A Serendipitious Scheme Ch. 01

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Everyone in this story is 18 years old or older. All characters in this story are fictional and have no resemblance to anyone alive or dead. This story contains incest. All sexual contact is consensual.

CHAPTER 1 : Confusing Commencement

My life was normal until my little sister moved in with me and my older sister. At 20 years of age, I am old enough to know my younger sister Claire, 18 years old, was not to blame. It was because of my love of my older sister Paige, 22 years old. However it was Claire’s uninvited help seducing Paige that resulted in my passionate affair. I never imagined the indescribable happiness that made possible because of Claire’s scheming.

Claire was living at home with Mom and apparently Claire was driving Mom insane, so Claire had to move out. I thought it was unfair that Mom would then have her house to herself, and I had to disturb the peace and quiet of living with Paige. After some convincing from Mom — ‘Max, you are going to accept Claire whether you like it or not,’ Claire moved in to the broomcloset that I was previously using as my office. I say I needed convincing because Claire was always the bratty one, always up to mischief. Despite Claire’s annoying tendencies, we got along really well. This was because of our good friendship, something that I don’t think Claire had with Paige.

Claire would probably kill me if I described her as a mini-Mom or a mini-Paige. Anyway, it wouldn’t do Claire justice to describe her like that. The obvious difference is that Claire’s breasts are nice mounds that fit her slender body, instead of the big breasts that Mom and Paige had. Claire was slender, fit and healthy; she was a top soccer player when she was at school. I really liked how she mixed in her blonde highlights into her long light brunette hair. She usually had her hair straightened.

I loved Claire as my sweet little sister. Paige on the other hand, well, it is easy to really fall in love with Paige because she is an absolute goddess. What is there to say about her? Well I could talk about her unpretentious personality, her vast shoe collection, and her romance book library, but I don’t think you are interested in that.

Let me put it this way, when she walked past you would watch her. I am not sure what I love about her body the most. She has gorgeous slender legs that kept your attention for too long. She would flick away her long wavy blonde hair and leave me breathless in wonder. When she smiled my heart would skip a beat. Her most lethal weapon was her entrancing valley of cleavage, deadly when she wore her thin shirts without a bra.

She did complain to me her right breast was a little smaller than her left, and that she had a mole on the underside of her right breast and one of side of her left breast. I told Paige these natural differences were special because it is proof her beauty was real, and she was not some airbrushed plastic bimbo. Then she hugged me and invited me to watch her pose topless.

Sorry, I should clarify, Paige is a model. Most of the time Paige does fashion work, but occasionally she does some erotic photography. It happened a few weeks ago when I noticed she was troubled by something. She was sitting on the lounge watching TV, so I dropped myself down on the couch beside her, and bumped her with my shoulder to get her attention from the TV.

I asked, “Hey, what’s wrong?”

“Oh nothing,” and she sighed.

“Come on, what is really bothering you?”

She was hesitant and paused in thought before she turned and looked at me, “Ummmm, I err…, I am doing a job tomorrow and I not so sure I want to show my breasts.”

“Paige, your figure is amazing. You should be proud of your body.” I was looking in her eyes, I meant it.

“Yeah but..,.” Paige looked down at her chest.

“No buts, now what are you really worried about.”

She poured out with words, “Well my right breast is slightly smaller than my left”

I laughed, “That’s normal, just lean in to the right, nobody will notice.” Maybe I shouldn’t have laughed.

Paige continued, “…and I have two black moles on my breasts. I should have got them removed or something.”

I was a little confused, “What, that doesn’t even make sense.”

“Here, let me show you,” Paige said as she looked down to her chest. With her right hand covering-over the top of her left breast, her left hand she pulled down the left side of her top and strapless bra.

“See,” Paige said.

I looked down and could see the side of her fleshy left breast. On the side of her breast I could see a small black spot which must have been the mole she was talking about.

“Oh,” I exclaimed.

“The other mole is on the underside of my right boob.”

I smiled because I now knew the source of her anxiety was minor. Paige pulled her top up and readjusted which jiggled her boobs.

I looked in to her eyes. “Ummmm Paige, you are a beautiful woman, these natural difference are ok. You aren’t a surgical bimbo with airbrushed beauty. It is fine.”

“Thanks Max”, halkalı escort Paige was happy now. She leaned over and gave me brief hug, but released me too soon and straightened up. Paige continued, “But I am still worried there will be a creepy photographer”.

Moments before I had held Paige: I was still lost for words. “Ummmm…,” I looked at her with a blank gaze.

“Max, Can you come with me?”

I mumbled, “Err, I suppose…,” and I didn’t quite realise what she meant at the time.

“Thank you” and she leaned in to hug me again. I was prepared this time and I gave her a gentle squeeze.

So I went to Paige’s first topless photoshoot.

CHAPTER 2 : Problematic Photographs

There was nothing remarkable about the Studio. It was basically a large empty apartment. In the corner of the studio there was a white leather chair, a bed with white linen, and white curtains against the walls. Paige was in a frilly white knee-length dress with a fancy black belt.

She wanted me here to keep an eye on the photographer, so I stood behind him slightly to the side.

Paige was so nervous. She didn’t make any effort to do sexy poses. She was just stood upright adjacent to the chair and bed, and for reasons I didn’t understand the photographer didn’t seem to care. Before I knew it, the photoshoot began. The photographer was planted firmly behind the camera, clicked away until he spoke the next instruction.


She pulled the arms of the dress down her shoulders which revealed her black bra straps, then the white cups with black frills. Paige was cute when she was nervous. I gave her the thumbs-up with a big cheesy smile. She giggled and flicked her hair away.


Paige bent forward which displayed her magnificent cleavage. She continued pulling the dress down along with the flimsy belt.

*Click* *Click**Click**Click*

The dress fell off her hips. Her panties matched the bra. She reached down, picked up the dress, and placed it on the chair beside her. She stood, straightened her back and thrust her boobs forward. She made a small adjustment to her panties.

*Click* *Click*

She wasn’t sure what to do with her hands as she put them behind her, then to her chest in a futile attempt to cover the cups of the bra, then clenched by her sides. It was difficult seeing her like that. It wasn’t the lingerie that was the issue, it was her awkwardness.

*Click* *Click*

She was stiff, not the natural diva I knew. I stiffened my shoulders, straightened my arms and tried to do the robot. Hopefully she would get the message, stop acting stiff. She laughed and swayed with hands on her hips.


Now it was time to take off her bra. She turned away and reached behind to unhook her bra. The straps slid down her shoulders. She raised her left arm up to cover herself, and her right arm placed the bra on the chair. Now I was nervous, it was going to happen.


She turned back to the camera with a force smiled, both arms against her chest with her hands clenched on her neck. Her breasts were covered by her arms, but I could see the valley of her captivating cleavage. I was so close to Paige revealing her hidden beauty.


Unsure, she looked around, then at me. She leaned in to the right with a smile, then her hands fell away to her sides and I could see her. It was the first time I saw her: amazing! Grapefruit sized wonders capped by large pink areola with cute inverted nipples. I had never realized her breasts were this incredible.

*Click* *Click**Click**Click*

I wanted Paige to be normal and relaxed, so I pushed my chest out with my hands on my hips in a mock pose. She had an amazing body and I wanted her to be proud of it. She looked at me with a grin and copied me. Then she brought her hands underneath her breasts and cupped them, and held her boobs while she stared at me.

I stared open mouth in amazement, and then worried she would catch me staring. I had to do something, “Err, I think I will take a quick break. I will be back soon with coffee.” The photographer grunted at me.


I was only out of the studio for two or three minutes, but it turns out Paige was right. Paige was stretched out over the bed and the photographer stood over her. The creepy photographer had his hand over her crotch and was trying to pull down her panties. She had her hands covering her panties, and she was protesting, but this photographer was being persistent.

I dropped my coffee, ran at him and shoved him off the bed. The Photographer fell against the floor. He looked up to me in a daze. The photographer seemed to realize he had gone too far. He blurted a mumbled apology, and I watched him bumble and struggle to get out of the studio in a normal manner.

After he closed the studio door I went to the chair and picked up Paige’s clothes. I turned and walked back to Paige beside nişantaşı escort the bed. I saw her looking down at her legs, upset and downtrodden. She brought her hand to her face to cover a sniffle then she swallowed. She looked at me and I saw her face. Through a parting of her hair I saw small tears were forming in her eyes. She was biting her lips. She forced a smile when she saw me. I didn’t know what to do. So I smiled to reassure her and reached out to offer Paige her clothes.

Paige took her clothes with both hands and clutched them tightly to her chest. She stood and with a small step forward and a lean in she kissed me on my right cheek. I was dazed.

“My guardian angel,” Paige broke the silence again, “I will be ready to go in five minutes.”

I chuckled, “Your usual five minutes?”

“No Max, I want to get out of here.” She smiled at me.

CHAPTER 3 : Concocted Cabal

Claire had been living with us for a week and everything seemed to be normal. Claire wasn’t a crazy party girl I was led to believe by Mom, and Claire actually helped me clean the kitchen. At the time I was watching a RomCom on TV with Claire, but I was really thinking about that fateful photoshoot with Paige, when my phone rang. It was Paige calling and suddenly I was happy, “Hey Paige.”

“Hey, Guess what Max!”

“What,” I replied without hesitation.

Paige said, “I am off to The Maldives for a week.”

“Cool, how did you manage that?”

“I’m doing a photoshoot with two other girls, good money too!”

“Nice,” I was happy for her but I didn’t know how to say it.

“Ok, I will be home in about an hour. Bye.”

“Alright, see you at home. Later.” I put the phone down, dropped back into the lounge chair, and sighed.

Claire turned me and said, “What’s wrong Max?” I tried to ignore her question, so I shrugged. Claire tried again, “Why are you moping?”

“What?” I didn’t know what she meant.

But Claire was insistent, “Something upset you, what is it?”

In casual manner I answered, “Oh nothing, Paige is off to The Maldives for a week.”

Claire was animated now, “Wow, I am SO jealous”. I smiled at her enthusiasm. “So what is your problem Max?”

“I don’t know”, and I looked away as I said, “I miss her when she leaves,” and I thought this was innocent enough.

Claire was unrelenting until she got an answer that satisfied her. “But you see her all the time, and it is only a week.”

“Yeah, that doesn’t stop me from wanting… I mean missing her.” Oops!

Claire brought her hands to her face covered her mouth, “Oh my …you love her.”

I frowned and tried to correct Claire, “No, I said I miss her.”

Claire said “Admit it, you love her. I know now.”

I couldn’t admit it, at least not to Claire. So I tilted my head and shrugged my shoulders, but Claire understood me too well. Claire asked, “So what are you doing about it Max?”

I tried to think of something to say and I said, “ummmm, nothing,” but only because I couldn’t think of anything to say.

Claire waited a moment before she asked, “So do you want me to help you?”

“Sure,” again, my response seemed innocent enough.

“So what do you want me to do?”

“Ummmm, I don’t know.” I had no idea was Claire was talking about.

“I could send her to a masked party with you and introduce you as a multimillionaire playboy. NO, I will get her drunk and make her share your bed.”

“What!” I was surprised by Claire’s tact.

Claire tilted her head and raised an eyebrow at me, “Oh, is that too obvious?”

I tried to explain, “I mean, I love her but I don’t think sleeping with her will work.”

“Oh come on, you are always there for her, it could help both of you.”

I was skeptical of Claire’s motives, “Why are you so keen for me to sleep with Paige?”

Claire looked to me with a cheesy grin, “Maybe I am helping my big brother.” I frowned at Claire, now I knew something was wrong. She continued after a pause, “Maybe I want to corrupt my big sister.”

I was even more curious now, “But why?”

Claire muttered, “Well…,” and paused for a moment before she said, “I hate how she ignores everyone else except people she needs. She ignores me and never cares how I feel. I want her to want you.”

I was stunned. I had made the same mistake with Claire but now wasn’t the time to bring that up. I said, “Claire, that isn’t true, she does care for you but she doesn’t always show it.”

Claire replied, “Well too bad, you are getting my help whether you want it or not.”


As far as I could tell, nothing special happened that week, and I was happy about that. It was on the weekend that I discovered Claire’s devious plan. I was using my computer browsing the web with nothing in mind. After a while I decided I should probably do something, so I went to the lounge room to talk to Paige.

Paige was sitting on the lounge chair reading a book with her legs up on the coffee table. She şişli escort wore a red t-shirt and white shorts leaving plenty of exposed flesh for me to admire. She was probably reading one of her trashy romance books.

I was curious so I asked her, “What trashy romance book are you reading?”

Without missing a beat or looking away from her book, “It is not trashy; I think the story is lovely.”

Aww, Paige was adorable, but as her little brother I couldn’t let an opportunity to embarrass Paige escape. I could see the title of the book and I asked her, “What is the book called?”

Paige replied, “Her boss, her master.”

I laughed a little. Paige winced but she continued reading.

“So does that mean you are into bondage?”

Paige snapped, “No! It is a beautiful romance of a girl by this guy who rescues her from the streets. He gives her a job and teaches her to love.”

With a silly accent I said, “Hello miss, I need some photocopies done…and a blowjob. ASAP!”

“Ha. Ha. Very. Funny.” Paige said each word deliberately for sarcasm’s sake.

I tried another approach, “Are you happy with work?”

She gave up on the book, put it down on her lap, then she looked over at me, “Yes and no.”

I raised an eyebrow, “What does that mean?”

Paige replied, “Well, I get to travel, but a lot of work I don’t like.”

My investigation continued, “Like what?”

“Well last week I did a job at a convention. I stood around all day while every guy hit on me. Yuck!” I laughed and Paige seemed to be amused by this.

Paige looked me in the eyes, “And they don’t send bodyguards to protect me.” I looked away. I was probably blushing.

“Manuel!” It was Claire in the kitchen yelling for me do to something for her.

Ever since I downloaded the Fawlty Towers TV show for Claire, she had been calling me Manuel when she ordered me around. I had to take the opportunity to leave without being embarrassed by Paige, so I stood and went to the kitchen without hesitation.


Claire was in her blue sundress making sandwiches. She put down the knife down when she saw me, “I have a plan.”

“Oh, no.” It was a gut reaction.

“Listen, agree with everything I say today.”

I mumbled, “Well, I can’t say that I …”

Claire interrupted, “Shut it, if you follow my lead everything will turn out ok”

“Oh, no!” When Claire schemed things could turn out really bad.

Claire gave me her look, and then she turned towards the doorway and yelled out, “Paige, lunch is ready.”

I heard a faint, “I’m coming.”

We were all sitting around the kitchen table eating sandwiches when Claire spoke.

“Let’s all go to the pool at Mom’s house. She is working today so she won’t bother us.”

Paige was looked at Claire and said, “You mean she won’t bother you.”

Claire frowned at Paige. I wasn’t sure what Claire was up to but I knew this was my time to speak, “That is a great idea Claire.” I remember this because it was so tacky. I hoped Paige didn’t call me out on that.

Paige was looking down to her sandwich, “Oh, I was going to finish my book.”

I quipped back, “Bring it with you, you can read by the pool. Join us.”

With a smile, Paige looked at me and said, “Ok!”

Claire looked at me with a frown. Did I do something wrong? Wasn’t Claire’s plan to get Paige to Mom’s house?


I was about to open the front door when Claire cornered me, “She is supposed to go for a swim, you idiot.”

“Oh,” I suddenly realised how stupid I was. I will see Paige in her bikini if she is swimming.

Claire said, “Don’t worry, I will make sure she gets in.” I was worried, Claire had an evil grin.

Paige stepped out of the bathroom in her red sundress with a shoulder bag. “Are you two ready?”

“Yes,” I replied.

Claire looked me with a slight grin, “Don’t forget the lotion Manuel, you are going to rub it on me.”

I was intrigued by her mysterious evil plans, “Yes, Madam.”

Chapter 4 : Poolside Perversion

I was sitting on a sunbed in my shorts and without a shirt wondering: should I get in the pool immediately or should I wait for the girls?

Claire walked out the glass sliding door to the adjacent sunbed in her yellow bikini. It was a triangle and strings affair. Her breasts were fairly well concealed by the figure hugging bikini, but I could see her nice firm tits. Claire’s hair was loose and fell over her shoulders, a few strands over her breasts. I might not have always paid attention to Claire, but then I realized she was a real cutie.

Claire looked to me, “Manuel, Did you remember the lotion?”

I replied, “Do you want me to rub the lotion on you now?”

Claire looked at me, “No, you idiot, it will run off in the pool. Do it after we swim.”

“Oh!” I was such an idiot. I looked away wondering where Paige was.

I turned back to the house and saw Paige stepping out the sliding doors. My jaw hit the floor. It was a red two-piece bikini, a thin tubetop that struggled to contain her ample cleavage, and a small red triangle panty.

I reflexively swallowed then asked Paige, “Is that the Red Bikini from the Spring Catalog photoshoot last year?”

Paige smiled, “Yes, do you like it?” Paige put her hands on her hips posing for me on the spot like in the cover shot.

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