A Family That Plays Ch. 03

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Jamie stood topless before his bathroom mirror, observing himself, his imperfections. His hand rose, fingertips gently smoothing along the dark circles that hung beneath his eyes. They appeared to be vanishing—slowly, but surely—since had gotten himself reacquainted with an old friend named Sleep. He traced the blemishes on his once smooth mocha-brown skin. He had read once that it was the result of a poor diet, but when you lived on the streets it couldn’t be helped. Beggars can’t afford a good diet, after all. With the way Olivia cooked, however, he was certain his skin would clear right up again. That is until he was back on the streets again, searching the ground for loose change, and hunting for scraps through garbage.

It doesn’t have to be that way, a voice within him reasoned.

“But, I can’t stay here,” he replied to himself, quietly.

Why not? the voice asked, Because of their lifestyle?

“It’s wrong…plain and simple.”



Jamie started at the foreign voice, his heart damn-near leaping out of his chest. He opened the bathroom door to find Ryan standing outside, with bewilderment enveloping his chiseled face. Jamie let out a hard sigh, shaking his head.

“Y-You scared me,” Jamie said.

“Ha, sorry about that, man,” Ryan said, folding his arms. “Were you talking to yourself in there?”

Jamie blushed. “Uh…yeah. Sorry.”

“Dude, you apologize too much. There’s nothing wrong with talking to yourself from time to time.” Ryan turned and started to make for the door. “I just came up to tell you that breakfast is hot and ready.”

Jamie looked down a moment, and then a thought came to him, a thought that had been bothering him since yesterday morning. “Hey, Ryan?”

Ryan paused at the door, turning. “What’s up, bro?”

“Uh…about what you said yesterday…about you having the same experience as me. What did you mean?”

“Hm.” Ryan’s eyes cast downward, his jaw working. He looked contemplative, as if he were trying to determine whether he wanted to stay and humor Jamie’s question or get back downstairs to his breakfast.

“Well…” Ryan said. Closing the door, he approached Jamie’s bed and plopped down on the edge of it. For several long moments he sat there in silence, his expression pensive, ’till finally he said, “Well, it sorta goes like this…”

? ? ? ? ? ?

It was about two years ago when I was a freshman in college. All of my Friday classes were canceled, which meant that I could take my ass home early and enjoy myself a three day weekend. I had a friend drop me off at the house ’round noon, and I spotted a black Mercedes sitting pristinely behind my dad’s giant pick-up truck in our driveway. Nana’s Mercedes.

It wasn’t abnormal for Nana—my mom’s mom, by the way—to drop by from time to time, it was abnormal, however, for my dad to be home in the middle of the day. I rationalized that he could have been home sick or something, and thought nothing else of the matter. Everyone had their days, right?

Anyway, since I hadn’t seen my Nana in months, I thought I would surprise her by sneaking in through the back door and spring out on her and mom. The two would be chatting in the living room, more than likely. I’d get a good scare as well as a good laugh. Perfect plan.

So, I run around back and sneak in through the patio door real quiet-like, entering the kitchen. I started to sneak my way toward the living room when something stopped me… Something different, hanging in the air like a thundercloud. It wasn’t danger, or anything like that. No, I sensed that it was a whole ‘nother kind of ‘fucked up.’

Stepping into the living room, I found no one. The TV was still on, blaring, too, but before I could grab the remote to turn it down, something caught my ear.

Moaning. Heavy breathing. The subtle thrump of working bodies atop of a mattress. I heard the sounds of love making, and it was coming from upstairs. I was overcome with confusion. Just who in the hell was doing the love making? It couldn’t have been my parents, right? Not with Nana here, after all. And if they were doing it with Nana here, just where in the hell was Nana? I had come to a conclusion of what was going on, but I didn’t want to believe it. I couldn’t. halkalı escort I had to investigate, I had to see for myself. I headed for the stairs.

I climbed each step carefully, hitting all the spots I knew wouldn’t betray my silence (you learn that sorta thing when you’re a grounded teenager trying to sneak in and out of the house). The closer I get to the top, the louder the sounds become, and the faster my heart races.

As I reach the top of the stairs, I hear my dad say the strangest thing: “Squeeze ’em…play with her tits!”

With each passing moment, it seemed, my fear was shaping into reality. I started to turn around and carry myself back downstairs, but I knew that there was no way I could ignore this. If I left now, the thought of what might have been happening would haunt me for the rest of my life. So I trudged forth, wading through anxiety with curiosity as my guide, pulling me toward my parent’s bedroom.

Their door was wide open. The heavy drapes covering the bedroom’s windows made the room surprisingly dark, but enough light filtered through them to give me a good view of the scenario once I peeked my head inside.

Upon my parents bed was a tangled mess of naked flesh, writhing and moaning, enveloped in a kind of lust I had never seen before. I watched my dad’s back muscles work as he thrust himself hard and deep into my mom, who lied spread eagle on her back, taking every bit of what my dad was giving her. And right above her face…

My Nana… Let me tell you something, if you think my mom is hot, Nana is a completely different animal. ‘Gracefully’ just isn’t a good enough word to describe how well that woman, at 55 years old, has aged. Her long silver hair falls just past her shoulders, silky and voluminous. She watched with sultry green eyes, her delighted, rose petal smile causing faint lines of age in her gorgeous face. She apparently didn’t give my mother her rack, for Nana looked like she couldn’t have been no bigger than a large B-cup, which was just fine with me. She did, however, bless my mother with that hourglass figure that I’m sure you’ve noticed. Sure, she had a bit of weight to her, but she filled out perfectly. Pleasantly plump, you might say. And I watched Nana, moving her hips as my mom, her daughter, licked up into her pussy while her husband pounded her own.

“Oooh, he’s pounding me so good, mama!” My mother whined against Nana’s cunt.

“I think you’re gonna make her cum, Don,” Nana said, leaning into my father, who’d lifted his head to greet her with a kiss, long and… I want to say ‘passionate’, but it wasn’t that. It was something else entirely. Mom yelped as Nana’s hand moved down to her pussy and rubbed her clit.

Something told me to intervene on this… mess, but I was frozen. Stunned, perhaps, at the disgusting scene unfolding before my very eyes. And as I stood there, watching, my hormones started a fiery rebellion against my good sense, and I could feel my cock stiffening behind my jeans, straining against my boxers, aching for any kind of attention.

“I want you to squirt,” Nana said, breaking the kiss from my father, “I want you to squirt all over his big cock, and then I want him to fill your dirty cunt up with hot cum, you hear me?”

“Mhm!” mom moaned against her mother’s sex. She bucked her hips against my father’s thrusts, muttering something against my Nana’s folds that I couldn’t quite make out, but I was pretty damn certain it was nasty.

Whatever it was, it got dad’s hips working even harder. His thrusts became shorter, faster, more fierce. The room was overflowing with nastiness, so much that it had infected me, invading my system with a plague that whittled away at my ethics, replacing it with pure lust.

Soon, dad pulled away and leapt to unsteady feet. He jerked his cock before his mother-in-law…my Nana…shooting cum all over their face. She lapped up as much as she could, greedily taking his seed into her mouth, and after a while I could hear my mother whine about something. I didn’t know what that something was until Nana removed her pussy from her face, and leaned down to kiss her daughter in an eager, lust-filled kiss.

I cursed aloud, taksim escort and the three momentarily froze. My Nana’s eyes were the first to see me, and she wore a pained mask. My parents, breathing heavily covered themselves with their hands, and tried stammering out an explanation, but I bolted out of there before they could say anything. So much confusion, so much pain. I had no idea whether or not I was fucking disgusted with them—myself—or not. I was a fucking… mess.

? ? ? ? ? ?

“A few days later I went into Nina’s room to tell her what I saw,” Ryan said with a disparaged look on his face, “but when I told her she seemed more upset that she’d been left out than anything else.”

Jamie winced, pulling Ryan’s old shirt over his head. “You mean…you think she already knew what was going on?”

“For a while, she’d told me.” Ryan slowly rose to his feet, folding his well-toned arms across his chest. “Apparently, they’d fooling around since I started college.”

A long silence swelled between the two young men. Ryan’s story had done an excellent job at getting Jamie aroused, and he prayed that Ryan didn’t notice the bulge in his sweat pants. Funnily enough, Jamie noticed the bulge in Ryan’s.

“How, uh…how did you get over it? The confusion and… awkwardness, I mean?” Jamie asked, finally.

“Heh, that’s actually a story I can tell you sometime later,” Ryan said, going for the door again. “Let’s get some food in our stomachs for now, eh?”

Jamie nodded, and followed Ryan out the bedroom and into the kitchen. Olivia playfully chastised the boys for taking so long to come down. She took the liberty of reheating their food in the microwave, but Jamie wouldn’t have minded either way. Eggs and grits and waffles was good piping hot or cold as far as he was concerned. Jamie and Ryan talked about books while they ate, and Olivia busied herself tidying up the kitchen, chiming in every so often. Jamie learned during breakfast that Nina was still up in her room sleeping like a baby, and Don was out taking advantage of his day off by shopping for a tree for Christmas, which happened to be just a week or so away.

When Ryan finished eating (first, per usual), he handed his mother his plate and left her with a kiss that lingered far too long to be chaste, taking himself back to his bedroom. Practically alone with Olivia, Jamie wasn’t really sure of what to do with himself, so he simply ate in silence. It wasn’t until Olivia finished loading up the dishwasher that anyone bothered to speak.

“About what you saw the other night, Jamie…” Olivia said, with her back turned to him.

Jamie froze, swallowing hard. He looked to her from the corners of his eyes, unsure of how to respond.

“I’m sorry that you had to see that, but…I ask you not to judge us. Sex…is just the way my family expresses their love to one another.” Olivia turned to him, her big green eyes staring and grievous.

“Ever heard of hugging, lady?” is what Jamie started to say, but stopped himself. Could he really judge the Nobles for their deeds? Especially considering how watching them made him feel? Considering what he’d gone through so long ago? When he—

“I know that it’s wrong,” Olivia said, snapping Jamie out of his thoughts, “but that’s…” one of the reasons we do it, is what she wanted to say, Jamie could feel it. Hell, he even understood it to some degree.

“You don’t have to apologize to me, Mrs. Noble,” Jamie said, finally. “I… I don’t mind. It’s fine, really. I just kind of freaked out, I guess.” Jamie rose from the table, leaving his plate of half-eaten food. The awkwardness of the moment destroyed his appetite. “I’ll… be up in the guest room.”

With that, Jamie turned away and did just that, leaving Olivia to her own devices. He felt like a jackass for doing it, but he felt that it couldn’t be helped. He needed to be alone for a while, he needed to think about how he was going to deal with the situation he was in. A shower, he told himself, a hot shower should do the trick.

Bathing was something Jamie promised himself that, should he ever find the opportunity, he would never take for granted ever again. So he bathed, and he bathed frequently. Olivia had warned him that showering şişli escort so much would dry out his skin, but he didn’t mind, or care for that matter. Besides, there were times when he felt like he couldn’t get the stink of the streets off of him, so the more he showered, the better.

He sighed blissfully as the warm water poured from the shower head, delighting in the way it flowed against his skin. If there was a heaven above, he was certain that this is was damn close. He just stood beneath the water for a good three minutes or so before he reached for the bath brush behind him. He almost had himself a heart attack when he felt someone wrap their tiny hand around his own. He turned, eyes snapping open.


“I’m sorry, did I scare you?” She said, pouting her lips.

When the fuck did she…? How did she…?

Suddenly, the questions didn’t matter. Nina had his index finger in her mouth, and his knees almost gave out from under him. She sucked the finger deeper into her mouth, giving it the same treatment he’d seen her give her father’s cock.

“…God,” Jamie murmured. Nina had drawn herself a bit closer, and wrapped her other hand around his shaft. He hardened in her palm, and she cooed pleasantly around his finger. He looked down at himself. Her hand was starkly pale against his mocha-brown skin, and for some strange reason the contrast intensified his arousal. If she had told him to ‘jump’ that very moment, he wouldn’t have even asked ‘how high,’ he just would have jumped, as bloody high as he could.

“Like that, big brother?” Nina asked, canting her head ever-so-slightly. “Want this little white girl to clean you up?”

“I-I…I…” Words. Jamie wanted to say them, but his mouth refused to work.

Nina stroked him, and his stomach tightened. No one had touched him that way since… Since…

“I’ll get you all nice and clean,” she said, “nice and comfy.”

What was her game? Didn’t Ryan tell the family to back off? Whatever the case, Jamie didn’t find himself caring very much. The sheer ecstasy he was experiencing at getting touched had taken over him. Her grip on his shaft tightened. Jamie’s hand clamored for something, anything, and his finger tips found solace in the shower curtain.

“Nina…” he said, his mouth finally deciding to work, “Jesus, you’re so….”

Nina slowly knelt, still stroking him, and looked up to Jamie with a somewhat curious expression, as if to ask ‘do you mind?’ His cock answered her with a twitch, and the dripping girl unhesitatingly took him into her mouth. The feel of her hot, moist mouth around his shaft…it caused the fire in his belly to implode, and spread throughout his limbs. Nina sucked as the water poured over their bodies, breathed carefully through her pert nose, making delicious slurping sounds as her lips dragged back to the tip of his length.

“Suck it…” He almost didn’t realize that he was speaking it felt so good.

He watched her take him into her mouth, almost to the hilt. He watched her beautiful, ripe tits move as her head bobbed, her hand working along his shaft as well. Ecstasy, pure ecstasy. He thought to hold back, but the notion escaped him as quickly as it came.

The flood gates opened. Hips moved spasmodically, his orgasm coming full force. Nina didn’t flinch, she stayed on him, letting him fill her mouth with his seed. She milked his shaft, swallowing every bit of it what he had to offer. The sensation heightened, the head of his cock growing extremely sensitive. But the girl didn’t seem to care, she sucked him, hard, flicking her tongue against his urethra.

Moments later, she pulled away with a pop and looked up, smiling. “Did little sister do good, Jamie?” she asked him in a small voice. He knew what she was trying to do, talking like that, and it was fucking working.

Jamie nodded, wishing he could just collapse in the bath tub. Nina rose to her feet again, leaned up on her tippy-toes to plant a loving kiss on Jamie’s lips. He could taste himself, and for some reason it didn’t bother him in the least. When she broke the kiss, she gave him a look that turned his legs into spaghetti, and he became thoroughly convinced that the Nobles actually did have some sort of mystic sexual power.

“Welcome to the family, Jamie.” Nina elegantly pulled the shower curtain a way a bit, and just as elegantly stepped out and exited the bathroom. Jamie didn’t know whether or not she had a towel waiting outside or…truth is, he didn’t really give a damn. His mind was swimming in euphoria, and for the moment…

That’s all that mattered.

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