A College Tale

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“Hello, this is Matt.”

“Hi Matt, this is Harmony. We met at a party a couple months ago.”

“Um ok,” Matt replied. He had no idea who the girl on the other end of the phone was. Still, he was young and single and not in the habit of hanging up on girls who called him out of the blue. “Which party did we meet at?”

There was a pause, followed by, “Kathleen’s Birthday party.”

“Oh, so you’re a friend of Kathleen’s.” Matt couldn’t hide the venom in his voice when he spoke the name of his ex-girlfriend. “So what does she want?”

“Hey, easy there, Tiger. I’m not calling you for her benefit,” Harmony replied. Matt was usually pretty good at reading people, and could tell from the hesitation in Harmony’s voice she was hiding something. Despite instantly disliking any friend of Kathleen’s he was curious why Harmony was calling him.

“Ok fine. So what can I do for you Harmony?”

“Funny, you asked me the same thing at Kathleen’s party, but in a much more suggestive way,” she said. Matt remembered how drunk he had been that night. Kathleen’s temper tantrum had pushed him too far, and he had gotten blitzed. Later he was told by multiple people that he had hit on every girl at the party. It was however Kathleen who had cheated on him that night, which marked the end of their eight month relationship.

“I was pretty drunk that night, and honestly I don’t remember much. I should be studying, so don’t waste my time.” Matt wondered which one of Kathleen’s friends Harmony was. He didn’t think he’d met her before that party. Kathleen certainly was hot, but a complete bitch. By Matt’s estimation both were traits she shared with most of her friends.

“Ok, well I’m calling for a favor so I’ll be nice even if you aren’t. Kathleen told me that you did really well in Statistics Class. I need to pass it for my major but I didn’t do well on the first midterm. I was wondering if you could help me study?”

Her story was plausible, but flawed. “So go to your TA for help, or hire a tutor,” he said.

“My TA can barely speak English. And tutors are so expensive, and I don’t learn well from them anyways.”

“So, you’re asking me to help you out of the goodness of my heart? Or because you’re a friend of my ex-girlfriend who cheated on me twice before I figured out to dump her ass? I’ll be honest Harmony, I’m not seeing what’s in it for me.”

“Well I can give you free drinks at Scoobie’s.” Scoobie’s was a popular off-campus bar where the wait staff was almost entirely attractive co-eds who were encouraged to dress provocatively.

“You should know I don’t go there anymore.” Kathleen was a server at Scoobie’s and Matt had already enjoyed the privilege of drinking free while they were together. He guessed that Kathleen and Harmony were co-workers and Harmony was trying to get some sort of information out of Matt for Kathleen’s benefit. He knew he could easily hang up and be done with it, but the bitter side of him wanted to figure out what Kathleen was up to.

“Listen, I suppose I can get together with you and try to help you study for an hour or two. We’ll figure out some favor you can pay me back with.” Matt simply planned to grill Harmony in person as to what Kathleen had put her up to, so he didn’t care about actually helping her study.

“Ok great. Can you come over tonight? My test is next week, and my roommate isn’t around so I should be able to get a lot of studying done.”

“Sure, I’ll come over at seven.” Matt omitted the fact that he didn’t have any other plans for the evening anyway.

He took his time and didn’t arrive at Harmony’s apartment until 7:30 and rang her bell. She opened the door with a huge smile and said “Hey, I’m glad you found the place, come on in.”

Matt was shocked that he didn’t remember Harmony. Kathleen’s friends were usually attractive, but Harmony was gorgeous. She was average height for a woman, which put her over half a foot shorter than him. Harmony’s skin was flawlessly smooth and moderately tan. Her features were vaguely non-Caucasian but he couldn’t place her exactly. If he had to guess he’d have said she was half white, half Asian. Her straight black hair went past her shoulder blades.

Harmony’s body was awesome and her outfit didn’t hide it. She wore tight shorts with the University’s letters emblazed on her backside, as if to draw more attention to her high, firm ass. They were extremely low rise, leaving a huge expanse of bare skin between her pubic bone and ribs. Her tank top matched her shorts and was thin and tight. Jewels dangled from her pierced navel which drew attention to her toned belly. Harmony had curves in all the right places, with breasts that matched her frame and hips that swelled out nicely from her trim waist.

The kitchen table was covered with books, which certainly gave the impression that Harmony had been hard at work. Still, the television was on, which at least was a sign of bad study habits. Without asking Matt turned it off on his way to the table. Harmony looked at him as if to protest bursa escort but stopped herself, instead asking, “Do you want something to drink?”

“Beer if you have it,” he answered, sitting down at her table. He glanced at her notes to avoid staring at her body as she fetched him a beer from the fridge. They were complete, but had the appearance of a student who frantically recorded everything the professor said instead of listening and understanding, taking notes sparingly.

“Here you go, sir,” Harmony said, offering him a cold beer. It was a cheap domestic brew, but at least it was in a bottle. She didn’t break eye contact and he had to wonder what sort of game was being played.

“Ok Harmony, here’s the deal. I’m going to give you one more chance to come clean with me about what’s going on here. I don’t doubt you can use help on your Statistics, but I also know Kathleen has to be involved in some way in this.”

Harmony looked shocked and upset that he had been so blunt with her. Yet, he could see resignation spread across her face as she replied, “Ok, you win. Kathleen did put me up to this, sort of. I owe her a pretty big favor, and she pretty much asked me to spy on you. She suggested inviting you over, flirting with you, and pumping you for information about your dating and sex life. You really got into that girl’s head, you know?”

“Ok, we’re getting somewhere. But why does she care? She cheated on me; she obviously was never that into the relationship.”

Harmony nodded. “Personally, I do agree that she doesn’t really care about you. But when you were together she knew you were faithful. Part of her feels guilty for cheating I suppose. But, she didn’t treat you well. Since you dumped her she’s become borderline obsessed. She didn’t really appreciate what she had in you as a boyfriend until she lost you.”

Harmony continued, “I also think there’s that whole thing where she wants to know if you’re having better luck dating than her and all that. I’m pretty sure that you are having far more and far hotter sex in her mind than you probably are in real life.”

Matt was impressed how quickly Harmony had come clean. “I’m glad you’re telling me this, but can I ask why? Shouldn’t you be loyal to your friend?”

“I suppose. I’ll be honest, I’m being selfish, or at least playing both sides here. I didn’t invite you over here to spy on you for Kathleen”

“Oh? So how are you being selfish?”

“Well, when I met you at her party I thought you were really cute. I would have probably hooked up with you except I knew you were Kathy’s boyfriend. Later I asked her about you, and she told me some things. . .”

“What things?” Matt asked, genuinely curious how his ex talked about him with her friends.

“Well about what you’re like in bed. She really misses the sex with you Matt, the other guys she’s been with since just haven’t measured up. She’s told me how generous a lover you are, how much you love going down on a girl. She told me how you seem to know exactly when a woman wants it tender or a little rough. She also told me something else.”

“Go on.”

“Well, this is kind of embarrassing, but I want you to know I’m honest and you can trust me. Kathleen told me about your … you know, your size. And the honest truth is I have a bit of a size fetish.”

Matt was genuinely surprised where this conversation had gone. He’d never heard a woman be so frank about her size preferences so quickly after meeting her. Kathleen had only admitted she really liked the size of his dick after several months of sex.

“So what did she tell you about my size?”

“Well, she said you’re long, and really thick. But on top of that you know how to use it. You go slow at first, make sure a girl is ready, and then work your way in.”

“Sounds about right.”

“See, my first boyfriend was big. Like, huge big.” She held her hands an almost obscene distance apart. “He was gentle, but in retrospect he may have been a bit bigger than ideal for me. I was really naive about sex, and had heard from my girlfriends that most guys were the same size, more or less.”

Matt chuckled.

“Yeah, I know,” Harmony continued, laughing at herself. “So I was a little shocked by my next boyfriend’s size, or lack thereof. His dick was barely half the length of my first boyfriend! I feel bad now, but I know I wasn’t very tactful the first time I saw it. I don’t recall my exact words, but I know he lost his erection before I finished my sentence. We didn’t last long after that, and I did some research online and found out that while he was a bit smaller than normal, he’s far closer to average than my first boyfriend.”

“It does sound like you have a definite size preference. It’s ok to know what you want. There are guys that openly admit they like big tits,” Matt offered.

“Yeah, but I’ve always felt a little uncomfortable. You know, as a girl you sort of sound like a slut to admit you like bigger cocks. Plus some guys in particular think that if you admit to liking bigger ones bursa escort bayan you want the biggest one you can find. Really it’s more like if I’m shopping for clothes, I want something that fits right. For me that’s large. Not extra large, nor medium. See, I’ve had great sex with normal sized guys, especially the ones who are good with their fingers and tongues. And I’d definitely rather screw an average guy who knew what he was doing than a guy with a huge boner and no clue how to use it.”

Harmony paused before continuing, “But there is something a big dick, especially a thick one, can do for me that a regular one can’t. I used to fuck my first boyfriend over breaks to get my fill, so to speak. But he got engaged and stopped taking care of my needs.”

“Ok, so where do I come into all this?” Matt inquired.

“God, now I really feel like a slut. I want to find out if you’re as good as Kathy says you are. I want to get laid Matt, by you. Then I’m going to lie to Kathy, tell her that while you’re not too miserable, you said you were just taking some time off from girls for now. She’ll feel better and I’ll get what I want.”

“And what do I get out of it?”

Harmony looked truly shocked for the first time. “Hello? These?” she said, lifting and squeezing her breasts through her shirt. “This?” She turned and pointed to her firm ass. “I know plenty of guys that would give their left nut for a chance with me.”

“I’ve had sex with hot girls before. Honestly I prefer the ones who are just cute, especially if they don’t know it. Really hot women think they don’t have to do anything but be there and let you do all the work. It gets old really quick.”

“God, you’re fucking with me with your little ‘hard to get’ game. Ok fine, I promise to give you one of the best screws of your life,” Harmony said, slightly frustrated.

“I want you to be my sex slave.” Matt was amazed at his own boldness. There was something about Harmony that made him want to have power over her. Maybe it was the attachment to Kathleen that made him want to see her crawl around on her knees. Maybe it was that slight smugness that bordered on arrogance. Or maybe he just wanted to have sexual power over a beautiful girl.

“Fine, nothing gross though.”

“I think I get your meaning and don’t worry about that. What about bondage?”

“Yes please,” Harmony said, her eyes lighting up.

“Spankings?” She nodded again.

“Anal?” he asked, and this time she hesitated. He’d found it. Matt would fuck Harmony in the ass. Aside from the sexual thrill it would give him insurance she’d hold up her end of the bargain with regards to Kathleen.

“I’ve never done that.”

“No time like the present,” Matt said wryly.

“You’re serious? Maybe we should call the whole thing off.”

“Yes, maybe we should. I’ve got a fuck-buddy I can call anyways, and I know she gives good head, even if she’s not quite as hot as you.”

“You’re lying,” Harmony said, sounding uncertain.

“I’m serious. Do you want me to e-mail you the details of the sex I’ve had with her? You can pass them on to Kathleen. I’m sure she’ll love that.”

“You’re so unfair. How’s this; you fuck me, and if it honestly doesn’t blow you away then I’ll let you fuck my ass.” Harmony’s face twisted as the reference to surrendering her anal virginity came out of her mouth.

“You really want a big cock don’t you?” Matt asked, amused.

She hit his shoulder, “God! Yes, I do ok. You’re so unfair, taking advantage of me.”

“Well it’s my duty to never turn down a little hottie like you when she asks for some dick, so you’ve got a deal. I get to spank you and tie you down, and we’ll talk about the ass later.”

“Great!” Harmony exclaimed, climbing onto Matt’s chair. She ground her pussy against him through their clothes as she pressed her mouth against his.

With more effort and discipline than he showed, Matt broke away from Harmony. “Whoa, slow down. I plan to take my time with you, and you need to remember who’s the Master and who is the slave here.”

“Fine. Command me, Sir. Would you like a blowjob?”

“Not yet. First we’re going to your room,” he said. Harmony led him to her bedroom, shutting the door behind them.

“Where do you keep your vibrator?” he asked her. She looked at him, slightly shocked at the question.

“I don’t…” she began.

“I don’t like lying,” he responded to her sternly. “Give me your vibrator now, or I walk.”

Harmony looked at Matt for a moment, thinking of calling his bluff. There was no way he could walk out on a hot piece of ass like her, not over something so silly. Still, she realized she’d promised to submit to his desires, and also implied that if she didn’t completely rock his world she’d have to give him her ass.

Harmony went to her chest of drawers and opened the second to the bottom one, extracting a sizable purple Rabbit vibrator from under a pile of sweaters. She handed it to Matt casually.

“It’s spent more time in my pussy than any cock escort bursa has,” she remarked.

“While I’m all in favor of women getting themselves off, to me that sounds a bit like a waste of your pussy to me. Ok, strip down to your underwear and get on all fours on your bed.”

In her fantasies Harmony had imagined something a bit more romantic when she fucked Matt. Kissing leading to a heated make-out session, followed by the gradual removal of clothing. He would be naked, trembling at the sight of her naked body, his huge erection throbbing. She would have teased it and worshipped it until he would be overcome with lust, flipping her over and penetrating her deeply. They would make love for hours, climaxing multiple times.

The reality of the situation was she was on all fours, facing away from Matt, who was still holding her vibrator. She felt surprisingly exposed in her cute little matching black bra and thong set, perhaps because he hadn’t yet touched her.

Matt came up behind her, placed his hand on her ass, and then spanked it, hard. She let out a yelp.

“Ow! That hurt!”

“Yes, that’s the point. It’s not supposed to be pleasant.”

“You’re a masochist.”

“I suppose so. I don’t derive any pleasure from inflicting pain. But I do enjoy the feeling of power, and knowing how it must shame you to allow yourself to be treated this way.”

Harmony felt her cheeks grow hot as she blushed. She’d only allowed one man to ever treat her like this before, and that was her ex-boyfriend the times she came back to him for his cock. In both situations the men knew they had power over her and exploited it. Deep down she didn’t mind; being an object of sexual lust for a powerful man was something she enjoyed.

“I made you a promise, so do with me as you will,” she said.

He brought his hand down on her ass once more firmly. “I like your attitude,” he said with a smile. More hard spankings followed.

“Yow!” Harmony finally exclaimed after a particularly hard blow. “Could you lighten up a little? I’d like to be able to sit down tomorrow.”

Matt laughed. “Ok, we can move on,” he said, gripping her thong and pulling it to the side, exposing her bare pussy lips. “You totally shaved?” he asked, inspecting her lips.

“There’s a little patch at the top,” she replied, embarrassed to have him inspecting her so casually yet intimately.

“Nice,” Matt replied. Harmony was facing away from him, so she was surprised to feel her vibrator being pushed into her wet pussy.

“I thought… I thought you were going to fuck me?” she asked.

“Soon enough,” he replied. Matt slowly worked the length of the toy into Harmony’s pussy until it was deep inside her, the clit stimulator touching its target. Matt flipped the switch, activating the vibrator.

Harmony moaned at the familiar sensation. Her vibrator was amazing; the head rotated, there were beads in the “shaft” that also rotated, and the clit stimulator vibrated. It never failed to give her amazing orgasms.

“Hold this,” Matt instructed. Harmony held the toy in place as Matt pulled off her thong. “Feel good?” he asked. Harmony bit her lower lip and nodded.

“You know, you haven’t even seen my cock yet. But I can tell already that I’m pushing your buttons more than most of the guys you’ve been with. I bet they tend to be in a hurry to shove their cocks inside you, not worrying so much about preparing you psychologically.”

“You’re a bit cocky aren’t you?” Harmony asked, not wanting to confirm what he said.

“I’ll show you just how cocky. Come over here, kneel on the floor, but keep the toy in place.”

Harmony carefully crawled off her bed onto the floor. It was awkward holding the toy in place, but felt good enough to justify the extra effort. Matt shed his shirt first, then undid his pants and slid them off with his boxers all at once.

It came into view. His cock was as Harmony had imagined, long and thick and perfectly proportioned. It wasn’t quite as big as her ex’s, but he had hurt her a little anyways, and Matt was far bigger than most of the guys she’d been with.

“It’s lovely,” she said.

“Thank you. But I want you to realize that any guy could have gotten you as worked up as you are now, if you let him. I don’t doubt you’ll enjoy my big cock, but I also don’t want you to think it’s the only thing that makes me a good lover.”

“I never would think that,” Harmony replied.

“Ok, good. Well cutie, show me what you can do with that mouth of yours. After that ex you should be used to giving head to a big one.”

Harmony was adept at handling a large cock, but wasn’t used to doing so while using her vibrator at the same time. Still, she slid her tongue up and down Matt’s long shaft, staring him in the eyes as she did. She swirled her tongue around the swollen head before wrapping her lips around his girth and taking his manhood into her mouth. She used her free hand to stroke his cock as she continued using her toy on her pussy.

“I have to admit, you do suck nicely,” Matt observed, standing over her confidently with his hands on his hips. “And you really are a hottie,” he added with a softer tone. “Honestly, you’re cuter than Kathleen, and you suck dick better too.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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