There’s a First Time for Everything

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Tonight was going to be the night. We’ve been together for a few months now and I really like him a lot, I think I may even be falling in love with him. Either way, I knew I wanted him to be the first man I ever felt inside of me. Talking about this over many nights has just re-assured me that he should be the one – the man to truly make me into a woman. His experience, his way with words and the way he so gently caressing my skin when we touch all leaves me burning for his touch everywhere else. He truly is a special guy and I need him all for me. At twenty-five he was a whole six years older than me, but the age didn’t matter. In fact it made me like him even more. Age brings experience and maturity. He wasn’t like the other guys I have gone out with who just didn’t treat me right, didn’t make me feel special inside and who would lose interest in a short time because I wasn’t ready to have sex yet. He changed all that and made me want it – want him inside of me. I knew waiting for the right guy was always the right decision to make.

Turning off the water in the shower I felt coolness in the air as the water dripped down my skin. My breasts ached slightly as I imagined his hands and tongue running across them, feeling them in his mouth for the first time. All we’ve ever done before was some heavy making out with a couple grabs through my clothes the last few times we hung out. We planned this night out perfectly. My parents left earlier in the day and wouldn’t be back for two more days – the house was all ours for the weekend. We were going to go out to our favorite restaurant, a little pizzeria right on the beach – it’s were we went on our first date and had nothing but great memories for us along with great food.

Finishing drying myself off I felt my skin and thought about just how smooth it would be for him tonight. I had never shaved between my legs before but had done so for the first time in the shower. The razor left an amazing patch of smooth skin across my lips and over my plump mound. I left a small patch of hair, trimmed down neatly, just above my clit, centered in the beautiful mountain that contained my womanhood. I wanted to feel every flick of his tongue as he explored my lips. Feeling the skin between my legs felt great. Perfectly smooth and warm to the touch. Just the perfect amount of hair left behind but none where i needed his tongue.

It felt kind of strange to already have my outfit picked out. I normally go back and forth trying to decide what to wear when we go out. Not tonight though, I knew exactly what I was going to be wearing. I had a beautiful sun dress with a floral pattern filled with the most beautiful hues of red, orange and yellow. It was slightly loose fitting and I knew you loved the way it flows down my body – trailing slightly behind as we walk together. I loved the way I could feel the cool breeze of the ocean through the dress as well. That breeze caressing my skin so perfectly. Underneath the dress was my favorite lingerie. A matching set of white sheer lace panties and bra. That bra was so much more comfortable than most of my others, the soft lace stretching with my bosom and gently cupping them yet exposing them for your eventual touch tonight. The sheer look of the lace meant you could see right through it – and I wanted you to see me tonight. I wanted to feel your hands tugging at me through the lace making me moan and sweat in the pure heat that I have for you.

You’d be here any minute now to pick me up so spritzed a bit of your favorite perfume on my skin. The smell of sweet flowers filling the air for you. I made my bed nicely, fully knowing it wouldn’t last long when we returned tonight – I just wanted it to look nice for you in every way I could. I know you would not disappoint, and I wanted everything to be perfect. And like that a knock came at the door and the butterflies rushed up through my stomach. Was I actually getting nervous or was this just excitement for tonight? There was no time to worry about that now; we know how much we need each other tonight. I won’t let my mind play tricks on me now, I was ready for him.

Opening the door for him I was greeted by that unidentifiable manly smell he always seemed to have on him. It was different than his cologne, which always smelled great by the way. This scent was something more. It was like it emanated from deep within his body. I loved the way it made me feel and craved it in me whenever he wasn’t near. He looked fantastic from head to toe, black jeans and a dark brown button up dress shirt with pinstripes running down it – all held together with a black leather belt with a designer buckle to seal the deal. His smile was perfect and would melt my heart each time I laid eyes on it. With our greetings made we shared a kiss and a deep hug – his body pressed against mine. Feeling my chest press into his, his neck buried into mine. I felt just how badly I wanted him and a new feeling rose up from underneath my dress. It was like a shiver running inside of me and up through my spine, shooting out through my body in a small burst of static bahis firmaları electricity. I almost instantly felt myself growing damp. My body was already begging for his touch and I brimmed with excitement as he held me close.

“You ready to get going? I’ve got our table by the front reserved for us,” he asked as we parted from our hug and he brushed the hair away from my face. “Mhmm,” was all I could manage through a bright smile and a nod of the head.

He was such a gentleman, opening the door for me wherever we went. I am honestly not sure I’ve ever felt the outside door handles of his car. I wasn’t complaining though, his mannerisms are part of what I love so much about him. Sitting down on the cool leather seats and buckling up we were on our way. Making our way towards the ocean, towards the sun set and towards his body inside of me tonight.

Dinner was even more magical tonight than all the other times we had come here – we were comfortable with each other now and getting ready to move onto a new stage in our relationship. He had reserved our favorite table for us tonight. We sat on the front patio of the restaurant with an almost picture perfect view of the ocean in front of us. Waves crashing down in the distance and the sun meeting with the horizon in a deep orange ball of fire – a fire only surpassed by the growing fire in my heart for him, a fire I could feel spreading to new parts of my body as I imagined what he would soon be doing to me. The smell of garlic filling the air mixed with the salty smell of the ocean filled my mind – and when the wind blew just right his manly smell mixed into it creating the perfect medley of olfactory input for this moment.

We ordered the same meal we had on our first date – a pepperoni pizza, a couple garlic rolls and two glasses of red wine. Our dinner and conversation tonight seemed to take on a magical feel as I felt my heart melting for him all over again. The wine coursing into my blood along with his sweet and tender words served to set my mind at ease and sent all my worries blowing away in the cool ocean breeze. I could feel that same breeze coming up through my dress and caressing my skin – wafting through my legs, gently kissing my torso and snaking around my bosom. I could feel my nipples firm up as we talked about the now growing heat inside of me.

“I really care for you a lot. I’m glad for everything you’ve done for me and I’m thankful in so many ways. I feel you are the first man truly deserving of my body,” I said softly said to him watching a smile cross his beautiful face and a slight blush come across mine.

“It warms my heart to hear that – and I agree with every word you say. You are a truly beautiful woman, inside and out – and I will be honored to be the first man to take your body. Are you still sure you’re ready for this?” His hands reaching over to grab mine. Oh how I loved the perfect they made together, the way he so softly caressed that spot of skin between my thumb and forefinger as his fingers graced my palms.

“I’m as ready as the cold barren tress are for spring after a long cold winter,” I replied coyly with a soft smirk gracing my lips.

“I’m glad to hear that, we will sleep tonight feeling whole and a new found completeness will engulf your being. I’ve got a special surprise waiting for you back home,” he said and sealed the deal with a tender kiss sending a burst of lightning through my lips and down my body, bursting out through my chest and intensifying the ever growing fire between my legs.

Wondering what he meant by that only intrigued me further. Knowing him as I do – he must have planned something more. When he said surprise, he really meant it and my mind raced with excitement wondering what that would mean to him tonight. There wasn’t much time to wonder now as he paid the check and we began heading back towards my house.

Opening the door I’m filled with the scent of jasmine and a hint of vanilla, weird I don’t remember my house smelling like that when we left. And then i noticed it, a trail of rose petals leading up the stairs from the doorway. Leading us up the stairs, hand in hand we went. My heart almost stopped beating when we made it to my room. The entire room was bathed in candlelight. This must be where those beautiful smells were coming from. The rose petals circled around my bed and over the sheets as if to invite us together into bed. He laid me down in the middle and took a place next to me, cradling me in his arms and running a hand across my cheek.

With a soft kiss he said, “You look absolutely stunning tonight. I want to make you feel like the most beautiful girl in the world – in my eyes you are that girl.”

“You are the sweetest man I know, and I wouldn’t want this moment to be with anyone else, baby”

His soft kisses enveloping my neck, up and down, reaching across my cheek and back to my lips again. His kisses so expertly placed I was at his mercy. Feeling his hand lie across my stomach and gently caress my body sent shivers up my spine. A gentle grab here and there as he explored me and began kaçak iddaa to leave a trail of kisses down my chin and onto my neck as my head arched back. I could feel the already intense fire inside of me intensify into a wildfire, fueled by the winds of desire and longing – longing for him inside of me, for him to make me into a woman.

His hand reached the edge of my breast with perfect precision, gently cupping it in his hand as his lips reached the other side of it. Oh how I yearned for his lips against them. As his hand gently massaged up and across me he followed the seam of my dress. Gently lifting it from my skin as he lowered it down my shoulders – preparing to expose them and lay his perfect eyes on them for the first time. But not yet – the strap of my dress was now midway down my arm and he moved to the other side – his fingertips running across me, gently across my firm and sensitive nipples. And again he lowered the strap of my dress, loosening it across my bosom and preparing himself to see my chest nearly exposed for him.

Bringing down my dress with his teeth, grabbing a hold of the fabric and expertly pulling it across my chest so he exposed my supple breasts held in place only by my bra – he stopped. As if to admire to new beauty which graced his eyes he smiled softly at me, locking onto my eyes and telling me, “They are even more perfect than I could have imagined baby.” And with those tender words he brought his head back down right in between them and planted a soft kiss into them. This first man to ever see or touch that part of me – and I would always cherish the feeling.

Working out from there his lips found the seam of my bra and he caressed my almost bare bosom with his tongue. His hands finding my nipples and running across them, feeling their remarkable firmness. So firm it made them ache and long for his lips around them. As my back arched and pushed my chest closer towards him I felt a hand reach behind me, running along the strap of my bra – and then it was loose. His hand reaching up towards my shoulders and lowering the straps down – gravity was all that held the soft lace across my chest now. They were all for him, whenever he was ready for them.

His large hands ever so gently reaching across to feel the loosened lace covering my breasts – sending sparks through the air as the lace grabbed at my nipples and a soft moan escaped my lips. My hands finding his head and grabbing at his soft brown hair. Expert hands tugging gently at the straps to my bra and releasing it from my shoulders before lifting it off and finally exposing them in all their glory. We were both blushing by now. It surprised me to see him blushing but it just made me want him even more. Looking up into my eyes his head lowered and planted a soft kiss in the middle of my chest as his hand run along the side of my breast. Gently cupping it with a small squeeze, his hands ran up the side and his fingertips left goosebumps in their wake. A trail of kisses ran in along the rise in my skin and I longed for the moment when his lips met my nipple. A moment he kept me waiting for as he stopped just shy of the skin that began my aching nipple – and his lips traced a new path. Moving away and towards the valley in my chest, gently climbing the mountain on the other side. His fingernails climbing across and exploring the valley his lips had just graced – this new feeling was incredible and made my body grow warm with desire.

The way he caressed my skin was sublime, making my body beg for him. My body was a gift to him that he slowly unwrapped. I loved the way he took his time. I was getting lost in the moment and just closed my eyes and fell into the sensations coursing through my body. I could feel a dampness growing between my legs. I had touched myself a few times before but had never felt anything like this. Was this was true arousal felt like? And as my mind wondered of what I was feeling I felt a warm tongue circle my nipple and a deep moan now escaped my lips. The warm touch against my already firm nipple caused it to perk up even more – the ache within it was satisfied, replaced by a new feeling of desire burning its way through me.

His tongue expertly caressing my nipple, encircling it lightly sucking on it and causing it to grow even more firm and sensitive than they ever had before. His free hand gently massaging the other breast and teasing right on the edge of its nipple – preparing that side as well for his mouth. His lips kissed down and off of my nipple, caressing the crease of skin underneath my breast where they met my torso. I had never thought that spot could feel so erotic and arousing to have touched but he had that way about him I was starting to learn. Working across from one side to the next I felt my dry nipple now moisten with his saliva as his tongue lightly flicked at and bring it to full attention.

I’m not sure how long he spent toying with my breasts; it could have been five minutes or five hours. I got so lost in the sensations time just ceased having a meaning. The next thing I noticed was his hand running kaçak bahis down my dress and brushing up against my inner thighs – sending a jolt of electricity through me and causing a throbbing sensation deep inside of me. As his hand moved back up my dress came with it and he exposed my white lace and smooth skin of my stomach. I knew he could see my lips if he looked down now and I blushed slightly – knowing no one had even seen these parts in a sexual manner before.

With his fingers still gently massaging my breasts, moving from one to the other and from skin to nipple his mouth blazed a new trail down my chest and zigzagging back and forth across my stomach. He stopped at my bellybutton and gave it a tender kiss, his tongue stretching slightly into it. It was a strangely erotic touch; I had never expected to feel such pleasure from be my bellybutton, of all places. And again, moving down my body he stopped at the hem of my panties, hid tongue gently sliding across them as his hands caressed my sides and came to a stop on my hips, his thumbs latching into the edge of my panties. As he lowered his head again I could feel a blast of hot air surround my lips and engulf me in desire, instinctively I moaned and my legs parted slightly for him.

He didn’t take off my panties just yet; rather his hands ran across their edge and trailed onto my inner thighs with a feather light touch. My moans deepening and the ever growing dampness between my legs becoming more and more noticeable. I wondered if I was leaving a wet spot on my panties. I wondered if that would turn him on. As he massaged my thighs inside and out I slowly opened up more and more for his hands – but what I really wanted was his lips. Pressed against mine in a beautiful embrace – one that would leave me feeling like a new woman.

As his glance moved from between my legs and up to my eyes he asked, “Are you ready to feel my tongue running through you my beautiful lady?”

“Yes baby, I’m more ready for you than anything in my life,” I replied – with a moan pouring forth through me as his hand brushed against my lips through the soft lace.

As his hands massaged my thighs they worked slowly inward. Gently pressing against my lips through the lace that kept our bodies apart – for now. A feeling of fire ran from his hands and into my aching lips – they begged for him, they needed him. His face leaning forward and letting a hot blast of air from his mouth surround me, sending moans through the air and filling the room. His hands finding the hem of my panties just beneath my stomach and gently lifting up as they slide to my hips. With a gentle tug they began to slide down.

“Wow babe, your body is just beautiful – stunning, really. You look incredibly turned on right now and I can see your wetness starting to drip out of you,” he said to me almost with disbelief in his voice at how turned on he had gotten me. I knew I was hot for him, but to hear it from his mouth made me even hotter. As he pulled my panties down further I could feel a string of my own juices fall upon my thighs.

Looking down into his eyes once more, all I could do was smile back at him. Blushing, but not in any way embarrassed. I felt just as comfortable being naked around him as I did when I was alone. It was a remarkable feeling to connect with someone like this. Feeling another breath of hot air caress my lips as he moved in closer I shuddered and felt goosebumps rise up across my body as my legs spread for him and I felt an arm wrap around my leg. His hand now running across my bare mound, exploring the smooth skin and running through the small patch of my hair in the middle. And then another hand on my inner thigh, gently lifting up and spreading me open more. I could feel my lips part ways for him as he looked down with wonder and love in his eyes. And then I felt it, his warm tongue run across me – right through the valley where my lips and thighs meet. Instantly I felt a warmth rush through me as a drawn out moan escaped my lips. My head rolled back and I was at his mercy, laid back with my eyes closed to soak in these new feelings.

Caressing my soft folds, his tongue explored up and down, then to the other side. All the while his hands exploring my mound, reaching up to my stomach, reaching towards my soft, supple breasts. I could feel a throbbing sensation deep behind my lips start to intensify and my body begged for his tongue to move in closer. Ever so slowly he did, sending waves of fire coursing through me as his tongue finally met my lips. My moans grew in speed and intensified as he explored every inch of me. I felt a hand reach down back towards that little patch of hair and gently pull back, making me feel exposed as my clit felt the hot breath from his mouth. And with that breath I let out a loud gasp as I felt his tongue come across my clit. The few times I had touched myself I strayed away from it because it got too sensitive – but this felt perfect. The static electricity coursing through me heightened my senses and I could feel every nerve in my body working on overload. The way his tongue gently ran circles around me sent waves of pleasure racking through my body. I felt a tightness fill me – something new, but pleasant. I wanted to ride this feeling forever with him. Is this was an orgasm feels like?

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