A Day at the Ranch

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I desperately needed a break from city dwelling. My friends own a ranch in the country and invited me to stay. I should be ashamed to admit that I am so ‘citified’ that I almost refused the free vacation. After all, what is there to do on a ranch but watch where you’re stepping?

As much as I try to chalk all of this “good ol’ country living” up to cutesy hogwash, I can’t help but enjoy the sun on my skin, the breeze at night, and the lulling sounds of sheep and cattle bleeting into the night air.

I have only ridden a horse once in my life and it was a miserable experience. Now that I was here, I thought I’d try again. Considering that I couldn’t even manage to get my leg up over his back, I gave up and decided this would be a good time to take up hiking (in the city, the most hiking you get is running for a bus or away from muggers).

Even in jean shorts and a denim button down shirt, I still feel as though I look city. Oh well, who’s going to see? A bunch of horses, sheep, and cows won’t really care.

Being the cautious woman that I am, I decide to follow the post fence that outlines the perimeter of the property. I cross an open pasture and jump over a small stream. I can actually see another farm house and barn in the distance. Using the barn as a guide, I walk toward that direction. A white pick-up truck is parked there so perhaps there’s actual LIFE there, of the human kind.

I bend down between the posts of the fence and squeeze through. My friends never mentioned neighbors so I didn’t expect to find anyone so close by, especially someone like this!

In the barn, a shirtless man is moving bales of hay. He’s obviously been busy for a while because he’s glowing with sweat. His hands are encased in workman’s gloves. He’s wearing a white cowboy hat, jeans, and boots. The muscles in his shoulders and back are simply breathtaking to me. And even though every city bone in my body is repulsed by the smell of the barn and the stereotype of a cowboy, I can’t help but admit that I am taken aback by this vision of country hunkdom. I can only stand and admire this earthy Adonis, speechless for one of the few times in my outspoken life.

He turns around to find me standing there, gawking. He smiles and greets me with a slightly accented “Hello.” I explain that I am visiting the neighbors and was out for a walk when I spotted his ranch. He continues to work as I speak. As he walks by me, I catch a faint smell of sweat, hay, and animal. Normally, I would be disgusted by the “aroma therapy” but after seeing his blue eyes and an angelic, almost boyish face, I am entranced. He grabs another bale from the back of his truck and carries it past me.

Removing one of his gloves, he wipes the sweat off his brow, tilting his hat up off his brow. He begins to walk toward me, making my heart skip a beat, only to open his truck door and retrieve a thermos. He offers me a drink of now lukewarm coffee and I gladly accept (drinking from his thermos is hopefully not the only time I’ll get to “swap spit” with him). I hand it back to him and he replaces the cap. A drip of coffee lingers to his lower lip and I take the opportunity when I see it.

I reach up and wipe the droplet from his mouth. He smiles and thanks me, addressing me as canlı bahis “ma’am.”

My eyes are scanning his body. I can’t help but notice that as he talks to me, his nipples are erect. His chest is fairly hairy but not ape-like. His pecs look so deliciously hard. I so desperately want to touch my palms to his chest and run my fingers through his chest hair, savoring those erect little nipples under my palms but I behave and smile and nod at whatever it was he was saying.

I follow him into the barn. He’s almost finished for the day and has offered to give me a lift back to my friends’ ranch. I can’t help but follow him around like a puppy dog as he stacks bales. He turns around suddenly, unaware that I am so near, and I back up over a bale, falling. I would be embarrassed except that he’s quick to grab my hand and keep me from toppling ass-over-head backwards.

He steadies me on the bale, still holding my hand. The blood filling my face in embarrassment is now becoming a sex flush. I reach my free hand to his face and caress the skin I suspected was so incredibly soft….and it is. His hat toppled off during his rescue of me so now I get an ever better view of his eyes. I move my lips to his. Whispering “thank you” as I move closer, my eyes close and I softly kiss his lips.

I can taste grains of salty sweat from the skin around his mouth. I suck on his lips, drawing them into my mouth as we kiss. My tongue pushes past his teeth, searching for his tongue. He readily opens for me. I would’ve pegged him as shy but perhaps I am wrong….not that I am complaining!

He bends me backward as he kisses me, laying me down onto my back. He straddles the bale of hay, and ME. This cowboy is NOT shy after all. With a serious look in his eye, hands on each side of my head, bracing himself, he leans down to kiss me again. His crotch grinds down against mine. His kiss is harder than the first one. His teeth graze mine as he jams his tongue deep into my mouth. He is not playing around.

I reach my hands under his arms and rake my wine painted nails down his sides, causing him to jump and bite my lip as he pulls away, giggling from my touch. His mouth sucks hard at my neck, sure to leave a mark. I move under him, against him, dry humping what now feels like a burgeoning erection. Wrapping my right leg up over his ass. I haven’t done a dry hump since high school!

He sits up on me, balancing his weight, so he can remove the other glove. Leaning back down and licking against my throat, he slips his left hand up under my shirt. His hands are not as rough as I would’ve thought. His palm cups over the cup of my bra, kneading my tit. My body betrays every “cultured” bone I thought to have in my body, and I moan “OH GOD” as he plies me and continues to lick and suck even thru the fabric of my shirt.

Pushing the shirt up over the bra, he slides down my body and kisses up my stomach. His hands both settle on my breasts, greedily squeezing, almost painfully. I can feel my pussy readying herself for him. I am becoming so wet. He kisses up over the lacy cup of my bra, and tugs the cup down. Not missing a beat, his mouth sucks my nipple into it. He sucks like a hungry animal. I don’t know if it’s been a while for him or if he doesn’t have a girlfriend but bahis siteleri he seems ravenous, and who am I to deny his hunger?

Pushing my breasts together, creating one hell of a cleavage, he dips both cups down and sucks and licks at my tits, lapping and bathing me with his saliva, drawing nipples into his mouth, making them stiffen and ache.

He sucks down my body. The flesh in his mouth, I can feel his teeth pulling gently. He’s making his way down my body, unsnapping the shorts as he goes. When he’s off the hay bale, between my knees, he unzips my shorts. He looks down my body, to my face, silently asking permission. I nod and give it, shivering with anticipation.

His ragged fingertips tuck into my panties, nails faintly raking into my skin as he lowers both panties and shorts. He slips them off my feet, parts my thighs, and stops to admire my smooth pussy. His fingertips trail over my soft, hairless pubis. His touch is so amazingly gentle; it matches that sweet almost cherub-like face. He presses his lips to my pussy, tenderly. He doesn’t just spread, lick, and finger like so many men do in such a mechanical way. He kisses my sex. He covers my lips in soft kisses. The thorough way he covers me causes me to open more, allowing him even more access, for I want his mouth over every inch of me.

His lips suck my full outer lips into his, tugging softly. I can see his blue eyes staring up at me, watching for approval. His lips part and his tongue snakes out, rimming deeper, into the inner lips and entrance of my pussy, up one side and down the other. He is methodical, thorough, tender, and wonderful beyond belief. His tongue enters me. I arch; the small of my back lifting off the hay, a gasp as I raise up. I hear him moan as he enters me, impaling me with his tongue, keeping it stiff as his face moves back and forth, fucking my bare, pink slit. He pushes my thighs up so my knees are to my chest, parting me with his incredible tongue, he rims down into my tight bottom. His licks are soft and sweet. He moves from hole to hole, driving me crazy for him. I would moan his name if I only knew it….

Just as I think I can take no more, he kisses my buttocks and stands. He’s got what looks to be a magnificent erection in his jeans. He kicks his boots off with a flirtatious grin. I am NOT disappointed when he undoes that oversized belt buckle, unzips his jeans, and reveals a lack of underwear. The sight of him makes me mutter an “Oh My God.” Considering that I am not a church going woman or even a God fearing woman, I am suddenly considering converting.

His honey blond bush is trimmed closely. His shaft just forth, proudly standing. He moves to mount me on the bale but I sit up quickly, pushing his taut stomach upward. Sitting on the edge of the bale, I look up into his eyes and open for his cock. Lips around his swollen, thick mushroom, I do my best to take him in. I hear his voice crackling as he moans an “oh Jesus Christ” as my mouth slides down his shaft.

I hold his hips as I move back and forth along him, lubing his cock, sucking, exploring. His sweet sounds motivate me to be merciless. I reach behind and take his hard ass in my hands, gripping for dear life. His cock disappears into my face, cheeks hollowing as I suck deeper, bahis şirketleri harder, head angled so I can go to the very base of him.

His hands on my head, he’s grasping at strands of hay and hair. His tight scrotum presses to my chin. His thrusts are minimal. It’s as though the blood flowing into his cock, the pulsing alone, is his thrust. And when my lover does thrust, his ass cheeks clench under my hands and he grunts.

I pull back to his head and press the flat of my tongue against the nerve under his head. I rub in a side to side motion, rolling the ridge of flesh under my tongue. I can look up at him with my dark brown eyes and watch his teeth clench and his eyes squeeze shut. I am enjoying the power my mouth seems to have on him….and his cock.

Releasing his head from my mouth, I take his hands into mine and kiss the palms of each hand. I use his hands to pull myself up off the hay. I quickly undo my denim shirt and slide it off, letting it fall into a heap on the hay covered floor. My bra follows quickly. I am completely nude for him now, as he is for me.

I lead him over to a wooden ladder that reaches into a loft. Climbing up one rung, my bottom is level to his groin. I poise one foot on the rung above to spread me for him. Bare breasts to the ladder, I cling and whisper for him to fuck me.

He stands behind me. His cock erect like a divining rod. He brings his head to my parted lips and presses it into me. Gently, he guides his cock up into me, making me grip the ladder harder as he fills me. His hands on my hips, adjusting me until he has every inch inside me. Once inside, he grips the outer sides of the ladder and begins to thrust. His pace is slow but deliberate. I can feel him lifting my body slightly with each thrust upward. His breath is on my back. The sounds of our panting and moaning fill the barn. The smell of animals and hay replaced by the smell of sex and the tastes of each other on our lips. He bites into my shoulder as he thrusts harder, the pace becoming more rapid, more intense.

I push my ass against his groin, forcing my cunt down on him. His hands leave the ladder and grab my hips. His thrusts are shorter now….growing shallow and more urgent. I can feel his sack slapping against my clit. His cock swells and I feel the first rip of a torrent of cum shooting inside me. Holding tightly to the ladder, I grunt as I push back against him and he plunges deeper, surge after surge of warm cum inside me. He nuzzles against me. Though he just gave me his seed, he is still semi hard inside me. He reaches around my body, embracing me, burying his face into my shoulder blades, kissing my skin, swaying his hips from side to side.

He doesn’t release my body until his cock finally goes soft. He takes my sore hands from the ladder and leads me back to the hay bale where he helps me to dress. He tenderly slips the bra over my arms and reaches behind to clasp it. He buttons each button of my shirt sweetly, intently. He holds my panties and shorts for me to step into and zips me closed. Then he tends to himself, dressing, and reminding me of that ride back to my friends’ ranch that he promised, as he tips his hat to me.

Holding my hand, he leads me to his truck. He opens my door the way any gentleman would and doesn’t shut it until I am safely inside, like some precious cargo. Joining me in the cab of the truck, I watch his face and his body as he drives down that country dirt road, returning me to my friends.

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