The Slumber Party Ch. 02

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Pam was the first one to sit on Mark’s big wet cock. Pam planted her bare feet under Mark’s thighs and began bouncing down hard on his dick.

Mark held onto Pam’s slim hips and watched as her massive E cups bounced and flopped in front of his eyes.

Emma and Tina were on different sides of Mark. They rubbed and squished their oversized endows against his board chest. Mark could feel their big nipples, as the dragged in his skin.

Samantha was in between Mark’s legs and watched his balls bounce off Pam’s juicy rear end.

Pam’s glasses became foggy, as she got hotter. Beans of sweat ran down her face and voluptuous body. Mark cupped Pam’s huge tits from underneath and squeezed them hard as Pam rode his cock into next week.

“OH God! Oh Fuck! I love fucking!! Oh Jesus. I love BIG DICKS!!” Squealed Pam.

She planted her hands on Mark’s chest and squished her big boob between her forearms. Mark sat up and sucked each of Pam’s massive nipples in turns, as he thrusted his hips up to pound Pam’s wet cunt.

Samantha captured Mark’s flopping balls between her lips. She sucked both of them at the same time, giving Mark more pleasure as he fucked Pam.

“YES!!!! OH GOD YESSS!!!” hollered Pam, as waves of orgasms surged through her body.

Pam came all over Mark’s thrusting cock. Samantha could taste Pam’s pussy cum, as it poured down to his balls.

“Ok Pam! You came. Now it’s my turn,” mentioned Tina.

Tina got on all fours in front of Mark. Pam lifted her weak body up off Mark’s slippery cock and laid in bed.

“Let me suck that cock for you real quick,” Samantha suggested.

Samantha engulfed Mark’s entire cock down her throat. She sucked and bobbed pendik escort her head furiously at his crotch. Mark reached down and played with Samantha’s fat bobbing titties.

Samantha nearly sucked the skin of Mark’s cock. She popped the cock out of her mouth and stroked it a little bit.

“Stick it right here,” Tina requested, as she wiggled her nice petite ass.

Samantha guided Mark’s big meat between Tina’s soft ass cheeks.

“AHHHHH FUCK! That’s so big!” exclaimed Tina, as Mark’s cock wedged deep inside her asshole.

Mark grabbed Tina’s hips and began thrusting hard and faster. Tina’s ass cheeks rippled under the intense pounding her ass was taking.

“Mmmmm! Your ass is so fucking lovely,” moaned Mark, as he slowed down the pace and give Tina long, hard thrusts in her anus.

“Oh! Oh! Oh! Ohhhhh!” howled Tina.

Tina’s asshole was being stretched out by Mark’s dick. Mark gripped Tina’s shoulders and started plowing his cock hard and faster inside her asshole.

“Damn Bro! Fuck her ass hard,” cheered on Emma. “Look at her big titties swinging.”

Mark looked over to the side and saw Tina’s big D cups flopping wildly underneath her. Mark cupped them in his sweaty palms and squeezed them. He pulled and stretched Tina’s big nipples like he was milking a cow.

Tina’s face was flushed and her body covered in sweat. Mark viciously pounded her ass harder and faster. Tina’s pussy caved in as she came all down her thighs and onto the bed sheets.

Mark pulled his cock from Tina’s dirty air. He tried to take a breather but Emma stood next to him and buried his redden face between her double D’s. Mark always dreamt of burying his face between his sister’s maltepe escort massive melons. Mark licked and sucked at Emma’s breasts. He tasted the salty sweat all over her chest and tits.

Samantha pulled up right between Mark’s legs. She fixed her glasses and squeezed Mark’s big dick between the arches of her feet. Samantha started using her feet to jerk Mark’s cock. Her toes curled all over his wet cock. Samantha could feel Pam and Tina’s sticky cum, squishing between her long toes. Mark moaned between Emma’s giant breasts, as he continued to assault them with his tongue and mouth.

Samantha dropped Mark’s cock from between the arches of her feet and pulled his cock towards her to meet the entrance to her drenched womb.

Emma released her boob grip on Mark’s head. Mark pulled Samantha closer to him. His cock shoved deep within her pussy walls. Samantha’s legs were propped up against Mark’s chest and her feet dangled around his head. Mark pounded Samantha’s pussy hard. His cock was stuffed deep into her cunt, with his balls squished up against her swollen pussy lips.

“Ahhhhh Mark! EMMA! You’re brother is a…. FUCKING MACHINE!” Samantha blurred out, as her enormous F cups nearly flopped up in her face.

Emma got behind her brother and pushed him harder between Samantha’s legs. Her huge tits rubbed up and down against Mark’s back.

Samantha dropped one of her legs to Mark’s side, while Mark held up the other one. Mark savagely drilled his big dick in and out of Samantha’s cunt. Samantha gripped the bed sheets like mad, screaming and moaning like her life depended on it.

Mark felt Samantha’s pussy swallowing his cock with every thrust.

“I’m cumming! kartal escort Oh! Oh! Oh FUCK!” cried Samantha.

A huge gush of cum squirted from her swollen cunt, all over Mark’s thrusting cock.

Mark continued to plunge his cock in and out of Samantha’s pussy until her cum finished pouring.

“Come on sis. You’re next,” said Mark with a huge grin on his face.

Mark pushed big tittied Samantha aside and lied down, with his big dick throbbing stick up at the ceiling and covered in deep different pussy juices.

Emma straddled her brother and lowered her juicy cunt down onto his cock. Mark immediately grabbed his sister’s huge ass and started thrusting his meat inside her nicely shaved snatch.

Emma screamed and hollered as her own brother drilled his dick up her pussy. Her huge DD’s flopped and wobbled all over Mark’s chest as he fucked her hard.

Mark could fill his sister’s creamy cum oozing down his rod. Mark scooped up his sister’s huge titties and sucked on them until his face turned blue. By then, Emma had came twice all over her brother’s crotch. But Mark wasn’t done fucking his geeky sister yet.

He rolled over on top of Emma and really pounded her cunt. The heels of her feet bounced off his ass cheeks. Emma’s giant titties were squished out on the sides of her and Mark. Mark lifted Emma’s legs on his shoulders and bended them down to her chest. Mark lifted himself up on his tippy toes and pounded Emma’s cunt harder. Smacking his ass against her huge ass and making Emma cry in pain.

Mark felt the cum rushing straight to the tip of his cock. He quickly pulled out of his sister and sprayed a massive load of his milky gooey all over her face and breasts. Emma’s face was a white mask. Cum literally dripped off her metal braces as she smiled with pleasure.

Mark collapsed on the bed from exhaustion. Emma and the rest of the girls crawled up next to him, as the early morning sun came up from the hills.

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