A Mother’s Promise Ch. 02

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This is the second chapter of “A Mother’s Promise”. While it’s not completely necessary, you might get more out of this chapter by reading chapter 1.

My mom was still chuckling about me having some kind of spontaneous orgasmic explosion while handling their worn panties as she took my arm and led me over to the cabinet where she kept all of her cleaning and laundry supplies. She took out a spray bottle and said “Bobby, if you’re going to help out with the laundry, and if you’re going to wash lingerie, there’s going to be times when you’ll need this.” She led me back over to the table in the laundry room and waved her hands like a magician over the table full of panties and said “We wash all the panties and bras on the delicate cycle. Now, the delicate cycle doesn’t agitate as much as the other cycles, so in order to get stains out, you might have to pre-treat them. This spray is a cleaner that will help remove stains during the wash. Got it?”

It seemed pretty simple to me. But, before I could catch myself, I asked “What kind of stains?” After I asked it, I realized how stupid it was.

“Well,” she said, “umm, sometimes, it would be blood. You do know about menstruation don’t you?”

Jeez. How stupid did she think I was? “Yes, Mom…. “

“Okay,” she said, “when females have their periods, sometimes they can leak on their underwear and blood stains are very hard to get out. So, before you go throwing panties in the washer, you’ll have to check them for blood stains and if you see any, you spray the inside with this. Then, you can just drop them in the washer and they will come out perfectly clean.”

She picked up a pair of Linda’s panties and opened them up to show me the cotton crotch panel. “Neither your sister or I have had our periods in the last week or so,” she said, “so none of these should have blood in them, but….. uh….”

She paused for a minute and I could see she was searching for what she was going to say next…… “Um,” she continued, “Bobby, the female body……..”

She stopped again and this time I really knew she was struggling with something. She looked up at me, and then down into my sister’s panties and then back up at me. “Bobby, I’m not sure how much you know about the female body, but, I think you’re old enough to know this…… and maybe you probably already do……”

I was starting to get on edge now. It was obvious to me that she was trying to tell me something. Since it had to do with female bodies, I especially wanted to hear it.

Holding my sister’s panties open and holding them out to me she said, “Bobby, I’m betting you already figured this part out, but, it’s perfectly normal to see some residue like this inside a woman’s panties.”

She must have sensed my confusion and clarified herself by saying “I mean…… a female’s vagina cleans itself all the time. Some of that leaks out and gets on our underwear. It’s normal. Sometimes it’s a little and sometimes it’s a lot. On top of that, when a woman gets aroused……. you know, uh, sexually excited I mean, her vagina starts to lubricate and that lubrication can leak out, too……”

I was about to ask her something when she held up her hand and stopped me. “Let me finish.” She said.

“…and going back to what we were talking about before, I think it’s normal for a male to notice and be attracted to the female’s scent…… maybe it’s part of mother nature’s plan, or something like that. Now, what were you going to say?” She asked.

“Well, Mom,” I started, “I mean….. I was just wondering…. uh, when someone says a woman was ‘wet’, is that when her….. uh….. you know…..her….. place down there is cleaning itself?”

“Bobby, it’s okay to say the word ‘vagina’. You’re not going to embarrass me.” She said. “Half the people in the world have a vagina, and the other half…..” she started to laugh…. “…is either trying to see it, feel it or do something else to it. But, my point is that it’s okay to say the word. I don’t mind if you call it a ‘pussy’ since your Dad calls it that, but I just don’t like that other word….. the ‘C’ word, and I don’t ever want to hear you say it.”

I nodded my understanding and made a mental note. Even though I didn’t make a habit of using the word ‘cunt’, I had heard my friends say it and even heard my sister say it more than once.

“So, to answer your question,” she continued, “the vagina cleans itself 24 hours a day, it’s a continual process that never stops. But, when someone refers to a woman being ‘wet’, that’s usually sexual slang to mean she’s sexually excited and her vagina is lubricating.”

This conversation certainly was intriguing and I was closely following what she was saying when she abruptly asked “Bobby, are you still a virgin? Have you gone all the way with a girl?”

I quickly looked away, not able to look her in the eye as I thought about how I could avoid answering her. Being eighteen and still a virgin wasn’t something I was especially proud of.

“Come on…. answer me,” she said, sarıyer escort “are you a virgin?”

I nodded my head up and down, admitting to her silently that I was. “Ah,” she said, “I understand where all these questions are coming from now. So tell me this,” she asked, “have you ever touched a girl’s vagina?”

Again, I stared out into space, not wanting to answer her. “Well,” she asked, “Have you?” When I didn’t answer her again, she reached out and tugged my arm saying “Come on, we’re supposed to be having a discussion. That means each person is supposed to actually speak to the other.”

I finally looked at her and said “Technically, no, I haven’t ….. but….”

“Well, you either have or you haven’t……… and if you haven’t, then it makes sense that you might not know much about the vagina,” she said.

I was hesitant to say anything, not knowing exactly what she was asking, so I did something completely bizarre…… I told the truth.

“Mom, okay…… here it is…. Yes, I am a virgin. I’m probably the only one who graduated from high school this year that hasn’t done it. And, no, I haven’t touched a real live bare vagina. I did get close once, though. I felt a girl under her skirt at a party but she wouldn’t let me touch her inside her panties.”

“Bobby,” she said, “I’m not trying to embarrass you. I think it’s perfectly fine that you’re still a virgin. I’m just trying to find out how much you know and how much experience you have. The only way I can do that is to ask, right? Besides, I think it’s good that we’re having this discussion… it shows maturity on your part.”

Then she asked “But, I assume you’ve seen what a vagina looks like, right? Like in pictures?”

I nodded and then answered her question saying “Yeah, I’ve seen books and pictures and, uh….. I saw Linda’s a long time ago, and… well…. I’ve seen yours, too…..”

I looked up to see her reaction and was happy that she didn’t seem mad. I went on to tell her how I had seen her in the bathroom a few times, and also in her bedroom. She didn’t seem shocked or upset with me at all. And for that, I was relieved.

“Well, then you know what one looks like.” She paused for a minute, and then added “But you shouldn’t be hiding and peeking in at me, Bobby….. I’m not mad at you and honestly, I wouldn’t mind that you saw me, but, hiding and peeking isn’t very honest, it’s sneaky and it isn’t a very mature thing to do……”

“Mom, I promise I wasn’t trying to peek at you. Those times…. they just happened accidentally and I only looked because, uh…..”

“Well, what?” She asked.

“Because I’ve never seen a real live naked girl, Mom! I mean I’ve never seen a grown up girl – someone besides my own sister.” I looked at her with pleading eyes, trying to make it as logical as I could and then finished my sentence with “Do you think the girls at school just walked around naked, or something? When would I get a chance to see a completely naked girl?”

“I see your point and believe me, I’m not upset with you, Bobby.” After a second or two, she continued with “Look, let’s be adult about this….. if you’re curious and want to look, then how about this….. why don’t you just ask me? I would much rather you ask than sneak around or feel like you have to peek. After all, we do live under the same roof and it’s bound to happen now and then.”

Holy Shit! Did I hear that right? Did my Mom just tell me that I could ask to see her naked? And, did she also say she would be okay with it?

I felt like I was going into a state of shock. Between the throbbing in my pants and my heart beating like crazy, I was totally blown away with what she said. Fuck, I wish I could have had this discussion with her about four years ago!

“So,” she continued, “back to your original question….. you know what happens when a man or a boy gets sexually aroused, right?”

I blushed when she asked. Of course I knew. I was standing there with a dick as hard as a steel pipe in my pants – an aching steel pipe! I answered “Yes, Mom.”

“Bobby, here’s a little biology lesson for you,” she said, “when the male gets aroused, blood flows into the penis to make it erect so it can slide into the female’s vagina to deposit the sperm to make a baby. The female, on the other hand, needs to be lubricated, or ‘wet’ as they say, so the penis can slide in easily without hurting the female. As the penis moves in and out of the vagina, the lubrication helps reduce the friction and adds pleasure to both the male and the female. When the male ejaculates, the lubrication also make it easier for the sperm to swim to the female’s egg, then fertilization happens and nine months later, a baby is born.”

It sounded like my Mom had just quoted a biology book to describe what fucking was. Even though it was clinical, I completely understood what ‘wet’ meant now.

“Did you know that the male lubricates, too?” She asked.

I knew that was a esenyurt escort trick question so I spoke up saying “Come on, Mom…. I know that’s not true.”

“No, Mr. Smartypants, it’s absolutely true.” She said. “There’s a special lubrication that coats the inside of the penis so the sperm flows out easily when the male ejaculates. If you think about it, or maybe look for it next time you masturbate, you’ll see it….. it’s clear and very slippery…. It’s not urine and it’s not sperm….. it’s your own form of lubrication to assist mother nature. Pretty clever, huh?”

She sure had me thinking now. I don’t think I had ever really understood what that clear stuff was. I thought it was just cum that was leaking out before I shot my wad. And yes, I had noticed it was real slippery and sometimes a lot came out. Hell, I didn’t know my Mom was so cool and knew so much about sex and she was willingly telling me all of this. Unfortunately, the side effect it had on my aching cock didn’t help my situation at all. Now it wasn’t only aching, it was throbbing and straining against my jeans so that all I wanted to do now was run to my room and jack myself off!

But instead, I decided it would be better to show some appreciation for telling me all of this and not being mad at me about the panties. “Mom, in the last 30 minutes, you’ve told me more about the female body and the male body than I ever knew. I’ve heard some of this in Health class and some from my friends, but, everything you’ve told me makes sense. If I would have known you would be so open about it, I would have come to you a long time ago. Thanks, Mom.”

Mom smiled the warm smile I’ve seen so many times and held her arms out to me. As she hugged me, she said “Bobby, I told you I wasn’t going to pry about the panties I found in your drawer, but, in light of our conversation, can we talk about that for a minute?”

I tried to pull back out of the hug, but, she held on to me and said “No, you stay right where you are….. I think we can be completely honest with each other now, can’t we? It’ll be just between us, I promise.”

Fear went through my mind, but, there was a glimmer of hope that I wasn’t going to get chastised and all she wanted to do was talk. So far, she had been understanding and very open with me and a new bond of trust had been created between us, so, I nodded ‘yes’ and told her we could talk about the panties.

“Okay,” she started, “first question then, were you using those panties when you masturbated?”

I tried to pull back out of the hug again, but she kept me pulled into her and said “Come on… just answer the question…. yes or no?”

“Yes.” I answered shamefully.

She pulled back and looked at me. “See,” she said, “that wasn’t so hard was it? Besides, given the fact they were covered with your sperm, it was pretty obvious to me anyway. Thank you for being honest about it.”

When I turned my eyes away from her and didn’t say anything she added “You don’t have to be embarrassed, Bobby. Remember when I told you I thought a young man’s interest in female underwear was sort of normal?”

I finally looked at her, nodding my head that I remembered she said that.

“Next,” she said, “can you tell me exactly what you were doing with them? How you were using them?”

“Mom!” I said, “are you trying to embarrass me more than I already am?”

“No, Bobby,” she answered, “I’m not trying to embarrass you at all. I’m trying to understand, and I think I’ve been pretty frank and open with you and I think I deserve the same in return. I already told you this was just between us, so I don’t know what you’re getting so defensive about. You’re not going to get in any trouble – I just want to know.”

She pulled me back into her hug and I felt her rubbing my back as she held me in her warmth. “Go ahead and tell me, Bobby. I’ll just hold you like this and you can tell me everything. Come on, don’t close up on me now…..”

I stood there, and stood there, and stood there until she told me she was going to keep hugging me until I answered her question. Finally I asked “Will you promise not to get mad at me or tell Dad?”

“Yes,” she said, “I promise. This is just between us, I give you my word.”

“Okay then,” I began, “I was smelling them and wrapping them around my…. uh, you know… down there…. and then doing it.” I waited for her to gasp or throw me away from her or yell, but, there was no reaction for a few seconds. Then, I felt her rubbing my back again and she said “So, while you were masturbating you were smelling the panties and wrapping them around your penis?”

“Yes,” I said, “are you shocked or mad?”

She laughed and kissed my cheek. “No, Bobby, I’m not shocked or mad at you. Why would I be?”

“I don’t know,” I said, “I just guessed you were telling me all that other stuff to get me to tell you why I had the panties so you could lecture me, or something….”

“I’m surely not going to tell you how you should or shouldn’t avrupa yakası escort masturbate, Bobby,” she said, “I think different things turn different people on and if this is what brings you pleasure, then okay. I’ll just remind you to be careful so that your sister and father don’t catch on, okay?”

“You’re really not mad at me?” I asked her.

“No, Bobby, of course not. But, I’ve got a few more questions I would like to ask, though.”

“Fuck!” I though. “When is this going to end… what now?”

She must have picked up on my body language and pulled me to sit down at the table with her. She sat down next to me and as I looked at all the panties still strewn across the table she started in again….

“So, that’s it?” she asked. “You’re just smelling them and wrapping them around yourself as you masturbate?”

I nodded ‘yes’.

“Well,” she said, “I just wanted to know. I didn’t know if you were wearing them or showing them to your friends, or what.”

“Mom,” I replied, “Believe it or not, I’ve never worn them, and I haven’t told my friends anything. None of us ever talk about how we jackoff!”

“Actually, Bobby,” she said, “I wouldn’t care if you were wearing them, but, I would care if you were sharing your sister’s or my panties with your friends. I think that would be a pretty big invasion of privacy and breech of trust.”

Then she added, “Are you telling me the truth, you haven’t worn any of them? Neither mine or your sister’s?”

“No!” I answered. “I swear! I’ve never even thought about that.”

“Okay,” Mom said, “I’m just a little surprised by that, but, I believe you.”

“Why does that surprise you, Mom?” I asked, “Did you think I was a homo or something?”

“Bobby, whether you know it or not,” she said, “it’s actually fairly common for men, or for that matter, boys, to want to wear female underwear.”

“Plus,” she added, “I don’t think that would make you a ‘homo’ anyway. All I’m saying is that if you did, I wouldn’t care. I just wouldn’t want your sister or your father to catch you. And if you wanted to try it to see if you liked it or not, I might be able to help you….. that’s all I’m saying.”

She just looked at me after she finished speaking…. like she was waiting for me to say something. When I didn’t speak, she continued, saying “Well, I was pretty sure you were using them to ejaculate into, especially with all the dried sperm that was on them. I’m curious about one thing, though…. Do you mind answering one more question for me?”

“Why not,” I answered, “you know everything already, I might as well….. what do I have to lose now…… go ahead and ask.”

“Bobby, one of those pairs of panties didn’t have any sperm spots or stickiness. What were you doing with those?

Well, if she wasn’t shocked before, then I guess it was okay to tell her the rest of the truth. I looked at her and gathering up as much courage as I could, I said “Those were the ones I was smelling. The other ones I was wrapping around my, uh…. penis.”

“Did you know those panties were mine, Bobby?” she asked.

I looked down, averting my eyes because I couldn’t look at her as I answered. “Yes.”

She sat there for a minute. I could tell she was contemplating my answer and the ramifications of my confession. I started to wonder how she felt about me sniffing her panties while I was jacking off. Was she going to lose her cool, or, would she take it in stride like everything else we had talked about.

“Am I in trouble now?” I asked.

“No, Bobby,” she said softly. “I’m just, uh….. how should I say it, well…. I guess I’m flattered by it……. I guess I’m shocked a little bit, too.”

I sat back in my chair, pulling away and turning my eyes from her. She reached out and caught my arm as I tried to move away saying, “Oh, Bobby – don’t worry, I’m not shocked at you….. I’m shocked at myself… for what I was thinking just now.”

When I looked up at her, her hand started to squeeze my arm and said “Thank you for telling me that, though. I can’t tell you how that makes me feel, Sweetheart. It makes me feel very special.”

She laughed and absentmindedly picked up one of the pairs of dirty panties lying out on the table where we were sitting. “Bobby,” she said, “we’ve got to get back to the laundry… and this stuff needs to go in the washer and we need to wrap this up before Linda and your father get home from the store……”

I nodded my head up and down and started to get up from the table. Once we were both standing, she turned to me and putting her hands on my shoulders said “But, before we put all these in the washer, I was just thinking that all this talk about panties and wetness and masturbation might have excited you to a boiling point.”

She went on, “What I’m trying to say is this, Bobby…. If, uh…. you wanted to pick one of these pairs of panties and relieve yourself…. well, you could do that. But, you’d have to hurry.”

Gesturing to the pile of silky panties on the table I asked “Mom, did you just say I could pick one of these and take them to my room and masturbate with them?”

“Well,” she said, “that’s not exactly what I said. But, you got some of it right. What I meant was….. you could pick one of these and masturbate yourself, but you would have to do it here. We’re really short on time, Bobby.”

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