Treality Stories Vol. 01 Pt. 01

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Volume I – A modern love in the making

Stage Setting

All characters are well over 18 years old and includes ‘Rocket Man’ and ‘Sparkling Red’ who first met online a few years ago as their alter egos ‘Jardine Man’ and ‘Mimbabe’. These are their stories written by Rocket Man from both their perspectives – often of their same adventures in love. We hope that you enjoy our modern love in the making. If not, maybe you’ll enjoy their earlier alter egos ‘Rambo’, ‘Batman’ and ‘Prudence’ and ‘TLC’ – but they’re another set of stories as to what might have been!

So why Rocket Man by Sparkling Red

As my earlier alter ego ‘Mimbabe’ I get a Personal Message from a ‘Jardine Man’ online saying ‘If you’re ever in CBR …’ I check out his profile out online and, since he ‘looks nice and not a nutter for a change’, I reply that ‘I will be GTMing there in April – is that soon enough?’ Jardine Man had to work out himself that this meant a music concert some two months away!

Some of our Stories are Dreams that are still ‘To Be Done’ and hence become what we call ‘Treality’ as they are my own fantasies of my All Man or just the Treality resulting from the best of my Rocket Man’s very imaginative ‘Dreams’ of our loving … The Dreams have that included in the title. The ‘Treality Stories’ are of course way better than Rocket Man’s original Dreams or the stories by E.L. James, Anais Nin or even some of the hot authors on Literotica as they are ultimately our very personal perspectives on our true experiences …

My Sparkling Red’s texts in the Stories are mostly in the first person as they represent my Treality! Rocket Man’s dreams and comments are in italics. My own Dreams are mostly in the third person, titled as such and have been edited with Rocket Man extensively.

I am also so excited about us doing this together exploring our fairy tale love story in the making … In fact, I am a very lucky lady as there are already over 1 000 of our very own Treality Stories, let alone the imagery, spread over ten Volumes! … Truly amazing as we started finalising Volume X, Rocket Man and I decided to limit things to just the 10! We’ve also decided if we could even improve our stories with your thoughts via Literotica! With casino siteleri your feedback we will try and have our Stories related to the theme of that Volume too just in chronological order, if at possible! The Treality Story Volumes are currently:

I – a modern love in the making

II – our adventures in love continue

III – yes we’re happy and horney as f¥€k

IV – until we are one

V – you are mine forever and beyond

VI – looking for our rainbows and stars

VII – loving you loving me

VIII – total love for the ages

IX – the wonder of our love

X – penultimate loving or is there more

Back to task though – which serves to give a sample of what would be a short RocketMan&SparkingRed Treality Story too:

“Vol I – You’re my machine and Rocket Man


Hey Rocket Man, I looked up how many orgasms men can have in 24 hours. Guess what Five!

You’re a machine with six times in just 12 hours last weekend. We haven’t counted over 24 hours before. You’re amazing.

Yes, you’re my very own 17 yo Rocket Man launching deep into my hot wet core again and again and again and again and again and again (and again – as another record comes just two weekends later: seven in 10 hours!)

You are just an absolute machine, my machine. Hence my Rule 8!”

Yes Sparkling Red and Rocket Man both have what we call “The Rules” which are each of our truisms for our love and serves as a teaser for some of our later associated Treality Stories. Two of my Rules are:

Rule 8: My very own Rocket Man launching deep into my hot wet core again and again and again and again and again and again and again. You’re a machine, my machine.

Rule 1: Play with my tits.

I thought this was a most timely directive to Rocket Man as I was to discover as he calls them his High Distinctions and in retrospect it was perhaps ultimately needless directive! He so loves them!

So why Sparkling Red and Rule 1

“Vol I – Our first AO weekend


I drive to CBR the weekend after our first date with four dozen Pambula Oysters along with every nice outfit I had as I wasn’t sure what to wear on canlı casino what Jardine Man called an “Adults Only” (AO) Weekend.

I make it to CBR safely but then I get lost. I felt secure after phoning him and asking for directions. I said I have just gone past the War Memorial. Ahh you say you need to cross over the Bridge over the Lake. Next call was from Old Parliament House and all too soon I see you waving at me as I drive towards you. You’d thoughtfully saved a parking space on Jardine St (hence his call sign online at the time not because he becomes my very own sexy Frenchman giving me lots of great oohlala) and then we had a hug and kiss. You helped me unload my small case, shoe bag and oysters … You smile mischievously at the sight of them and take my hand to guide me up to your place.

He shows me his Penthouse by covering my eyes before opening the door – which was a bit freaky – and when you took your hands away from my eyes out on the balcony, wow, the view was fantastic and so much better than you had said. Yes I was in CBR and right in front of us was The Lake – just as he promised. What a setting. I remember standing on your balcony and I didn’t want to look down as it was 14 stories up. Our eyes caressing each other and our smiles beaming while enjoying a glass of red bubbles. I remember you asking for me for my opinion on what goes with salmon as you were wanting to cook. He then indeed cooks me a simple but great dinner: salmon and sweet potatoes, etc. What a way to win a woman’s heart.

My joy welled over every time we kissed. Wow. Wow. Wow.

I remember you asking me was I ok with you touching me always the gentleman and I was just melting from the inside. Your touch was fantastic and I was so ready to make love. I felt comfortable and confident in your hands. I think we had texted about making love on your balcony and we kept our word and made it happen too. Your idea of the gym mat and rug we managed but you felt nervous and paranoid I’d be knocked off. I remember being so horney and sexy – I just wanted you.

You discover what you then immediately called my perfect tits and gives them High Distinctions or HDs as we now call them. He is very funny and we are having a great time kaçak casino drinking more of his sparkling red on the balcony …

He then starts calling me his Sparkling Red. Which I just love of course.

He is still keen to try “Déjà vu” first but we are too close to the balcony edge. So we do lots of kissing, hugs and cuddling back inside looking at the great view … As we retire, I find he is the perfect gentleman with candles, presents on the bed and lots of kissing and cuddles looking out at the fantastic view in his bedroom overlooking CBR. Next day, after a lazy breakfast supplied in bed no less, Jardine Man takes me for a bike ride around CBR on his Harley and we have a picnic on the Lake. He sets us up under the shade of a lovely tree for even more chatting, kissing and cuddling. Dinner the next night is at Kinn Thai in the city … rushed but very, very nice. It was then off for a great show at the Theatre called Masterclass about a famous South American, the original Diva, Maria Callas. The best bits were the sparkling red bubbles with him at intermission and the actor’s monologues at the end! They were very clever.

Returning to Jardine Man ‘s apartment I say ‘Ok Jardine Man you’re looking shy and you need to know I have a rule – Play with my tits!’ ‘Yes Ma’am ‘he says with a big grin, and he does do that with pleasure … Hence my Rule 1 …

Having a wonderful weekend away from home, no children to look after, was just fantastic. Best bit was being a woman who is desirable to you Jardine Man. Acknowledging how amazing it feels to be loved.

I really had thought I would never fall in love again until you. And now this love we’ve found is even so much better than anything I’ve ever felt …

You really knew how to make your redhead feel special and sexy. Meeting you and enjoying each other’s company felt like a dream, a fantasy escape from my busy routine juggling two jobs, kids and college classes. You have given my life a most beautiful zest and feeling totally alive and sexy and actually living as a woman again not just as a Mummy.

I am so happy you’re in my life and I truly hope we can do AO Weekends again and again please.”

As you can see, the Stories are often written from Sparkling Reds perspective and very enthusiastic input. She is just the most fabulous lover – as you will discover!

Sparkling Red and I hope you enjoy our Treality and we truly welcome any and all constructive comments you can offer us.

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