With 8 Minutes to Spare…

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The noise from the adjacent bedroom window caught his attention. Randy had been sitting on the motel porch in front of his room, reading the newspaper, and sipping a drink. He had been on the road for several days and this was his first opportunity to catch up on the news from a national perspective. However, the moans and cries that emanated from the open window broke his concentration. Someone was getting it on and that aroused his interest. He fought back the urge to put down his paper and peek into the window.

After a few minutes the sounds subsided. Randy smiled and returned to his reading only to look up when he heard voices from around the corner of the building. The voices faded; there were the sounds of a door shutting and then of a car departing. He chuckled to himself as mental pictures of what may just have happened flashed through his mind. His stomach tightened and a nervous tickle developed in his throat. Randy coughed and took another sip of his drink. He returned to reading the paper and tried not to think of the fact that it had been months since he had been with a woman.

The sound of a cough and the rustle of a newspaper immediately caught Jasmine’s attention as she pulled the cover sheet from the bed. She approached the window and delicately moved the curtains to one side. The legs of a man in jeans and boots came into view. “Funny,” she said to herself, “they don’t usually put people down here. I wonder…” Then she glanced into the parking lot and saw the motorcycle. “Motorcycles lower the tone of the building,” she smirked to herself.

Jasmine stood on the sidewalk patio and eyed the seated figure. He wasn’t her usual type. She hated motorcycles. Every time she saw one it reminded her of when she was sixteen and fell off her boyfriend’s Goldwing. Nevertheless, there was something intriguing about this man. His blue jeans were clean. He wore a neat, yellow golf shirt, which hid a slight trace paunch. His white beard was neatly trimmed and he read the Financial Post. He was probably in his mid fifties. As she approached, he turned and smiled.

His smile was genuine and disarming. “Nice quiet evening, but not much of a view here,” he said shyly as he pointed to the expanse of the vacant shopping mall parking lot adjacent to the motel. He did not make small talk easily.

“Yaw, its usually pretty quiet down at this end. They don’t usually put anyone down here unless you’re a trucker or a biker.”

“Oh and I’m definitely one of those bad assed bikers,” he replied with a grin and took a sip of his drink. Jasmine laughed. It was a warm deep laugh and it drew Randy’s eyes up to her face. She was of medium height. Her soft oval face framed by short brunette hair. Her brown eyes flashed. “Hey, I’m having a Jack and Ginger and need a refill. Would you like to join me?”

“Never, had one, but I’m finished for the night…sure, why not,” came the quick reply.

“One finger or two?”

“Don’t short change me. Let’s start with two,” came the saucy reply.

When Randy returned with the drinks, he noticed that she had moved a patio table and another chair next to where he had been sitting and she was glancing at his newspaper. A quiet conversation began first about the weather and politics and then family, friends, and sex. Jasmine enjoyed his viewpoints and shy honesty. One drink led to another. By the third, there were no secrets only slightly slurred replies.

“You know, I’m the very best at what I do. Nobody lasts long with me. I know that even you, after your operation …” her words stopped. Even through the alcoholic haze, she could see that her words had struck a nerve. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to …”

Randy didn’t let her finish. The fact that, after his groin surgery, sex had not been the same and he had shared that detail with this total stranger over drinks in a motel parking lot patio embarrassed and angered him. His emotions came out in a storm of words. “If you’re so damn good…Bet you $100 that you can’t make me cum three times in 90 minutes!” he challenged.

“Honey, you make that $250,” Jasmine retorted as she leaned across the table and rubbed his thigh, “and we have a bet.”

The words “You’re on!” were out of Randy’s mouth before he could even think about it. The next few minutes were a panicked and embarrassed blur for Randy. He had never done anything like this before. Nervousness gnawed at his stomach as he roamed uncertainly about his room. He collected the money and balled it into his pants pocket, gathered up the remains of the Jack and Ginger Ale and the ice bucket, and headed to Jasmine’s room.

His hands were full, so he gently kicked the bottom of the door with his foot. “Coming,” came the reply. For what seemed an eternity, Randy stood exposed to the public eye at Jasmine’s door. He looked anxiously over his shoulder only to spy the empty mall parking stalls behind the low poorly kept hedge that separated the motel grounds and the lot. The door had silently swung open while he stood gawking at the well-worn path çubuk escort that cut through the hedge from to the lot towards the motel door where he stood. “Come on in honey, don’t keep a girl waiting.” The words broke his trance and brought him back to the reality of the situation. He stepped timidly into the motel room.

It was a softly lit kitchenette unit with a sitting area. A fresh pastel sheet, which complimented the bedspread, covered the still made bed. There was a series of mountain and wildlife paintings on the walls. The room had a homey feel. Randy began to relax. A soft touch brushed against his elbow. “You can put those over there and perhaps you could pour us another drink. The money…”

“Ah, what?

Jasmine sensed his uneasiness. She fumbled for the right words. “The bet … err the wager… just put it on the table by the sofa.” Randy placed the crumpled bills in the ashtray on the table. As he carried the mix and liquor to the kitchenette, he noticed the large clock over the sink. It could clearly be seen from anywhere in the room. It read 8:12. Randy took a quick breath and poured the drinks. When he turned around, she was in front of him and he nervously handed her a drink. As she reached out to receive the glass, her hands brushed against his wrist. It was a steady, gentle, and reassuring touch accompanied by a warm smile. Randy looked carefully at her for the first time. She was slim woman in her forties and about six inches shorter than he was. Her pale blue blouse and jeans accented her trim figure. “Here’s to the winner. Let it be a fun and rewarding experience.”

Jasmine took a drink from her glass, then stepped forward and kissed Randy softly on the lips. She broke the kiss and then replaced it with a deeper one. She could feel Randy’s body begin to respond and her free hand began to trace small patterns across his chest. “I need to use both hands,” she said in a sultry voice as she took one last gulp from her glass and placed it on the table by the sofa. Randy quickly swallowed the remains of his glass and placed it next to hers. Jasmine’s hands continued to move across his chest. When her lips nuzzled against his neck, he let out an involuntary sigh.

The perfume of Jasmine’s hair filled his nostrils. Randy gently kissed her forehead and then bent forward to nibble on her ear. She responded by rubbing his back and pulling him closer. Jasmine ground her hips against his upper thighs. As she did so, Randy could feel a tingle beginning to build in his abdomen. Time seemed to stand still. Warm sensations filled Randy’s mind and his next conscious thought was when he realized Jasmine’s bare breasts were pushing against his naked chest. “Come on sweetie, let’s have a shower.” Randy’s eyes followed her semi-naked form to the doorway of the bathroom. There she stopped and performed a sensual striptease silhouetted by the light of the open bathroom door. As Randy watched, he undid his belt and jeans. He was surprised to discover how aroused he was.

He collected Jasmine’s blouse and his shirt from the floor, as he walked towards the door. Soon he had arranged all their clothes neatly on the kitchen chairs and table that stood near the bathroom door. When he entered the bathroom, he was amazed. In sharp contrast to his small bath, this was an expansive room with marble fixtures and a large shower with three showerheads and a bench. “If it’s OK with you, we’ll just use the lower shower heads so my hair doesn’t get wet. Hope you like a hot shower…I do,” said Jasmine as she adjusted the water. Her soft voice now came from a cloud of steam and spray that swept out the open shower door. She invited him inside.

The shower was a hot erotic experience for Randy. Jasmine soaped his back, chest, and legs as he sat on the bench. While her hands softly lathered him, Jasmine made sure her breasts gently brushed against his body. Jasmine could see that her actions were having the desired effect. Randy’s excitement was growing. “Your turn,” she encouraged and handed Randy the soap. He soaped his hands and began to rub them across her body. He especially liked lathering her small breasts. The almond sized nipples hardened under his touch. The soft moans emitted by Jasmine as he kissed her ears and neck and pinched her nipples encouraged him. She drew him to his feet and presented her back to him. Randy soaped her neck, shoulders, and buttocks. She pushed against him and moved so that the head of his penis rubbed against the small of her back. She slowly turned around and cupped her hands behind her head. His hands found her breasts. Jasmine writhed in response to his gentle kneading. They worked their way slowly down to her abdomen and upper thighs. Randy’s fingers lightly lathed and pulled at her curly pubic hair.

In response to Randy’s touch, Jasmine readjusted her stance and spread her legs slightly while she reached out and touched his shoulders. Randy playfully explored the lips of her labia. She pushed forward against his fingers and gasped as demetevler escort they brushed her clit. “Oh that’s it, sweetie,” she encouraged him as the warmth grew in her lower abdomen. She could feel her wetness building too. His fingers penetrated and began to move in and out of her pussy. The feel was exquisite. She squirmed and pushed down against his fingers. They now rubbed against the thickness at the front of her vagina and while his thumb massaged her clit. Jasmine closed her eyes. The hot, passionate tension built within her body. Jasmine winced and squeezed down hard against his fingers. Her mouth opened in a silent scream, she gasped, and came.

Jasmine continued to grind against his fingers. “Keep that up…don’t stop!” exclaimed Jasmine between gasps for breath. “Oh! Oh Baby, you’re good!” she purred as she collapsed against his chest. It took a few moments for Jasmine to regain control. Then she began to slowly work her hands down his chest towards his pelvis. Randy’s fingers continued to deliciously wiggle within her pussy. Jasmine once again squeezed her vaginal muscles just as her hands surrounded Randy’s now rampant cock.

Randy could not believe the tightness of her pussy. When she squeezed against his fingers, the tightness was vice-like. He curled his fingers and rubbed against the thickness at the front of her vagina. Jasmine squirmed. Her breathing quickened and her wetness increased. His excitement increased too. The touch of her hands on his dick was like magic. They surrounded his shaft and pulled gently. The glove-like pressure increased with her hand movements. She matched the tempo of his fingers. Jasmine simultaneously increased the pressure of her hands on his dick and the grip of her vaginal muscles around his fingers. She followed these actions with several hard jerks on his cock. Randy groaned loudly and came. Jasmine sighed and a wry smile crept across her face.

Jasmine stood in the centre of the bathroom floor patting her legs with a towel. Randy watched intently as she dried herself off, inadvertently stroking his dick as terry material traced patterns over her breasts and pussy. Jasmine observed Randy carefully in the mirror. She liked a man who was willing to masturbate in front of a woman. It showed his sensuality. This man carried his age well, she observed. He appeared to be about 10 years older than she was, and in good shape. His wind-tanned cheeks, grey hair, and neatly trimmed grey beard emphasized his sparkling blues eyes. However, what she liked most about this man was how he put her at ease with his shy and tender manner.

She hung up her towel and grabbed a fresh one for Randy. Jasmine stepped towards the open shower door and stopped deliberately before him. Their eyes met. She kissed the fingertips of her right hand and then slowly allowed them to trace a path down between her breasts, across her abdomen to her pussy. Jasmine smiled as she watched Randy’s eyes follow her fingers. She gasped slightly as her fingers parted her pussy lips and brushed against her swollen clit. Wetness flowed over her fingers. Jasmine enjoyed the tease and could feel her excitement building. In an unhurried motion, she withdrew her fingers and placed them on Randy’s lips. Jasmine grinned when she felt Randy’s tongue flick across them. “Here, dry off, sweetie,” Jasmine said as she pressed the towel against his chest and pushed away from him.

When Randy walked back into the bedroom, he found Jasmine kneeling on the bed. She beckoned him. As he approached, he peeked back at the clock. While it had seemed like an eternity had passed since they entered the bathroom, he noticed that only 35 minutes had elapsed.

Jasmine noticed the glance. “Don’t worry, honey. We have lots of time left,” she taunted with a laugh. In spite of her bravado, Jasmine looked at his shrunken member and knew that she had a challenge before her. She reached out, cupped his balls, and drew him to the edge of the bed. Bending forward, Jasmine kissed his navel, traced her tongue across his abdomen, and then blew softy over the tip of his cock. Next, she began to rub his penis while with the other hand she continued to fondle his balls. Jasmine could sense his response before it became physically evident. Randy’s body stiffened slightly as he stood before her and then he began to arch his pelvis in rhythm to her fingers.

Jasmine leaned closer and her tongue flicked out to remove a small drop of precum that had begun to form on the tip of his hardening penis. Its sweet taste and smell excited her. Her lips surrounded his cock.

The warmth of her mouth and the movements of her tongue created sensations of pure ecstasy for Randy. He could feel his member begin to grow in Jasmine’s mouth. Her teeth raked against the sides of his shaft. His hands rubbed her back and shoulders. He pushed into her face. “That feels fantastic…” was all he could mumble.

Jasmine loved cocksucking. She loved being in control. Jasmine’s excitement grew and so did the dampness ankara escort and warmth between her legs. She now knew that she could make this guy hard whenever she wanted. It was time for her to get herself off. Jasmine stopped sucking and crawled to the head of the bed. “Lie down, sweetie. It’s Showtime.”

Randy lay down on the bed while Jasmine removed a condom from the dish on the bedside table and opened the package. As she rolled the rubber over his dick, she presented her ass to his face. He did not disappoint. Randy reached out and began to rub her buttocks. Soon his fingers found her pussy. He was following the script. Her plan was in place.

Randy’s touch was firm, but gentle. Fire flowed where his fingers brushed. Jasmine relished his touch. With some reluctance, Jasmine pulled away from his enticing fingers. She turned and mounted his rampant cock cowgirl style. Slowly at first, she began to bounce and grind on his hardness. Jasmine liked the fact that Randy reached up and started to rub her breasts and nipples. When she quickened her pace, he squeezed her nipples. Electric sensations immediately built up in her pussy. Her erotic tension was building. Her breath now came in a series of short pants. His thumbs rubbed her clit and he pushed up against her to meet her every move. Sensual blackness surrounded her. It blotted out everything in the room but her ecstatic pleasure and their combined screams and groans.

Randy awoke to the gentle touch of fingertips tracing tiny patterns on his cheek and stomach. “You’re really something,” confided Jasmine in a soft earnest tone. “You know how to please a woman. You turn me on.” Randy just smiled as she reached for the tissues on the bedside table and began to clean him up. She was gentle and attentive. Randy looked at the clock. It was 9:15. He knew he would win.

Jasmine reached across him and placed the used tissues on the table. Her breast brushed across Randy’s face and lingered for a moment. His lips found a nipple and Jasmine smiled. The sucking made it harden and she could feel her pussy contract and her wetness begin to flow again. Jasmine reached down and began to softly massage Randy’s shrunken penis. In response, he greedily sucked on her areola. Jasmine knew she had him.

Deftly she pushed back from him. As she turned around, she grabbed a handful of tissues and a bottle of oil from the table. Jasmine straddled Randy pushed her ass towards his face. Then she poured some oil onto her hands and began to massage his cock. Randy moaned and spread his legs for easier access.

Jasmine’s fingers generated amazing feelings. Randy could not help but respond. Her tight round ass gaped before his face. Instinctively his hands began to trace fine patterns over her firm buttocks. He gripped her hips and drew her pussy to his lips. Her delicate musky smell and taste was irresistible. His tongue went wild.

“Oh God. Oh God that’s good!” blurted out Jasmine in an involuntary whisper as she arched her back slightly so that he could concentrate even more on her clit. His tongue flicked back and forth across her swollen button. She came violently when he began to suck. Jasmine could feel her juices cover her thighs and his cheeks. This man really enjoys making a girl happy she thought to herself.

She now began to work his cock with determination. She massaged his balls too. Slowly he began to harden. Jasmine lathered more oil over her hands, continued to rub his soft spheres, and then slid her fingers over his anus. She could feel his body respond to her touch. Her tongue twirled around the head of his cock while her finger probed his sphincter. Jasmine sucked on his cock head and enjoyed its feel as it rubbed against the roof of her mouth. Her pace quickened as her finger penetrated his tight sphincter. Jasmine drew back her head as she felt Randy’s back arch and his body stiffen. She rubbed her finger against his prostrate, heard Randy gasp and felt him shudder. Jasmine glanced at the clock. There was eight minutes to spare.

Randy sat on the edge of the bed completely drained. The bathroom door was closed and he could hear water running. A quick glimpse towards the sofa table told him the money was gone. He tried to collect his thoughts, but all he could feel was a sense of euphoria and satisfaction. Randy tried to stand. However, his legs trembled and he slumped back down onto the bed. He closed his eyes for a moment and tried to regain his composure and strength.

Jasmine returned to the room adjusting her thin polyester robe and wiping her still damp hands on the material as she walked. She realized, as she looked at the slumped figure, that she did not just consider him another “John” or a conquest. She had genuinely enjoyed not only the sex, but also his company. “When are you back this way?” she found herself asking.

A startled and somewhat embarrassed Randy sat bolt upright, “I…errr…I…I’ll be…” he stammered. ” I…I just want to thank you for…” His voice fell off as she stood before him. She looked somehow younger in the floral robe. A pink band drew her hair back from her face and created an impression of youth and innocence. Her fresh perfume surrounded him as she drew him into a gentle hug. As he snuggled in against her breasts, Randy felt a sense of peace and fulfillment.

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