Adventures with Angela and Janet

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Big Tits


A week had past since Janet came to dinner, and enjoyed her first experienced of anal intercourse. Before she left our home, she had expressed her desire to leave her husband, and come to live with Angela and I.

I was working in my office when Angela walked in still naked after her shower. God she was a sexy creature, she stood opposite me and patted her long legs and stomach dry. When she arrived at her large firm tits she rubbed them vigorously, making her nipples protrude even further. Next she slipped the towel down to her hairless cunt. She rubbed it between the gaping lips and stimulated her erect clit. Groaning loudly when she brought herself to orgasm.

This wasn’t the first time Angela had put on this erotic performance; it was a frequent occurrence when she was feeling particularly randy. She told me that bringing herself off whilst I watched increased her enjoyment immensely, I asked her; “Have you been thinking about Janet again?”

Angela nodded smiled, and told me she thought Janet would have moved in before now. Angela and I reminisced about Janet’s gorgeous body, her red silky Basque, and the erotic experience of sharing her delightful small body. Angela teased me, telling me that I was desperate to fuck her friends arse and was devastated that she hadn’t moved in.

I told Angela that she was the only woman I needed. She was beautiful, funny, unbelievably sexy and an outrageous exhibitionist. Angela thanked me for the compliment and disappeared into the well of my desk. She took my hard cock in her mouth and gave me one of her expert blow jobs. Whist Angela was blowing me; she frigged her cunt and brought us both to orgasm.

Angela popped up above the desk, and rested her two magnificent hard tits on the desk top licking her lips salaciously, as she savoured and swallowed my sticky semen; “Your semen tastes of Whisky, how much did drink at the Golf club last night?”

I replied, I’d had a couple of doubles and that was all; “Drink more next time it makes it taste delicious.” She smiled like a small child, who had just discovered something tasty and new to eat. “You are disappointed that Janet didn’t come to live with us, aren’t you? I know I was so looking forward it.”

I told Angela that, Janet was capable of making her own decisions, and perhaps, she’d changed her mind, Angela replied; “But she told me she’d thoroughly enjoyed the two of us making love to her, and was longing to do it again.”

I knew that Angela and Janet were meeting at the Gym, later that morning. I advised Angela not to raise the subject of Janet leaving her husband, leaving Janet free to make her own decision; “She’ll be under enough pressure and doesn’t need us badgering her to move in.”

Angela agreed not to discuss it with her friend. She leaned over the desk, cupped her gorgeous large firm breasts in her hands and thrust them towards my mouth. I kissed both hard nipples, also Angela’s puckered lips before telling her; “Go get ready for the Gym, and brush your teeth, your breath smells of Whiskey.”

Angela was laughing and swinging her naked arse provocatively, as she left my office. A few minutes later she walked back in wearing her Gym kit. She gave me a long kiss before she ran out of the house to meet Janet. I tried to get on with my work, but Angela and Janet luscious but very different bodies, were never far from my thoughts.

A couple of hours later Angela charged through the front door, shouting for me to come downstairs, she needed a hand to unload her car. I made my way down the staircase presuming that she’d visited the Supermarket, returning home laden with carrier bags of food as usual.

When I stepped out of the front door I saw two cars parked on the drive, ours and Janet’s. Angela was walking towards me struggling with two large suitcases; “Janet’s left her husband, and she’s moving in.”

Janet’s pretty face popped up from the boot of her car, she smiled and asked; “I hope it’s alright Ken?”

Angela reassured her that it was more than all right, it was fantastic news; “Ken’s desperate to fuck you again, aren’t you?”

I asked if Angela had contact the local newspaper with that titbit of information; “You might as well, you’ve just told all the neighbours. Take Janet in the house I’ll unload the cars.”

Janet stopped to give me an affectionate kiss and a hug, which crushed her large breasts into my chest. She blushed furiously when Angela called out; “Don’t fuck him on the drive, wait until he gets inside.”

I shook my head in resignation; I had long ago, become accustomed to Angela’s outrageous behaviour. I gave Janet a playful slap, on her delicious firm rump as she ran to join Angela. I carried suitcase after suitcase into the hall, and piled it high with Janet’s belongings.

After closing the door I walked into the kitchen to join the girls who were chatting excitedly. Angela turned and told me; “Your first job is to phone the Italian bahis firmaları Restaurant in town, book a table for three for 6-30. Then we have to go and buy a bigger bed, ours is too small for three.”

I looked across at Janet whose face turned bright red; she looked down at the floor to hide her embarrassment. I asked Angela if we shouldn’t wait, Janet should decide what the sleeping arrangements were going to be. Angela replied that the two of them had already decided; Janet would be sharing our bed. “Isn’t that fantastic news Ken, she wants us to fuck her again?”

I held out my arms and they both rushed into them laughing. They hugged and smothered me in kisses. Angela told me to carry the two large suitcases upstairs; they contained most of Janet’s clothing. She told me not to bother with the bags containing underwear; “We won’t be wearing any.”

The pair of them ran upstairs leaving me to lug the two heavy suitcases into the master bedroom. When I entered Janet and Angela were standing side by side with their arm around the others waist, totally naked and grinning at me.

The contrast between their naked bodies was marked. Angela was taller, had a fantastic body with slightly larger tits and a shaved cunt. Janet was tiny in comparison. She too had a gorgeous body, and large firm tits. A shock of bright ginger hair covered her cunt. I dropped the suitcases onto the floor, kicked off my shoes, ripped off my shirt and slacks allowing my long hard cock to spring to attention.

Angela slapped Janet’s naked arse playfully telling her; “We haven’t got time for a fuck. But you can suck Ken’s cock, while I eat your delicious little cunt.”

Angela lay on her back at my feet; Janet straddled her face and lowered her cunt onto Angela’s waiting mouth. Janet smiled up at me, as she gripped my long cock in her tiny hands. She slipped it into her small open mouth, closed her bright red lips around it and sucked greedily. Angela had impatiently started feasting noisily on Janet’s tight little ginger cunt, eliciting a low groan from Janet.

Angela told her; “Let us know, when you’re going to come. Ken can come in your mouth, and you come in mine.”

I could see Angela was furiously stimulating her own wet cunt, she was determined not to miss out on an orgasm. After a couple of minutes Janet plucked my saliva coated cock from her mouth and groaned; “I’m going to come any second, God what a welcome.”

Janet’s tiny hands were pumping my cock, as she ran her tongue around its bulbous throbbing head. She was groaning loudly and a long shiver rocked her tits across her chest; “I’m coming now and so is Ken.” My cock had started to jerk in Janet’s tiny hand. Semen spurted out some of it entered Janet’s open mouth. The rest splattered onto her pretty face.

Angela was wriggling her arse around on the carpet as she brought herself off. Janet screamed; “Ken’s come is all over the place. Some of it is in my mouth, and the rest is trickling down my face.”

Angela sprang to her feet, and kissed Janet open mouthed, they exchanged my semen and Janet’s fluids. Angela licked the come from Janet’s pretty face frigging her cunt as she did so. Janet trembled and groaned as another orgasm assaulted her.

My cock dripped its last few drops of semen onto the floor. Angela saw it and slapped my cock playfully. She asked Janet; “Could you taste the Whiskey in Ken’s come? I could this morning it was delicious.”

Janet ran her tongue around her mouth pausing to study the result before replying; “It tasted different, last time it was quite salty. This was thicker and very sweet, it’s delicious.” They were both laughing as they walked into the en suite bathroom to clean up.

Angela told me to grab some clothes, use the other bathroom to wash and change then wait for them downstairs.

I did as I was told, had a quick strip wash, put on my clothes and went to the lounge. I could hear the pair of them, laughing and giggling in our bedroom. An age seemed to pass before I heard their footsteps descending the stairs. The two of them marched into the lounge holding hands. I couldn’t believe what they were wearing.

Both wore black Micro Mini skirts and red silk blouses that were far too tight. Their prominent nipples strained at the thin shiny material. Angela’s and Janet’s large tits looked as if they could burst out of the blouses any second. The blouses gaped between each button, as they struggled to contain their large breast. Both had bare legs, and wore six inch stiletto heeled shoes.

Their faces were fully made-up, with bright red lipstick liberally applied. They tottered around arms outstretched asking as one, what I thought. I burst out laughing; “You look like a couple of whores. Beautiful, sexy whores, but whores none the less.”

They jumped up and down, hugging each other and laughing. Then they tottered over to me and smothered my face with lipstick, as they kissed me still laughing and giggling. kaçak iddaa They wiped the lipstick from my face, and told me; “We are a couple of whores, but we’re your whores, and we don’t mind who knows it.”

I laughed, and hugged them both, rubbing my hands over their tight arses as I asked; “Underwear?” Angela and Janet smiled excitedly and shook their heads.

We walked to the car; lord only knows what the neighbours thought both of them flashed their naked arse as they clambered into the rear seat. I drove into the city centre and parked the car outside the largest department store in town.

There was a building under construction opposite the store. When the two girls clambered out of the car; the workmen went berserk whistling and shouting lewd comments. Angela and Janet waved, and blew kisses to them before we walked arm in arm into the store.

We rode the escalators to the third floor; I deliberately let the two of them go first. I boarded three steps below them to see what the view was like. Their skirts were so short; I could see most of their wonderful naked arses. Angela enquired smiling; “What’s the view like from down there?”

I told her it was fantastic, God knows what people behind me thought. The faces of people travelling down the escalator opposite were amusing. Women either glared at, or elbowed their male partners when they turned to look up the girl’s indecently short skirts.

Angela and Janet chatted animatedly knowing exactly what was going on behind. Walking straight into the bed department we started browsing. Quickly we were joined by a smart looking salesman in his mid forties, who asked if he could assist. Angela asked which was the largest in bed in stock with an early delivery date. The salesman led us to a Super King Size bed telling us it was the largest size available in the U.K.

I listened to the salesman’s patter; he told Angela about the beds revolutionary springing, the extra padding that covered them. The salesman went on and on about quality of the damask top. I watched his eyes, dart first to Angela large hard breast then to Janet’s protruding nipples. The poor guy was sweating profusely and didn’t know where to look.

Angela solved his conundrum, she stepped closer to the bed, and keeping her long legs straight. She leaned forward on the pretext of testing the beds firmness; she shoved down on the mattress two or three times. Each time her tits bounced on her chest and her short skirt rose further up her thighs.

Janet also stepped forward to examine the mattress. The salesman felt compelled to avert his bulging eyes. He turned and asked me, what I thought of the bed. Angela replied the bed was for her and Janet. They were twins; I was their rich Uncle and was only there to pay for the bed.

I had to walk away before I burst out laughing. I pretended to examine a couple of beds nearby. I sat down where I could watch and hear what was being said. Janet had thoroughly enjoyed watching Angela tease the hapless salesman and decided to join in the fun.

She asked if they could try out the bed. When the salesman said they could. Janet slipped off her shoes and jumped backwards onto it squealing in delight. The springy bed threw her splay legged into the air. The salesman got a brief tantalising glimpse of her ginger pubic hair. Angela also jumped onto the bed and flashed her naked cunt in the process.

I thought the salesman was going to have a heart attack. I stepped in and called a halt to their fun. I told the sweating salesman we’d take the bed and asked how soon it could be delivered. I think he was pleased to walk away from the pair of them cavorting on the bed. He led me to his computer, flicked through a few pages before telling me the bed could be delivered in ten days, adding that delivery was free.

I asked if he could deliver tomorrow if I paid the delivery costs. A quick telephone call confirmed that the bed could be delivered the following morning if I paid cash or by debit card.

The transaction completed I returned to join Angela and Janet who were still lying flat out on the bed; “Come on you two, let’s get out of here, before someone calls the Police.”

Arm in arm we left the store the girls were giggling as they received, glares from all the women customers and open mouthed stares from the men. When we returned to the car and the workmen were waiting for us. A dozen of them were hanging off the scaffold whistling and shouting. The girls preened at the attention they were attracting.

As we drove away they removed tissues from their handbag hoisted up their skirts and dried each others dripping cunt and thighs Then they rolled around on the back seat laughing. Janet told us; “God I’m so hot, my cunt left a little wet patch on the bed. I can’t believe how randy I got.” Angela asked; “What about those workmen, did you hear, some of the things the dirt sods were shouting to us?”

“Twins, you two are twins and I’m your kaçak bahis rich Uncle. Where did that come from?” Angela was almost crying with laughter. She told me I was like a rich Uncle who took care of them. The fact I had a big cock and fucked them was the best bit.

We arrived at the Restaurant early and went to the bar to have a drink. There were no tables and chairs around the bar only very high stools. Janet gasped when she saw them; “We can’t sit on those, we’ll show everything we’ve got.”

Angela replied; “Keep your knees together and Ken can lift us up. It’s either that or we stand?”

Their high heeled shoes were crippling them so they had to sit down no matter what the consequences were. I hoisted the pair of them onto the bar stools and sat between them. Angela was quite relaxed but Janet was blushing furiously, telling us; “That chap sitting opposite is looking straight up my skirt.”

Angela leaned forward and whispered quietly; “You flashed you ginger minge at the bed salesman. That guy is younger and better looking; give him a treat and cross your legs.”

Without any hesitation Janet parted her luscious legs and crossed them slowly, looking the guy straight in the eye. Janet did it just as the young guy was taking a drink. He sucked the wine straight to the back of his throat, coughing and sputtering as he fought to regain his breath. Janet swivelled round to face the bar, she and Angela dissolved into fits of laughter.

We chatted about our visit to the store. Angela asked when the bed was being delivered. I told her tomorrow morning, I wasn’t sure what time; it would depend on how long it took the salesman to carry it from town. The observation provoked more laughter which resulted in the girl’s large tits bouncing and trying to escape from their thin tight blouses. It was a sight that didn’t go unnoticed by the customers and staff.

We placed our orders, and were shown to a table in front window. I sat with my back to the window, the girls both faced out into the street. As prospective male customers peered through the window they were treated to a quick flash of Angela’s or Janet’s dripping cunts. They pair of them were horny and thoroughly enjoying themselves.

The more wine they drank, the more they flashed their cunts. I called for the bill, much to the disappointment of the girls. The head water told me; we were very welcome customers and he hoped we would return again soon. He presented me with a 25% discount voucher redeemable on our next visit.

I had never seen Angela so turned on she was pawing Janet’s tight arse, as we walked the few strides to the car. No sooner had she clambered into the back seat she opened Janet’s blouse and chewed her hard long nipples. She also thrust her long fingers into Janet’s sopping wet cunt. Janet’s breath rasped as she responded to Angela’s thrusting fingers. I could hear her groaning louder and louder as I drove off quickly.

I saw in the rear view mirror Janet was writhing about and sliding down onto Angela’s probing fingers. I looked back and saw Janet’s mini skirt had ridden up her thighs; her ginger cunt was in full view.

I found the two of them very distracting as I drove home through heavy traffic. It was all I could do to keep my eyes on the road when Janet cried out; “I’m coming, eat my cunt and taste my juices.” I saw her swivel round and raised one leg onto the seat. Angela immediately plunged her face into Janet’s ginger cunt and slurped in it. Janet experienced a very noisy orgasm wriggling her arse around on the leather seat.

Quickly they changed places and Janet tended to the needs of her friend. She sucked and chewed Angela’s nipples frigged her cunt and then ate it greedily. As Janet fingered Angela’s cunt, she also probed her own. The noise they made filled the car. They gasped, panted, and screamed until they both shared an orgasm. They pair lay entwined in each others arms and legs kissing tenderly. It was very clear to me, that they loved one another deeply.

Their relationship; included but transcended the sex they just enjoyed. If I ever hurt either one of them I knew that our special relationship would be over.

I had been distracted and suddenly realised we were almost home. I turned and told the girls; “Get dressed, and start to look like a couple of whores again. At present, you look like rape victims your skirts are up around your throat and your tits are wobbling all over the shop.”

They were both laughing as they dressed, and apologised. Telling me it can’t have been much fun for me listening and catching the odd glimpse of their antics. I replied; “I could watch you two, all night. You are beautiful sensuous women with amazing bodies. One day I’ll video you pleasuring each other and you will see exactly what I mean.”

Angela asked if I owned a video camera. I told her that I didn’t but intended to purchase one in the morning. I would video them when they christened our new bed. Janet and Angela couldn’t conceal their excitement. The prospect of being filmed as they pleasured each other; rang their bell. I parked the car in the drive; the girls got out and walked into the house in their bare feet.

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