A Mother’s Trap

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Just before my fortieth birthday, my husband of some twenty years, decided to run off with his twenty-five year old secretary. The divorce settlement was to my advantage; I got the house, a car, half of his pension when it came due and a nice income from his business, George also promised to pay the college tuition for our son, Jon. George was so anxious to end our marriage so he could devote himself full time to his young girl that he would sign just about anything

For the first few months, everything was great, except for my sex life. I finally made several purchases of ‘toys’ that I kept hidden in my bureau drawer under my underwear. These seemed to be enough for me for the time being…I used one or two of them a couple of times a week.

One Monday morning, as I was getting the dirty clothes ready for the washing machine, I discovered a pair of my fancier panties in the bottom of the hamper, soaked with jism. Jon was using my underwear to jerk off!

After I had placed all the clothing in the washing machine, I went to my room and, laying down on the bed, started to play with my clit. When I was satisfied that the crotch of my panties

was well soaked with my own juices, I took them off and placed them on top of the hamper, as though I had forgotten to wash them. That night, they had disappeared.

The following laundry day, they reappeared, starched with his jism. Again, I jilled off in a fresh pair of panties and, again left them on top of the hamper. At this point I wanted Jon to know that I was aware that I knew he was using them when he jacked-off. The thought was very exciting to me and I began leaving bakırköy escort him freshly soaked panties several times a week.

I also began patrolling the hallway at night, past his bedroom door, hoping to hear him in the act of jacking-off. I really didn’t know just what I’d do if I did. All I could think about was having his cock in my pussy. He solved the problem for me.

When I went to the bathroom at almost midnight, I paused by his door as usual and as usual, it was quiet. After using the toilet, I flushed it and headed back to my room. Jon’s door now stood wide open. In the glow from the hallway night light, I could see him sitting on his bed, naked, his hands in his lap.

“Hi Mom,” he said, somewhat hoarsely. “come on in. Want to see what I’ve got?” In my innermost mind I knew what he had to show and I went in. As soon as I was in the room, he stood up, grasping something that had lain on the bed beside him. But my eyes were elsewhere and I couldn’t believe what I saw. His prick was gigantic, at least ten inches long and standing straight out from the base of his belly. As I gasped at the sight, he took two steps towards me. “Wouldn’t you like to play with my ‘bat’? You always make it stand out like this. I bet you’d need two hands on it.”

Unconsciously, I reached out and touched the purple head and it jumped. “See what you do to it?” he asked. All I have to do is just smell these,” and he held up my bikini panties, “and all I can think of is fucking you. You do want to fuck, don’t you?”

“God, yes, Jonny,” I answered. Then feigning innocence, “But we can’t. You beşiktaş escort know that don’t you?”

“No, I don’t know that. All I know is what my prick tells me and it tells me that you want me to bury this cock in your cunt. Isn’t that what you want? Isn’t that why you keep leaving your panties, soaked with you?”

“No,” I lied. “They’re just to tell you that I want to help you when you jack-off,” Stepping closer to him, I asked, “Do you want me to jack you off?”

“No!” He reached out grab me. “I want us to fuck,

the hell with anything else.” Jon began to pull me towards his bed and I pretended to give in. I suddenly pushed him backards onto his bed and I pulled my shortied night gown over my head, throwing it to one side.

Without a word, I mounted his prostrate body and reached for that beautiful cock to guide it to my pussy. Slowly I lowered myself onto the giant, my eyes closed in rapture as it slid deeper and deeper until I had enveloped the entire ten inches. Never before had I felt so completely filled.

I remained motionless for several minutes, then, as Jon tried to thrust upwards, I began moving back and forth, rubbing my clit on his pubic bone. I had my first climax almost immediately, groaning and crying out with my release.

For his part, Jon cupped my tits in each of his hands, my nipples pressed firmly into his palms, as he squeezed and molded them.

As my first climax subsided, I leaned forward, my hands on his bare chest for support. “Now, fuck me, Jon, fuck your mother good. Fill her cunt with your jism. Be a good mother-fucker and make her beylikdüzü escort cum!”

He made no sound, only began pumping that wonderful cock in and out of my hungry cunt. God, it felt so damned good to have a real, live, hot prick inside me again.

I gripped his shoulders so that my tits were hanging right above his face. “Suck my tits, Jon, suck my tits,” I groaned. Immediately one of my sensitive nipples was in his mouth and he sucked greedily on it. I slammed myself down onto his rampant prick as I came again. “Oh god, yes…yes

…yess…YESSS!” I screamed at him. “OH GOD, YES,

OH FUCK, FUCK, OH SHIT, YESSS,OOOOOOOOOUUUUUUUHH, YESS!” I had never cum so hard before, my whole body was shivering and shaking as I struggled to stay on the high I was feeling.

All to soon the waves of intense pleasure began to suside and he released my tits as he began pumping his immense cock in and out again. After a few minutes his thrusts became more urgent and rapid and his breathing became labored. I knew he was approaching his own orgasm.

“I’m gonna cum, Mom, I’m gonna cum in your cunt, NOW!” and with one last deep thrust, he exploded, his jism spurting into my womb. He kept straining harder and harder against me as he continued to pump his jism into my very depths, until, at last, his balls had been drained and his cock began to lose its strength and shrink. His whole body relaxed as his prick finally slipped out of me and I fell flat onto him.

When his breathing had returned to normal, he cupped my face in both his hands, saying, “Good god Mom, that was great! That was awsome. Didn’t it feel great to you?”

“Yes, Jonny, it was great for me. That was something that girls only dream about.”

Then, just like his father, Jon rolled over and went to sleep.

I just grinned to myself. I had no more need for those ‘toys’, I had the ‘Real Thing’ now. I was going to really enjoy sex again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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