse.

We were shit-covered beasts, like chocolate animals gobbling each other up. I felt the sublime slippery eel of her tongue inside my ass and kept thinking, “it’s time for your pleasure, love, I’ve had mine.”

And she bucked her ass into my mouth and I shot my tongue far into her, licking the remnants of her last snake. The musky scent was overpowering and rough.

“Your fingers, finger me deep,” she huffed.

Tongue back on her brown-caked vulva, I easily slid my index finger in her asshole, quickly followed by my third finger. I felt her gasp slightly and tighten up for a moment.

“Does that hurt?” I asked.

“No, sweetie, no, more,” and her sphincter relaxed a little.

I moved my fingers in a circular motion, spreading them slightly to open her up a bit more. They touched a packed truffle still lodged in her rectum. I was now deeply pounding her cunt lips with my lips and tongue, my approaching violence meeting her grinding pelvis. I moved my fourth finger into her asshole and it seemed to swallow all three. I turned the hand a little to test her comfort.

“ummm, oh Carla, that feels great, I want more, all, give meeeee.”

My pinky crept up the whole so the four fingers, clustered like an arrow, were burrowed in her anus, the pucker relaxed to welcome my violation. Her asshole was well lubed with her bottom juices, my spit, runs of her shit and it all went in without much fuss.

“Carla, please, Carla, your fist, give me your hand,” she said.

“It’ll hurt you, you’re too tight, I don’t want to hurt you, love, no.”

“Carla, try, you cunt, please, love, more, your hand…”

“You can’t Di, you won’t be able to…”

But I wanted her to enjoy our moment so much, I folded the thumb under the rest of the fingers and pushed. It wouldn’t go. I saw the pucker stretched out to its limit. I pushed harder, and she pushed back, trying to get it in her.

“Uggghhhhh,” she cried.

“Di, no, I can’t, I’ll tear you in half”

“Carla, again, push dammit, push in me, harder.”

I tried once again, while turning my entire hand. But it only stretched her more and I could see the tension and feel the pain. I immediately pulled back and reinserted the four fingers, slowly pumping her with them.

Her groans were of relief and her pleasure returned. I vigorously resumed my cunt eating and sucked her shit-packed kaçak bahis pussy. Then I noticed the blood, the deep, red liquid dripping below her asshole. I had split her! I had harmed my lover!

“Di, oh my, shit, you’re bleeding, do you feel it?”

I pulled out my fingers, they were covered with red gunk. I got very scared and stopped suddenly.

Her oncoming orgasm, however, had not stopped for a second.

“Carla, eat me, make me scream, don’t stop. Drink it! Taste my blood… don’t stop now, go, go!”

In the passionate moment without hesitation I licked it up, the redness, and its saltiness was all the more enticing. It was thick. I sucked her cunt deeper and then saw the blood wasn’t from her ass, it was thick, gooey, and wiggling from her slit. I licked off my fingers, and slammed them back into her gaping rectum. Within a second, I knew what it was. Her cunt pushed out to reveal an enormous globulous red shiny mass, a messy ball of menstrual goop.

“Surprise, my thick flow,” she gasped triumphantly, “I’ve been saving all week, hoping not to lose it.”

I relished it, very acidic and pungent, the shit tingling on my tongue mixing with those new forbidden flavors. Di heaved and heaved toward orgasm as my mouth slurped up her monthly mess. The shaking of her body as she reached orgasm, my fingers deep in her, caused me to lose a little pee into her mouth, my full weight not on her face. She gasped and moaned long and deep and she shot out my fingers from her ass as an unreal orgasm fell through her flesh.

“ummmmm, oh, oh, yeahhhhh, oh,” she cried out as she came hard into my face.

Her bucking hips threw her legs back around my head which pulled my face deeper into her. The final turd was propelled out of her and it stuck to her ass hairs, dangling for a moment before I tongued it in. So hard still, so rich and chewy, I loved this worman! My asshole was so wide and stretched, I could only imagine she had half her head inside it. When she came it was if she was anally ejaculating, I don’t want to corrupt our female pure lovemaking with man verbs, but she shot her spurt into me. It was a pale brown murky slurp that shot from her, the inner grease of her love tube, the bloody clumps from her menstrual pussy, and several unexpected shots of piss all flowing into me.

“Carrrrlaaaaa, I love you so much, I can’t believe….mmmmmmmmmm.”

In a frenzy I massaged her wonderful pinkness with clods of shit that were now everywhere. I bit into and chewed her rancid vulva, smeared and defiled with her shit; the cave to her womb impacted with her bowel meat. Her heaving seemed vocanic in its spewing of sulphuric scent, but more intimate than anything I have ever known. Her moans were turning softer to quiet whimpers as her breathing slowed. My mouth started licking the wetness around her dilated cunt and her belly rose up, then down slowly as her legs relaxed. A thin stream of pee trickled out and dribbled on my chin, then onto the sheets. I lapped at it as it gained pressure and before I knew it, a small jet was filling my waiting mouth. I drank from her gentle fountain, trying not to lose any. It tasted fresh and hot, I swallowed it, gargled with it, savored it. Her stomach pushed and the stream became fiercer, splashing my face before I could reposition my mouth. It ended all too soon and we kept our faces in each other’s bruised slits for several minutes.

I crawled off her and turned around, kneeling over her beautiful feet, facing her. I scooped up our feces from the pillows and from her ass crack, she hardly moved, moaning softly. With two shit-caked hands, I rubbed her opulent breasts brown and lay down on my nasty lover. As our embrace grew tighter, the clay oozed between us, a mortar sealing us together. The scent released was both heavenly and earthly at once. Our kisses started playfully, but soon moved to deep passionate lesbian tongue-dancing events. She pressed the bottom of my tongue to the roof of my mouth and savored each of my bottom teeth. I drank her shit-hued saliva and glued my face to hers. I couldn’t let her go.

As our heartbeats became one, her tongue still pushing mine around delicately, my senses detected a sweet sticky pungency, of tomato earth, of fresh plowed soil, of fields in a salty season.

The tender kisses purred a brown sweet woman’s moist presence upon my silken lips. As we melted in each others’ arms, my body’s insides seemed to pour slowly out of my gaping holes, relaxed and distended to the world. The liquids seeped out uncontrollably onto the sheets, a wet milky stream from my gut pooling under us, lubricating our tangled legs and our sleepiness. We drank in the rank and sensuous odor as we closed our eyes. My ass so pumped full of air, my entire lower abdomen; I just continued seeping out long farts, slow thick ones, without any muscle movement, they just flowed all night long. We drifted dreamily off, so completely spent, and cleansed only by our immense releases and our love.

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