A Sister’s Scent

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I knew it was risky, but I had to know. I didn’t know why I needed to know so much but the desire had been growing in me for days and I just wanted it over with. So that’s why I snuck into my sister’s bedroom that night. It was going to be quick, I’d grab her underpants, sniff them, put them back and go. Curiosity solved. Talk about the best laid plans of mice and men.

You’re probably wondering just what I’m rambling about; I should go back to the beginning. I’d finished my first year of university and to celebrate I’d gone to stay with my older sister Drew who lived up the coast from the city.

Now, Drew and I had always been close but never too close. That said, she was a beautiful woman and I had been a lonely teenage boy. I’d certainly fantasised about being with her a few times but I knew that that was all it would ever be and that was fine with me. My whole sex life was a fantasy even by the end of that year at uni. I’d tried to pick up, I’d even managed to go on a few dates but nothing ever happened.

So when I found myself alone with Drew for all that time, my thoughts started to wander again and I remembered my teenage fantasies. And she was different too. At home she’d been quiet and reserved like me. Now she was lively and happy. Her daggy clothes in drab colours were gone and she was wearing bright colours and clothes that closely fitted her body, showing off her perky breasts and oh so cuppable backside. And she’d cut her black hair back short, revealing her pale neck and the new dragon tattoo she had on it.

My real problem began one day on the beach. I never really liked going to the beach but she insisted it would be fun. I took a book and tried hard not to observe her too closely in her skimpy bikini. She was teasing me about wasting my life in dusty old books and I was determinedly ignoring her, so she snatched it away from me. I asked her to give it back and she taunted me. “You’ll have to come and get it,” she waved the book around in the air.

She halkalı escort was smiling and I had to accept I was being an ass so I decided to join in and started chasing her around the beach. After constantly being thwarted in my attempts to grab the book I changed my tactic and went for her instead. I wrapped an arm around her waist as she tried to dodge past and my foot slipped in the sand as we went.

We landed laughing on the ground but my head was on her thigh. I was face to face with my sister’s crotch. I could see the faint bulge of her manicured pubes pressing against the fabric. And there was a whiff of something I’d never smelt before. It was lost in the ocean breeze and she quickly wriggled back off but it had been there.

I shook my head and went back to the game but later that moment came back to me. The smell was enticing and I had to know if it really was her sex. I knew I shouldn’t be thinking about my sister’s crotch but I didn’t care. It was a personal fantasy I wasn’t going to act on so who could get hurt?

Problem was, that sniff wasn’t enough. I had to know. I spent far too much of my time devising ways to get another whiff. In my head I’d be forward and tell her and end up burying my head in her crotch; but in reality I figured I’d sneak a sniff of her panties.

I raided the laundry basket while she was asleep one night but the smell was faint at best. I needed fresh access. And I knew how to get it.

Every night Drew would take her clothes off in her bedroom, wrap herself in a towel, then head to the shower. It frustrated me no end as she always walked passed me on the couch to get there and the towel didn’t quite cover as much as she thought it did. But it made my goal so easy – wait for her to walk past one night, slip into her room and sniff the panties she’d just taken off.

Which is where I came in. Like I said I knew it was risky, but I’d been going nuts thinking about olgun escort it and it didn’t seem like that big a deal really. Only, when I held up the lacy briefs to my nose I couldn’t just throw them back down. The smell was still not all that strong, but it was alluring. More than that though, I knew that what was in my hand had only moments before been pressed up against Drew’s private most parts and it was so intoxicating.

And that’s why I was standing in a semi-trance in the middle of Drew’s room when she walked in, her underpants held in both hands against my face. For the longest time we just stared at each other in shock. Then I dropped the precious fabric and began stammering in an attempt to explain what really didn’t need explaining.

“You filthy pervert,” she yelled. “How long have you been sniffing my underpants?”

“This is the first time, I swear,” I said.

She was moving in on me angrily and I paced backwards to get away, but her bed was right there and I fell onto it.

“You’re disgusting,” she kept heading towards me, I tried to shuffle back on the bed. “Getting off on stale stank.”

“I’m sorry,” I mumbled. She was standing over me, trapping my legs against the end of the bed with her own.

“Damn right you are,” the edge to her tone was gone and I noticed the wicked glint in her eye. “And now you’re going to make it up to me.”

She untucked the towel across her chest and it fell to the floor. My jaw fell with equal speed. Suddenly my sister was standing naked in front of me. Her breasts were pale with deep red nipples and areola. And her pubes, the slight hint I’d had at the beach was right. She had a neatly manicured strip running straight up from the tip of her vagina. I could just see the round nub of her clit and the beginnings of her flaps.

“You want to know what I smell like,” she said as she straddled me and began şişli escort working her way up my body, “you have to smell it fresh.”

Suddenly Drew was sitting on my face, pressing her opening into my mouth. I could feel her clit rubbing against my nose. My senses were filled with that scent and the slightly acidic taste on my tongue. It was amazing.

I grabbed her fleshy arse tight and let her ride my face. I could barely breathe but when I did I breathed in her. She pushed herself into me harder and harder and I did my best to keep my tongue in place for her. My nose was being squashed somewhat painfully against her but I didn’t care.

Finally she screamed in pleasure and I felt a rush of moisture over my mouth that spread down my cheeks. She moved down, panting hard and licked her juices off my face before pushing her tongue into my eager mouth.

“You’re mine now little brother,” she whispered in my ear. “And I’ve got so many things I want to teach you.” She kissed me again and I reached up to feel her breast, the malleable flesh warm and responsive to my touch.

“You’re a virgin aren’t you?” she looked at me. I just nodded. Everything was happening so fast. I was breathing shallowly, uncertain of what to do but knowing I was just putty in her hands. “Not for long.”

She pulled my tracky-dacks off then fondled my cock and balls roughly through my briefs. “I didn’t realise you were so big,” she smiled. “That’s going to feel good.” She quickly pulled my undies down to my knees then mounted my throbbing penis. The warmth and moisture of her surrounded me. I never knew it would feel like that. She sat on me for a moment, rocking back and forth gently. She began to rock faster and a moan escaped her lips. As she started to move up and down she fondled her breasts.

I was too gobsmacked to do anything. I lay there watching as my sister rode me, her moans growing louder as she did so. I couldn’t last long. Without even realising what was happening I started cumming inside her. I shot spurt after spurt, convulsing on the bed with each shuddering wave of pleasure. Drew rode each one, finally coming herself just as I ran to a finish.

She collapsed on the bed next to me, we were both panting hard. “My little bro’s first time,” she said between huffs. “Glad I was there for it.” She rolled on top of me and kissed me again. “This is going to be a great summer.”

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