Welcome to the Window

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How can I look away? I saw you walk into your room as I was shutting the curtains for the night.

I watched you as you stretched your arms up pulling off your shirt emphasizing your flat stomach. Your ripped, flat, lick me on your way down stomach and I just paused not able to look away.

As you walked across the room towards the windows, I watched you unbutton the top three buttons on your fly letting a glimpse of your tighty whities flash as you stretch reaching for the ceiling.

I groaned and shook my head lightly thinking wow, welcome to the neighborhood.

I felt flustered, hot, when with one more wistful glance across the way I caught my breath and forget to let it out.

With a minimum of movement you push your pants off, and stand up straight causing the breath to rush out of me. You are hard and hung.

In the shadows you reach down and slowly rub your hand from base to tip to base, almost like you are scratching an itch, then you turn and look directly across the lawn separating our houses. You know I am watching, as you slowly oh so slowly begin to masturbate.

I see your cock jump as if it is reaching for me.

I see you lick your hand and grip yourself tight, pulling, pumping, you run your fingers bahis firmaları along as your spit glistens on the head.

My nipples are rock hard, my cunt is throbbing, I am so tempted. Do I dare?

I slowly walk across my bedroom and turn of the overhead light, walking back to the window I turn on the soft lamp next to my bed and open the curtains wider as I step into sight.

I see you pause, your cock reaching towards me from your fist, as you look at me as if daring me to give you the same show you are offering.

I slowly reach up and cover my breasts with my hands over my t-shirt, lifting my heavy breasts, sighing, moaning, my nipples throb in sink with my heartbeat.

You are slowly rubbing your cock, your eyes trained on my hands as I slide them down, hooking my shirt as I pull it up over my head, baring my breasts to you as I toss the shirt to the side. I slowly lick my fingers and then pinch my nipples; throwing my head back it feels so good.

When I look up again you have stepped closer to your window with your hands pushed up against it as if you are trying to reach me through the panes of glass.

I keep pulling on my nipples, stretching them, each tug and pull echoing in my pussy.

I slowly kaçak iddaa slide my hands down my softly rounded stomach as I hook my thumbs in my shorts and slide them down my thighs. My panties are a tiny black, barely there piece of silk. I tug on them and pull them tight into my pussy feeling my clit throb against them. I turn around and bend over as I slowly slide the piece of silk off my legs giving you a view of my bare ass and lips.

I stand and turn to face you naked. I can see you breathing, hard. Your cock is full, heavy, hanging extended. You lift your cock up flat against your stomach and it reaches to your belly button. My pussy clenches thinking of that inside me. I close my eyes and picture running my tongue up and down your cock.

I slide my right hand down and slide just my middle finger inside my lips. I am so wet, so hot. I walk over to my vanity table and pull the bench over to the window as I lift up one foot and stand so I am open to you. With two fingers I open up my pussy lips, showing you my clit and wet, wet cunt.

I slowly slide three fingers into my mouth, licking them and then with my wet fingers I rub my clit, over the top, softly just enough to make my sex hotter, wetter. Then watching you watching kaçak bahis I slide my fingers down and slide them up inside, slowly, then faster and faster I push my fingers in and out, in and out.

You are timing your grip in sink with my fingers. When I push in your hand slides down your hot cock, when I pull out you slide your hand up.

I watch you, your legs are starting to shake, I almost can’t stand I am so close to orgasm.

I pull the bench back, making sure I am far enough into the room that you can still see me and I sit down with my legs spread wide. I rub my pussy, my clit, my nipples, I can hardly keep my eyes open I am so close, but I don’t want to look away from you, afraid I will miss you explode.

I keep watching, keep working my sex, when in a few stark moments I see you throw your head back and watch your cock pump hot cum all over your window. I want to cum with you so I pinch my clit and pull once, twice, then slap it hard and send myself over the edge, screaming it feels so good. I am almost falling off of the stool as I arch my back in the power of my orgasm. My thighs are spasming, my toes clench and unclench, I am breathing so hard I can’t open my eyes.

Eventually, I slowly close my legs and sit up straighter looking at you. I stand and walk to the window, slowly closing the curtain, shutting off the light and climb into bed knowing that it won’t be long before I invite you over to welcome you to the neighborhood.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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