A Naked Oasis Pt. 01

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Kathy was bored out of her mind. She was in her late 20s and renting a studio apartment from some friends of her parents. The couple traveled often, so it was a nice way to rent and have the run of the place all to herself from time to time.

Lucinda (Lucy) and Robert were very nice people that rarely fought and always had a pleasant demeanor about them. Robert had a great sense of humor and Lucy seemed to be born into the role of Motherhood.

Robert was “semi-retired” and while he enjoyed the perks of a retired police officer, he did get called to go help with training new cadets from time to time. This meant travel to major cities for a week at a time. Not a big deal, but it frustrated Lucy to no end that she could not make long term plans.

“At our age, we should be able to make plans without any son-of-a-bitch calling you up and needing you to fly half way across the country.” Lucy would often rant and rave after she had a few glasses of wine.

Lucy was a retired school teacher and former body building competitor. She never went pro because she loved teaching more. But after a long day of wiping noses and grading “Crayon Art” she found a release in the training. Even after retiring, she still went to the gym and could deadlift twice her weight, bench press her weight and squat 300lbs. She could also hold her breath for more than a minute.

Kathy had witnessed her holding her breath from time to time as she gave Robert a blow job on the patio … or in the kitchen dining area … or in the upstairs bathroom. They liked to leave the windows open and Kathy was quiet so they never realized she would spy on them from time to time.

Lucy had a remarkable body and could have easily went pro with her body building. She still maintained a figure that shamed women half her age.

Robert was in excellent shape. He was a Team Leader on a SWAT Team and helped develop several of the tactics he taught others. Kathy had seen both of them naked, watched Lucy suck his rock hard cock until he shot his load in her mouth and she had watched Robert eat her pussy until she screamed his name out loud. She kept it trimmed up really well and still knew how to rock a bikini.

Kathy was almost ashamed of herself for “spying” on the two. It was her little secret she kept to herself. Plus it was kind of a thrill to watch the two of them in action.

One afternoon Kathy had come home early and Robert had just gotten home from a long trip. She watched the two of them on the patio … making out like a couple of teenagers. Soon enough, Lucy would slip down between his legs and it would not take her very long to have Robert shooting his load inside of her mouth.

On THIS particular afternoon, Robert was not going to let her finish him off. He lifted her up and bent her over the table. He flipped her skirt up and over her hips and took her doggie style on the patio. In less than 10 thrusts, she was crying out in pleasure as she pounded her from behind like a wild animal.

Kathy remembers this scene vividly because she master bated to this memory several times since.

Kathy had one love in high school that broke up with her his senior year to go to college. She had a lonely senior year and never really dated until college.

In college, Kathy was sexually active but rarely found anyone that she truly wanted to be with. She just enjoyed the occasional date and some casual sex. She did not understand what all the fuss was about until her Junior year when she was dating the Full Back for the football team. He as a hard person to get to know but he did things to canlı bahis her in her dorm room that she will NEVER forget.

Kathy admired Lucy’s dedication to staying in shape. Kathy herself was not even in half as good a shape. She had just finished college a few years ago. Got hired right away but was transferred at a moment’s notice which upset her still to this day. Kathy liked Vodka a little too much and was looking for a way to shift her pent up anger into something more constructive. The dust was settling down and she was getting into a routine that agreed with her. There were STILL moving boxes stacked in the corner of the studio apartment.

Most of her coworkers were stuck up, or more than 10 years her senior. She had nothing in common with anyone at work, but that really didn’t seem to matter. Kathy had her own “oasis” in the back yard of Lucy and Robert’s place and it felt like home to her.

Kathy’s father was also a retired police officer. This was her “in” with Robert (and Lucy). The two officers were never close, but they did work together from time to time, so they were more than strangers.

When Kathy had to transfer, Robert and Lucy were putting the finishing touches on their back yard pool and outdoor kitchen but needed to rent out the apartment over the garage to supplement for the renovations. All of them contributed that it was dumb luck that things worked out the way they did … but things were about to work out even better than Kathy or Lucy had ever dreamed they would.

Lucy was upset that Robert was leaving on such short notice. Sometimes Lucy got to go along but this trip was “fucking everything up” with some long term plans Lucy had made. Kathy enjoyed their out of town trips because she would take the opportunity to sunbathe topless in the back yard. “Next time … ” she told herself, “I’m going to go bottomless as well … because I want to.”

Kathy enjoyed the solitude their back yard gave her. The rent amount she was paying was a fraction of what other flats in the area cost, so she was playing in smart and banking a lot of her paycheck. She wanted to take a long vacation in about a year and that trip was going to include a nude beach.

Kathy sat at her desk and daydreamed of a sandy white beach, a small table holding a strong rum drink and the scent of cocoanut oil on her body. She would smile when the idea of tanning topless came to mind. When she thought of pulling down her bikini bottoms and getting some sun on her thighs and her pussy lips, she would get moist.

Kathy pulled in the driveway after running some early morning errands. She had worked late all week and needed to catch up on some grocery shopping. She saw the garage door was open and Robert was tossing his suite case in the trunk of his Cadillac. He was also taking his Golf Clubs so Kathy knew he would not be home until Monday or Tuesday (at the soonest). Robert was quiet and seemed to be forceful with his things before he slammed the trunk and greeted Kathy with an angry undertone.

“Hey Robert … Off to train more Rookies?” Kathy tried to joke.

Robert looked up at her and managed a smile before replying, “Yes. Long one this time and Lucy is PISSED she cannot go.”

Robert finished the sentence just as the back door to the house opened. Knowing what was about to happen, Robert motioned for Kathy to hurry upstairs before Lucy got to the garage. Kathy was half way up the stairs and Lucy wasn’t even in the garage when she blurted out, “And ANOTHER thing you Fucking ASSHOLE … I KNOW you are going to fucking San Diego and ALL you are going to fucking bahis siteleri do is play fucking golf for the entire fucking week …” Lucy bitterly said to Robert.

Kathy heard the very end of her sentence as she quietly closed the door behind her and grabbed the remote for her stereo. She didn’t want to hear them bicker.

Lucy was right … All Robert was going to do was play golf. Lucy HATED golf and had been banned from the very course Robert was going to for trying to give him a blow job on the 12th Green. It was a time when she was able to tag along and Robert was trying to improve his game. Lucy was particularly horny and after a few beers, Robert could hardly say no to her … especially when his cock was throbbing hard as it punched the back of her throat. A Greens Keeper had spotted what was going on and one of the Caddies had reported them.

THANKFULLY Robert was owed a few favors from the DA and they were able to get the charges dropped. “Lucy Lipstick” was asked to sign an agreement that she would not return. Robert fared a little better as he was “allowed” to return.

Kathy did not know about the golf course, so she thought that Lucy was just over reacting. She heard yelling (over her music) and decided to pause it to see if they would quiet down.


The yelling carried on for a few minutes and then Robert started his car and left. Kathy heard a back door to the house slam and then it was quiet.

A few minutes later, Kathy heard the garage door open. She heard Lucy’s Mustang roar to life and ease out of the garage. She glanced out the window to see Lucy slowly make the turn out the driveway and speed off like a flash.

Kathy smiled. She pulled her bikini off of the hanger and grabbed her “Sun Bag” with her cocoanut oil and sun screen. She also had an iPod, head phones and some reading material.

Kathy pulled on her bikini and wrapped herself in a robe. She was going to go down to the pool to swim a few laps and see how the water felt.

Kathy got in the pool and swam 2 laps before she was winded and needed a small break.

“Son of a bitch” Kathy said to herself. “I have GOT to get into shape.”

She just stood in the water, resting her arms on the edge of the pool and resting her head in her arms. She felt the jet stream from the pool circulation system against her thigh and she let out an audible “HMMMM …”

“Maybe later” she told herself.

With that, she got out of the water and dried herself off. She applied her tanning oil and thought to herself, “Topless?”

“Hell YES …” she replied out loud.

Kathy looked around as she untied the bikini top and let it fall to the lounge chair. She giggled to herself.

She untied the bottoms and let them fall to the chair as well.

Kathy stood there naked and smeared herself with suntan oil. Then she positioned herself on the chair. Slipped in her ear pieces and set a timer.

The sun felt good on her nipples and the immediate area around her tits. What felt better than that was the heat from the sun against her pussy lips. Kathy had followed Lucy’s lead and shaved her pussy lips. It made her even MORE aroused … and Kathy recalled that during the first week or so she had to go into the bathroom stall at work and “flick the bean” so she could concentrate at work.

Now here she was … naked in the back yard, feeling the heat of the sun on her own bald pussy. “If THIS is not an incentive to buy my own house with a pool then NOTHING ever will be.” she thought to herself.

Kathy’s timer went off and she flipped over onto bahis şirketleri her stomach. She sprayed herself with more oil and stretched out on the chair. The sun warmed her naked ass and it made her pussy even wetter. Kathy set her timer again and turned up her iPod.

ALL Kathy could think about was how wonderful that jet stream would feel against her clit … and she decided that after the timer went off, she would definitely find out.

Kathy dozed off as the sun warmed her body. She did not hear Lucy return home, close the garage door and slip into the house. When the timer went off, Kathy thought she was still alone.

She collected herself and got up off of the lounge chair. She slipped into the water and found the jet stream she had discovered earlier. There were no bottoms to get in the way now …

Kathy spread her legs and used her arms and shoulders to lower her body so her clit was perfectly aligned with the water. It was a little too strong at first so she had to hold herself above the main part of the stream.

It felt wonderful.

She lowered herself downward so that the water could strike more of her clit. It was a never ending source of power. She used her toes and feet to hold most of her body in place and her arms and shoulders to “adjust” as needed.

Kathy bit her lower lip. “OHHH FUCK that feels GOOOOOD …” she thought to herself.

She used two fingers to part her pussy lips and that was the tipping point she needed. Kathy cried out as the most powerful orgasm she had ever experienced shredded through her body making her extremities tingle with pleasure. She twitched and jerked in the water and just as she thought it couldn’t get any better, a second orgasm took over her body and she cried out again just as before.

Kathy tried to back away but it just felt too damn good to stop. She pressed against her pussy lips with her two fingers and thought of Robert taking Lucy at the table. Kathy nearly choked on the water as she drew in a deep breath. Just like the first two orgasms, the third one was powerful and strong. It rippled through her body like a jack hammer. Kathy was spent and it took a few seconds to happen. She moved to the side and rested her head in her arms while she caught her breath.

“Its something else isn’t it?” Lucy asked.

Kathy’s head popped up. “FUCK” she thought to herself.

“Y-Yes it is …” Kathy replied.

Red faced as the mid day sun, Kathy could not bring herself to turn around and face Lucy.

“I enjoy doing that my damn self Honey … Don’t be embarrassed. I am just relieved you are not some prude that cannot enjoy her body.” Lucy tried to relive Kathy of some of her embarrassment.

Still frozen in the water, Kathy asked, “I thought you were gone for the weekend?”

Lucy laughed. “I started to head out … but I had no fucking place to go … so I turned around and came home … to THIS Home Coming.” Lucy finished before she chuckled some more.

Kathy got a little more embarrassed. She wanted to ask, “How much did you see?” but she knew that Lucy had seen enough.

“You want a drink?” Lucy asked Kathy.

“I think I need one.” Kathy joked.

It wasn’t even lunch time yet … but it was the weekend.

“I’ll be right back.” Lucy said.

Kathy listened for the door to close and then turned to grab her clothing off of the lounge chair.

It wasn’t there!!

She frantically searched. As she pawed through her bag, she heard the door open. She looked up and saw Lucy returning to the pool area with two glasses of wine and wearing nothing but a smile.

Lucy looked at Kathy and smiled. “We are going to have ourselves a GREAT weekend my Dear … You wont need your bikini.”

Lucy handed the glass of wine to Kathy. Kathy smiled and swallowed.

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