Variations on a Sex Dream

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Music: Glitter, by Rafferty

So, here’s what I remember of that dream I told you about (where you were fully clothed, but I was not).

You had a goal, a design that I didn’t immediately recognize, when your fingers slipped inside me and our foreheads touched. You knelt between my thighs, playing my body confidently, a fingertip gently strumming the hot, swollen place above the slick folds your fingers probed. I was getting lost to the pleasure, and you talked me all the way through it.

“You’re close.” A statement, not a question. Slowed rhythm, greater pressure. The gauzy details of a sex dream, but with a sharpness that comes of having fantasized about you in my waking life.

“There you go.” Your eyes stayed on mine, so intimately.

Then, moaning, “bite if you need to,” and I did need to, and I came around your fingers, teeth grazing your shoulder, trying to stay gentle and quiet, like nice girls do. You seemed to feel my pleasure in your body.

You guided me through, softening your touch until the heat in my belly began to die off and the pangs subsided. Your lips dropped to my neck, finding my racing pulse as I caught my breath.

You smiled and asked me if I thought I had another in me. I remember feeling shy about this, but my answer was yes, I did.

You kissed me deep then and pulled my hips toward you, spreading my legs wide. I thought you would fuck me, as in, get out of your clothes right then and fuck me, but instead you started again rubbing soft circles around my clit. Aftershocks from the first orgasm began to melt into a new pleasure, a slow casino siteleri build toward the next one.

“Try to stay relaxed,” you offered, or something to that effect. “Make it last.”

I did my best, mindfully releasing the clench I’d been pulling my pussy into. You were so warm against me and your touch felt so good. I was getting close again, despite myself. Your breath was hot in my ear as you worked, whispering “relax,” and, “breathe.”

Your leg swung over mine and I felt you grinding into my thigh.

Your free hand teased my nipples, rolling them softly between your fingertips with a gentleness only you have. I was breathing the way you told me, but soon there was going to be no stopping this, and deep breathing became panting. The steady rhythm of your hips seemed to stutter; your control was slipping a little too.

I was biting back moans coming up to the edge of another orgasm, when you whispered that I shouldn’t try so hard to be quiet. That little nudge was all it took to send me, and I let my voice tell you just how good it felt as I came again.

You let up and moved down my body, tongue lapping softly between my spread labia, gliding over my clit, as I rode out the last waves. Again, I thought you’d be ready to get naked and inside me, but your tongue stayed on me, in turns painting circles onto the slick and swollen heat of my body with the tip, then flattening against me and dragging up.

You grabbed my hand and looked up at me, and there was a playful mischief in your eyes that told me you wanted me to keep going. I squeezed myself in tight, canlı casino bracing and pulling that next wave toward me. There hadn’t been time to recover from the last one, and your tongue was so hot. You squeezed my hand in yours. I held my breath.

You slid two fingers back inside me, crooked them and pulled up.

The third wave hit, almost an extension of the last orgasm, almost too intense to feel, and my hips thrust up to meet your mouth. I thought I could see you laughing, but your mouth and fingers kept working till I was a breathless, sweaty mess.

Your soft lips and tongue backed off, only using the gentlest touches now, my overstimulated clit still dancing beneath them.

You raised yourself up, a gorgeous grin on your face, and crawled up to kiss me. I loved tasting myself on your tongue.

“Is that what you needed?” you asked me, amused. I could only give you a bashful nod, suddenly self-conscious about my hedonism and your hold over my body.

“You’re pretty when you can’t stop cumming.” I felt myself blushing and kissed you again. It deepened, and you let me undo your button and fly.

My hand reached down to you and found the base of your shaft. I wrapped my hand around it, stroking up a few times as our kisses grew distracted. I pulled you out, running my fingers along the length and brushing my thumb over the glans.

You sat up, giving me easier reach, a better view. My hand slid back down to run my fingers past the base and under the tissue paper skin of your balls. Your eyes fluttered shut. I wanted more.

I lay back and guided kaçak casino your hips up, licking my lips and parting them for you. You slipped the head inside my mouth, running it along my tongue. I felt your hips hitch forward. I closed my lips fully around you, resting my hands on your hips, rubbing them through denim, encouraging you to set your own pace. I could already taste precum, and you didn’t wait any longer.

Your thrusting began slow but quickened after just a few moments. I worked my tongue against you, giving a little wet friction as you worked your dick in and out of my mouth. You steadied yourself with one hand against the wall and threaded the fingers of the other through my hair.

Your breath was the first thing to lose its rhythm, hitching and halting and coming in soft gasps as you thrust into my mouth. I could tell you were focusing on being careful with my throat, so I grabbed your ass and pulled your hips toward me hard with each forward push, a silent invitation to let yourself go.

You made some gorgeous muted sound and stopped holding yourself back, fucking my mouth in earnest. You were moving faster, and I slid one hand down to caress your balls. I heard your voice again, unsteady and wordless. Your thrusts became quicker and more erratic, and I felt your fingers tighten in my curls. You spit my name and tensed (something I can’t forget, so hot that I come back to it often in my mind, the moment just between control and abandon), then you came against my throat, hips slowing and shaky, dick pulsing along my tongue. You slowed as I swallowed around you. I heard you exhale, relieved.

Never had a dream quite like that before. So sexy, so detailed. I couldn’t stop thinking about it for hours after I woke up. I got myself off thinking about it for days. Come meet me in my dreams again sometime.

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