Why I Go to Bars Pt. 01

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From the moment I sat down in this small bar, I’ve been watching you two together on your corner bar stools. You appear bored, needing something.

Watching for almost an hour from my booth, I see you have nursed your red wine, your dark hair perfect, breasts high and firm, nipples showing thru the fabric of your light sweater. Your back straight as you would occasionally survey the small crowd, searching for something or someone?

Several times your gaze lingered on me and I would lift my cocktail in your direction, toasting you. You lowered your face, but I saw your smile of appreciation. I smile back.

Your companion has been on a marathon of drinking, and seeing how many beers he’s quaffed I’ve been waiting for him to go to the bathroom- so I can get closer and see if you are as sexy up close as you appear to me. I was getting bold and adventuress.

I am finally rewarded as he literally rises and staggers to the hall that houses both restrooms, mumbling to himself. Looks like my opportunity!

I’ve been wanting a better look at you in your low-cut blouse and I get up and walk up next to the bar stool you are on and order a bourbon. I glance over and see you looking at me with a shy smile on your lips. I turn my head and look at your lovely face and then at your full breasts. I can see the edge of your nipples under the silky top. You lean towards me giving me an unfettered view of your tits and I see the nips are puckered and beginning to point straight towards me.

I become brave, leaning over towards you and say, “I would love to kiss your nipples and fondle your breast’s for an entire night sometime.” My face looking serious.

“Maybe.” You murmur to me as the bartender brings my drink. Taking it, I turn my body towards you fully a moment and let you take a good look.

I esat escort know you see the outline of my beginning erection forming and you know I desire your body greatly. Your hand lifts slightly and I feel the brush of your index finger over my penis. I inhale deeply as pleasure runs over my body. I feel precum wanting to rise out and a slight euphoria causes me to shiver.

I see your face redden and your breasts rising and falling as arousal begins to affect you also.

I turn to return to my seat before your husband returns.

Suddenly you take my hand, pulling it to your breast, rubbing it over your rock hard nipple.

I gently squeeze it causing your eyes to close and your thighs to tighten up as if your pussy lips were dilating and becoming wet with lubrication. My imagination is rampant as I get a tickling feeling in my cock.

The bathroom door begins to open, and I gently pull away to return to my seat to wait…I watch from my table, I can see you as you nurse your wine, making small talk with your companion, or perhaps he’s merely a friend? you appear irritated when he flirts with the bar maid. Maybe just a drunken friend?

You look towards me and smile and nod your head ever so slightly to the hallway that leads to the lady’s room. I gently squeeze my still swollen penis, looking you in the eyes. Your right hand caresses your right breast and you run a finger over the nipple, it hardens to a bullet instantly as your mouth opens and again squeeze your thighs closed. I can almost hear your soft moan of need and sexual want.

I slowly unzip my pants and the tip of my cock peeks out towards you. I squeeze and a drop of pre cum appears slowly. Your eyes widen as you slowly lick your lips. I zip back up.

Your companion orders another tall beer in a drunken etimesgut escort voice and appears to be sleepy. His beer appears and he takes a long pull and then puts his head on the bar. There are only a few patrons in the bar, and no one notices except the bar maid who smiles knowingly and nods towards the hallway.

I see you say something to him, and he nods slightly putting his head back on his arms. Then you rise off the stool. You walk by me, smile and your eyes roll towards the lady’s room at the end of the hall.

I wait a moment and follow. You enter and turn to hold the door open as I enter.

You throw the deadbolt and walk towards me. I reach for you and we embrace.

My hands cup your breasts and you shiver as your arms envelope my neck pulling my lips to yours. Our kiss is deep, we explore each other’s mouths with our tongues. Heavenly!

With my left hand gently rolling your nipple, my right lowers to your ass and slowly pull you to me.

You wiggle as your vagina searches for my hard, upright cock and finding it begins to roll against it. A low moan escapes you and I pull you closer.

I can’t stop kissing you, forcing you back against the wall, I pull your skirt up. You are not wearing panties!

I unzip my pants allowing my hard shaft to appear. I place it in the valley between your legs and gently thrust in and out of your wetness, knowing I am sliding over your clit and your eager, wet vaginal opening. I don’t care if you’re wetness flows onto my pants.

I feel your swollen vulva moving against my hardness, searching for the bulbous head to penetrate them.

Your kisses intensify, you groan as your thrusts match mine, and we rock together, cock seeking entrance and pussy seeking to envelope him fully.

Your juices ankara escort are saturating both of us, so warm, so soft, so needy. I lift your thigh with my hand, and it separates your legs, giving access to your pussy lips.

You have teased me all evening with glimpses of your breasts and your coy smiles. Now you are mine until you leave this room…

I fondle your breasts until you reach down and guide me towards your hot wet treasure.

I bend my knees and allow your pussy to take the eager tip of my cock within you. I stand slowly and feel your pussy totally engulf my throbbing penis. We look into each other’s eyes as our union is slowly completed. I hold your ass tight ass against me and let the moment fill us with pleasure and desire. Perfectly still for a brief moment, savoring each others body.

I begin to move slowly in and out of your perfection… I feel you shiver as my penis struggles to penetrate more, you lift your lips to mine and devour my tongue as you softly moan. Your lubrication fully coats my cock.

I feel your hips reach rhythm with mine and we slowly experience sexual intercourse for the first time with each other. Your pussy is searching for release and I grip your hips, pulling me fully inside your soft wetness… I am overwhelmed with pleasure from my toes to my dick. I feel you tremble in your own pleasure; our culmination is upon us.

Your orgasm starts and your body stiffens… all except your loins – they continue our slow sensuous fuck and you grunt and tremble in my arms as erotic pleasures spread over you. Wave after wave of joy. Your kiss intensifies as you feel my penis begin it’s throbbing within you. I ejaculate rope after rope of my essence deeper than you have ever felt. Even standing, fucking you is fantastic!

Still kissing you, I grind my last few drops of cum deep inside your tummy, You return the movement in your quest for the final peak of pleasure. We sigh into each others wet mouth’s. It is satisfyingly accomplished.

We slowly separate. We both think to ourselves. I want you again… but where?…when?

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