Adventures with Lisa Ch. 04

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I woke the next morning before Brad, I showered and headed out for a walk before I had to face the embarrassment of speaking to him.

He’d made a fool out of me right from the moment we met and my ego was bruised. I felt disgusted with myself for what I did the previous night. I felt like I could still taste his cum in my mouth, along with kebab and alcohol. My head hurt like a bitch.

I walked a long way, along the coastal paths that morning, the weather was beautiful and I needed to clear my head so I just kept walking. I was miles from the hostel when I got a text from Lisa.

I’d texted her some drunken apology before I went to bed the night before, saying some shit like I’d do anything to get her back and asking if we could meet for a chat. Her reply was typical of Lisa, but at least i got a reply.

“You better be sorry, you were well out of order.” She wrote. “If you want me back then a lot of things need to change.”

She agreed to meet me that night to talk things over, which was a relief. I wasn’t sure where she’d stayed, it certainly wasn’t in our dormitory. I began to think about if she’d been with James, if she’d stayed with him and they’d had sex. The usual thoughts that I’d been having for the last few days.

The more I thought about it, the more horny I got. I was surprised she swore so blindly that she’d never cheated on me. I was convinced she had. She had me right where she wanted me now though. I couldn’t accuse her again. Perhaps it was time to finally admit to her that it turned me on, I thought to myself.

I walked all the way back to the hostel trying to hide my erection in my shorts, thinking about Lisa’s possible infidelity.

I met her at eight, at her request, in a nice bar that I hadn’t been to before. She walked in looking stunning. She had a short black skirt on, one that she knew I liked, with a low cut red top and she smelt amazing. It felt like a first date or something. I was really nervous.

I went to kiss her on the lips, but she turned her cheek.

“Not yet you don’t.” She said in a typical controlling tone. “Besides you’ll ruin my lipstick.

“You look stunning .” I said.

“Thanks, it’s amazing what a good nights sleep in a nice comfortable bed will do. I feel refreshed.” She said smiling and taking a sip of her drink.

“Oh, where did you stay?” I asked as casually as I could.

“In a hotel in the city.” She replied. I thought what the hell, I need a break from that shitty hostel, listening to everyone snoring all night.”

We ordered some drinks and sat on a high table by the window.

I was desperate to ask if she’d stayed there alone, but I obviously didn’t want to antagonise her. Plus I was half afraid of the answer, so I left it.

“I’m glad you had a good nights sleep” I said “I wish I was there, it would have been nice to cuddle up properly in a big bed.”

“It was.” She said with a smile on her face.

I didn’t know what to say to that. What did she mean it was? I just looked at her awkwardly.

“You’re dying to know who I was there with aren’t you?” She goaded me, smiling seductively as she spoke. “But you’re not going to ask me, are you?”

“I don’t think I want to know.” I replied nervously. “Do I?”

She put her hand on my bare knee, I was wearing shorts, and looked into my eyes.

“What did you get up to while I was away?” She asked, changing the subject.

I told her Brad and I had gone for a few drinks, neglecting to mention about the Strip club and the hooker.

“Oh yes, güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri Brad. He’s your little masturbating friend isn’t he?” She said, obviously remembering him from the other night.

“Um, yeah that’s the one.” I replied coyly. “He’s ok though.”

We made general chit chat for a little while until I got up the courage to ask her I If she planned on coming back to the hostel.

“Well, we can’t really afford for me to be staying in hotels all trip can we?” She said. I was relieved and delighted. “But I do have a second night booked so we’ll see. Like I said, things have to change though. I think we need some honesty.”

“I’m listening.” I said

“Danny, I know you get off to cuckold porn, I know you think about me with other guys, I know it turns you on.”

I sat there with my mouth open, not knowing how to even reply.

“I’ve seen your lap top, I’ve looked at it to search stuff and all manner of things come up on it. I know you read cuckold stories about guys who’s partners fuck other men, about guys who suck cock and eat cum out of their wives pussies.

Although she’d mentioned this before, I thought she was joking. I was usually pretty good at covering my tracks and deleting my history.

“Which is why I can’t work out why you’re so god damn jealous all the time.” She continued. “I teased you about James and you clearly loved it. I’ve been testing the waters for a while now. That’s one of the reasons I flirted more than I usually would with James. Because I thought you’d like it.”

I still didn’t say anything, I just looked at her, speechless.

“So?” She said, raising an eyebrow at me. “are you going to be honest and admit that’s what turns you on?”

I finally found a way to say something. “Ok I guess that it does turn me on.” I admitted. “But I’m afraid, if it became a reality that I’d lose you. That’s why I’m so jealous, because I love you and I don’t want to lose you to… him” I couldn’t bring myself to say James’s name.

“You’re not going to lose me to him.” She replied. “He’s a fucking airhead.”

I can’t explain the relief I felt when she said that. But she hadn’t finished.

“He’s got a magnificent cock, but that’s as far as it goes.”

‘What the fuck?’ I thought to myself, without saying it. ‘She hadn’t seen his cock, had she? I just looked at her in a way that asked the question.

“Yes.” She said with a look of guilt on her face. “If that’s what you’re asking?”

My heart sank again. Had she just admitted to me that she’d been with James?

“What you and.. “

“And James, yes.” She said, trying not to laugh. “I’m sorry I’m laughing, I’m not trying to rub it in, it’s just nerves.”

“What last night, in the hotel?”

“Yes.” She replied, a little more seriously. “I did it because you drove me to it with your possessiveness, I did it because I wanted him but also because I know its what you wanted too. If you’re honest, deep down.”

“And?” I asked calmly.

“And what?”

“How was it?” I found myself asking.

“Well, maybe as I know it’s one of your biggest fantasies, I can tell you all about it in bed tonight?” She said leaning in to kiss me.

We Shared easily the most passionate kiss we’d ever had, there in the window of that bar, she ran her hand up to my crotch to find out my cock was about as hard as it’d ever been.

“I knew it.” She said smiling at me “you little perv.” She laughed. “Come on, let’s go back to my hotel, if you can last that long.”

I felt güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri a feeling I’d never felt before as we sat in the back of the taxi to the hotel. I felt relief to have her back, extremely jealous that she’d cheated on me but at the same time the most turned on I’d ever been in my life. It was a bittersweet feeling, but I felt closer to Lisa than I’d felt in a long time.

She ran her hand up the leg of my shorts in the taxi, I was so horny I thought i was going to cum any second. I had to move her hand away it was that bad.

It was as much as I could do to not rip her clothes off in the lift up to her hotel room, we shared another passionate kss in the elevator. She was as horny as I’d ever seen her.

Lisa led the way down the corridor to her room, I checked out her peachy arse as she walked ahead of me. Even though I’d seen her arse in a sexy skirt a hundred times before I had never wanted to rip it of as much as in that moment.

She led me into her room. I immediately noticed it was a mess, like the mad hadn’t been in to make the bed or anything. Her clothes were on the floor in a heap and it smelt like sex.

“Oh, hasn’t the maid been today then?” I asked.

“No, she knocked but we were, um.. you know!” Lisa replied. I knew only to well what she meant, but I acted dumb on purpose, so she’d have to say it out loud.

“You were what?” I asked, looking into her eyes. She grabbed my crotch and rubbed away through my jeans. Undoing my flies and reaching inside to my hard prick.

“Do you really want to know?” She whisperd in my ear, her breathing getting deeper with lust.

“Yes, tell me everything.” I said excitedly.

“Everything?” She teased me, jerking off my solid cock. “Only if you fuck me while I’m talking.”

She pulled her knickers down, stepped out of them an held them up to my nose. “Smell good?” She asked rubbing them on my face.

“Amazing.” I replied. I thought I could see some dried cum on the gusset as she began to stuff them in my mouth. They smelt , predictably like pussy, but I suspected they had the remnants of his cum in them too. ‘Did she use a condom?’ I wondered.

Lisa laid down on her back and stuck her legs in the air. “Lick me!” She instructed. I made my way down her body kissing her tummy all the way down to her clit. I sucked away at her delicious clit as she moaned and writhed around.

“Oh yes.” She squealed as I put my tongue up inside her hole. “Oh my god.” I wasn’t sure if it was my imagination, but I definitely dectected a different taste. I couldn’t taste the rubber from a condom, I began to wonder whether she’d let James cum inside her.

Her pussy smelt and tasted amazing, not fresh though, like she’d spent the day getting fucked. I could see her pussy lips were swollen as well, like she’d been bouncing up and down on a gigantic cock, which of course she had.

I licked away at her clit until she came hard, screaming the place down. She held her hand on my head firmly as I brought her to orgasm.

I made my way back up to the pillow and held her as she recovered. She looked at me lustfully as said. “How did I taste?”

I knew something was up, but I answered as casually as I could. “You tasted good as always babe.” I replied.

“Different good?” She asked with a wicked grin on her face.

“Why different?” I asked coyly.

“Because i didn’t shower before I came to meet you and, you know, I probably needed one.”

I didn’t answer her, although I could tell she wanted güvenilir bahis şirketleri me to, it was like she was dying to tell me something and I suspected I knew what it was. I didn’t know how I felt about her letting someone else cum inside her, but I was too horny to care in that moment.

“Ok, fuck me.” She instructed, opening her legs. I climbed on top in a missionary position, so I could look at her as I fucked her.

As I entered her it became immediately obvious that she’d had a big cock inside her, it barely touched the sides.

“Is it in?” She asked jokingly.

“Fuck off,” I replied, I was offended but brushed it off.

“Sorry, it’s just, you know. I can’t really feel you.” She said as I pumped away, trying to get as deep as I could inside her, without cumming. “Oh yes, that’s better.” She said as I increased my pace. “I can definitely feel something now.” I stopped for a second to gather myself and stop myself from cumming.

“You’re so turned on at the thought of me getting fucked senseless by James’s wonderful cock that you’ve almost cum already.” She said as I desperately tried to stop the cum oozing from my dick.

“Stop it.” I said as I got myself together and began to fuck her again..”

“Stop what?” She said laughing “stop telling you what I’ve been doing for the last eighteen hours? I thought that was the point! I thought you wanted to hear everything!?”

“I do, but..”

“But your little cock can’t handle it. It’s so turned on that I’ve been getting fucked my something several times it’s size that it just wants to explode, doesn’t it.”

I couldn’t believe what she was saying to me, humiliating me as I was fucking her. I couldn’t believe how much it turned me on. I stopped again.

“Don’t you fucking stop.” Lisa said abruptly. “Just because you’re not man enough to take the fact that my pussy’s been filled up by a real man.”

I continued fucking her slowly, trying hard not to ejaculate.

“If you cum inside me I’m going to make you lick it up.” She said smiling and licking her lips. “I’m going to make you kick your own cum out of me, how do you like that?” I didn’t answer.

“I asked you a question you little cuckold.” She said, getting more assertive. “How would you like to like your own cum out of me, like you’ve just licked James’s cum out of me?” I stopped again and looked at her, slightly gob smacked.

“That’s right.” She said, James emptied several big loads inside me last night, and today and you just licked me out. I mean most of it was probably soaked into those knickers i stuffed in your mouth, but either way…”

With that I shot several loads of jizz right inside Lisa’s slutty little vagina. “Oh my god.” I shouted as I filled her up. FUCK!!”

Lisa crawled out from in underneath me and pushed me onto my back. She hovered over me, hold my cum inside her with her hand and moved herself up so her cunt was right over my face. She then removed her hand and let the remnants of her hot shaven snatch trickle into my open mouth.

She rubbed herself over my face and covered me in our combined juices.

“Well that was fun.” She said. “Tomorrow I’ll let you witness it first hand.”

“You’re going to fuck him again?” I asked swallowing the last of my juice.

“Of course I’m going to fuck him again, I’m kind of addicted to his penis. Sorry but it’s true babe.” She said cuddling into me. “I mean it’s great that it turns you on so much too, it’s like we’re sharing the experiences in two very different ways.”

“And you’re going to make me watch?” I asked.

“I’m going to make you do more than just watch.” She said with a wicked look in her eyes.

My heart sank again, I was going to have to get used to this if I was to keep my relationship going with Lisa. I thought to myself as I drifted off to sleep in her arms.

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