A Mother’s Luxuries Ch. 13

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Gregory finished getting pasta prepared as he added the salt and garlic and sauce and dished it up into three bowls. As he put the bowls on the table he heard the door click open and he watched as both Linda and Lisa walked out, both looked like they had cried and both looked much happier.

Lisa walked up to Greg and held him. He looked to Linda who smiled and nodded. He embraced her back and they held each other for a long time.

“I still want to be your toy.” Lisa said.

Gregory smiled and walked over to the couch and grabbed a paper bag and pulled out a silver collar. On it read ‘master’s favorite toy’ and he handed it to Lisa to inspect.

“You got this for me?” She asked.

“I did. If you want to be my toy then I’ll put this on you. If you don’t, then I’ll keep it here for a time if you change your mind.”

Melissa handed it back to him and fell to her knees.

“Make me your toy Master.” She said.

Greg unlocked the lock and put the collar around her neck and relocked it.

“Let’s eat.”

Gregory went to bed knowing that at any time he could get up and use his slave who was across the hall, or his toy which was just down stairs. He fell into a deep sleep and was completely taken by surprise when he felt his bed shift and he sprang awake to find Melissa crawling over him.

“I’m sorry master. I couldn’t stand it any longer. I need your cock. I need your cum. Please.” She whined.

Gregory’s cock went from limp to stiff in record time. Melissa rubbed her wet pussy along his cock and gave into her pure intentions. She wanted to feel his cock. She grabbed his cock and pressed the head of it against her dripping wet pussy.

“I need to put on a-“

Before he could finish his sentence she pushed his cock inside of her and didn’t bother restraining her cry.

His thick cock tore her unused pussy as she started riding the first three inches of his massive cock.

“No condom master. I want to feel you master.” She whined out and breathed deeply as wetness filled her canal. Gregory glanced up as Linda walked in and slid her hand along Lisa’s bare back. Linda could smell the blood that was leaking from Melissa’s pussy as his cock tore through her virgin skin.

“Master? May your slave help your toy?” Linda asked.

“Please help her.” Gregory said.

Linda grabbed Lisa and stopped her from riding his cock.

“Follow my hands sweetie.” Linda said and Lisa let Linda guide her as she slowly helped her to ride Gregory’s cock up and down.

Suddenly the pain wasn’t as bad. Lisa moaned and quickly she felt her climax climb up and up.

“Oh master! Oh I’m gonna cum.” Lisa whined.

“Cum on my cock slutty toy.” Gregory groaned.

“Oh yes master. I’m cumming! I’m gonna cum! Oh fuck yes!” She screamed and her pussy tightened and gushed thick creamy cum onto his cock.

“Oh master, look, your toy is a creamer.” Linda said.

“Lisa. Let my slave on.” Gregory said.

Lisa slid off and Linda slid herself on. Despite the blood and thick cum that Melissa had left behind she started fucking his cock hard. Lisa could only watch as Linda performed a stunning show as she twisted her hips and rode his cock in a way that she could only dream of doing.

“Harder.” Greg said.

Linda started pounding her pussy on his cock and quickly she climaxed.

“Oh master. Your cock is amazing. I’m going to cum for you right now master.” Linda said and without another bahis firmaları word Linda moaned as a thick orgasm coursed through her and squeezed his thick cock. Linda rolled off his cock and looked to Lisa.

“Come here my toy.” Gregory said and Lisa crawled over to him. Melissa saw the look of happiness that Linda had talked about. She could see it in his smile. She crawled over him and positioned herself over his cock.

“Let’s try again.” He said.

Melissa leaned back and slid herself down upon his thick cock. She whined in pain as his cock tore through her.

As Melissa looked down at Gregory and saw his smile or pure sexual joy widen, a feeling of both personal and sexual content took hold of her. She fully understood what Linda had said. How all that mattered was pleasing Gregory and ensuring that his smile…that smile of satisfaction which she saw at that moment, never went away. Melissa realized that she would be fine with her pussy bleeding every time if it meant making sure her master was happy; because at that moment, she felt like the most useful toy in the world.

Lisa started riding his cock up and down further, taking in six full inches of his cock. She slid straight down onto his cock until she felt his thick swollen head press against her hard cervix. Each time his cock hit her cervix Lisa moaned.

“Fuck me! Yes!” Lisa moaned.

Linda wrapped her arms around Lisa and started fondling her breasts and pinching her hard erect pink nipples. Lisa whined as she felt her nipples being rolled between fingers. Gregory groaned as Lisa’s pussy began to tighten as she reached a climax.

“Faster my slutty toy.” Greg said.

“Yes master.” Lisa replied and pushed herself up on her knees and started fucking him faster.

Lisa noticed that her pain had vanished and all she was feeling was pleasure. Even though she was sure that her pussy was still bleeding and her insides were torn; she felt only bliss.

“Master! I’m cumming for you. I’m gonna cum!” She shouted and then she sank down on his cock and orgasmed feeling her cervix pulse around his cock.

Lisa leaned back into Linda who pulled her up and off and laid her down gently. She looked at Gregory and at the puddle of blood that had spread over his hips and onto the bed.

“Perhaps we should clean up.” He said.

“Do not worry master. I’ll clean up after your dirty toy.” Linda said and helped Greg off the bed and walked with him to the bathroom where she started a bath.

“I’ll be back master.” She said and walked back to the room and helped Lisa off the bed. Melissa wavered between consciousness and giving into the depths of tiredness. Linda made quick work of stripping out the blankets and putting a whole new sheet on. She tossed the blood soaked bedding into the washer and went back to the bathroom and turned off the bath.

“Please get in, master.” She said.

Gregory got into the large bathtub which was designed to be wider and deeper to allow two bodies to fit inside with ease. Linda grabbed the bar of soap and started scrubbing her hands and then stroked his blood covered cock. Linda leaned into him and as she cleaned him they kissed. The two of them kissed as passionate lovers on a first date.

Tongues and lips moved hot and heavy as they kissed. Linda pulled away and returned to washing his body. The water quickly turned from clear to pink as the blood washed off. She ran her soapy hands over his broad chest and rippling kaçak iddaa abdomen and then up and over his muscular shoulders.

“Please turn around master.”

Greg turned around and just breathed in the affections of his slave as she washed his body. Once she had washed his whole body, Linda pulled the stopper of the tub and Greg got out. Gregory stood up and at that moment Linda felt a shiver of her motherhood return. Memories of washing him as a boy came back. It seemed so long ago to her now and she looked up and felt both sad to see her baby boy so grown up. Yet she also felt so proud to see the man that he had become. A man who she now called master.

She touched the collar at her neck and her motherhood slipped away into the back of her mind and the slave aspect returned. Her master made her feel so small and so loved and so…useful she felt like crying. Gregory looked down at his slave and though he was wet and a little cold, he wrapped her into a warm embrace and held her.

“I love you so much.” He said.

“I love you too…master.” She replied and squeezed him.

Lisa got up the next morning feeling like she had been knocked out cold. She hardly remembered when she fell asleep and as she moved she felt a terrible pain between her thighs and she looked down and remembered. They had all had sex together. Gregory had fucked her pussy to the point of it bleeding and she…she loved it. Melissa loved how amazing it felt to be used and to be a toy with a single purpose.

To make her master happy. She wondered though when they had cleaned her up and put clothes on her. She got up and looked around the room. The bed was empty and the room was silent. She walked out and glanced down the hall and then walked down the stairs where she saw Linda sitting on the couch who was eating breakfast.

She wore a simple nightgown and was eating a plate of eggs.

“Morning Lisa.” Linda said. “Are you feeling alright?”

“Yes, thank you. It hurts a bit but I’ll manage.” Lisa said and sat down. “Where is …” she wasn’t sure if she should use his first name or his honorific title.

“Gregory went to work. He said he would be back by three.” Linda answered and took another bite of eggs.

“He left us some money to go shopping and get some stuff. I need to get groceries and he said you needed stuff to move in.”

Lisa suddenly felt overwhelmed with a feeling of compassion. Like she was some orphan and she had just been accepted into a new home.

“So eat your eggs and let’s get going. We only have a few hours before he gets off.” Linda said.

Gregory tied off his bathrobe as the last customer for the morning walked out. A lovely young lady who confessed she had never seen a penis before and wanted desperately to see one. She was so enamored by his, that she spent the entire time asking about how it all worked.

“Greg. Come here.” Valarie said excitedly and waved him into her office.

“What’s up?” He asked.

She spun her lap top around and showed him an article from a local magazine. An article written by Katie Kitz.

“Did you know that she was an article writer for the magazine?” Valarie asked.

“Yeah. I kind of noticed her doing things that only bloggers and such do. So we made a deal.”

“A deal? What kind?” Valarie asked.

“I let her touch me and she wrote a gleaming review about the store.” Gregory smiled.

Valarie reached across the desk and grabbed his tight cheeks kaçak bahis and pulled him into a kiss.

“I fucking love you!” She shouted. “This magazine is rated number five in the city and is rated number seventeen in the state. We could potentially get a great deal of business.”

“That was the idea.” Gregory chuckled and rubbed his now sore cheeks.

“Good job!” Valarie said and scrolled through the article.

Gregory got up and left her office and was greeted by Kelly. A short and cute woman with breasts the size of watermelons and curves that made rolling hills look flat. She had dark hazelnut eyes and chocolate brown skin and long brown hair.

“It’s Gregory right?” She asked.

“Yes. Good to meet you Kelly. If you need any help please ask. I know this store inside and out.” He replied.

“I’d like to know you inside and out.” Kelly mumbled softly but Gregory caught it as he walked off back to his room.

Just before he went in he heard a shout and he looked out and saw two women hurrying up to him. Both were blonde with white coats and blue eyes in white heels. They almost looked like twins except the girl on the right was taller by a few inches. They ran up and tried to catch their breath.

“I’m…Tina.” The girl on the left said, “and this is my sister…Amy.”

“How can I help you ladies?” He asked.

“We are out on lunch and were wondering if you had time for a quick session?” Any asked.

“For who?” Greg asked.

“Both of us please.” Tina replied and they both pulled out two hundred dollars and Gregory took it.

“How much time do you have?” He asked.

“Thirty minutes.” Amy said and as he closed the door they threw off their coats and crawled onto the bed. Amy knelt over Tina and both spread their legs open for him.

“Please don’t bother with foreplay. We need this.” Tina said.

Gregory snatched up the bottle of lubricant and lathered up their pussies which were already wet and then his cock. Both women gasped at the size of his cock and they whined eagerly.

“Don’t hold back please. Give it to us with all you-“

Greg plunged his cock straight in and Tina screamed. Greg moved from Tina’s pussy to Amy’s pussy and back to Tina’s. He pushed in and pulled out and then back in. “Oh fuck it’s so big!” Amy shouted.

“Oh god…I’m already there.” Tina whined and Gregory began ferociously pounding her pussy and smashing her cervix.

“Oh fuck! I’m cumming!” Tina moaned and her body convulsed as the orgasm shook her. Gregory pulled out and thrusted into Amy who felt like a rag doll as he fucked her pussy without mercy.

“Right there! It’s right there! Oh god don’t stop! No don’t…stop! Yes!” She screamed as an orgasm ripped through her and then Greg started plunging into them both one after the other. Both women could not contain their shouts of pleasure as he fucked them simultaneously, stretching their pussies.

Linda put on a long black sundress which hugged her hips and breasts perfectly accentuating their curves. Lisa put on a pair of jeans that were unflattering to her figure and a loose shirt which didn’t do her any favors. They drove across town to the mall and Linda led the way.

“What are we getting?” Lisa asked.

“Some new clothes for you first of all.” Linda replied. “You need clothes that will fit you and also…show off a little of what you got.”

Lisa looked down at herself. She had breasts that only just fit in an A cup and she had small hips that hardly had much curve to them. Nonetheless she followed Linda across the mall and into a large retail store. Lisa couldn’t remember the last time she had actually gone shopping and a part of her felt excited.

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