Adam Ch. 01: An Unexpected Visit

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It was 8:30 in the morning. The wife had left for work over an hour ago and I had been lying on the couch naked and watching some hardcore porn for a good 15 minutes.

“I love Tuesdays.” I thought as I stroked my hard cock.

As I laid there watching this Adonis’ prick disappearing down a willing throat I heard a knock at the front door. I grabbed a pair of gym shorts and threw them on as I paused the porn. I looked out the front window and saw my good friend Adam standing at the door. I was amazed to see him there since he should have been at work already. We work together for the same company so I know his hours.

I opened the door, happy to see my friend, and asked what he was doing at my front door. He looked at me standing there in only my thin gym shorts and grinned as he said, “I was just curious what you do every Tuesday morning when you don’t come to work till noon, but now I have an idea.”

I felt a wave of embarrassment wash over me as I looked down and realized that not only was I still rock hard, but that the material of my shorts was so thin that you could see my cock rather well. Adam pushed past saying, “Well aren’t you going to invite me in?”

I hadn’t expected to have company, so I hadn’t turned off the TV, only paused the porn, when I answered the door. The look on Adam’s face was priceless when he looked at the TV. There was an Adonis of a man standing in a barn wearing nothing but a cowboy hat, hands clasped around the back of another Adonis’ head who was kneeling in front of him deep throating his prick.

Adam and I had discussed wives and chicks before, but I had never told him that I am bi and love watching gay porn, especially the blowjob scenes. Those guys are better cock suckers than any girl I have ever seen. Adam stood in the middle of my living room and looked from the rather large scene on my huge TV over to me, with my gym shorts and hard cock. His face flushed red and I thought he was about to run from the house screaming. Instead, he sat down on the couch, looked at my cock again, and then back at the picture on the TV. Without saying a word he took the remote and pressed play.

I stood beside the door still in shock as to the current situation and was amazed as Adam sank into the couch, intently watching as this gorgeous hunk of man got his salami sized cock serviced. The man on his knees was sucking and slurping cock as hard and as fast as he could. I shut the door and locked it back. Turing toward the living room again my eyes were drawn to the beautiful moment playing out on the screen. I was entranced and totally wrapped up in the moment but I was interrupted with the feeling of being watched. I looked over at the couch to see Adam looking intently at me as I stood there. His eyes were locked on my cock, which was standing rigid beneath my shorts.

“I’m bi,” Adam said as he continued to stare at me. I was in shock, all this time as friends and I never knew. I couldn’t be mad since I had never told him either, but I wondered how we had been friends for four years and this had never come up. We had worked out together, canlı bahis played sports and swam together and even showered together at the gym, but I had never gotten even the slightest vibe from him.

“I never wanted to hurt the friendship,” he said, “I was afraid you wouldn’t want to still be friends, I mean, we have been naked in the shower together before, I didn’t want it to be weird.”

I began to laugh and knew that there was a reason that he and I were always making excuses to hang out. We were both attracted to each other and had never realized that was a large factor in the need to hang out. “Well, I may have seen you naked before, but I’ve always been curious as to how you look and feel when hard,” I said as I walked over to the couch, my manhood swaying back and forth beneath the thin fabric.

As I stepped around the couch to have a seat I noticed Adam rubbing himself through his suit pants. I felt an electric charge run through my body and shivered. I had fantasized about something sexual happening between the two of us for a long time and could not believe that something was about to happen.

Adam smirked up at me from the couch and asked if I liked what I saw. It was only then that I realized that I had just stopped and starred at him for an awkwardly long time. I grinned as I sat down on the big sofa next to him. I immediately reached over to where he was straining at the seams of his suit pants and gently stroked his cock. Of the two of us Adam is shyer than I, so I decided that since he wasn’t running away I would take the initiative and make the first moves. I continued to stroke Adam’s cock through his pants as I moved closer on the couch so our legs were touching.

I rubbed slowly on his member, letting the fabric gently pull along his manhood and realized after a minute that there was almost nothing between my hand and his cock. “Are you not wearing anything under your pants?” I asked.

Adam shook his head and began to tell me how he liked to wear thin suit pants with nothing else so that his cock would be visible in certain lights or positions. He liked to catch both women and men looking at him. He said it was a major turn on knowing that those people would be thinking about his cock for the rest of the day.

It all made sense. There had been many times where I thought I could see the outline of his cock at work, but just assumed it was my active imagination trying to get me into trouble. As I sat there deep in thought, trying to remember those days at work I felt a tickle on my inner thigh. Adam, it seemed, was being more aggressive than me and was running his hand strait up under my gym shorts to my naked cock. His hand found me and he gripped down firmly but gently. I felt that electric spark shoot through me again as my cock responded to his grip.

Adam, still holding onto my cock under my shorts, deftly moved from his place on the couch to the floor and knelt between my knees. He began kissing his way up my thighs and slowly pushed the material of my shorts further up my legs as he went. His lips tickled against the hairs of my thighs bahis siteleri and the combination of sensuality and ticklishness combined to leave me feeling lightheaded. I watched as his kisses brought him closer and closer to the head of my cock and I felt my leg getting wet as my cock dripped in anticipation.

Adam’s lips came directly in front of my head, his tongue snaked out of his mouth and he barely touched my throbbing head, but he managed to pull away with my pre-cum on his tongue. It looked like a little spider web connecting my cock and his tongue as he pulled back slightly. He grinned and began moving back toward my rigid member, his lips parting ever so slightly to allow the head of my cock to press its way into his mouth. My cock entered his mouth and we both let out a small moan at the same time. He let me fall from his hot mouth and began kissing up and down my shaft. He paused. Looked up at me and told me he had a confession. He said he had never actually been with a guy before but had always wanted to. I told Adam that I hadn’t done much with other guys but not to worry. I told him to keep kissing and sucking on my cock and that we would take things slow.

Reassured he lowered his head down to my cock again and let it fill his mouth. I assured him that it felt great and to keep going, just to bob his head up and down slowly, applying pressure on me with his tongue. He obliged and slowly started bobbing his head. His mouth was so tight around my cock, I couldn’t help but swell up even more. He started rubbing my inner thighs, he seemed nervous, but his solution was to touch me even more. I watched intently as my cock pressed into and then sank back out of his mouth. His lips pressed against my shaft, my cock getting wetter and wetter. I wanted to cum, but wanted to make sure he was ready. I told him to look up at me, to look me in the eyes and to keep going no matter what. He started to pull away, ready to ask a question. I knew what he was going to ask, so I grabbed the back of his head and held him in place. I told him again, to look me in the eyes and not to stop. I said I’d let go of his head if he would keep going. I stretched my arms up behind my head and looked down at Adam as he continued to suck my throbbing member. He was being good and kept eye contact but I could see the fear in his eyes. He was scared of me cuming in his mouth for the first time.

I told him not to worry, it might be a bit of a surprise, but I’d warn him as I came. I could feel my orgasm building and he could tell I was close. He started to slow but shook my head and he built up speed again. As my orgasm grew to explosive proportions I could barely maintain eye contact but I managed to somehow keep eyes locked as my cum filled his mouth. He struggled with it, chocked, and cum trickled out of the corners of his mouth and down my cock. I told him to keep going until I said stop.

When I was sure that he had sucked every last drop of me down I told him he could stop. His face was flushed and he looked timid for the first time in our whole friendship.

I told him to stand. It was becoming bahis şirketleri clear that I was the dominant one in this friendship.

He stood and his rock hard erection strained the fabric of his suit pants to the point that I thought they might tear. I stood and began unbuttoning his shirt. Then I told him to turn around and face the TV. I hit play on the porn again. As I stood behind him I ran my hands down his chest, teasing his nipples, my cock still hard pressed up against his ass. I undid his belt and loosened his suit pants. I reached into his pants and squeezed his throbbing member. With my other hand I pushed his pants off and let them crumple to the floor. Now my dick was pressed against his naked ass and my hand was wrapped tightly around his cock. I stroked him gently, cupping his balls in my other hand. He was already dripping pre-cum, every stroke and his cock was getting slicker and slicker. I walked around to the front, we stood face to face, his cock still in my hand, I reached down and grabbed my cock, bringing them against each other and began stroking us together. His hot dick pressed up against mine was driving me mad.

I told him to sit. He did. I told him to watch the porn. He did. I told him to tell me what he though about giving me a blowjob. He started saying that he liked how my cock was hot in his mouth, how he felt in control, but also at my mercy. He said he liked looking into my eyes because he felt an amazing connection.

I lowered my practiced mouth down, breathing the hot breath of my mouth against his cock. He shuttered and shook with the feeling. I knew that I was doing my job right. I let my tongue fall from my mouth and slowly licked from the tip of his dick all the way down to the base. I traced the veins of his manhood with my tongue and slowly flicked little places here and there.

When I finally stopped licking and held my open mouth, just so, in front of his cock, he looked like he was being tortured. I licked my lips, and prepared to truly take my friend, and friendship, to a different level.

I sucked, slurped and slathered his cock like there would be no tomorrow, his face a mask of ecstasy. I began to hum a little tune as I sucked his cock, a little trick I had learned about eating pussy, seemed to translate to cock sucking as well. As I hummed my tune he kept moaning and moaning, trying to speak but unable to come up with the words.

I began to feel him swell in my mouth, his cock seemed to be growing much bigger than I had thought it could. I knew he wouldn’t be long and the next thing I knew his cum was hitting the back of my throat. He kept coming and coming. I didn’t think he was a heavy cummer, but he surprised me. I chocked, sputtered and dove back on his cock for more. His cum was like candy, some of the sweetest I’ve ever had. Instantly I knew I was addicted and would have to have more.

I let him fall from my mouth with a little pop and smiled up at him. I could tell from the look on his eyes that he would need more too.

I told him that we would be late for work if we didn’t get on with the day. Told him to go rinse off in the master shower so we could head to work. As I heard the water come on in the bedroom I began to walk back there myself. I gave myself a wicked smile in the bathroom mirror and opened the shower door…

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