What She Needs

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You turn your glass round and round on the bar top and sigh. You’ve had a tiring day, and you all you want is a nice, quiet drink to help you relax. But it’s not helping. Your stress levels are still through the roof. You squirm on the bar stool, huffing to yourself and wondering if you should give it up and just go home and sleep.

The bar stool next to you squeaks and you look over. A man. Handsome. Curly mid-brown hair over a pleasant face with a chiselled jawline. Broad shoulders. Tall. Delicious. Your eyes flick over him with interest that you quickly try to hide. He grins at you. “Rough day?”

Insulted, you go to turn away, and he chuckles. “No offence, but you look pretty stressed. Would it help if I bought you a drink?”

You gesture down at your drink on the bar, barely touched. “Apparently not. It looks like a drink is not what I needed, after all.”

His smile disappears, and he is suddenly staring at you intensely, his deep green eyes boring into yours, his voice calm yet intense. “Then what DO you need?”

The intensity of his voice seems to go straight to your core, and a brief flash — fantasy or premonition, you aren’t sure which — of this man naked and towering above you runs through your head. You feel a shiver pulse down your spine and you blush hotly. You just stare at him, unable to answer, temporarily robbed of the power of speech.

He reaches out a hand and gently trails one finger up your bare forearm. “I think I could help you figure out what you need,” he murmurs, never taking his eyes from yours.

You swallow nervously and nod dumbly, feeling almost hypnotised by his eyes. He smirks, and jumps off the bar stool, holding out his hand to you. “I have a pass to the VIP room. Come with me, and we’ll see if we can’t find something better for you than a drink.”

Not even thinking about what you are doing, you slip off your own stool and take his hand. You let yourself be led across the bar, past the dance floor, and towards the velvet ropes of the VIP area. Your new companion nods at the bouncer who waves you both through the curtains.

You look around. The room is dim, filled with plush sofas and low tables laden with bottles of expensive liquor. Perhaps a dozen people are in here. Mostly men, with only a few other women dotted here and there. They all look over with interest as you enter, and your companion’s hand tightens on yours as he pulls you over to an alcove where three other men sit.

He nods at them. “Gentlemen, this is my new friend.” He doesn’t give your name — he hasn’t asked you for it, and neither do they. They just murmur greetings at you while they strip you bare with their eyes. You blush, but don’t turn away. You kind of like it, being looked at and admired so openly.

“New friend, huh?” one of them questions. “Just how friendly are you, sweetheart?” Being called sweetheart by a stranger would usually bother you, but for some reason, you just feel flattered, and want to win their approval. “I can be as friendly as you need,” you murmur, looking at him from under your eyelashes. You don’t know where that came from — you hadn’t meant to flirt — but it seems to go down well. One laughs, the others smile.

Your companion uses his grip on your hand to tug you a little closer, looking down intently into your eyes. “Do you mean that? Because I think you and I could get really, really friendly…” He trails off, but his body is now pressed close to yours and there is no mistaking his meaning. You feel the warmth of him pressing against you, feel the bulge that digs into your belly. You put that there. You like knowing that.

You haven’t answered him, but you don’t need to. He sees the answer in your eyes. He leans down and captures your lips with his. The kiss is long, slow and languorous. You kiss him back enthusiastically, tasting whiskey on his tongue as it twines with yours, your hands reaching up to snake around his neck as his hands caress your back. Though your eyes are closed, you can sense the other men watching. Suddenly you feel a hand slide up your side and begin to gently massage your breast through your dress. Someone else is touching you! Instead of recoiling in shock, you moan softly, your breath catching. What is happening? Why are you allowing this? You don’t understand why, but you want more.

Your new friend deepens the kiss and you feel yourself grow weaker, sagging against him. As you do, you feel yet another hand. It explores your ass through the fabric of your clothes, roaming, squeezing. You moan into the stranger’s mouth, still kissing him, as the exploring hand delves under your short dress and cups your panty-clad pussy. You know the lace is already soaked, and that he can feel it. Your breathing starts to get faster, your heartbeat increasing. You want more.

Suddenly your panties are tugged down, your dress pushed up. Other hands undo the zip at the back to pull the top of your dress down, exposing your back and chest. Your bra pings open. So many hands, manipulating esenyurt anal yapan escort you, exposing you. You aren’t even aware of who is doing what, your eyes still closed as you lose yourself in the hot, wet kiss of a stranger, sucking on his tongue as he ravishes your mouth, groping you all the while.

Suddenly he breaks away and you open your eyes, panting. Your dress is now rucked up around your belly, your bra and panties gone. All four men are now standing around you, watching you intently. The eyes of several men at other tables are also trained your way. You look around at your observers, trying to get your breath back, not sure what to do now.

Your original companion smiles, and as if that was a signal, they all move. You find yourself suddenly pushed back onto one of the couches, with hands — so many hands — stroking, squeezing, all over your body. Hands with different owners massage each breast, and one suddenly pinches your nipple, hard. You squeal, but the sound is muffled as your mouth is covered by the hot mouth of another stranger. You enthusiastically kiss him back as other hands caress your thighs, sliding up to move between the slick lips of your sex, probing your core, brushing over your clit, a finger slipping inside you. You can’t think, only feel, a red haze of heart-pounding desire washing over your mind. You feel a hardened nipple being enclosed by lips, warm mouth sucking on it furiously. Another mouth covers your other nipple. You groan, the pleasure overwhelming.

So many hands, so many mouths. All touching you. All enjoying you. There must be more than four… You open your eyes as your mouth is released, and you see the four have been joined by another three. All of them surround you, and most of them are touching you, sucking you, enjoying you. Two are rubbing their hardened cocks through their pants, and one already has his cock out, stroking it as he watches with an anticipatory grin. Your original companion is nestled between your thighs, sliding one finger in and out of you. He leans down, and adds his tongue to the fingers, licking and sucking on your already aching clit. You cry out in ecstasy, while the men continue to touch, suck, lick, stroke… So many hands, so many mouths. It feels so good. You throw your head back, moaning in pleasure.

You are dripping wet, throbbing with desire, and so when the mouth leaves your pussy, you whimper in despair, looking down desperately to see that your new friend is undoing his belt, dropping his pants, and standing to stare down at you as he strokes his hard cock. It is thick, veined, pulsing… an impressive size. His eyes meet yours and you lick your lips. He smirks and kneels down, pulling your legs to bring you into position. The other men adjust their stroking, squeezing and pinching to your new position, as the man between your thighs positions his cock-head, glistening with precum, at the swollen lips of your sopping pussy. He shifts forward and seats his cock so deeply inside you. You groan and shudder as his shaft stretches you, sliding in easily on your juices, forcing your hot, velvet walls to part for him. You feel every inch going in. So good. Your pussy clenches around him and he grunts, then starts to thrust slowly and deliberately into you. Your eyes rolls back and your mouth opens wide in pleasure as he fucks you, while so many other pairs of hands worship your body.

Another body looms into view and suddenly your open mouth is filled with the pre-cum coated head of another cock. You open for it eagerly, letting it slide between your warm lips and into your hot mouth. A hand on the back of your head guides you, and you take the cock as far down your throat as you can. The owner of the thick shaft starts thrusting in and out, fucking your throat, gently at first, then faster and faster. You gag a little, but eagerly receive the throat-fucking, the cock delving into your windpipe and making it bulge. This is your job now, to take every cock, as deep as you can, and love it. It feels so good. And all the while, your pussy is being relentlessly, rhythmically pounded, as a stranger uses you for his pleasure.

He pulls out and your pussy is suddenly empty. You whimper around the cock still jammed in your throat, but only for a second, as the hot shaft is immediately replaced by another. You can feel it is a different cock, but you can’t see who it belongs to. You don’t care. You only want to be filled. You moan as the new cock pushes into you deeply, so deep, all the way in. You feel the owner’s balls slap against you as he buries himself in you over and over. Faster than the last one, faster and harder. Your belly flutters, and your cunt spasms. Pleasure building, you want and need to cum on this stranger’s thick rod. The grip on your head tightens and it is forced harder onto the cock in your throat, which is pulsing while its owner thrusts erratically. You can’t breathe, your nose squashed right up against his body as he jerks and shoots esenyurt escort a load of hot cum right down your throat. You swallow every drop.

The shaft in your throat pulls out, and another looms into view, slapping against your face to make your mouth open. You part your lips obediently as your pussy continues to be fucked hard and fast. So many cocks, so many mouths, so many hands. You take the opportunity to look around, and see there are more men surrounding you. Ten now. Many are touching you or fucking you. The others stand in a circle, watching. They all have their cocks out. Stroking as they watch. Enjoying the sight. Waiting for their turn. Waiting to use you. You shiver, a pulse of lightning-ecstasy ripping through your clit. You can’t wait for them all to have their turn.

You stick your tongue out and obediently lick the cock that is dangling in front of you, teasing the head, lapping up the pre-cum before sliding your tongue down the whole length. Its owner makes an incoherent sound, before shoving himself desperately into your mouth. You lick and suck, taking care of him, as the unseen stranger between your thighs continues to pound into you. You hear murmurs of voices all around you, but can’t make out what they are saying. It doesn’t matter. All that matters is the cocks in you, around you. The thrusting gets even harder and faster, then stills, and you feel the second man empty his balls into your willing cunt, hot seed spurting into you.

He pulls out, and the cock in your mouth is gone, too, and you are being pulled into a new position. Now on your hands and knees, you can more clearly see the men surrounding you. Their members are hard, their faces predatory, their eyes hungry. Hungry for you. They desire you. And they will take you. All of them. Nothing can stop that now. You whimper and press your thighs together. Suddenly rough hands grab your hips and a third cock is unceremoniously thrust into your pussy. You stretch to take it, the pleasure extreme. Another shaft is pushed past your willing lips, and you bounce back and forth, sucking and clenching, as you are split by two hard rods pounding into you. Hands grab your breasts and squeeze roughly, pinching your nipples. Different hands find your bare ass cheeks and give one a resounding slap. You scream, the sound muffled by hot, thrusting meat. Back and forth, back forth, pounded from both ends, your breasts swaying as they plunge into you mercilessly. So deep and so hard. You feel the cock in you ramming against your cervix with every thrust, trying to force itself even further in. He’s so big, stretching you. It feels so good, you can’t stand it. Belly clenching, knees locking, thighs shaking… you cum hard and long, spasming on the girthy rod that never loses its rhythm. A murmur of approval and amusement ripples through the crowd, and your other ass cheek is slapped hard, prolonging your orgasm.

Now the cock in your throat jerks and pulses while the other one keeps pounding you. Another hot load of cum is unleashed into your throat, then the thick shaft is pulled out and replaced by yet another. Back and forth, back and forth — your whole world has been reduced to thrusting, being filled, being rammed and pounded. You never want it to end.

The cock in your mouth disappears, and suddenly your hair is grabbed and your head roughly jerked up. You hiss in pain as you are pulled back against the stranger who is pounding your willing cunt, his strong chest warm and slick with sweat against your back. He pushes into you impossibly deeper and harder, biting your shoulder as his thrusts stall, and he twitches in you, roaring against your stinging, teeth-marked shoulder as he cums. More seed to fill you. You can feel it dripping out as he pulls himself from your body, the cum of three men mingled together inside you drooling down your trembling thigh.

You sag forward, spent. But it is not over. More hands touch you, pull you. You’re taken back to the couch, and guided over the strong thighs of a blond giant with washboard abs who lies prone, waiting for you. Biting your lip in nervousness at the size of his massive manhood, you seat yourself over him, sinking down to take his huge member inside your already aching pussy. All the way down… He fills you, stretches you almost to the point of pain. Your soft, silken cunt walls give way for him, clenching around the huge shaft, letting the thick head reach your protesting cervix. It pushes hard against the barrier, trying to get further inside you. You let out a deep, guttural moan. You’ve never been so full. The blonde giant grabs you and lifts you up with muscled arms, letting you fall down again onto his cock. You quickly pick up the rhythm and start to ride him, bouncing on his enormous rod with relish. Hands start to touch and grope you again, and you look around as you ride. The circle still encloses you. Several men are touching you, the others touching themselves. Stroking. Watching. Waiting. All with thick cocks and more esenyurt eve gelen escort cum for you. You groan and lick your lips.

The giant tightens his grip on your hips, stopping your movement and holding you impaled on his length. You see him nod at someone behind you. Suddenly you are bent forward. You feel hands roaming your ass cheeks, and then holding them apart. Something nudges between them, and you suck in a breath as you feel the head of yet another cock pressing against your tightest hole. You start to tremble, and a protest forms on your lips, but you can’t say it out loud because suddenly your mouth is full again, another hard member forcing itself past your lips as your hair is roughly gripped.

Your body stays still, your cunt still full of meat, while your mouth is roughly fucked. The cock at your ass is pressed forward a little, testing the ring of muscle. You struggle for breath, your heart pounding erratically. You don’t want this. You want this. It pushes a little harder, then a little harder. You feel the pressure, your body fighting against the invasion. Then suddenly, with a quick thrust, the head forces its way into your tight passage. You scream, but it’s muffled by the throbbing and thrusting cock in your mouth. The invader behind you pushes forward, his thickness sliding all the way into you. The pain is intense as he fills your ass with his cock, but it is fading, giving way to pleasure. You can feel the two rods pressing against each other inside you through the thin wall that separates them. You have never felt so full. Never felt so fulfilled. Slowly, the stranger behind you starts to pull out. You wonder briefly which one it is, but you soon forget to wonder as he pushes back into you, making you give another muffled cry. Faster now, he moves in and out, and soon he is fucking your ass. His cock pushes through your burning, aching ring, filling your belly, readjusting your insides. Every inch going in and out is delicious pain and you want more. More. More. You shudder in ecstasy.

Just as you are getting used to the movement, the giant stirs beneath you, and begins to move as well. He thrusts his massive length up into you, lifting you off it and letting you sink back down. The two men are perfectly co-ordinated, two cocks thrusting into you like metronomes, sliding against each other inside you as they fuck your cunt and ass in time with each other. They aren’t gentle, showing no mercy as they ram into your holes faster and faster. Each time you are lifted up, the cock in your mouth is thrust further down your throat. As they spit-roast you, you look around eagerly to see all of the others watching, staring at you, stroking their hard cocks and wishing it was them inside you. Your eyelids flutter. Your belly clenches. You can’t stand it. Nothing has ever felt this good. In and out, in and out. So hard and fast. Stretching you, filling you, owning you completely. With every thrust into your oh-so-full body, the massive cock in your cunt slides against your g-spot. With every ramming push into your ass, the thick shaft that is violating your asshole stretches you further. It feels amazing. You never want it to be over. You want to be filled with cocks like this forever. In and out. In and out. Pounding. Thrusting. Claiming.

Your climax is so intense, so overwhelming, that you black out. Pleasure rips through you, every nerve ending in your body on fire, lightning pulsing through you from your clit out through your whole being. You float on a wave of bliss that is punctuated by thrusting. In and out. In and out. Never stopping.

When you come to, it is to feel the giant beneath you suddenly thrust up into you wildly and cry out as he empties his balls inside you, driven over the edge by your spasming cunt cumming on his cock. He sags under you and goes limp. Behind you, the other stranger growls and pulls on your hair, thrusting harder and faster, the other hand cruelly squeezing your breast as he, too, twitches and jerks, filling your ass and belly with a load of hot seed.

He pulls out, and the other man beneath you pushes you off him roughly. You roll to the side, aching and dripping cum. Yet another man looms over you, veined and throbbing cock in hand, grinning. It’s his turn, and behind him, another. Beyond them, the circle. So many hard cocks. All wanting you.

You smile as the next in line grabs your ankle and pulls you closer. All you want is more. More cocks. More pleasure. More men using you. He takes your legs and lifts them up, exposing your ass and pussy to him. Kneeling down next the couch, he lines up his cock and gets ready to claim your ass. As he slides his shaft into your now stretched and ready hole, another man climbs onto the couch and presses his cock to your lips. You open eagerly to receive it, tasting the delicious tang of man as your tongue teases his shaft while the other stranger begins to fuck your well-used ass. So good, but not enough. Your fists clench, as if grasping out for something more. A slew of chuckles, and suddenly your position is shifted slightly. Another cock head is pressed against you, and then your cunt is abruptly filled as well. You don’t know who by, and you don’t care. You only care that you are full again. The cocks slam in and out in counterpoint as the third shaft continues to fuck your throat. You accept them all eagerly.

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