A Friend in Need

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I wrestled with myself for a while on whether or not to write this story. In the end it seemed too hot not to. But it’s special. In it’s own special way. It’s a story and it isn’t true of course. But this story…and the person it’s…based for…is real and occupies a pretty special spot… they’re also one of the only human beings who know I write these specific stories..so she might actually read this.

If she does I hope she knows there’s no disrespect here…we’ve had some adventures that make this story as hot as it was to spin up…alas while she is a friend I am with someone and respectfully don’t talk to past lovers even as friends out of respect…hopefully writing this doesn’t constitute any wrong doing, it’s been kicking around in my head for months now…

“Hey…you awake?” It was a text…it was late, I had been asleep a cpl hours. I looked at the name and knew I shouldn’t answer…but I also knew they were good people and I shouldn’t not.

“Yeah, you ok…?” I responded…a handful of good nights, and a couple of dirty ones drifted through my head.

“Yeah, but I may have done something stupid…and am kind of stuck.”

“What?” I asked…remembering the time she had come over to get cleaned up after a crazy date…perhaps that was intuitive… I had gone down on her after she had been with other men on at least 2 occasions…

We were only friends and would likely work out terribly as a couple…however we had both considered dating the other at different points and in equally unsound emotional states…but it remained that we were best suited as occasional friends…but I trusted her which was rare for me, and she knew more about me sexually than perhaps anyone else out there walking…which makes her special.

My heart was pounding at what the answer might be…I had just recently broken up with my girlfriend…or perhaps my girlfriend wasn’t around that night…this is just a story…

“I have been super horny lately….and I made a date to get drunk with a guy I’ve been talking to and his friend…and I did tonight.”

“Did it go ok? Do you need a ride? How far away are you?” I asked.

“It güvenilir bahis went….good…I got picked up, because I knew I was gonna be drinking…there ended up being another guy…there…I fucked 3 guys tonight…”

The next text came before I could respond..but my hands were trembling…I was hard as a rock, and nervous as hell…

“I’m still pretty drunk…but they all passed out, and it’s awkward…I’m like ten minutes from you…and I can’t go home like this.” She answered.

“I can pick you up. You can get cleaned up and crash here, or I can shoot you home if you need it…Holy shit…that’s wicked hot…did you enjoy it?”

“Hurry up.” She said.

“Yeah…they basically just took turns pounding me…it was so good…I came so hard…my pussy and ass are gonna be sore tomorrow.”

“You want me to kiss em nice and gentle? Make em feel better?” I asked…our history and the honesty of wanting to making me asking inevitable. I was fumbling to get to the car.

“Yup.” was all she said.

“Where am I going?” I asked…. “Also…fuck that’s hot…”

She gave me the address and added that she had her period 2 weeks ago so she let them go raw…

“Fuck…” was all I could muster.

“Hope you’re hungry.” she said. “One of them woke up, just park at the corner like 2 houses down, I’ll be out in 10.”

My phone started ringing as I pulled up. I looked at the house it was an apartment, small. I picked up and parked a few houses down.

“Hello?” I said kind of quietly.

“I’ll be out in a couple, wait for me.” She said… But she didn’t hang up…

“you just told your ride to wait, you get a girlfriend to pick you up?” A man’s voice kind of muffled.

“No a guy I know. He’s cool, he’ll wait…will you fuck me with that one more time before I leave?”…I then heard slurping, followed by fumbling and muffled, then the tell tale very wet squishing and grunting of hard fucking…. “Yes fill me up…cum in my pussy.” it took a little over ten minutes…

After wards I heard shuffling, and door noises, then the phone cut out and I saw her drunk walking down the front stairs…I türkçe bahis backed up and opened the passenger door.

“I’ve been very naughty.” I looked at her briefly in the dome light before she shut the door. She looked good…she was carrying leggins, and wearing panties and a blouse…the blouse was open and I could see cum, sweat, and a couple of hickies on her chest.

“You ok?” I asked pulling away…I could smell sex, and cum.

“That was a bad idea…but it was good…I needed to get fucked…two would have been better…I knew you’d answer.” I was rock hard and blushing….

“That’s so hot…thank you for calling…you know I love this dirty stuff..” I was stealing glances as we passed brighter lights…she put the seat back and lifted her butt off the seat…

“It’s kind of leaking out, I don’t want to get cum all over your car…just your face.” She said…she was smiling.

“fuck…yes ma’am.” was where I went. She managed to put her leggings on as we got to my place and walked up and in. In the light she was a bit disheveled, she had been wearing make up…she looked good…she was joke purring a little…

I opened the door and she headed straight to my bed room, fast walking and pushing her leggins and panties off. She lay on the bed on her back and spread her legs…

“Eat my pussy.” She said in a girlish flirty voice. “Be gentle…use your tongue.”

“Yes ma’am…” I said.

The light from the hall spilled onto her lower body…her legs, her pussy. I crawled onto my own bed…my gym shorts tented…my cock so hard it wanted to cum from nothing but touching my shorts…I kissed inside her knees…

I could smell her pussy it smelled so good…so dirty…I could smell the sex, the cum…I could feel in how she was laying on the bed, that she had been fucked good…her pussy was puffy…there was a mixture of sweat and cum, and juices…just everywhere…all over her inner thighs…running out of her down her buttcrack…

I looked up and made eye contact, her eyes were smiling devilishly…I ran my tongue across her inner thigh..up into the meat of her outer lips…my nose güvenilir bahis siteleri brushed her inner lips, they were open…all the way to the hood…covered, in what was now piling up on my tongue like I had just shoveled a single path across a freshly covered driveway…

“7” she said…”They came a total of 7 times…fucking my pussy good…lick my poor pussy clean.”

For a while we didn’t talk…I ate her out, she came close to coming a few times…might have gotten her once…then she rolled over on her knees.

“Eat my ass too bitch.” she said and wiggled her ass back and forth.

“Ouch. Yes ma’am.” I said.

“I only got fucked twice in the ass…but be gentle anyway.” I licked up and down the crack and up onto her cheeks…there was a lot of cum in the crack of her ass…I closed my eyes and took long slow slurps…pushing gently onto her asshole each time I went low…”Stick your tongue in it.” She said…adding deeper and again until I resigned to gently deeply tongue fuck her…

“Do you still want me to pee on you?” She asked.

“Yes ma’am.” I said.

“Wash your tongue off and kneel in the shower…start jerking off.” She said. My tongue and lips were licking and kissing her cheeks and upper thighs…there was cum and sweat everywhere…my dick was twitching. “NOW.” she said pushing my head away. I fumbled towards the bathroom and swished my mouth out and pulled off my shorts and t shirt…I started stroking myself..I couldn’t believe what was happening and was very close to coming.

She came into the bathroom naked, stepped up and into the shower…with one hand on the wall, and one leg on the edge of the tub, she stuck out her pelvis…her pussy was still puffy, and too pink…she moaned as she started to piss all over my face. It was a lot and came out fast…coating my face, splashing all over me.

“Open your mouth.” I did and it was immediately full of pee…I half swallowed, half let it splash down my chest…it was hot…I started to cum…it was hard, violent…at some point she finished. “Lick me clean some more.” She said and I did. Then I got the shower on and warm…

“Rinse off and go sleep on the couch. You can give me a ride home after work tomorrow.” She said. I rinsed and got her a towel, and a gatorade. Brought them to her and was passed out on the couch about 2 minutes after she passed out naked in my bed.

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