A Perfect Fall Pt. 02

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Cute Asian

In Chapters 1-6, Jessica (a beautiful white wife) and her daughter Becky became submissive and willing slaves to their seductive black neighbor Amy. Although not necessary, reading Chapters 1-6 will make this story make a lot more sense and is highly recommended.


This story could fit a lot of categories such as lesbian sex, anal, group, incest, fetish, interracial, toys, etc and is easily one of my more over the top stories. But in the end, the story is a racial fantasy that is extreme in nature. So if you are easily offended, I highly suggest you quit reading now.


I woke up feeling really strange. It was only yesterday that I had willingly allowed myself to become a sex slave to my black neighbour. It was only yesterday that I ate cum out of my daughter’s ass after she was ass-fucked by a massive black cock. It was only yesterday that I was fucked in the ass by my vice principal in front of three students from my school. It was all only yesterday. Thus today everything seemed so surreal. What do I say to my daughter? My husband? I fretted in bed late and when I finally got up my husband was gone and my daughter was in the kitchen dressed in a complete hooters outfit. My daughter walked over to me and gave me a big hug. She, reading my thoughts, said, “Mom, things are still the same. I still love you. I still will excel in school. I still will play all my sports. The only difference is now I, I mean we, have a mistress.”

“Um, ok,” I said.

“Oh, one more thing is different too.”

“Only one,” I joked.

“Well probably more than one,” she laughed, “You can have me between your legs anytime you want. You can taste your daughter’s delicious nectar anytime you want.” She was now in front of me, her breath on my ear. “You can fuck me anytime you want or I can fuck you anytime you want.” My legs bucked a bit as her hand caressed my ass and she nibbled my ear. She then gave me the most sexual lengthy kiss a daughter can give a mother. She then broke the kiss and said, “I could throw you on the floor right now, spread open your legs and eat your pussy till you quake with pleasure. I could grab the strap-on mistress gave me to fuck you with and make love to my mother in such slow motion you will beg for me to make you cum.”

“Yes,” I moaned, eagerly waiting for her words to become reality.

She then turned and went to grab the toast that had popped from the toaster, “But mommy, mistress said we can’t do anything till the party tonight.”

After I regained my composure I said, “Honey, you can’t do that to me.”

“What?” she asked innocently. “Did your daughter get you horny?”

“What do you think?” I asked still feverish.

“Don’t worry mommy, everything I said I would do to you I will, over and over again. By the way, mistress sent over our outfits for tonight.” She did a twirl in her perfect hooters outfit, her firm breasts barely held in against the tight shirt and her legs looked amazing covered in the dark brown trademark hooters pantyhose that make every woman’s legs look perfect. “Your matching outfit is in the bathroom.”

“Thanks honey,” I said and had breakfast. Slowly my horniness withered away and we actually talked about school and normal stuff until she asked, “So is working at school with Karen going to be weird after she took your anal cherry?”

I spit milk out of my mouth when my daughter asked such a blunt question. “How do you know about that?”

“Amy and I watched it live on the cam feed with Derek, before Derek fucked the shit out of me.”

“Oh why doesn’t that surprise me? Did you enjoy watching it?”

“Of course, although I missed a bit as Amy had me munching on her box for a while during the show. But I could tell you really got into it with that Lauren girl. I was almost jealous.”

I blushed. “Um it was nothing. It was just to see such a good girl turn into such a, well, subservient slut, got me hot and I just had to have her. I can’t even explain it.”

“Don’t worry mom. Mistress Amy told me I could have her as my personal fuck toy if I wanted. So she will be coming over tomorrow afternoon for her first training.”


“Yes, I am going to turn her into my personal slave. Teach her the exact way I like to be pleased. She is my toy.”

“Nice,” I said a little annoyed.

“Mommy, you are not jealous?”

“No honey, it’s just I want her to still be the same determined dedicated girl she was before these events.”

“Oh mom, she will still go to Harvard or wherever she plans to go, she will just also be a sexual being. Something she was gifted by that black teacher.”


“Yes her. Mom we are all better off now. I never knew such pleasure could exist. My last two practices since I became a slave were my best. All my stress, all that pressure, just disappeared when perspective was given.”

“Perspective?” I queried.

“Yes. There is much more to life then just sports; kadıköy escort or for Lauren just school. We are sexual beings and when we maximize our sexuality and find our perfect sexual bliss we can maximize everything we do. Don’t you feel more liberated mommy.”

“I never thought liberated. But I suppose it is true. The pleasure I have experienced these last 24 hours is more then I had my whole life combined. But in some ways I feel constricted now. I know that I am bound to needing that pleasure now, that I am addicted to that intense joy. How will I focus on my job? My life?”

My daughter came and gave me a massive hug. “Oh mom, wait till you go back to school on Monday, I bet you will be a better teacher. You will be thinking clear for the first time ever.”

“What if someone finds out about my…”

She cut me off. “Mom, none of the girls will ever tell. If they do, they would be punished in such a harsh way. It won’t happen. The biggest worry for me is how do I not just grab my hot teammate and just fuck her. But I don’t. Will I try to seduce her in time, I might. Mistress Amy said seducing you was the most fun she had in a long time and you know me, I love a challenge.”

I laughed. “Oh that you do. What surprised me honey is how easy you submitted. You are so strong-willed.”

“Mom, I am determined in sports, but I have always been insecure sexually. I don’t know why, but I knew the minute Amy touched me that I wanted to be hers. I had never even considered another woman before, but I knew in seconds that all I wanted was to please her. And the moment I was first between her legs I realized what I had been missing out sexually my whole life.”

My daughter then kissed me, her tongue danced inside my mouth and then she broke the kiss and said, “Mommy, don’t worry I think tonight you will get more than you ever imagined.”

She left and I went and had a shower. After the shower I put on the hooters outfit and did my usual things. I marked a few papers, did laundry, watched an old CSI and just watched the clock slowly move closer to 7PM.


Becky and I had supper together and did not once mention the night ahead. At ten to seven, Becky announced it was time to head over and that was then I started to have second thoughts. Was I really going to be a sexual servant at a party for my neighbour? Was I going to allow my daughter to be used by god knows who? The more I thought about it the more I thought no, this was wrong. I decided we were not going to do this.

I said, “Becky, this is wrong.”

Becky looked at me startled and said, “What is?”

“This whole thing; the outfits; the expectations. I am nobody’s slave,” I said with determination.

Becky laughed out loud, “Nice one mom, you almost had me going there.”

“I am serious Becky. We are not going over there. We need to be much more civilized than this. You and I are more than just sex toys. “

Becky finally realized I was serious she panicked. “Mom, you have to go. We have to go.”

“No Becky, I had a temporary lack of judgment, but I am back and I forbid you to go.”

Becky got upset. “Mom you can’t do this. You can’t disappoint our mistress.”

“Becky you got to stand up for yourself. We have to hold on to our independence.”

Becky laughed, “I agree. I independently have decided I am going to my mistress’s house.” She got up to leave and I got in front of her.

“No,” I said with great force. She looked at me, turned and went to her room.

Ten minutes passed till I went up to her room. I knocked on the door, but she did not answer. I slowly opened it and quickly realized she was not in her room. I knew instantly, she had gone out the window and was at Amy’s house. I was furious she had disobeyed me. I headed instantly to Amy’s and walked right in.

I was greeted by three women all dressed in the same hooter outfits. One was Abby Walker the local news TV reporter, another was Ashley Prollen a girl who lived three doors down the street and was a track star training for the upcoming summer Olympics. The third was Zelda Palkin, a girl who graduated last year from my school, whose parents were the richest family in town. I walked past them looking for my daughter. In Amy’s livingroom were a variety of black women, all dressed very professionally, having cocktails. One black woman was having her feet rubbed by a young brunette, but otherwise it looked like a friendly social gathering. Amy and my daughter were nowhere to be found. I stormed upstairs to Amy’s room and found her on her bed, dressed in a one piece pink sundress and matching pink stockings, consoling a crying Becky. Amy looked at me and said, “Slave Becky here was telling me you have had a change of heart.”

As soon as she said that, all my convictions withered away, “I—yes—well.”

Amy looked at me and said, “You are a whore. God Jessica, just yesterday üsküdar escort you sucked my husband’s cum out of your daughter’s ass and today you feign morals. Plus if you are so morally prudent, why are you wearing the outfit I sent over?”

I looked in mirror and saw my reflection, one that said, “I am a whore.”

Amy stood up. “You have greatly upset your daughter. Now I normally don’t do this, but since we are neighbours this one time I will. If you really wish, you can take your daughter with you and leave, we will stay friends, but you and your lovely daughter, will never, ever be allowed to eat from my pussy. You can go back to your boring suburban lives or…” she paused as she pulled off her dress and sat on her bed, “You can beg for forgiveness and crawl over here. Understand there will be a severe punishment for your disobedience.”

“Mommy please,” pleaded my hysterically daughter.

Amy said, “Now, now Becky, your mommy controls your fate. What will it be Jessica, complete submission, or your so-called freedom. I have a party to host.”

Again my body began to take control. All those morals I pretended to have faded away and I got on my knees and crawled over to Amy. Both girls smiled on the bed. As I reached her stocking-clad legs, she pulled me up and moved in to kiss me. Suddenly she slapped my face. I pleaded, “Please forgive me. As a mother I felt guilt for allowing my daughter to be used, but I should be grateful for you opened us up to a world we never knew existed. You found the sexual beast that was stirring inside of us, one I did not know even existed. I promised yesterday I would be a perfect slave and I meant it. I had a lapse of judgment, but I know my place. Use me. Punish me. Humiliate me. My servitude is more important than my husband or my job. To make it up to you, please make me do something that you have never had anyone else do. Mistress Amy, I love you. I mean it with all my heart and only now realize my weak resistance earlier was an attempt to not accept my undying love to you. Not only do you own my body, you own my heart.”

Amy then kissed me. “Jessica, don’t you see. I love you too. I could have made you my slave long time ago. The seduction was because I love your purity, your sincere heart, your beauty. I want you to be a part of everything I do, but I must know you understand your place. I know you will never do that again, but trust me I am not forgiving a second time.

Amy kissed Becky and said, “Now get downstairs and serve wine to my guests.” Becky obeyed and then Amy looked at me and then kissed me with such tenderness and passion that my knees went weak. She broke the kiss and said, “Unfortunately, I have to get to the party so I can’t discipline you now. Go downstairs and serve with your daughter. Of course, understand you can not say no to anyone’s commands.”

I responded, “I understand mistress,” and headed back downstairs.


When I arrived downstairs I was a bit taken back. Things had changed a fair amount in ten minutes. Becky, Abby, Ashley and Zelda were all on their knees eating pussy while being timed. As I walked in a woman said to me, “Whore, get between my legs, you are already behind.”

I looked up and saw it was school board chair Patricia Heet. She was the biggest bitch on the board.

I quickly went over, got between her chubby legs and started licking. I kept licking; her pussy already drenched, and got her off in only a few minutes. I learned that I had finished last.

Patricia said, “Well Mrs. Jamieson nice to see you. You were last. The person who finishes last in each event gets punished.” She looked around and then went to the table that had a smorgasbord of toys. She grabbed a massive 8 inch strap-on and bent me over. She ripped by pantyhose to get access and without any lube started pushing it in my ass. I quivered in pain as she continued pushing, even though my rectum attempted to reject her. Slowly, but surely, all 8 inches filled me as I whimpered in pain. Then she slid back out and exploded back into me, plugging my ass deeper then I ever thought possible. This ravishing of my ass continued for a few minutes until I slowly began enjoying it. She then pulled out and had me suck the toy dry.

Another black woman I did not know then said, “Ok ladies after round one it is Becky 5, Ashley 4, Abby 3, Zelda 2 and Jessica 1. For round 2 we need the boys.” She whistled and in came 15 large black men. Each naked, each with a massive already stiff cock. “Sluts,” she continued, “Your job is to retrieve 3 loads of cum down your throat as quickly as possible. The last place whore will be punished. Betting may begin.”

As all five of us got on our knees, I saw women betting on who would win this competition. Most bet on Abby, while only one woman bet on me. I looked around and still did not see Amy. Anyways, the woman said, “On your mark, get set, suck.” I laughed, but was quickly muffled by a stiff tuzla escort 8 inch cock. I quickly went to work. I bobbed up and down on his cock desperate to get him to cum quick. After only a minute I heard the woman say that Abby is on cock two. I picked up the pace and was rewarded with a load of salty cum. I then went to cock two and began sucking. I heard Jessica is on cock two and a few seconds later Becky is on cock two. As I deep throated this thick, but small, black cock, I realized just how much I loved this submission. I wanted to win, I wanted to please, and I wanted to feel the hot seed spray down my throat. As I felt the seed of the second guy spray the back of my throat, I heard the woman say Zelda and Ashley are on cock two. I quickly got to my third cock and almost choked when I saw its 9 plus inch length. I took it in my mouth and started working, I heard the woman say Jessica is on her last cock. I kind of smiled, as much as one can smile with a big black cock deep in their throat. My happiness was short lived as I heard the women say and Abby is now also on her last cock, followed by Becky is also on her last cock. I bobbed up and down, my jaw already sore, but my determination to win so great. I never got the whole cock in, but I got a ton of it and as the stud grabbed my head and started face fucking me, I knew he was close. Soon I felt his seed slide down my throat and he kept on fucking my mouth until every last drop had been retrieved. As he slid out, I looked around and saw that Ashley had just began sucking her last cock and Zelda still was working on number two. As I took a brief rest, I watched my beautiful daughter suck the cock of some 60 something old man. She bobbed up and down eagerly, not remotely disgusted by the kinkiness of the situation. At about the same time both her and Abby finished off their men. Zelda finally started number three, just as Ashley swallowed her final load. At this time, the woman said, “This time Zelda is in last place. Now as you all know Zelda is from the richest family in town. It is time to pay back that family and all the condescending arrogance.” She grabbed a camera and said, “Zelda tell your mommy who owns you now.”

Zelda looked straight into the camera and said, “Hi mommy. I love you. I also love to eat black pussy. To take a big, thick long black cock and suck it, then take it in my young ripe pussy and then have him shoot his full load right up my tight rectum. Mommy, I am a submissive slut.”

The women snapped her fingers and instantly three hard black cocks appeared. Zelda looked at the camera and said, “Mommy, watch me take a cock in all three of my holes. ” She then straddled one cock, took another in her ass and a third in her mouth. As the young girl seemed in exotic bliss, I was jealous. Why couldn’t that be me? I won.

As I thought this, I saw Mrs. Palkin walk in with Amy. I am sure it was all orchestrated, but the look on her face was pure shock. Amy said, “You got to watch your daughter’s declaration of her servitude. Now it is time for you to join her.” Mrs. Palkin said nothing her facial expression telling us little.

Zelda took a load of cum all over her face and said, “Mommy, you got to have some real cock, oh yes, fuck my ass. Yes.” With that Zelda came from the double pounding.

Amy then said, “Mrs. Palkin, undress.”

Mrs. Palkin shook her head no. Amy laughed and said, “That is one. Undress.”

She again shook her head, but with less confidence.

Amy smiled and said, “That is two. You do not want to hit three slut. Three means this video of your daughter is online in the next hour. Now get undressed.”

She looked around, realizing her predicament, and then slowly slipped off her skirt, her pantyhose, her blouse and bra. She had an amazing body still.

“Now since you disobeyed me twice, instead of getting a nice hard dick in you, you are going to retrieve the cum from your daughter’s ass.”

“No, I can’t that is incest,” she pleaded.

Amy smiled, “After you retrieve the cum from her ass, you will retrieve the cum from her pussy and keep licking until your whore daughter cums all over your face. If you do not the video goes online. You choose.”

At that moment one guy shot his load into Zelda’s ass and pulled out and then Zelda bucked up and down on the black cock until this seed sprayed inside her vagina walls.

Zelda slid off, got on all fours and said, “Mommy, please cum and clean my ass.”

Tears filled her eyes as she walked over to her daughter and buried her tongue in her daughter’s just fucked ass. The camcorder taped the incestual situation as Zelda then got onto her back, grabbed her mother and shoved her mother’s face into her pussy. Zelda was a dirty little bitch who verbally abused her mother, “Oh yes mommy slut, suck my cunt. Mistress is taping this and you are now her slave too. You have eaten cunt before haven’t you mommy, finger me mommy. I am going to be using you every night mommy. Oh mommy, you are making your baby so wet, my cunt is wet from your lesbo tongue mommy. Make me cum. Yes….”

Amy, now in charge, said, “Well welcome guests. Betting will begin on round 3 asap. Third round is who can resist an orgasm for the longest. After two rounds the score is Becky 9, Ashley 6, Abby 6, Jessica 6 and Zelda 3. Sluts lie down and spread em.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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