The Sisterhood Ch. 02

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The Game Continues

Mags was already at the table when the rest of the sisterhood arrived. The wine was ready, the snacks were on the table and at each place a thumb drive lay waiting. Mags had her tablet on the table, ready as well. When everyone was present and they had all poured a glass of wine she pressed the play button on the tablet.

They watched the video of Mags setting up her apartment. She had positioned the camera just below the television looking directly at her couch. A knock on the door was heard and Mags turned, smiling, to disappear into the entry way. They watched as Mags and a man a bit older than herself came in and sat on the couch. The popcorn and snacks were there. They watched as Mags took the remote and started the movie.

Mags touched the tablet and fast forwarded through a good portion of the video until everyone was watching Mags and the unknown man engaged in some serious petting.

Mags was laying across his lap and he had his hand under her skirt.

Mags fast forwarded again and when she stopped everyone could see that Mags was sitting on the man’s lap with her back to his front, watching the video on the TV above the vantage point of the camera. Her dress was gone as was her bra. The man was wearing nothing but a pair of jockey shorts. They were both watching the movie intently. The mans hand slid around Mag’s waist and began to fondle her breast.

Mags fast forwarded again. This time the video was a bit dim. Mags explained that the movie had ended and the TV screen was dark. The only light in the room was a small lamp elsewhere in the room. It was plain to see that Mags was laying on the couch on her back. One leg was laying over the back of the couch and the other was hanging off the edge of the cushion resting on the floor. She was nude. Between her legs the man knelt stroking his cock. The four women watched open mouthed as he leaned forward and slipped his cock into Mags. She let the video run for a few more second and then stopped it.

“You can all watch the rest of the nasty details later. Suffice it to say we had a most excellent evening after the movie.”

They sat speechless. Again, it was Rachel who spoke first.

“That was about the hottest thing I have ever seen.”

Mags laughed.

“Then you haven’t seen very much Rachel.”

They all laughed and got down to their usual girl talk, chatter and gossip. The evening wore on and they decided that another bottle was in order. As they approached the bottom of their second bottle Mags turned the tablet.

“Rachel, your turn.”

Rachel was biting her lip as she reached for the button. She pressed it and the number came up; “33”. She breathed a sigh of relief. A low number hopefully meant something not to intense.

April handed her the book and Rachel turned the first few pages then read.

“Take your partner shopping. Men find your partner something sexy and risqué in the lingerie section. Take her home and have her model if for you. Women, drag your partner to the lingerie section and pick a risqué and erotic piece of lingerie. Make it something you would never normally buy. Take it home and model it for your partner.”

She looked up, an expression of utter terror on her face.

“Steve has never set foot in a lingerie section in his life. I may have to hog tie him to get him to go!”

They all laughed

On the drive home Rachel was already thinking. Just getting her husband to go shopping with her was a challenge. To get him to go into the lingerie section would take a miracle. She would have to devise something clever. That was her first big challenge. The second was getting him to videotape. She finally thought she had a plan. That evening as they were eating dinner she made her first move.

“Baby, I need your help.”

“What you need?”

“I sort of made a bet with the other girls in the sisterhood.”

He looked up from his dinner and cocked his head to one side. He was aware of her friends and their ongoing friendship. He knew the nature of the sisterhood, so having to deal with some of the stranger requests was not that out of line.

“What kind of bet?”

“I need your help in picking out some lingerie.”

His eyes widened.

“Me? Why me?”

“We are having a little contest to see who can pick out the most outrageous lingerie and I have to wear it and make a video. I need you to help me pick it out and I need you to help me with the video”

“You have got to be kidding.”

“Nope. Will you help me pick it out?”

She could see that he was not to comfortable with the ideas.

“Please. It would mean a lot to me.”

He had a pained expression on his face but he nodded slightly.

“Ok. When?”

“We could go to the mall tonight!”

With a deep resigned sigh he answered.

“Might as well get it over with.”

After dinner she quickly cleared away and came into the living room. She found him on the couch. She stood looking güvenilir bahis down at him expectantly as he looked up at her.

“Come on. Let’s go.”

At the mall, he followed her around dutifully, if a bit hesitantly, as she led him from department store to department store and though the lingerie departments. She looked but really didn’t find what she thought the book had meant. Finally, in a back corner of the mall down a small side corridor she found a shop. The sign said “Intimate Dreams” and from the lingerie on display in the window, it was just what she was looking for.

Inside a young woman met them at the door and pleasantly asked if they were looking for anything special. Rachel talked to her a moment. She explained that she was looking for something erotic, risqué and possibly even revealing. The young woman smiled and led them toward the very back of the store. There she showed Rachel several racks of lingerie most of which made Rachel blush. Rachel glanced at her husband and found him carefully studying one of the light fixtures overhead. His eyes were every where except on the racks and displays. She began to look through the items on the racks picking out several pieces. One was a baby doll with slits cut in the bra cups so that the bare nipples would show thru and came with a matching crotchless panty. The second was a black PVC bustier that had an undercut bust. It came with a pair of black fishnet stockings. The third piece was not much more than a piece of material that had a halter neck and then came down into a narrow band that went between the legs and connected to a thin piece of elastic at the waist. She looked at her hubby and then held each one up. She had to ask him for his response. He seemed to struggle to look at the items she was holding. She wasn’t sure if he was embarrassed, aroused or just so scared he couldn’t move.

She held the baby doll in front of her and turned to him. He looked at it and nodded stiffly.

“What do you think.”

“It’s very short. Why are there slits in the top?”

“So the nipples show through.”

His eye brows went up but that was about all the reaction she got.

She next held up the bustier. This time she noticed that he looked at it intensely.

“No bra?”


“And the stockings?”


She could see him eyeing the piece and then looking at her and then looking back. She also noticed a definite change in the way his trousers hung.

She held up the third one and got much the same reaction as the first one.

She held the second up to her again and turned to look at him. She watched his reaction and smiled when she saw his eyes. She hadn’t seen that look on his face in years. She turned to the young woman and handed the lingerie to her

“I’ll take it!”

The young woman smiled knowingly and went to the cashier stand. Rachel made her purchase and with her hubby in tow they headed home. Once there she went immediately to the bedroom and began to change. Even though she was carrying a bit of extra weight, it was a positive. Her breasts were bigger and fuller. The small amount of tummy she had seemed to disappear when the bustier was laced up. She pulled on the fishnet stockings and, on a whim, dug through the closet and found a pair of black high heels she hadn’t worn in years. She stepped into them and then stood, a bit shakily at first, but was soon walking comfortably. She stepped back into the closet and called her husband.

“STEVE! Can you come help me for a minute?”

“Sure, be right there”

She heard him come into the bedroom and then stop trying to find from where she had called.

“My phone is on the dresser. Get it and start the video and I will come out.”

“Ok. Just a minute. Got it. Ready!”

She stepped from the closet and leaned provocatively against the door frame and smiled at him. The look on his face was priceless. His mouth opened and closed and no sound came out. She stepped away from the door frame and spread her legs wide and ran her hands over her exposed breasts and down to her exposed crotch. She had no idea what made her do such a thing except that the way he was reacting was too much fun. She then walked toward him, exaggerating the sway of her hips and causing her breasts to sway back and forth as well. She didn’t stop until her breasts were rubbing against his shirt. She took the phone and carefully propped it up against the lamp on the bedside table, making sure it was pointing at them. She made a point to bend at the waist with her bare ass pointed toward him. As she positioned the camera she spoke to him.

“Do you like this outfit.”

He nodded, apparently still unable to speak. Turning back, she walked back to him and put her hands on his chest looking into his eyes.

“What would you like to do?”

He stammered and then finally found his voice”

“I want to turn you around and bend you over and take you from behind!”

It was her turn türkçe bahis for her eyes to fly open. His usual choice was the standard missionary position and then right to sleep when he was done. She had never heard him even mention anything different much less what he has just proposed. Even so, she would never know what caused her to do what she did next. She smiled, turned to face away from him and pulled the armchair toward her, bent over the back and spread her legs. She looked at him over her shoulder.

“Well, what are you waiting for?”

Without hesitation, Steve leapt forward. He didn’t bother to take off his clothes, simply unzipping his trousers. His cock sprang free, already hard. Rachel gasped as she saw him She could not remember him ever acting like this. She saw the glint of precum on his cock. Before she could react, she felt the head of his cock slip between her labia. His hands grabbed her waist.

“Oh God! Steve!”

His reply was a grunt and a sudden forward thrust of his hips, driving his cock deep into her. She had never experienced anything even remotely like what she was feeling now. Instead of the slow easy sex she was used to from Steve, this time he was abrupt, even rough. He grasped the arms of the chair, arching her back and closing her eyes.

“oh. OH! OOHHHH . . . God. . . FUCK ME. . . STEVE. . . FUCK ME. . . . . HARDER!! DO IT HARDER!!”

She heard herself and her eyes flew open.

Where had that come from. She had never reacted like that.

Steve’s reaction to her was to reach up and grab a handful of her hair and pull pack, As she arched her back, her head tilted back and his cock pistoning in and out of her, she realized that she was facing the full length mirror next to the closet door. She could see herself. He face flush eyes shining. Her mouth was open panting. Her whole body bounced each time Steve slammed deep into her making her tits bounce and jiggle obscenely. She could see Steve’s face. It was marked with an intensity she had never seen. His eyes gleamed and an evil grin creased his face. Just watching turned her on more and she began to thrust back to meet him.

Steve was aware of the mirror as well. He was enthralled watching Rachels face. Hearing her urging him to fuck her harder was surprising and arousing. Her breasts, swinging and bouncing beneath her caused him to groan and then he felt her ram her hips back towards him. It was all that was needed. He pulled her back by the hair and her waist. Grinding his cock inside her, his hips began to twitch and then jerk almost uncontrollably as he experienced the most intense orgasm he had ever known. Spurt after spurt of his semen jetted deep into her and when he felt the last spasm from his cock, he leaned over her.

He had been unaware, wrapped up in his own orgasm, that the first splash of cum against her cervix had ignited a raging orgasm of her own. Trapped beneath him, she could only shudder and convulse over and over as multiple waves of orgiastic pleasure washed through her body. When she realized that he was not moving, she reached a hand behind her and stroked his thigh. She felt him shiver slightly and then pull her up by her hair and turn her to face him. His lips came to hers and his arms tightened about her. She melted. She was lost. She had no concept of time, only realizing later that he had carried her the few steps to the bed and laid her down and stretched out, cradling her in his arms before he drifted off to sleep. She lay awake for some time. As much as she had enjoyed what had happened, she was confused and not a little concerned at the changes that had overtaken both of them since this game had started. She felt him stir and his hand came up cupping her breast. Just his touch caused her to react, tensing as her pussy twitched.

Well. I guess what ever is happening will be ok. At least it is enjoyable!

Two weeks later Rachel came into the winery and found that she was the second one there. Mags was sitting in her usual place and immediately asked Rachel about her task. Rachel smiled coyly.

“You will have to wait until everyone is here.”

Mags chuckled. That answer alone told her enough.

When everyone was present and they had their first glass of wine, they turned to her expectantly. She pulled a small bag from her purse and distributed the thumb drives. Mags immediately plugged it into her tablet and pressed play. They crowded around Mags chair to watch. Rachel reached over and pressed the stop button after they heard his comments.

Mags looked at her approvingly.

“Rachel I didn’t think you had it in you. “

Everyone else echoed the sentiment. Then April asked about the sex afterward.

“It was fantastic and it has been that way since. He has asked me to put that outfit on two more times and the reaction is always the same.”

Ariel spoke next, her eyes looking at the frozen image on the screen.

“Did you leave the video running.”

Rachel dropped güvenilir bahis siteleri her eyes and murmured quietly.


The conversation continued on in that vein and gradually shifted back to their normal topics for the rest of the evening. The wine bottles were empty when Mags set the tablet back on the table.

“Ariel, you’re up.”

Ariel reached and touched the button without hesitation. Her free spirit and lack of inhibitions were apparent. The number finally came up. “28.”

April had the book ready and handed it to her. Ariel quickly found the page.

“Feed your sexual appetite. Gather up a variety of fruits, whipped cream, chocolate sauce, caramel, etc. Let your mind run free in your refrigerator and remember that anything can be sexy if you use it right. Invite your partner to a picnic on the floor of your living room. Spread plastic over the carpet, get your partner naked and discover how to create a recipe for arousal!”

Ariel grinned.

“This one is easy. I’ve already done something similar.”

The others looked at her in awe as they all got ready to leave.

Next month came quickly and they gathered again at the winery. Ariel distributed the thumb drives and Mags plugged it into the tablet. Within seconds the screen filled. They watched enthralled as Ariel laid out the picnic on her living room floor as instructed. She had a multitude of items from grapes to cucumbers, huge squash, chocolate sauce and even licorice whips. She also kept up a running commentary as she laid it all out. When the doorbell rang, she left and soon returned with her current boyfriend. He looked at everything laid out in a circle on the perimeter of the plastic. She leaned up and said something in his ear and he grinned broadly. In just a few moments they were both naked. The women watched for a while as the two began by spraying whipped cream on each other taking turns licking it off. Ariel stopped the video and looked up.

“Does that satisfy the requirements?”

Everyone agreed that it did. Ellen asked about the licorice whips and Ariel just smiled reaching over and fast forwarding the video and then pressing play.

Everyone turned to watch again. The plastic was now a total disaster. The remains of food were scattered. It looked like some of it had been mashed. The two figures were laughing and rolling around in the mess, both covered with the remains of whipped cream, chocolate, mashed fruit and other assorted vegetables. As the women watched on the video, the man pulled Ariel onto her stomach and squatted on top of her shoulder, pinning her to ground, facing her now upturned rear end. They saw him look around and then reach for a large dark green squash. Ariel saw what he was looking for and guessed his intentions. She squealed but raised her hips and opened her legs. The man slathered the huge vegetable in what looked like olive oil and then began to work it into Ariel’s pussy. The women heard her groan on the video and watched wide eyes as the huge vegetable slowly disappeared inside her. Her boyfriend then began to move it in and out, fucking her slowly and deeply.

“What about the licorice whips?”

“Just watch.”

This went on for several minutes. They saw Ariel laying splayed out under her boyfriend. Her eyes were closed and she was breathing heavily. The next instant, her boy friend had a handful of the long thick licorice whips in his hand and he brought them down hard across her ass cheek. Ariel screeched and nearly bucked her boyfriend off her back. He steadied himself and began to rain blow after blow on her ass with the candy whips. With each blow some of them broke and scattered around the room. He continued until the only thing he held were a handful of broken ends. Ariel’s ass was a bright red which stood out in striking contrast to the dark green squash still embedded in her pussy. Ariel pushed the stop button and leaned back into the couch with a smirk on her face.

“Does that answer your question?”

“Jesus Christ Ariel, how long did all that go on?”

“A couple of more hours. Harry has a lot of stamina. He is a marathon runner you know.”

Mags cackled. That broke the tension and the wine began to flow. They spent the rest of the evening discussing their usual and then, when the time came, the tablet was again on the table.

“Ellen. It’s your turn.”

She reached over, touched the button and watched. Presently the number flashed. 174″

She winced. A high number. That could be trouble.

April handed her the book.

It took her a minute to find the correct page before she began to read.

“Is your car a virgin? If it is, then it is time to pop its cherry. If it isn’t, then it’s time to remember what it’s like in the backseat of a car with a twist on the old dark backseat in the back row of the drive-in theatre. This time you must do it at lunch in the parking lot of a shopping center, parked as near to the entrance as possible.”

Ellen gasped. Everyone else groaned. This was the first one they had seen that required one of them to risk being seen in public. Each of them wondered whether Ellen would renege on the game. To their delight she took a deep breath.

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