A Night to Remember

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I sat quietly on the sofa, watching some late night TV. The only light in the room was that from the television. I began to loose interest in the movie that was on and my mind began to wonder.

Thoughts of a recent afternoon began to fill my head and my cock began to stir. I could see myself standing there, at the top of the stairs, my young cousin lying on her bed, her silky robe open, exposing her well developed, sexy body. Her tits were firm and very large considering her age, I thought, and her legs were spread wide; exposing her near completely shaved pussy. Her open legs allowed her beautiful pussy to except the large black dildo that she was fucking herself with.

I watched her for a few minutes. As she slowly slid the cock in and out of her wet pussy, I was amazed that my sexy young cousin could take it all. It was a good nine inches long and about two and a half inches thick. It was about as large as I am, maybe a little larger, but I was amazed with the ease at which she took it.

As she continued with her self-pleasure, I continued to go unnoticed and since we were alone at the time, I quietly pushed my shorts down, exposing my rock hard erection, and began to masturbate. As I slowly stroked the length of my shaft, I watched her push the dildo in and out of her sexy hole, while, with her other hand, she playfully pinched and teased her beautiful nipples. I found myself wishing it were my cock inside of her.

I was becoming more and more excited. I became filled with lust for her. Here I was 24 years old, with a rock hard cock, and there she was 18, about to finish high school, young, hot, and sexy…every man’s fantasy…she was there, fucking herself with a big black dildo. I assumed her mother didn’t know about her little hobby.

I watched the sexy scene for as long as I could. Pre-cum oozed from the tip of my cock and, I could barely resist shooting my load right then and there. Suddenly, another wave of excitement rushed over me. I had an idea…a wonderfully nasty and sexy idea.

I pulled my shorts up, and carefully tucked my throbbing cock away, being sure that my erection was plainly obvious. I stood there on the stairs for a moment, getting up the nerve and figuring out exactly what to say, then, to my surprise, without hesitation, I walked into her room.

She freaked out when she saw me. She covered her body, jumped up off the bed, and ran to the bathroom. After the initial shock (I pretended to be shocked as well) she emerged from the bathroom, still in robe, and walked to her bed and sat down. She tucked the dildo into a dresser drawer and asked what I had seen. I told her that I had seen it all, but I didn’t let on to my watching. She became concerned that I would tell her mother about her little toy and her self- pleasure session (my plan was working), but I assured her that I would not.

At some point, she made the mistake of saying that she would do anything if I would just not tell her mother about what I had walked in on. Of course, I loved that, and I told her that there was one thing she could do…when she asked what, I told her that I had watched her for several minutes, and that I could not believe how sexy and well developed she was. To my surprise, she didn’t seem too bothered that I had watched her, in fact, it seemed to relax her a little. I knew it was now or never. I told her that I wanted to masturbate, and that I wanted to eat her pussy while I did it.

I think my response surprised her, and she seemed a little reluctant, so I reassured her that it would be good for both of us…I assured her that I would not tell her mother about what I had seen. Without speaking anymore she stood, and let her robe fall to the floor. There she was again…that sexy, young body in full view. My cock had never softened, but in fact istanbul escort now, was growing even more engorged.

She lay back on her bed and spread her legs for me…much like the way she had spread them when she was receiving her big black dildo. I wasted very little time. I took off my shorts and pulled off my shirt. I was completely naked with my cousin and the fun was about to begin.

I laid over on my left side, and positioned my head between her sexy thighs. I grabbed my cock and began to stroke myself as I gently began to taste my young cousin. As I ate her sweet pussy, the smooth freshly shaved skin to the sides of her snatch gently brushed the corners of my lips. She became wet very quickly and her breathing became rapid as well. She slowly moved her hips in rhythm with my tongue, gently grinding her pussy against my face.

She reached orgasm after a few minutes and I could detect a sweet change in her taste. I continued jerking my dick. Suddenly, without speaking, she got up and positioned me on the bed and knelt between my legs. She took my cock into her mouth and slowly began to pleasure me. She gently caressed my shaved ball sack with her cool little hands and slowly licked the length of my shaft with the tip of her warm tongue. She took the entire length of my cock into her mouth and down her throat. It was obvious that she had experience despite her age.

She continued sucking my cock and balls until I was nearly ready to explode. She made a couple of comments about my balls being shaved. She said she liked to lick them. She said their skin was very soft against her tongue. I was on the verge of filling her mouth when she stood and again, without word, changed our position.

This time, she made me stand and she laid down on the bed. I could not believe my eyes or ears when this sexy, young, cousin of mine spread her legs in front of me and said, “fuck me, now!” I was shocked, amassed, and very excited all at the same time. I asked her if she was sure, but all she said was, “fuck me, now!!” I hesitated for a second and she could tell that I wasn’t quite sure. She explained that I was not her first, and she made it clear that she was ready to have me inside of her.

I moved between her legs and positioned my cock against her opening. Slowly, I entered her and she let out a loud moan and shuddered slightly with pleasure. I began to work my dick in and out of her sexy young pussy. She was very wet and her juices coated my cock. I took her tits, each their turn, into my mouth and gently licked and sucked her nipples. Hers are the most beautiful, sexiest tits I’ve ever had the pleasure of having.

Slowly, we continued our “forbidden encounter,” each of us enjoying the sheer pleasure of the moment. With each stroke, I buried my cock as deep as I could into her pussy. She matched every one of my strokes with a movement of her hips, allowing maximum penetration. It was then that I realized I was enjoying every man’s fantasy…a young, sexy, teen, hot for my cock.

We continued to fuck for several minutes and it became obvious that we were both getting nearer and nearer to reaching our climax. She came first, coating my dick with her sweet wetness, then, it was my turn. My breathing was nearly out of control… I was getting full penetration with every stroke…I filled my cousins warm, wet snatch with shot after shot of my hot, creamy semen. She shuddered with pleasure as the intensity of my orgasm, brought her to another.

As I sat there on the couch, in the light of the television, remembering that afternoon, my cock began to swell. I could see, and almost feel, my sexy young cousin’s body against mine. I’m hoping for more experiences with her, but I will never forget our first encounter. avcılar escort It will go down in my mind as one of…if not the… greatest sexual experiences of my life.

So there I was, and before I realized it, my cock was in my hand and I was stroking myself right there, in the living room, while I re-lived that afternoon in my mind. I cupped my freshly shaved balls with one hand while I stroked with the other. I was so horny, and so into it that I didn’t realize that I was being watched.

I heard a soft cough and I opened my eyes. There was my mother…standing there…there I was…naked, on the couch, cock in hand. I jumped up and pulled up my shorts. I tried to leave the room, but she said, “stop honey, don’t be embarrassed, it’s ok. You have a wonderful body and most everybody masturbates…it’s ok.” She asked what I had been thinking about and I made up some crazy junk about some girl I knew.

Even so, she seemed strangely interested. She told me to tell her about it. So, I sort of made up a story, but it felt strange talking to my mother about it. It was even stranger that she seemed to want details and more details. She said that she wanted to know exactly what had happened between this “girl” and I. Lucky for me she didn’t know this “girl” was just made up.

She continued to press for details, so I decided to get a little bolder. Then, unexpectedly, she told me that I should take up where I had left off and that would ease my tension and then I could more easily tell her about “Jenny.” My mother wanted to watch me jerk-off? She assured me and said, “go on it’s ok! Don’t be shy!”

So, I slowly pushed my shorts back off and I could feel my mothers eyes lock onto my cock. It was growing hard again and as I touched it, a sense of nasty, steamy lust fell over me. I sat there, right beside my mother, and began to stroke my cock and tell her about “Jenny.” I made up some crap about how we had sex in her pool one weekend and as I stroked, I could tell that mom was very interested in both my story and my cock. She continued to comment on my body. She was now talking about how wonderful my cock looked and she too (like most) commented about how she thought my shaved balls were sexy.

All of a sudden, without warning, my mother reached out and pushed my hand away from my cock. She bent over and took me into her mouth. She cupped my balls with her hand, and wrapped the other around the base of my shaft. I couldn’t believe that my own mother was sucking my cock. It felt so good; I could barely stand it. My dick was in my mother’s mouth and she was very good at sucking cock.

The fact that my own mother was sucking my cock was enough to make me want to shoot off, but I resisted wanting to enjoy the pleasure and intensity of the moment. I put my head back to relax but, so that I could still see my cock in my mothers mouth. It was such a sexy scene. Most guys at some point fantasize about their mother but here I was living a fantasy.

Just then, the scene caught up with me. My back arched slightly, my breathing increased, and I let go of my load into my mother’s mouth. Shot after shot of my warm semen filled her mouth and she eagerly accepted all of it. She continued to suck me until my orgasm subsided. Then she moved her warm tongue to my swollen balls where she caressed them gently. She continued to lick and suck my balls until my cock began to grow again.

She sat up and slipped out of her nightgown exposing her body to me. I quickly leaned over and took one of her breasts into my mouth. She was fairly well endowed, probably a B cup, but anymore than that would be a waste. I sucked her tits each their turn, and it was obvious that my mother and I were going places that most mothers and sons only fantasize about, at best. As şirinevler escort I continued to suck her tits, I slowly slid my hands between her legs in an effort to part them. It worked and now, my mother’s pussy was exposed to me and was there, ready for me to touch.

I gently touched the soft, dark hair that covered the area. My mother shuddered with excitement. I slowly work my way to her pussy lips, and parted them with two fingers. She was already wet and I was pretty sure she was ready for whatever I had to offer. I slowly pushed a finger into her wet hole. She moaned with pleasure.

Slowly I fingered her warm snatch until I got up the nerve to push her back gently on the couch. I quickly slid to the floor, between her legs, and promptly inserted my tongue into her vagina. She came right then. I could feel the moisture of her orgasm on my lips. She was in ecstasy and I was enjoying the chance to pleasure her. I continued to tongue fuck her pussy and lick her clit through a few more intense orgasms. I loved the way she tasted.

My cock had begun to harden once again. Mother knew what I wanted and she wanted it too. She gently squeezed my shoulders and made me stand. I stood before her…her young man, well developed, hard dick in hand, ready and willing to do whatever mother said. She laid on the couch before me…my mother, the object of numerous fantasies, now, the object of my desire. At that moment in time, we both knew what the other wanted. Our “forbidden encounter” had been sheer pleasure up until now, but that pleasure was only a fraction of the outright ecstasy we would soon experience.

My mother spread her legs wide before me and in a soft, reassuring tone, said, “it’s ok, we both want it.” So, I slowly crawled between her legs, and she gently put her hands on my waist. I placed my now rock hard penis against her opening and slowly slid it into her. We both winced with pleasure as I entered her pussy and slid my cock in as far as it would go. Right away, she came. My mother’s warm juices coated my cock. Slowly I began to make love to her. I pumped my dick in and out of her and she began to match my every stroke with a slight rocking of her hips.

As we made love, the heat of the experience covered my body with a thin layer of sweat. The intensity was almost more than I could stand. I bent down to take one of her breasts into my mouth. I gently sucked her erect nipple and she arched her back and groaned with pleasure. I released her tit from my lips and moved to achieve full penetration. At that point, she leaned forward and kissed one of my nipples. Then, she began to lick it and suck it much the same way I had licked and sucked hers.

No one had ever done that to me and it was all I could do to contain myself. When she noticed my pleasure, she switched and paid the same kind of attention to my other nipple. We were both in ecstasy and continued to fuck for what seemed to be a very log time. Her pussy was dripping wet, and my cock slid in and out nearly effortlessly. Her pussy was perfect to accommodate my better than average cock. She muttered between breaths, things about how wonderful I felt inside of her, about how big and beautiful my cock was, and how she wanted to feel me fill her pussy.

Before long, we were engrossed in the sensuality of the moment, and she began to cum on my cock again. As she did, I began to reach orgasm and I told her that I was going to fill her pussy. She was lost in the moment…in the sheer pleasure of having her sons cock and she began to beg for it. She begged for me to fill her pussy. She begged to feel me shoot my load inside of her. She arched her back as another orgasm hit, then rocked her hips, pushing her pelvis upwards, allowing me complete penetration. At that point with my cock buried inside of her, I shot, without doubt, with biggest load of semen I had ever shot, and I shot it deep into my mother’s pussy.

What a night to remember. I will never forget the sheer intensity of the experience. I had always fantasized about my mother…most boys do…I’m just one of the lucky few that actually get to experience the fantasy.

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