A Mother-in-law’s Surprise

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My mother-in-law Judy and I have, for the most part, gotten along great through the years. It didn’t start that way; in fact, when I first met my ex-wife’s mother she was cool and rather distant. I don’t think she necessarily approved of me as a potential husband for her daughter, however; it didn’t make much difference at the time. She always gave me the impression that she was prudish and up-tight about sex, so much so that I use to wonder how she ever allowed herself to get naked with her ex-husband? Much less, have sex with him. The truth is, she did have two daughters (the oldest being my now, ex-wife), so I figured it had to have happened at least two times in the past.

She always seemed to wear clothes that covered her body from her neck practically down to her ankles, and for years it seemed, the most I revealing thing I ever saw her in was a skirt that still ended a little below her knees. For years she never talked about sex, even polite sex, and she seemed embarrassed when anything sexual would come up in a conversation. In time, I came to suspect that under all of the layers of clothes she wore, she probably had a pretty nice body.

OK, for all of you out there who are saying, “This guy was checking out his mother-in-law?” Let me say this in my defense. I come across a lot of women in life, and unless some woman has a personality that would stop a clock, I can’t help but check her out sexually…I’m a guy…and that’s just the way we’re made! No excuses!

Anyway, Judy’s in her late fifties and is very attractive. She has deep black hair with just a touch of gray and it never looks out of place.

She lives not too far from the house where my wife and I lived when we were married.

Right after my ex-wife and I split up about one Saturday a month I’d try to go over and help my ex mother-in-law’s with whatever small chores that she might need to have done around her house. As I said, it even continued after my wife and I split-up. Actually, Judy and I got along pretty well and I have to admit I didn’t mind helping her. I bahis firmaları think Judy was really a little angry at my wife for wanting a divorce and sometimes actually took my side in some cases which really pissed my ex off!

Anyway, one Saturday afternoon I stopped by Judy’s house to see if she needed me to do something for her. After knocking at the back door a couple of times and got no response I tried the knob and found that the door was open. I walked into the kitchen and helped myself to some cold water from the refrigerator and as I stood at the sink I heard a strange noise from somewhere in the house, as if someone was crying. My immediate thought was that maybe Judy was hurt and I turned and went down the hall toward her bedroom. Her bedroom door was partially open and as I got to the door I couldn’t believe what I saw. There was Judy, lying completely nude on her bed with the covers turned back. Her legs were pulled up against her chest and she was slowly working a large vibrator in and out of her vagina with one hand and softly rubbing her tits with the other. Her eyes were tightly shut and she had no idea I was watching her. As I stood there I was shocked at the incredible similarity between Judy’s body and that of my ex-wife’s. If I didn’t know better I would have sworn it was my ex lying there on the bed in front of me. Judy’s body looked so much younger than her years. Her breasts were still firm looking and her dark areolas, surrounding her erect nipples, were large and inviting. Between her upraised legs I could see her neatly trimmed pubic hair. I watched her chest heave spasmodically with pleasure as she fucked herself with the knobby, penis-shaped vibrator.

Slowly, I stepped back into the darkness of the hallway and away from the door. I didn’t want to be discovered as I watched her. It had been a while since I had gotten laid, so in only a few seconds I had a throbbing hard-on. I quietly took off my sweatshirt and slipped my gym shorts and underwear down and let them drop to the floor. I had no idea that my mother-in-law had kaçak iddaa such an erotic body and it was an incredible turn-on! I could only imagine what it would feel like to actually fuck her.

I slowly stroked my hard cock and the more I stroked it the harder and bigger it got. I was sure that I had never been this hard before. Judy was breathing deeply and moaning softly as the vibrator slipped in and out of her vagina. The bright redness of her skin around her pussy told me that she was close to an orgasm and, it was so intense I could hardly stand it. Suddenly, I decided to take a very bold chance and I walked into Judy’s bedroom and stood at the foot of her bed, still rubbing my hard cock. In a few moments she opened her eyes and saw me standing there and she cried out as she struggled to pull the covers up to hide her naked body. Neither of us said anything as we just looked at each other for a long moment.

“I’m sorry,” I said with some embarrassment. “I should have let you know I was here.”

Her eyes dropped from mine down to my cock as I kept slowly stroking it. She was quiet for a moment as she continued to look at my cock.

I was surprised when she said, “The one thing that I really hate about being alone is not having sex with a man. The vibrators are no substitute for a man’s cock and I am so horny!”

I moved to the side of her bed so that my hard cock was even closer to her. There was a pause between us and I wasn’t sure of what would happen next. I thought about leaving but I couldn’t move. Finally, Judy smiled at me before she gently pulled the covers back exposing her naked body to me. We both simply wanted something from each other at that moment. My cock was dripping clear pre-cum onto my hand and I could see that her pussy was drenched with her own wetness.

Judy didn’t say anything; she simply closed her eyes and spread her legs as her fingers sought-out her clitoris. After stroking it gently for a few moments she slipped her fingers down and parted her pink cunt lips giving me a view of her wet pussy. It was kaçak bahis like an invitation to fuck her. I slowly moved onto the bed and positioned myself between her legs.

As I slid my cock into her very wet pussy she let out a gentle cry of pleasure.

“GOD! I love to get fucked! It’s been too long.” She moaned.

I was amazed at how hot and tight her cunt felt as I held my body above her. I deliberately fucked her with deep and slow strokes, bringing the head of my cock back to her G-spot before pushing completely inside her again. As we fucked she kept grabbing at my arms, back and waist with each thrust of my hips as if she was trying to pull me as deeply insider her as she could. She whimpered softly and cried-out gently each time my penis was completely inside her vagina.

We fucked for a few minutes before she had her first orgasm which caused her to cry-out so loudly that I was afraid the neighbors would hear her. As her first orgasm subsided she reached down and squeezed the base of my penis as she begged me to keep fucking her. It took a lot of control to keep me from shooting a load of cum into her vagina but I wanted it to last as long as I could possibly hold it back. At one point I lowered my lips and sucked on her right nipple as we fucked and again she cried-out loudly as another orgasm slammed into her naked body. I couldn’t hold back any longer and I heard myself moaning loudly as my cock began spewing hot cum into the darkness of her vagina. My whole body jolted each time her cunt milked another drop of cum from me.

We stayed in bed fucking and sucking that first afternoon for a couple of hours and Judy must have cum at least 25 times. When I finally let her have a second load of my liquid-fuck, her whole body convulsed in an uncontrollable spasm of pleasure that I’d never experienced with her daughter!

It was obvious that Judy could teach her daughter something about fucking! That’s for sure!

Since that afternoon we have both been enjoying our Saturdays (and other times) much more than we ever have before. We satisfy each other’s needs a couple of times a week and we are both fine with it.

It’s truly our delightful secret!

It just goes to prove you can’t always judge a woman by what you see on the outside.

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